La Femme Nikita (1997) s04e01 Episode Script

Getting Out of Reverse

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[Whispering] We have one hour.
Michael and nikita
are having outside contact.
I don't see how a relationship
between 2 operatives
can be dangerous.
Michael, we're
playing with fire.
Deny everything.
I think we should proceed
with our original plan.
It's dangerous.
Then proceed with caution.
Whenever your last meeting
with Michael was,
I hope you made the most of it.
I don't love you anymore.
It's time to put nikita
to the test.
Do you think it's premature?
Enough time has passed.
What about her interactions?
She will no longer be capable
of forming an emotional bond
with anyone.
What about previous ties?
Michael means nothing to her.
Not anymore.
She's a perfect robot.
[Michael grunting]
Committed too soon.
Why do you say that?
You already had turned left
I'm sorry. What did you think,
we were taking a break?
You changed your style.
To improve my technique.
Only your moves.
What else is there?
Comes from inside.
You all right?
They're watching us.
I know.
[Woman speaking French]
[Cell phone ringing]
(Michael) Josephine.
[Man groaning]
What are you doing here?
I think I just soiled
a new pair of skivvies.
What are you doing here?
Came by for a cup of sugar.
How did you get
the key to my apartment?
Oh, do we have to
do this, cupcake?
We were mates.
It's way past
the third degree, all right?
All right.
You gave me one
when you went to Africa,
You asked me to
water your plants.
I made a copy.
You've got such
scrumptious munchies
in your in your fridge.
Give me the key.
Oh, lovely. Look at this.
I treat them
like they're my
own little seedlings.
You turn the place into
a horticultural cemetery.
This is bad Karma.
[Gun cocks]
Get what you need and leave.
Hey, Michael. What do you need?
Have you talked
to nikita lately?
No, I saw her come in.
She didn't stop by.
You know she always does.
For greetings and salutations.
Don't mean to make you jealous.
Talk to her.
About what?
Listen to her voice.
Look in her eyes.
I don't get you, Michael.
Just talk to her.
We've just been informed
that one of our
remote cell teams in Latvia
was targeted by nationalists.
The team was wiped out
except for Irina kerensky,
a level-4 operative.
She's being held hostage.
She was at a high level
briefing just hours
before the grab.
If she's still alive,
what she knows could
do a lot of damage.
She's been trained
to resist interrogation,
but we don't know
how long she can hold out.
We have coordinates.
Birkoff will finish your prep
in systems.
Go get her.
[Guard speaking Russian]
[Woman speaking Russian]
[In English]
Pull over there.
We have to check it out.
[Manhole cover clanking]
I'm in.
proceed east through
the central tunnel.
Main access is 50 meters ahead.
Sub-basement vent.
Unmonitored. No hostiles.
[Bird cawing]
Ok, nikita, you should see
the vent after you turn.
Got it.
I'm at second Mark.
Estimate 2 minutes to target.
Perimeter teams,
hold your positions.
Nikita, hostiles still in place.
Nikita, you're clear to target.
[Man chattering]
[Man speaking Russian]
[Footsteps approaching]
[Speaking Russian]
Michael, she's here.
What about hostiles?
I took out 3. I didn't see
anyone else.
And kerensky?
Still alive.
It looks like
remote interrogation.
She's behind bulletproof glass.
Nikita, how does it look?
She claims she hasn't given
any information yet.
What's your recommendation?
If we incinerate,
we'll have 100% containment.
[Computer beeping]
Destroying an embassy is severe.
There will be fallout
for months.
Taking section operatives
is severe. I want
our enemies to know that.
Do you think she'll do it?
There's only one way
to find out.
Ok, nikita. Request
for incineration
Set the sequence to 30 seconds.
All teams evacuate.
Nikita, stand by.
I'm working on a contingency.
30 seconds.
Nikita, can you hear me?
There are children
on the premises.
I hear you, Michael. 25 seconds.
[Alarm ringing]
[Woman speaking Russian]
Run, run.
[Woman screaming]
[Man shouting]
Now we know.
[Keyboard clicking]
What are you doing here?
I want some answers.
We have 2 minutes.
16 people died
in the embassy explosion.
What's going on?
They're watching me, Michael.
[Ambulance siren wailing]
I had to do it.
Kill people?
I knew you'd activate the alarm.
I reduced the impact
charge in the device.
I tried to place it somewhere
there'd be minimal damage.
I had no choice.
They're trying to reprogram me.
I had to let them think
they'd succeeded.
When did it start?
The genefex mission.
You weren't at
the rendezvous point.
Birkoff sent me upstairs.
Madeline was waiting.
I was tranqued.
I don't know what they did,
but when I awoke
I knew they'd been
messing with my mind.
They tried to strip me
of my humanity.
No feelings.
No connection with anyone.
Why didn't you let me help you?
There was too much surveillance.
Believe me.
Believe me.
I have to go.
Tried to strip me
of my humanity.
No feelings.
No connection with anyone.
why didn't you let me
help you?
There was too much surveillance.
No feelings.
No connection with anyone.
We're running redundancies.
I gotta get back.
