La Femme Nikita (1997) s03e17 Episode Script

All Good Things

Good morning.
Good morning.
It feels strange.
We're really together now.
If we want to be.
I want to be.
So do I.
Section won't like it.
What do you think they'll do?
We'll have to see.
As you're aware, the situation
in the Balkans is deteriorating.
Recent intel suggests links with certain
developments in the Middle East.
In short
the global situation is critical.
Center has asked me
to provide a field perspective.
It's only on a temporary basis,
but thank you.
It's unclear how long I'll be gone
but in the meantime
someone has to run Section.
Of course.
Madeline is very capable,
but she feels, and I agree
that her strongest role lies in
providing objective counsel
to the person in charge.
You've run the shop on occasion
for several hours at a time
but this time it's different.
It will be a formal change of command.
You'll have full operational authority.
In the event of a crisis,
I won't be available.
I understand.
The only pending matter of import
is the Luigi Bergomi mission.
You're familiar with the parameters.
The safe house in Odessa.
George has been obsessed with Bergomi
for some time, but the truth is
we're not ready.
Bergomi's too powerful.
Still, we have to throw Oversight a bone.
So run the Odessa mission.
Then pull back.
- No follow-up.
- Right. Minimize losses.
Then move on to other things.
If we push harder, we risk disaster.
In another year, things might
be different, but not now.
Come. Walk with me.
Madeline can get you up to speed
on everything else.
Her advice is invaluable
but the final decision is yours.
Mistakes are inevitable.
Don't let them bother you.
Learn and move on.
You have command.
I have command.
You're familiar with
current mission status.
- Any concerns?
- No.
There's only one other short-term issue:
Your successor.
- Now that you're here, who replaces you?
- Nikita.
Wallace is senior.
- Nikita is more qualified.
- It's not that simple.
Your relationship with Nikita
has recently entered a new stage
and given that fact,
choosing Nikita might be viewed as
On the other hand,
if she's perceived as more qualified
and you don't promote her,
it might be viewed as weakness.
Perhaps you should review
the Odessa profile before you decide.
Yes, I will.
Is there anything else?
You know where to find me.
Luigi Bergomi, supposedly
an international currency trader.
In fact, he launders money
for embargoed nations
and uses the proceeds to fund terrorism.
Our ultimate goal is to eliminate him
along with his entire network.
The mission will focus
on this safe house in Odessa.
Bergomi isn't there personally
but we hope to retrieve
enough intel to trace him.
Wallace, you'll be team leader.
Nikita, you'll take over my responsibilities.
- Why her? I'm senior by two years.
- She's more qualified.
For what?
She should be leading the team.
I should take over for you.
You do as you're told.
And keep your opinions to yourself.
You'll rotate through the secondary
departments, starting with DRV.
- So you're taking me out of the field?
- For the time being.
I want you to have a broader perspective.
I suppose I should do as I'm told,
keep my opinions to myself.
In Section, yes.
Nikita? Mintz.
- You're taking Michael's place.
- That's the idea.
Big shoes, but you can fill them,
or he wouldn't have picked you.
I've got respect for the field.
Where you're standing,
this is the center of the spider web.
Section is about missions.
Mission's about intel.
Intel comes from
data retrieval and verification.
Here's your station. Go on. Sit down.
Comfortable? Good.
You're going to be here for a while.
This baby analyzes input from all over
the world, three billion bits per second.
Keep your eyes glued to the screen.
The green lines mean no problem.
Red means
program's detected a possible anomaly.
Hit F1 for details. If it looks serious, flag it.
- Flag it?
- Highlight. Hit "transmit. "
That sends it to Level 2
where they'll take a closer look.
- How long am I doing this for?
- Usual shift is 12 hours.
- Since you're new, we'll shave it to 10.
- Thanks.
Good luck. Good hunting.
The Odessa mission is complete.
The team's at van access.
Everything okay?
- What have you been up to?
- A stint in DRV.
I'm surprised you could stand
the excitement.
The Odessa team just came back.
They wouldn't talk to me.
