La Femme Nikita (1997) s03e14 Episode Script

Hand to Hand

Charles Meyer,
industrialist, philanthropist
supplier of materials
to terrorists around the world.
He's been able to play
both ends against the middle
because he's equally useful to both sides.
Until now.
An airport, a train station, a naval base
all financed by funds
ultimately traceable to Meyer.
- He's to be eliminated.
- Yes. And he knows it.
As a consequence, he's been very difficult
to find, but we do have a lead.
A man named Emlen Anagar
sometimes is used as an intermediary.
Intermediary? For what?
Lt'll all be in your profiles.
You'll get yours from Madeline.
The rest of you see Birkoff. That's all.
Anagar owns an establishment
in Kazakhstan.
Meyer will be meeting him there
sometime in the next week.
The purpose of the meeting?
Anagar provides
a certain type of entertainment
which Meyer is particularly fond of.
- Entertainment?
- He runs a talent agency in Kiev.
The girls are mostly
from Russia or Eastern Europe
trying to escape poverty.
So he promises them jobs as models
and forces them into prostitution.
You'll penetrate the building
and tag Meyer.
Michael will eliminate him.
And the girls?
They're not our concern.
Eastern Europe has absorbed
many of our resources lately.
I'm becoming concerned
about our coverage elsewhere.
That's one of the things
I've been asked to review.
Good. I'm glad Oversight's
on top of things.
Madeline, you remember Renee
from last year's peer review.
Yes, I remember.
George asked for
a collateral intel assessment
and Renee was available.
- And who will be overseeing this work?
- I will.
- I'll look forward to the results.
- You'll be the first to see them.
Come, I'll set you up near my office.
That'll make things easier.
- I know your work here will be invaluable.
- I'm glad to be here.
Let me show you a few other areas,
and we'll have lunch later.
I think I'd like that.
That is a pretty jacket.
I had to make mine myself.
Still, it is not too bad.
My name is Sondra.
What is yours?
What difference does it make?
The limo will pick you up at 9:00.
Do yourself a favor. Get out of here now.
Nikita, you're next.
Wait. Why should I?
Because this place is not what it seems.
- You wanted to see me?
- Yes. Nikita's interview went well?
- She's on a plane now.
- And Michael?
He's meeting with Anagar
in a few minutes.
I trust his cover is sufficiently thorough?
Swiss bank accounts,
European pedigree, American assets.
- They'll love him.
- One more thing.
There's a woman working
with Operations. Her name is Renee.
- On loan from Oversight.
- That's right.
I'd like to see the most recent jacket
we have on her.
Her jacket's been frozen.
- On whose authority?
- Operations'.
- I could ask him about it if you like.
- I'll handle it.
- Yes?
- Mr. LeDeaux is here.
Send him in.
Mr. LeDeaux, Emlen Anagar.
It's a pleasure. Please, sit down.
So, you're interested in this weekend?
Yeah, that's right. If there's an opening.
For the fee you've offered, we'll make one.
- Good.
- Your references are very strong
but I hope you won't be offended
if I reiterate certain policy details.
- No, I won't.
- You've made arrangements at work?
My staff thinks
I'm backpacking in the Alps.
- Good. And your wife?
- We're separated.
You've told no one
of your true destination?
No one.
We will provide transportation
to and from the complex.
During your stay, you will avoid contact
with our other guests.
And, finally, you agree
never to disclose to anyone
the true nature
of the entertainment we provide?
- Of course.
- Good.
In that case, all that remains
is the matter of the fee.
Done. Now, I am sorry
to cut short our meeting
but I need to make arrangements
for the weekend.
I understand.
You're a very fortunate man, Mr. LeDeaux.
Few men on this earth have seen
what you'll be seeing.
Stand up.
What is happening?
I guess the modeling job isn't.
This way, Mr. Meyer.
We have brought in
an especially fine group this weekend.
Although there's something to be said
for old favorites.
Hello, Cat. You're still here.
You must have done well
since I saw you last.
And she'll do well again tomorrow.
But then, in the meantime
Send her to my room.
Choose that over me? Are you blind?
Sir, the tracker's been activated.
Meyer's at the complex.
Good. Tell Michael to proceed as planned.
I am sorry for the disturbance.
She just arrived.
I look forward to seeing her in the pit.
In the meantime, that brunette over there.
As you seem to have surmised,
there are certain privileges
that go along with pleasing our guests.
