La Femme Nikita (1997) s03e18 Episode Script

Third Party Ripoff

I thought there was a briefing.
Twenty minutes.
I called you in early so we could talk.
We should stay together.
I don't think I want that anymore.
You didn't like the way I acted
when I had to take charge.
- You became a different person.
- No.
The same person.
Just playing a different role.
Something we all have to do in here
to survive.
It doesn't matter
how you intellectualize it.
I feel the way I feel.
- Nice result in Jakarta.
- Except for C team.
I didn't read the appendix.
What happened?
There was an outbreak in the area.
Our people were infected?
We didn't test.
We just eliminated the variable.
- The whole team.
- Yes.
That's too bad.
Still, better to lose the hand
and save the body.
We have an internal matter to discuss.
What's that?
Michael and Nikita.
- What now?
- It's unresolved.
- I thought she pulled back.
- She did.
But I think Michael will persist.
These two have been
dancing around this thing from day one.
Maybe we should just let it go for now.
Actually, I was going to suggest
a hard wedge.
- You think that's necessary?
- I do.
What mode?
- I'm mapping out a behavioral strategy.
- Think it'll work?
Watch and see.
It would've vaporized
if they'd used aluminum oxide.
Yeah, that's what I thought.
So you think Germany?
For the parts, yeah,
but it could've been assembled anywhere.
Here you go. Thanks.
It's an impressive unit
but how did you get
five significant digits out of it?
Years of experience.
- You must be Seymour.
- Everyone calls me Birkoff.
I'm Valerie.
I've been sent over
to work with the profile division.
I haven't made it to comm. Yet,
but perhaps when I do
I hope you have some time
to show me around.
I'll see you both later.
Olivier Velden is a mid-level player
in black-market weapons.
Instead of working with larger networks
like Hamas or Red Cell
he's brought his business to start-ups
satellite groups
that are too small to be on our radar.
The only documentation
that we have on these groups
is in Velden's client list itself.
So we're after the list?
No. We want Velden, but not dead.
We want to turn him
and send him back out.
- What are the chances he'll be receptive?
- Over 70%.
We have enough background
to be confident he's a good candidate.
Your panels are being uploaded now.
I'm in position.
All right. Give me a grid base.
Second team, advance to mark.
Nikita, we're ready for you.
I'm inside. Where is he?
Mirrored door at the back.
Hi. Is Mr. Mills here?
Mr. Mills?
Hi. Hello.
Go on, beat it.
- Who are you?
- I'm Lisa. I'm a dancer.
Denise said I should come on back.
Turn up the music. We'll see what you got.
Okay, Michael, you're clear to move up.
Who are you?
You transferred some funds
from Olivier Velden's account.
I want the account number.
Look, I don't know
where you're coming from and I don't care.
You're already dead.
I'm picking it up.
It's in the room. It's on him.
Do we need this guy?
Found it.
Okay, plug it in. We need to verify.
Nikita, you got incoming hostiles.
Can you back me out?
I've got 20 more seconds here.
No. You'll have to go through them.
I'll cover you.
No, Michael. I need you at the front
to prepare egress.
Nikita can handle herself.
Send Niles. I'm getting Nikita.
Michael, what are you doing?
Okay, Birkoff. Got it all?
Yeah. Get to your exit point.
- Yes?
- Sit down.
Do you understand
what just happened on your mission?
I haven't debriefed,
but it was a contained dispersion.
There was an incident at the second mark.
How many times do you think
Michael can break position
before a team goes down?
I didn't ask for his help.
Why don't you talk to Michael?
Have you ever heard
of anyone in the Section
talk about a type one directive?
It's an internal dictum. A decision.
Once it's been made, it can't be changed
and is always executed.
One has been initiated
regarding you and Michael.
You two will extricate
the personal component
from your relationship.
If your spies had been
doing their jobs properly
then you would know that the
personal component of our relationship
doesn't exist.
Michael isn't letting go.
- You'll have to make him.
- You're talking to the wrong person.
I don't think so. That'll be all.
What's up?
Did they talk to you?
What do you mean?
Did Madeline suggest
you stay away from me?
She called it a type one directive.
- And how did you respond?
- I didn't.
They don't want us to be together.
No, they don't.
What about you?
All right.
What time is it?
We have to go in.
It seems like it took you forever.
It was just three minutes.
It was too long.
No more.
Come on. Not here.
Why not? It's been almost six hours.
It's just too dangerous, that's all.
It's bad enough I brought you back here.
That's what makes you so exciting.
Yeah, Birkoff?
Where's my PDA?
Just hang loose.
I'll be right there.
Sorry. I forgot.
I was checking the inventory.
You did that yesterday.
I had to double-run the scanners.
Come on. I want to
leave early tonight. I'm in a hurry.
- You got a hot date?
- Actually, I do.
Who is it?
It's Valerie, the new profiler.
Anyways, I got to go. Thanks.
We can't do this here.
- What's wrong?
- Nothing.