That's right. You haven't heard, have you?
You've been staring at a monitor all day.
Wallace is dead.
The configuration was skewed.
Most of the risk was put on point
to spare the rest of the team.
That's the way it played out.
- Wallace went down.
- So the others blame me.
Some will think Michael put Wallace
where you should have been.
What do you think?
It's not like you're not qualified
for the assignment he gave you.
But he was aware of the profile.
He had to be.
If he did it to protect me, it's not right.
There's no right or wrong
with Michael anymore.
He's the new Operations.
He can do whatever he wants.
The last three Asian debriefs
were unsatisfactory.
Yes. The success rate is deceiving.
- Our goals were under-set.
- Put Venchek in abeyance.
All right. Michael, something has come up.
- Oversight has called a meeting.
- It wasn't scheduled.
No. A special session, 8:00 tonight.
Stated purpose?
To discuss inter Sectional cooperation,
and recent development in the Sudan.
Actual purpose?
In my judgment, at least
in part, to size you up.
George, in particular,
will be interested to see you perform.
He'll try to take advantage of the fact
that I'm new to the job.
- It's very likely.
- Tell me about him.
How much do you know?
He and Adrian started Section.
All the Sections, actually.
Go on.
He's brilliant, ruthless
highly connected but not infallible.
He's been fooled at least once
about Adrian's death.
He'll push me on Bergomi.
He'll push, bully, seduce, deceive
anything to get his way.
Operations never let George
push him across the line.
Neither can you.
Michael, I have to talk
to you about something.
Wallace's death on the Odessa mission
You must have known
the profile was skewed.
I don't want special treatment.
Would you prefer to be dead?
So it's true. You promoted me
to keep me off the mission.
I promoted you because you're qualified
and I need someone
in that position I can trust.
But if you treat me differently,
it's unfair to the others and to me.
- What do you want?
- Whether I take your place or not
I want to be back on the field.
- All right.
- Thank you.
I haven't officially congratulated you.
So I'll do it now.
Thank you.
How's life at the top?
I have a lot to learn.
I'll let you get back to work then.
This demands Sectional coordination.
Then why deny our request
to exchange data?
- Because your unit leaks like a sieve.
- That's not true.
One word: Libya.
- That wasn't our fault.
- That's enough.
Michael, an opinion?
Sectional cooperation would be a mistake.
It requires trust, and there's none.
That's why we're here, to build trust.
If it hasn't happened in 30 years
it won't happen tonight.
So we go our separate ways,
bounce off each other in the dark?
We create a layered matrix,
central source, single access
data shared through a predetermined grid.
Who has time to synthesize the results?
We do.
Give us your inputs Friday.
- We'll have the system up in a week.
- You're dreaming.
If you have a better idea, let's hear it.
Anybody else?
Right. Get your inputs
to Section One by Friday.
Next item, Sudan.
It's late. You should be
getting home, sugar.
- I'm not that tired.
- Oversight meetings can drag on.
He may be gone all night.
Did you know Operations before he was
- Yeah, I knew him.
- What was he like?
Pretty much the same as he is now.
But he didn't change
after he took over Section?
You're worried about Michael.
I'm not sure. He just seems a bit different.
Power can do that.
Even for a man as strong as Michael, but
maybe his need for power
is part of his strength.
You think he needs power?
I don't see him turning it down.
He didn't have a choice.
It's not like he won't be enjoying it, either.
Question is will you?
I'll make it work.
My advice to you
is to let off some steam sometime.
Yell at him. Get it out of your system.
And meanwhile
Meanwhile get some sleep.
NATO wants a complete report in 15 days.
I want them to think
that they're getting one. Understood?
All right, gentlemen, madam,
until the next time.
Michael, stay a minute.
Controlling the world is easy.
What's difficult is controlling them.
How are things in Section One?
- We're maintaining our success rate.
- Yes, I've seen the numbers.
Asia was a problem.
I've taken steps to correct it.
And what about Luigi Bergomi?
We're getting closer.
The Odessa mission
was a placebo, wasn't it?