But the choice is theirs, not yours.
- You understand?
- Yes.
There'll be plenty of time for fighting
but only when I say so
or you will die even sooner
than you otherwise would.
Are you all right?
Yeah, I'm fine.
I hope I'm not disturbing you.
Not at all.
- You're dark.
- So we are.
Was there something
you wanted to see me about?
- It can wait if you're busy.
- I'll run these sims.
I'll be back in a few minutes.
I thought you should know
there's a satellite malfunction.
Communications are down
with about half our teams.
- How long?
- Full resolution will take 12 hours.
In the meantime,
we're switching to alternate channels
but coverage isn't total.
- Let me know if there's anything critical.
- I will.
How is Renee working out?
- You don't like her.
- I don't trust her.
Neither do I.
But then, I don't trust anyone except you.
- Be careful, Paul.
- I always am.
They make us fight each other?
- To the death?
- That's right.
And people pay to watch?
I imagine they pay quite a lot.
And if you win?
You get to fight again
and again
- until you're killed.
- How can you be so calm?
Because I come from a place
not unlike this.
I don't want to die.
Then you should learn to survive.
- I cannot.
- Why not?
Because I have never
been in a fight in my life.
I have never even been hit.
Now you've been hit. Hit me back.
Hit me back.
So now you've been in a fight.
You just need to stay alive
for a couple of days.
Avoid them.
That's all you need to do.
Trust me.
You never did tell me your name.
My name is Nikita.
All right, Nikita.
- Comm. Is restored to all teams.
- Already? How?
- The Agency loaned us a backup channel.
- I bet you had something to do with that.
I try to make myself useful.
Now, there are ground rules
and they have to be obeyed very strictly.
I'm sure we can manage.
No public displays of affection.
No lead time. When I call, you come
and work supersedes
all other arrangements, always.
Nikita, are you there?
Birkoff, where the hell have you been?
We had an uplink problem.
- Is Michael on his way?
- Yes.
You'll get your egress route from him.
We're in some kind of basement.
We've profiled your release.
Leave it to Michael.
All right.
Listen, this is more than just a brothel.
You knew?
They told me not to tell you. Sorry.
- Is the blond one who hit Cat in there?
- Yes, right over there.
They tell me
you already have your own bitch.
- You can leave her alone. She's harmless.
- Cat's a special friend of mine.
You hurt her.
So what are you doing down here?
I go where I want.
That's because you're good
at what you do.
You're good at killing other women
for the pleasure of perverted men.
When they put you in a pit
you'll do what you have to.
Just like me.
Mr. LeDeaux. Welcome.
I trust your journey was pleasant.
The program doesn't begin
until tomorrow
but we offer a wide range of activities
to help you enjoy yourself
in the meantime.
Come, let me show you your room.
Am I not permitted
to select a woman to accompany me?
I can see you don't believe
in wasting time.
You may choose
one of the girls from the lounge.
Which is?
Downstairs. Mr. Oswald
will show you the way.
- Enjoy.
- Thank you.
This one.
Yes. She's interesting, but not yet tamed.
You may need this.
If she causes any problems,
just push the button.
- Trackers working?
- We have full coverage.
So what happens now?
Birkoff plots an intercept point.
I kill Meyer tomorrow.
- Egress?
- Immediately afterwards.
- Where do we meet?
- We don't.
You're getting out tonight.
Tonight, they'll be suspicious.
No. You've established yourself
as a troublemaker.
I'll say you surprised me and escaped.
So, they'll send guards, track me,
and the show goes on as planned, right?
The van is two kilometers to the north.
- Meet them in 12 minutes.
- Twelve minutes?
You know what this place is.
We can't leave these women here.
We have to help them.
They're not our problem.
And the hundreds that will die in
the future, they're also not our problem?
That's right.
Fine. Then they're my problem.
I'll go out with you tomorrow.
I'll meet you at the exit point.
What do you expect to accomplish
in a few hours?
I don't know.
Maybe nothing, but I have to try.
I have to try.
I can't leave these women here.
I have to help them.
Michael, you've got a sister.
You went to prison, she was alone.
She could have ended up
in a place just like this
if she hadn't been helped.
You now have 10 minutes to meet the van.
I told you
I'm not going.
Send someone for the girl.
I'm finished with her.
- Did he hurt you?
- I'm fine.
While you were gone
they told us
we are going to fight tomorrow.
What else have you found out?
What do you mean?