I just thought maybe we could
do something romantic.
Just you and me.
But I don't see anyone else here.
No, I meant
maybe we could go and have dinner
Tonight is not so good.
You're not on.
I mean, what's the problem?
I'm busy.
Look, Walter.
I am never going to ask you
for your itinerary.
Please don't ask for mine.
I'll see you tomorrow.
The files that we extracted
from Mills' office were productive.
We found three primary accounts,
one of which Velden manages personally.
This is the Rosay Bank in Zurich.
Based on the pattern of deposits
we know he'll show within 48 hours.
An advanced team is already on site.
- Is this a grab?
- No. We're going to tag him.
That's all. From there,
we'll plan an end-game strategy.
Why are you running the scenario?
- Didn't anyone tell you?
- What?
This is my team.
Then why was I called in?
Because you're on it.
I thought you knew, Michael. Sorry.
Once he's tagged,
we'll put two teams on him.
We'll thread into his network
from the front
and when we have a secure window,
we'll isolate and determine
whether or not he needs to be brought in.
- What's happening?
- They put Davenport in charge.
- It's starting.
- I know.
- Why?
- They want to take me down.
- Walter.
- What's up?
What's the name of that restaurant
you told me about?
By the river? It's really romantic.
"Chez" something, "bistro" something.
I don't know what you're talking about.
Sure you do. I need it for this weekend.
- Something happening this weekend?
- Valerie.
Things are really working out.
I can't believe it took me this long
to discover older women.
- I mean, she
- When this weekend?
- What?
- What night?
- Sunday.
- Not Saturday?
No. She has plans. Dinner with a girlfriend.
Dinner with a girlfriend.
That's what she said?
I think so. What's the problem?
You're the problem.
Valerie's going out with me
on Saturday night.
Just like last weekend
and the weekend before that.
- I didn't know that.
- No, of course not.
You've been so busy
with your little techie toys in there
you couldn't even see that there's
something between me and her,
right underneath your nose.
- L
- You what?
- I'm sorry.
- You should feel sorry for yourself
because you haven't got the chops
to hang onto her.
I do.
What the hell does that mean?
Look, save yourself the let-down,
and just take it like a gentleman.
You think she's going to dump me for you?
Let me let you in on a little secret.
You're not even there
for the dumping, Seymour.
Did the target transfer en route?
- He did.
- What about their comm?
We downloaded the files.
I brought back a sample for Walter.
Well done.
There wasn't that much resistance, sir.
That's the sign of a mission well profiled.
Do you want me to debrief?
They've asked for singulars this time.
I'm not sure why.
- Yes or no?
- Yeah, if you don't mind.
- You okay?
- Yes.
If that's the game
they want to play, I'll play it.
- What are they trying to accomplish?
- Take away my authority.
They think it means something to me.
- And it doesn't?
- Not really.
So, what does?
Whatever I do, I need to do it well,
the best I can.
That means something to me.
Don't worry.
Whatever they want to do to me
I can handle it.
What are you doing?
Since you're not going
to be performing tactical oversight
you won't be needing the space anymore.
Where will I be?
On six with everyone else.
These primes are all out of range.
What were you doing?
I was compiling.
Why didn't you use a hash table?
Look, don't talk down to me.
I was sourcing triggers
when you were still in short pants
and that wasn't very long ago.
Long enough for the world to change
and leave you behind.
Just solve the problem, okay?
Never mind with the flapping of the lips.
If you'd just come to me in the first place,
you wouldn't be in this mess.
Hi, guys.
Can I help you with something?
Do I need a reason
to just drop by and say hello?
You two seem busy.
I'll see you later.
Team one will do advance.
Take out light security
and prep for incoming.
Teams two and three
will implement the profile.
Twelve-minute check.
Everyone is divided
into perimeter and backup.
We're out in 10. Let's go.
I didn't want to say this
in front of the team.
You're posted at nine.
- That's backup.
- That's where they profiled you.
Anyone get hurt?
Three down, one lost.
How bad were the three?
I don't know. I wasn't close enough.
Are you thinking
the outcome would have been better
had you been team lead?
Davenport's capable.
Capable is okay for some missions.
Others, it's not.
I don't want to talk about it.
You're not the same.
You said this wasn't going to affect you,
but it has.
- I'll get over it.
- Maybe you shouldn't try to.
Maybe the job means more to you.
Come in.
I want it to stop.
I assume you're speaking of Michael?
That's a step.
You're seeing things from
a different perspective and that's good.
You've created a situation
where everyone loses, Madeline.
Have I?
You've determined that my relationship
with Michael's affecting his performance.
By how much?
10%? 12%?
Actually, just under 1.5%
which is unacceptable.
And for that you're willing to
sacrifice him altogether?
Lose everything?
An operative in Michael's position
can cause damage
if he's off even by a fraction.
It's like I said, he's yours. You win.
It has to come from him.
And it has to be his idea, not yours.
Otherwise, he'll just resist on principle.
- What are you asking me?
- That he stops loving you.
