La Femme Nikita (1997) s03e15 Episode Script

Before I Sleep

Let me go!
Get me out of here!
I'm gonna kick your ass
Miss Baylin,
you have a business relationship
with a man named Marco Ashe.
That's why you got me here?
Marco Ashe?
Marco Ashe.
Now listen carefully.
We have our reasons
for wanting Mr. Ashe
and you will help us.
I'd extract what I want
and you'd be disposed of.
I'm afraid.
But I think there's an opportunity here,
for someone with your skill set.
I don't want to work in your organization.
I disagree.
I think the work here will appeal to you.
But we're getting ahead of ourselves.
First things first.
What do you want me to do?
Complete your transaction
with Marco Ashe.
You think she's gonna take us to Ashe?
Why didn't we brief this?
No time.
Ashe will only be at the location
for another hour.
- And we trust this girl?
- We trust her enough.
What's she doing?
Lead vehicles drop back and pick her up.
Jan Baylin was a courier
who ran material between
a transient tactical group
called The Alliance
and this man here, Marco Ashe.
At regular intervals, Ashe connected
with Baylin, gave her a package
and the location to The Alliance.
Unfortunately, she died three weeks ago
in transit to the meeting.
The offset team was apparently
unable to protect her.
So far, no one outside Section knows
Baylin's dead.
We'll exploit that by using a wet duplicate.
We got lucky. This is Sarah Gerrard.
Twenty-five, no immediate family
and on medical disability
from her administrative job
at a community college.
What's wrong with her?
She has what's known as A.L.L.
Acute lymphocytic leukemia.
Her case is terminal.
How long has she got to live?
No more than a few months.
We have to run this
on an accelerated clock.
Bring her in, train her
and send her to Ashe.
They're going to make
an innocent woman
spend the last days of her life
working for us?
Who are you?
Don't be afraid, Sarah.
You know my name.
I work for the government.
I apologize for my unorthodox entrance.
But this is a covert matter
and there are certain protocols
we must follow.
What do you want?
I'll explain everything.
I still don't understand
what you want me to do.
You have to become another person.
Another person?
Her name was Jan.
She was a terrorist.
She died unexpectedly.
Even if I wanted to
I'm too weak.
Please, don't touch that.
My father made this one for me.
Not too weak.
Sarah, I know
you're more comfortable here alone.
Being with other people
has always been difficult for you.
And if you choose to stay here, I'll leave.
But if you want to do something
that will help many people
save many lives
then you should come with me now.
Is there a chance I might be killed?
It's likely.
I'm gonna live here?
No. You'll be on Level 4.
Level 4?
How many are there?
Sarah, this is Nikita.
- Hello.
- Hi.
Nikita will be working with you.
She's here to help you.
Shall I take her up now?
We should get started.
And thank you again for doing this.
I know how difficult it is for you.
It won't be,
if everyone here is as nice as you.
Where would you rather be
on a sunny day?
The museum or the zoo?
The museum.
What color eyes do you prefer?
Blue or green?
Where would you rather be
on a sunny day?
The museum
The zoo!
Why did you do that?
It's the zoo.
It's neither.
Jan Baylin isn't interested
in right answers
and she doesn't care about pain.
What does she care about?
That's the wrong question.
It's, 'How does she behave? '
She makes her decisions quickly
and without regard to consequences.
Go on.
If you had to hide money in a house
which room would you choose?
How are you doing?
I can't become that person.
It's just not in me.
It's just acting, Sarah.
She's so horrible.
I don't understand what's in her mind.
Why are you doing this?
What do you mean?
Why did you let Madeline
convince you to come here?
You'd rather be home, wouldn't you?
I guess.
You want to go home now?
Then I wouldn't be helping anybody.
- And Madeline said
- Forget Madeline.
She says whatever she needs to.
The schedule has been changed,
we're going to beta run this afternoon.
She just got here. She's not ready.
It can't be helped. Start your prep.
She will fail and she'll get hurt.
It's all right. I'll do my best.
No one expects more than that. Right?
See? She'll be fine.
You look just like her.
I know.
- It's exciting.
- No.
It's dangerous. Not just for you,
but for everyone around you.
You stay focused.
Just I never felt like this before.
We'll go over the profile
on the way in the van.
Here. Put these on.
No. I don't really like to wear sunglasses.
They're not sunglasses.
Yes, they are.
Here. Have a look.
There's a camera in them.
We see what you see.
These are kind of fun.
Sarah, breathe.
I can't.
- Where's your inhaler?
- I thought you had it?
No. Mobile loaded it.
Here it is!
It's okay. Stay calm.
I don't know if I can do this.
- We can't. We're in full phase
- I don't care.
