La Femme Nikita (1997) s03e13 Episode Script

Beyond the Pale

Your report is very thorough.
What's your decision?
I've got two men, one job.
Head Strategist is a significant promotion.
Michael is more qualified.
In terms of time served, yes.
But even looking at your report,
Zalman might be better suited for it.
I wouldn't underestimate
Michael's reaction to this.
- Michael's a team player.
- Maybe.
But he wants this post
and he knows he deserves it.
He may not show it,
but he will be resentful.
- Have Michael come to my office.
- Right away, sir.
Thank you for your input.
I hear you've made some progress
on the Vincent Tomas situation.
Yes, I believe we've located
the nucleus of his operation.
I've gone over the layout with Birkoff.
Michael, I know you expected
the promotion to Head Strategist
and over the years, I've indicated
that the job might one day be yours
but you're a field man.
The best I have.
The Head Strategist position
I believe that would be
a mistake for both of us.
Is that all?
This isn't personal, Michael.
Of course.
What's wrong?
We're getting out.
- How? It's impossible.
- I'll explain.
Get dressed.
Over the past six months
there's been a sharp increase
in Red Cell activities.
We believe that Vincent Tomas
has taken the helm in Europe
and is responsible for the escalation.
He's operating as he did in Asia
using a well-concealed
mobile cell to communicate
with a number of satellite substations.
Tactically, we have to strike
all locations simultaneously
to keep one from informing the other.
Zalman, our new Head Strategist
will coordinate the strike
from inside Section.
Michael will lead the cell team in the field.
Any further questions
will be directed to Zalman.
I just want you to know
that I've studied all your files
and I have nothing but respect
for the work that you've done here.
I'm really looking forward
to having you as my point man.
- My team will be ready.
- I know that.
If you ask me, the whole thing stinks.
Everyone around here respects Michael.
He's a leader.
I don't know what Zalman does
besides fit in.
He's not a threat.
Michael say anything to you?
You know Michael. It's the job. You do it.
You're pretty much ready here.
I'm just going to log these things out.
Michael. Hold on. Where you going?
You know I can't let you back here.
Maybe I can help
if you just tell me what you want.
- I need a note from Zalman, is that it?
- No.
Look, nobody's with Operations
on this one
but it didn't happen for you
and it can't change the rules.
We're going out in an hour.
- You're going to have a swell time.
- We'll be okay.
- Watch your flank.
- Thanks.
Maybe you better watch his, too.
What you looking at, sugar?
Just the best part of my day.
Keep on talking like that,
I'll forget how old I am.
How long you think it'll take them
to know we've got the field router?
Once we use it, they'll know.
- Then they'll come after us.
- That's right.
Michael, are you running away
because you lost a post to Zalman?
In Section,
you either move up or move out.
I understand that, Michael.
I just don't understand why you need me.
I don't need you.
I want you.
Seven teams deployed.
Team One will make target.
They'll have two minutes
to secure the nucleus station
shut down communications
and acquire Tomas
before the satellite teams hit.
- Michael's team?
- They're within the perimeter now.
Status report. Do you have Tomas?
Condition blue. The location is clear.
You didn't find anything?
Looks like they pulled out
within the last 24 hours.
This way.
Michael, status.
Look, is there any indication whatsoever
that they might have had
advance warning?
Yes, they knew.
End of report.
- What the hell's going on?
- We lost the signal.
- It's a jamming signal.
- Michael!
I've got to shift op frequencies
to try to get comm. Back.
Let's go.
Try it.
Can anybody hear me?
This is Team Two, Fredricks.
Thank God. Where the hell is Michael?
Sir, we don't exactly know.
- What do you mean, you don't know?
- He's missing, sir. Nikita, too.
Both of them.
I've got personnel out in teams
going over the area.
How in the hell did this happen?
Somehow they got their hands
on a Section field router.
It's programmed with all
of Section's codes and frequencies.
- Yeah.
- Get out here.
A field router.
- What about it?
- Check your inventory.
You're right.
One's missing.
Someone must have taken it.
Just so you fully understand
how I work here.
I do not tolerate mistakes.
Then don't make one bigger
than you already have.
Zalman, my office, now.
I'm on my way, sir.
To be continued, Walter.
You are aware, as Head Strategist
that any mission failure
is your responsibility.
I'm aware of that, yes.
You're also aware that any failure
on your part is my responsibility.
- Sir
- Listen to me.
I put you in charge of this mission.
I won't let you down.
You already have.
Make no mistake about that.
Sir, we'll find out what happened.
I'll tell you what happened.
Michael left
because I passed him over for you
and he took Nikita with him.
You should have anticipated that variable.
We'll find them.
Not standing in here, you won't.
Merci beaucoup.
You gave them the field router.
I gave them nothing.
You will answer me, Walter
or we can start this whole procedure
right from the top.
I did answer you.
How far are you going
to let Zalman take this?
You see, I expect,
being involved with them
that you know where they are, too.
You can go straight to
Zalman, that's enough. Turn it down.
Sir, I will get him to talk.
Walter, did you do it?
It's over. You heard him.
- Sir
- Get him out of there.
How'd you find this place?
I saw it when we were doing
aerial reconnaissance.
I noticed it because it was over
50 kilometers from a population zone.
- Who owns it?
- I do.
And I bought the land around it:
100 hectares.
I like it.
It must be beautiful here in the summer.
These look like they've been around.
I didn't realize you had such talent
in the kitchen, Michael.
There's still a lot of things
you don't know about me.
Maybe it's time you learned.
How long do you think we'll stay here?
Not long enough.
I'm so glad you brought me here.