- And how do I do that?
- You have to want it to happen.
Velden will be making his deal
with the Libyans at 3:00.
We can't take him in front of witnesses.
Our goal is to release him
and send him back out.
We'll be able to secure these four areas.
Everyone on the inside will be hostile.
No one but Velden
and our people walk away.
We'll have seven minutes max.
Four for the primary teams,
three for housekeeping. Any questions?
All right, let's go.
Are you done after this mission?
Yeah. Why?
I thought maybe we could get together.
You told me you had plans.
I have a confession to make.
I was, sort of, seeing someone else
for some time, but it meant nothing.
Anyone I know?
It was a touchy-feely guy. A loser.
Yeah, sure.
What's the matter?
Walter's not a loser
just 'cause he has feelings.
And if you think he is,
I guess I'm one, too
'cause one day
I hope to turn out half as good as him.
- What are you doing?
- That's my comm. Unit.
No, it's not.
You're third team now.
You shouldn't even be in prep
until we're done.
Forget it, Michael. You can use mine.
I would listen to her, Michael, you know?
Listen to her. Listen to me.
Pretty much everybody.
We're all above you now.
What are you doing, McDaniel?
I'm just giving a little bit back.
For five years
I've been doing his grunt work
and never once do I get a,
"Thank you. Nice job, McDaniel. "
That's not true.
You're wrong on this one. It's mine.
Let it go, Michael.
Michael could've killed you, but he didn't.
I'm not as patient as he is.
Was McDaniel your idea?
Yes. Michael was degenerating,
but not fast enough.
- I don't expect Nikita's been much help.
- I spoke with her.
She won't be proactive,
but my instinct is she won't interfere.
Don't we need more than that?
Michael's self-esteem
is tied into Nikita's perception of him.
I'm sure it's very painful for him.
Velden's car just rolled in.
Do we have a visual confirmation
on Velden in the car?
We have visual confirmation.
He's coming to you.
Okay, Birkoff, we're ready down here.
What's your status upstairs?
Velden should be moving
to the rendezvous point now.
We have to wait for a visual
on the Libyans.
Davenport, hold.
Velden's team's
still outside your perimeter.
How do you know?
Look at the pay phone behind you.
Birkoff took out the land channels.
That guy's just posted.
The Libyans are moving to rendezvous.
All right, start your check. Team one, go.
Excuse me.
The train station.
All right, we're down
for the moment, Birkoff.
We may have been made.
He's backtracking to make sure
the Libyans don't have a net.
Okay, can we go one layer out?
Not without collateral.
You'll hit innocents for sure.
Let it play out, Birkoff.
Libyans are heading back
to the train station. Nikita?
Velden's team's converging.
They've split into upper and lower teams.
Nikita, move to third position.
They're heading inside.
They must have a clean room
in the garage.
Okay, all teams abort.
No. We won't get
a control window like this for months.
- We have to use it.
- How?
Teams one and two rotate.
I need a roll to the south.
What are you doing, Michael?
We'll make it look like a third-party rip-off.
I need 60 seconds of fire time in a pocket.
- Make sure all exits are blocked.
- What about the Libyans?
We'll keep two alive.
Davenport, what is the chain of command?
I'm giving it to Michael.
Where do you want me, Michael?
Birkoff, put in the new program
and start sequencing.
What's he doing?
They're bleeding our accounts.
What's going on?
We only have a few seconds,
so listen to me carefully.
Your money and your clients' money
is now being stolen.
In 24 hours,
you'll be contacted by our people.
If you don't do what they say
we'll make it look like
you masterminded this rip-off.
The Libyans will hunt you down
and kill you.
Who are you? What do you want?
You work for us now.
How do I get out of here?
You have a car nearby?
Put the money back.
That's it.
Let's go.
I couldn't do what you did out there today.
I learned a lot.
Thank you.
So, what are you going to do now?
Let's go home.
You can't deny to yourself
what happened today, Michael.
You're a level-five operative.
That's the only way you can live.
I don't want to think about it right now.
You're going to have to
because when you lead missions
we survive.
We were onto something.
Maybe there's another way.
They're not going to let this play on
for much longer.
There's no other way.
If we end it now, we can at least
preserve our friendship.
Yes, Michael?
I want my status reinstated.
- What about you and Nikita?
- It's over.
You know it would be pointless
for you to deceive me on this.
I know.
Level-five status reinstated.
Effective immediately.
Will it hold?
For now.
I forgot to return this to you.
Yeah, thanks.
- I thought you had a date tonight.
- No.
I don't think it's going to work out
with me and Valerie.
That's too bad.
No, not really. She's not my type.
Look, Birkoff
don't worry about me, okay?
I mean, if you want to see her, see her.
It's no big thing.
I don't think so.
I don't have a lot of friends.
I didn't like the way it felt
not being able to talk to you.
You can talk to me any time you want.
Thanks, Walter.
Where were we?
- Come in.
- No.
I just came by to tell you something.
It's not over.
We will be together.
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