Where do we fight?
How many contests are there?
- All this information can help.
- Help what?
It's going to help you and me to live.
When we first came in,
someone said something about a pit.
Yes, I remember.
Okay, we need to know how big it is
how high the walls are,
where they keep the guards.
Some of these women
have been here for a little while.
- We can talk to them.
- No. I have a feeling it won't do any good.
Why not?
They are planning something,
something special.
I don't think any of us are going to survive.
Meyer's hit will take place
in the next few hours.
I have the profile here.
- We're not hitting him in his room?
- No. Security will be at maximum density.
Our chance of success doubles later on.
- You see a problem?
- No.
I'm sure Birkoff did a thorough job.
I was going over the sims for the
- Hello, Madeline.
- Renee.
I was saying,
the Afghan sims look strong
but I think Beta team
should be restructured.
It's an interesting idea.
Will you give us a few minutes more?
Of course.
- She's involved in missions now?
- No, she's observing.
Some of her ideas are quite good.
She brings a fresh perspective.
You took me out of Systems.
We need you in Tactical.
Birkoff's been stretched too thin.
It's only temporary.
Until Renee's gone?
It has nothing to do with Renee.
I'm glad to hear it.
You can come back in now,
and lock the door behind you.
That one.
You have to want to live.
You're next.
I hope you can swim.
I'm afraid you'll have to leave now.
- Leave?
- Yes.
- I'm returning you to Oversight.
- I haven't finished my work yet.
Yes, you have.
What's the reason for this?
You contacted the Agency on our behalf
without prior clearance.
And comm. Was restored
eight hours sooner as a result.
Nevertheless, it was
a violation of protocol.
- I'll speak to Operations. Where is he?
- Off duty
which leaves me in charge.
All right.
I'm going.
But you'll pay for this, Madeline.
- Meyer's still in his room.
- He should have left by now.
- The show's already started.
- He's on the phone.
Big transaction. I can't catch the details.
- How long will he be?
- There's no way to tell.
Go. I'll keep you posted.
How long do these fights usually last?
I don't know. We didn't scan them.
- Michael, is Nikita fighting?
- Yes.
If you intervene,
chance of mission success goes to zero.
He's off the phone.
He's on his way.
Michael, take your position.
Michael, you have to move. Now.
Kill her.
You know how to use this?
Find Anagar. Kill him.
The guards will clear out.
Free the other girls. Help them get home.
Thank you.
Renee said you were jealous.
I didn't believe her.
You were right not to believe her.
Jealousy had nothing to do with it.
She was interfering
with our normal procedures
and, frankly, when she was around
your judgment wasn't up to
its usual standards.
ejecting her forcibly was
a violation of protocol.
- So was her contacting the Agency.
- That can be justified.
She has powerful friends in Oversight.
This could blow up in your face
if it's not handled properly.
Is there any reason
this can't be handled properly?
I can smooth it over with Renee.
I have a good relationship with her.
But the question is
what kind of a relationship
do I have with you?
Why don't you admit you were jealous
and you still have feelings for me?
Of course I do.
Respect, admiration, friendship.
If I thought your feelings
went beyond friendship
I'd make this whole thing go away.
Otherwise, I'll have to let
bureaucracy take its course
and that could be very unpleasant.
Don't do this.
In the tower tonight, 10:00.
It was a three-man mission in the Balkans.
A motion detector failed.
I got out alive, and the other two didn't.
They were in that 5% I've told you about.
Good men.
The best.
And it got me interested
in the gadgets we use.
I designed a few myself
and eventually, I got into it full-time.
Been there ever since.
By the way, you should start
thinking about your future, too.
- My future?
- People don't live forever in the field.
You should move into another area:
Comm., research, profiling.
I could use an assistant.
No, come on now. I'm being serious.
I think I'd feel too guilty
knowing there are people out there
risking their lives.
Trust me. You'll get over it.
How do you do it? How do you stay sane?
What's the secret?
Knowing when to lie
and when to tell the truth.
- To them?
- To yourself.
At night, you go to bed
knowing that you live in hell.
- That's the truth.
- And the lie?
You wake up in the morning
thinking that this day
may change everything.
You'll escape, you'll fall in love
they'll close the place up,
and send everybody home.
Then that night,
you have to face the truth again.
Yeah, but in the meantime
you've accomplished something
that's truly remarkable.
You've made it through another day.
- Hello.
- Josephine.
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