If she can't do it, we don't go. Abort.
Maybe it's my fault.
Sarah, it's not your fault.
All my life
I've been afraid, you know?
Afraid of people, afraid of doing things.
The leukemia
just gives me a better excuse.
I want to do this.
Hey, Jan, what's going on?
You look different.
- I do?
- Yeah.
You look hot.
You want to get high?
I'm in a hurry. You got the papers?
Take your pick.
This one.
Just like that?
You're not going to bust my chops today?
Like I said
I'm in a hurry.
I'll take it the other way today.
What do you mean?
Hop up.
I have to go.
What's wrong, bitch? Give it up.
You go when you're done.
Stop it.
- You're scaring me!
- What?
Who are you?
I said
who are you?
My name is Sarah.
Jan's dead.
Section One hired me.
It's best if you don't mention Section One.
Where's Sarah?
She's resting.
You saw the playback.
It was a total failure.
She can't do it.
Just the opposite.
She took it much better than we expected.
Right now,
she's post-processing it internally.
Really? What's she thinking?
She's horrified by
how much she enjoyed it.
That's absurd.
When Sarah wakes up, take her to Voice.
She needs more modulation in her tone.
Then have Michael work with her.
She needs to get
more comfortable with men.
I make you nervous.
It's just the way I am.
This is all so strange.
It is.
It usually takes two years
to train an operative.
And even then, most don't make it.
But you've already fit in.
You're a remarkable person, Sarah.
I'm sorry, I frighten you
because of what happened today.
That's not why.
It doesn't matter.
I can use someone else.
What is it about me that scares you?
I guess
I find it a different reason
every time I meet a man.
Not that I meet that many.
What reason are you giving yourself
this time?
You're handsome.
You probably get everything
you want from women.
Which means you're not very nice.
You're right.
Do you have a girlfriend?
But you love someone, don't you?
Why do you say that?
I don't know.
You seem like you're thinking
about someone.
We're not here to talk about me.
I thought that you were here
to make me feel comfortable.
I am.
Talking about you
does make me feel comfortable.
I'll tell you about her.
Good. She's warming up.
I didn't expect that last one
to lose his hair.
It must have been the extra sodium.
It seemed to go well with Sarah.
I haven't seen the output yet.
Well, Madeline thinks she'll be fine.
Then she probably will.
Do you think it's right,
what they're doing to her?
She doesn't seem to mind.
It bothers me.
She was told three weeks ago
she was terminal.
We gave her an opportunity
to do something important.
She agreed.
Three weeks ago?
What's wrong?
They set her up, didn't they?
What are you talking about, sugar?
Sarah Gerrard.
You had Biotech engineer something
to make her sick.
Now, what would make you say
a thing like that?
Jan died on the 23rd.
The next day
Sarah was diagnosed with A.L.L.
That doesn't mean they induced her.
I don't even know if it's possible.
I didn't think a lot of things were possible
until I came to Section.
- What did you want to tell me?
- Did Section induce Sarah's illness?
Not that I know of.
Could they not have told you?
Possibly. Maybe not.
What do you know?
I know that it's all too convenient.
Jan's death, Sarah's illness.
So what?
So I don't believe in coincidences.
Not in Section.
When do you take her to meet Ashe?
This afternoon.
Bring her active files to me. I'll look into it.
It's just unusual,
you sticking your neck out to help.
I like her.
Remember, Sarah,
we need Ashe to give us the location.
Right. I know.
He's only going to do that when you leave.
So, wind it up and get out of there
as quickly as you can.
Got it.
Jan, good to see you.
Come in.
Your timing is impeccable.
I was just finishing up.
What a wonderful place.
Sarah, no. You've been here before.
That's odd.
I always thought you didn't like it.
I guess I never took it all in.
Well, in that case, I'm glad you approve.
Give him the money.
You've changed somehow.
You're softer.
I always thought you had an inner grace
beneath that tough veneer of yours.
Inner grace?
Yeah. I'm glad to see
you're letting some of it shine through.
Thanks, Marco.
You're quite welcome.
You know, Jan
I always thought
that there could be something between us.
You did?
But you've always been
just a little bit too fast for me.
Could it be you're slowing down?
Maybe a little.
What is she doing?
She's making up for lost time.
We just got the location
of The Alliance compound.
What took so long?
She went in over three hours ago.
Sarah let Ashe seduce her.
No matter. We're still on schedule.
And Ashe?
- He's been taken care of.
- Good.
Walter, where's Nikita?
I think she's in comm.
- Here.
- Thank you.
Which way is that again?
I'm sorry it took so long.
But it worked out, right?
- Yeah.
- Oh, God!