In fact, Section has
no real intention of going after him.
Am I right?
We're doing what we can.
There are refugee camps
overflowing with people
displaced by terrorist activities
that Bergomi supports.
Every day, thousands of people
are dying from sickness and malnutrition.
20% of them are children
under the age of 10.
This has to stop.
- I understand.
- Do you?
Or are Madeline's words
still ringing in your ears?
I can imagine what she told you:
"Be strong.
"Don't let George push you too hard. "
Let's look past the words to the motive.
Operations and Madeline
are like Siamese twins.
They bicker, they squabble,
but they never separate.
It wouldn't look good
if you achieved something they couldn't.
So they don't want you to try.
They don't think
Bergomi can be taken. I do.
What do you think?
- I'll review it again.
- Good. Meanwhile, keep this in mind:
Operations won't decide
who replaces him or when it happens.
Oversight will.
And we want Bergomi
Good morning.
You should have woken me last night.
You looked like you needed rest.
Check your panel.
I've made some changes.
Bergomi's now special priority?
- I want you to take charge of it personally.
- All right.
The intel on
the Odessa mission's too weak.
We'll have to send out another net.
There's no time. Work the Odessa intel.
Then we're going to have
to reallocate resources.
I hope that won't leave
the other missions too thin.
They'll be fine.
I was just making a comment.
Check with Mintz.
He was on it this morning.
- All right.
- Nikita
don't discuss this with Madeline.
I think some other missions
are going to go hungry.
Michael says they won't.
It's his show if he wants to push
that hard on Bergomi.
Normally I coordinate with Birkoff,
but he's working on the layered matrix.
We'll go with whatever you have.
We've traced one of Bergomi's associates.
If we get him, we get
the location of Bergomi's base.
- Good.
- Maybe not so good.
We have to get him
without Bergomi knowing.
Otherwise, he'll move the base.
Or hit us when we come up against it.
He's got the resources to do it.
So we need a clean pick. Will that be hard?
It might be in the time Michael's given us.
All right. What do you got?
Albert LeMaye deals with Bergomi often.
He travels with bodyguards.
- We have to eliminate them.
- Do we know where he is?
The mission's being profiled.
- Quick and dirty, but the best we can do.
- Thanks.
what's Madeline think about this?
That doesn't matter.
We should do what Michael wants.
Yes, you're right, of course.
- Yes, Mintz. What is it?
- We need to talk.
Another mission against Bergomi
is being profiled.
- That's right.
- Why wasn't I told?
You have enough on your plate already.
- May I offer some input?
- By all means.
Cancel the mission. It's premature.
Thank you. I'll take it under advisement.
George got to you
at the meeting, didn't he?
This is just what I warned
you about. Pushing too hard.
I'll decide what's too hard.
What approach did he use?
Starving children?
That I'm protecting Operations?
"Those two are like Siamese twins. "
That's been his favorite line for years.
Maybe because it's true.
What do you want?
A promotion?
More power? All you have to do is wait.
It'll come.
- That's for Oversight to decide.
- You're being used.
If this mission fails,
George won't take the blame.
- You will.
- It won't fail.
Operations is at Center.
I didn't want to have to bring him into this
but you don't leave me choice.
I wouldn't advise it.
There are people at Center
who'd be very interested in this.
And George would be very interested
in the truth about Adrian.
I'm asking you to reconsider.
You're putting Section at risk.
The mission will proceed as planned.
Go back to work.
Nikita, LeMaye's in a brown BMW
heading south on Waterfront.
He's in the backseat behind the driver.
- Yeah, I got it.
- He's got three bodyguards with him.
Remember, everyone,
we need LeMaye alive.
We got LeMaye.
Get down!
I've got him.
What about the guard?
- He was hit, but I don't know how badly.
- Why not?
We still haven't recovered the body.
- Why is he loose?
- A gun jammed.
- There was no satellite coverage.
- Any other excuses?
LeMaye will give us the location.
Start planning the assault.
There's a significant chance
that the bodyguard survived.
If he did, Bergomi may trace
the attack back to us.