I wish we could stay.
Let's not think about the future.
Let's just enjoy this while it lasts.
You know,
I couldn't get that window closed today.
I've got to go into town tomorrow
to get some things.
I'll pick up a new latch.
So we'll be cold tonight, then.
Thank you.
What's so important?
I reviewed the psych file
on both Michael and Nikita.
I'm not convinced they're renegade.
They took the router.
That's how they escaped.
Maybe this was motivated externally.
- Extortion?
- Perhaps.
But in any case
my instincts tell me
that this was not a collaboration.
Michael's up to something.
What are your suggestions?
If their actions are being controlled
let's find out who it is
before we walk into a trap.
Thank you.
Closest I can place them is
they're still in Belgium.
- Yeah, southeast of Brussels.
- This is reliable?
Factoring in the distortion,
there's an error radius of 16 kilometers.
It's the best we're going to get.
Hello, Madeline.
Listen, Madeline?
You can assure Operations
I will find Michael and Nikita.
That's not a good sign.
Sorry? What's not?
Using a third party
to mediate communications.
It's an indication of instability.
Hello, Walter.
It wouldn't have been my choice
to handle matters this way
but you know I couldn't interfere.
What is happening to this place?
This would have never happened
back then.
We all had our jobs, we did them.
We were a team. We respected each other.
We didn't change, Walter, the world did.
How's this going to work?
We can be careful. Take things slowly.
There's another option. I mean
we can live today like it's our last.
It very well could be.
You know what's going to happen.
Tell us where the router is, Michael.
Take him to Containment.
What about Nikita?
- They still haven't found her.
- Come on. She must be close.
The terrain is difficult.
The roads are old. She could be anywhere.
Don't tell me about the labor pains.
Just show me the baby.
I'll see if there's any choppers
in the area we can call in.
I want the entire area covered.
- She's not up here.
- Look for the router.
They're getting a signal from up north.
Is she really worth all this, Michael?
And would she even do
half as much for you?
You know,
they briefed me about the two of you.
Michael and Nikita. Nikita and Michael.
But having read your files,
I must tell you I'm surprised.
To go this far.
For what?
Love? You?
I find that very hard to believe.
Either I severely misread you
or this is all about something else.
Where is she?
Make it extremely unpleasant.
No, I don't need to see this.
Sir. Is there a problem?
How is it going?
You were right.
He's very resistant, sir,
but I think one more session should do it.
No. I know him. He'll die first.
- Are you saying I should stop?
- No.
I'd like you to try a different approach.
Get out.
A very impressive showing, Michael.
Do you know, in the long run
they probably should have offered
the promotion to you?
And all of this for some
second-rate blonde whore.
I mean, with so many important things
in the world worth dying for.
That reminds me. Before you do die
there is something
I'd like you to take a look at.
A special presentation, Michael.
A live feed just for you.
You know
as thorough as I thought I'd been
I had no idea until about an hour ago
that you had a son.
Now that is something worth dying for.
Or something worth living for?
I know you hate me, Michael.
I mean, when you're someone like me
you try not to be too concerned
about what other people think.
So hate me
until your dying breath, if you must.
But you may not want
to take that dying breath
until you're absolutely sure
that your son is safe from the likes of me.
Game over, Michael.
Where's Nikita?
I'm sorry, Michael. I can't hear you.
Speak up.
She's at the farmhouse
five kilometers southwest of town.
- How'd you find me?
- Michael gave you up.
I don't believe that.
- Zalman.
- It's over, Nikita.
Where is the field router?
You killed your own team.
Not my team.
Now where is the field router?
You're Red Cell.
You know what they say.
Don't give up the day job.
What is it about you people?
Michael. You.
What is it that convinces you
that all this is worth dying for?
It's people like you.
At this very moment
Michael is strapped into a chair
If I were to go back
I suppose now that I've got this
my rising career at Section
will have come to an end.
You know, the amazing thing
about this unit is that
it transmits and receives simultaneously.
When I turn this on, Nikita
they'll think they've located you.
It should take them about an hour
to get here, wouldn't you say?
It can't be.
If you think about it long enough
it'll come to you.
You could have told me.
Your knowing wouldn't
have given us an advantage.
It took me nine hours to figure out.
I could have used that time elsewhere.
I actually factored in 10 hours.
As usual, you exceeded my expectations.
There were no pressing actions elsewhere.
It had no impact.
- How long has Zalman been arbitrary?
- Fourteen weeks.
Birkoff discovered unusual amounts
of black time in his residence.
If you had suspicions
why didn't you take him
directly to interrogation?
I wanted to, but Oversight felt
he had upward potential.
They wanted proof.
Have you found where Zalman
planted the devices yet?
Michael's working on that now.
I'll need to ask you a couple of questions.
- Where is Vincent Tomas?
- Belgrade.
How many CCDs
have you installed in Section?
- I'll need their locations.
- Yes, of course.
- Walter?
- Yeah.
You've been debriefed.
You know why things happened
the way they did.
You endured considerable pain
on behalf of the Section
without complaint.
Without incident.
What are you going to do,
pin a medal on me?
You know, Walter,
when I was a prisoner of war
I made friends with one of the guards.
It was war, we were on opposite sides
but we made friends anyway.
He gave this to me.
It's supposed to help relieve
the pain of life.
I never believed him, but
I didn't throw it away, either.
I want you to have it.
Take a month off.
Thank you.
Dinner was wonderful. Thank you.
It wasn't as good as the meal
you cooked at the cabin, but
I liked it there.
You know, it can't be casual
between you and me.
I can't do that.
I know.
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