It was amazing.
I've never felt like that in my whole life.
You know, I don't think Marco Ashe is
as bad as you guys think he is.
Anyway, I don't care.
I'm going to see him again.
If you can work that into
one of your missions, great.
If not, I'll go on my own.
Sarah, you can't.
Why not?
You don't know what you're dealing with.
You should stop thinking about him.
It's over.
You can't stop me.
You need me
and if you want to keep using me
- this is what I want.
- Sarah
Marco Ashe is dead.
That's not true.
He's been eliminated.
This is how they do things here.
I'm sorry.
What did you find?
Sarah was being monitored
before Baylin died.
So I was right.
Not necessarily.
Sometimes we begin contingency
before a situation goes critical.
I don't buy it.
Where are you going?
Michael, this is over the line.
Someone has to stand up for her.
What is it, Nikita?
You induced Sarah's illness
didn't you?
Yes, we did.
She has one more task to perform.
If she succeeds, we'll let her live.
We have the antidote.
We'll give it to her and let her go home.
She's of no security risk to us.
Just get her through this, Nikita.
Of course.
After she closes it
she'll enter a three-digit combination
from the lock.
Four-one-six. That'll arm it.
She'll have three minutes
to get out of there.
I was right, you know.
The Section did infect Sarah.
Made her think she was dying,
she had nothing left to lose.
What are you gonna do about it?
I'm gonna tell her.
No. Not before the mission. You can't.
She's despondent.
I have to give her a reason
to get through this.
No. Just think about it.
You tell her now and she'll freak.
She won't trust anyone. Not even you.
It's time to go.
Are you gonna be able to do this?
This isn't a difficult profile.
But you have to pick yourself up.
Do it right. The timing's critical.
You have to stay on top of things.
If you don't, you're going to end up hurt.
It doesn't matter.
Yes, it does matter.
Because there's hope.
The Section has resources
that the outside world doesn't.
I've seen them work miracles.
What do they want me to do?
We have to destroy Alliance headquarters.
But we need a visual confirmation.
Darius is on site.
Darius knows Jan, she'll let her in.
Okay, Nikita. Exterior is clear. Move in.
- What are you doing?
- Running a print.
Since when?
Michael, what do we do?
Bring your team up a notch.
Just do it.
Take my print off your neck.
Jan, you'll never change.
Forget the print. Send her down.
Everyone to first position.
Hello, Jan. Lovely as ever.
Let's just do this.
Looks fine.
Give my regards to Marco.
I presume he's well.
- He's fine.
- Good.
I thought you were in a hurry.
I could use a drink.
Okay, it's armed. Three minutes.
Prepare to egress.
All right, Sarah, you're fine to exit.
This is a rare pleasure.
So, tell me about Jan Baylin.
What is it you want to know?
Sarah, get out of there, now.
What's your goal?
What do you want out of life?
I'll be happy if I can finish my drink.
What is she doing?
She's committing suicide.
Fifty seconds.
No, really. What do you want to do
besides schlep detonators
all around the country?
That's a good question.
What the hell was that?
My people killing your people.
- Come on, Sarah, let's go.
- No!
- Sarah, please!
- I'm staying.
I can't.
I don't want to live anymore.
Fine. Then I'm not going, either.
You die, I die.
You've got 20 seconds to get out of there.
Don't do this, Nikita.
Please, go.
I'm not going to go without you.
Eight seconds.
Looks like we're going to have
0.8 surplus in personnel this month.
- Where would you like to allocate?
- Housekeeping.
The attrition has been high there.
I'd like your advice on a matter.
What's that?
I had to lie to Nikita
before the Alliance mission.
What's the problem?
She accused us of creating
Sarah's medical condition.
We didn't do that, did we?
No. But I didn't think
Nikita would believe me
and there wasn't time.
So I created an incentive scenario.
So she thinks there's an antidote.
I see your problem.
Did she share any of this with Sarah?
I don't think so.
Let Sarah convalesce here.
Give Nikita some downtime
let her play nurse for a while.
I'll pull her off Lebanon.
How are you doing?
for someone who's dying.
Maybe not.
It's okay, Nikita.
I've lived
an entire lifetime in the last week.
And I made a friend.
Not too bad.
There's something
that I haven't told you yet.
What is it?
Nikita, I need to see you right away.
Sure. I'll be right back. I'll tell you then.
It's very good.
I'll be here.
How's Sarah?
She's going to be fine.
Did you check your protocols?
No, not yet. As soon as I'm done,
I'll start prepping.
You don't have to. You're off Lebanon.
I don't know.
They probably want me to help Sarah
get back on her feet. Good.
Sit down, Nikita.
It's about Sarah.
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