Or he may not.
We should at least
do a decent risk assessment.
No, delay only increases the risk.
I want a full debrief on this mission
and a preliminary profile of the assault.
You have two hours.
You look tired.
What do you want?
I want to know whether Michael
is planning an assault.
- Ask Michael.
- I'm asking you.
- May I see the profile?
- Mintz is one of your sources, isn't he?
- Check with him.
- Mintz is no longer with us.
- Why?
- Ask Michael.
He wants to impress Oversight,
but he won't succeed.
- The assault will be a bloodbath.
- Operations has ordered his share.
This one will fail, and failure
will destroy Michael's career.
Persuade him to cancel.
You overestimate my influence.
Then sabotage the mission.
Those are your two choices.
And if you really care about him,
you'll do one or the other.
Here's the profile.
I'll get to it in a minute.
So, Mintz is no longer in DRV.
No, he's not.
Did you have him canceled?
Demoted to a substation.
He broke protocol.
There's been an intel update.
Bergomi's shown some activity
since the attack.
Birkoff thinks there's a 60% chance
they know we're coming.
Increase density. Add backup.
Even so, Michael,
we'll sustain heavy losses
and our chances at getting at Bergomi
are no more than 50%.
60%, 50
they're just numbers. We'll get him.
I think we should abort.
I expected betrayal from Mintz,
not from you.
What kind of loyalty do you want?
Blind obedience?
Or my honest opinion?
Don't fail me, Nikita.
You're the only person in the world I trust.
Bergomi's operational headquarters.
It's heavily secured,
but it can be taken, and it will be.
The two-story structure
at the center of the complex
houses a hard drive with his master files.
We get that drive,
we can shut down his whole operation.
And Bergomi himself?
We would have him
within a few days at most.
There are four assault teams,
and one backup.
Team leaders will report to Nikita,
who will be in touch with me at all times.
- Do they know we're coming?
- Our latest intel is inconclusive.
The profile covers both possibilities.
Good luck.
We'll use a staggered sweep
100 meter legs. Alpha team, take the lead.
Teams One and Four on mark.
They might be holding back.
Watch the gaps.
We have contact. All teams forward.
- Here they come, in force.
- Backup team, engage.
- Nikita, report.
- We can hold for five minutes, maybe 10.
Birkoff, bring up the ingress routes.
Blue and green are closed off.
Red is marginal.
Nikita, go red.
It's closed.
Birkoff says it's marginal.
I've got a full angle. It's closed.
Send in a team, two people.
Michael, it's hopeless.
Pull out, or you'll lose everyone.
Pick your best two. Send them now.
- I can't tell them to commit suicide.
- That's an order.
I won't.
She's going herself.
We have the drive.
All units, move out. I repeat. Move out.
- Thank you.
- Seven dead. More will die from injuries.
A third of the upcoming
missions shut down
due to lack of resources. Was it worth it?
- Yes.
- Why?
This is Section. Missions are carried out.
People die.
And sometimes the reasons
are not always clear.
Are you saying there's more to this
than I know?
I'm saying the discussion's over.
I don't know who you are.
I'm who I've always been.
Good night, Michael.
Madeline didn't tell you I was back?
She likes surprises.
- Your work went well?
- Yes.
When I left
I asked just one thing of you.
You didn't do it. Why?
Is there an answer that would satisfy you?
- Not really.
- Then why ask?
I withdraw the question.
George was very impressed with you.
He can't stop talking
about the Bergomi mission.
It was possible after all.
Yes, I suppose it was.
You took a big chance.
Choosing sides so blatantly.
I wasn't trying to choose sides.
The fact remains
if something happens to George
you're in trouble.
And if something happens to you
even if your performance slips a bit
I may be in charge of Section.
Was that a statement or a threat?
Was yours?
I believe you have something
that belongs to me.
You have command.
I have command.
We misjudged him very badly.
- I never thought he could be so reckless.
- There's another possibility.
He's just better than we are.
He's good.
He and Nikita together are quite good.
Fortunately, even the best
have weaknesses.
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