I want you to
run an eye analysis
for me, please.
That's a monolux disk.
I can't open it
without being detected.
Run it during
the redundancy check,
when the system segregates.
If it doesn't complete
by the time I'm done,
I get caught with my hand
in the cookie jar.
Isn't there some other way?
No. It's for nikita.
I'll see what I can do.
Quite frankly, it doesn't
make sense to me, George.
We got to kerensky
before there was exposure.
(Operations) Yes.
All right. Fine.
There's a problem?
He thinks the embassy
was being used.
That there was no alliance
with the target group.
Who cares?
The mission was successful.
He won't listen!
I could do so much more
if he were out of
the picture.
We tried.
For the time being,
we have to comply.
(Woman) nikita is waiting.
Send her in.
[Door opening]
[Door closing]
Yes, sir?
We were pleased
with your clarity
in yesterday's mission.
Thank you.
How does it feel
to be back in section?
I feel good.
And your interaction
with others?
They seem to expect
more than I care to give.
And what do you think
that might be?
The emotional component.
Like we talked about
with Michael.
It's unnecessary for us.
But they need it.
Well, I could smile more.
Begin with Walter.
[Metallic clinking]
Oh, jeez. You scared
the devil out of me.
I'm sorry, I just
came by to say hello.
You did?
Yeah, uh, i i wanted to
apologize for yesterday.
After the briefing,
I didn't have time to talk.
Yeah, what was all that about?
Well, you know,
I haven't been out
for a while,
and they're watching me
pretty closely. I
I don't want to mess up.
If you ask me,
you're going a little
too far out of your way
to please them.
What do you mean?
Yesterday you
You took out half an embassy.
I know.
It was horrible.
Ah, no. It was a tough call.
I know.
Hey, come here. Come here.
It's ok, sugar. It's ok.
Thanks, Walter.
Any time.
Everything ok with you?
I can't complain.
Building bombs.
Chasing girls. You know me.
Yeah, I know you.
Michael, you were right.
The irregularities
in nikita's eye movement
suggested neural engineering.
4 years ago,
operations approved
a research proposal
based on the work of
a neurobiologist
named Ross gelman.
I don't know
if gelman's methods
were used on nikita,
but if they were,
I'd look for someone
who has been close to her.
Not just in section,
but at home.
The process
requires maintenance.
[Tires screeching]
what a pleasant surprise.
Michael, lovely to see you.
Shall we go to
my place for a drink?
You know I've got
a problem with guns.
Do you mind?
What are you doing to nikita?
Me? To nikita?
Do you think
I've been rogering her?
Michael! Michael!
Absolutely not. No!
No, no, no.
You got it all wrong.
It's not that
I didn't try, of course.
Before I found out
about the two of you.
What are you doing here?
I'm watering her plants.
They do look a bit thirsty.
I Grant you,
maybe I was slacking off.
Bye, Mick. Wait!
I'll show you.
Very slowly.
Don't ask me what it is.
What do you do with it?
I just splash
a few drops on the floor.
Do you know
the old saw, Michael?
"You tell me, we'll both know."
Who at section
asked you to do this?
I haven't a clue.
It was done anonymously.
Look, mate, I like nikita.
This hasn't exactly been
my favorite detail.
She's changed. She has.
It's got something
to do with that.
But, you know,
I wasn't exactly
given a choice.
Michael, if you take that,
they will find out
and blame me.
It's possible.
[Door closing]
Did you find gelman?
He hasn't surfaced
since he went rogue.
4 missions have already
gone out for his retrieval.
All failed.
I think he took some
technology with him.
He's monitoring our channels.
That's how he sees us
coming every time.
What's our estimated return
on this mission?
Tomorrow at 3:00 pm.
Make it 6:00.
He owes me
for St. Petersburg.
I can find him.
What do what do I say?
I'll let you know on site.
Birkoff, I've been looking
all over for you.
You were supposed to be on 5.
I was, but I had to
come back here
to run a diagnostic.
Stockholm just
gave us a positive
on the group behind
the kerensky kidnapping.
We'll go tomorrow as planned.
Tell Michael to
assemble his team.
Yes, sir.
Multi-channel transmitter
with a confidential
broadcast band.
I didn't see that
in the profile.
It wasn't.
(Walter) Here you go.
Reach out and touch someone.
[Computer beeps]
Birkoff's working on a location.
We need to take care
of this soon.
Have you heard from George?
They're still
monitoring this one
closer than I'd like.
At least it keeps
his attention away
from other things.
I just saw nikita.
I have to say
she shows no sign of weakness.
Your methods
continue to amaze me.
I wish I were as optimistic.
What do you mean?
We had success with
our original subject,
but remember, that was
a controlled situation.
With someone on the outside,
there are variables
beyond our control.
That's true. But so far,
she seems to be behaving
exactly as planned.
Nikita is an excellent actor.
We can't forget that.
A few days ago,
I might have
shared your concern.
But now, I don't even think
Michael can touch her.
Hey, my sugar.
[Gun cocking]
One of these days,
I'm gonna figure out
how someone so sweet
can be so smart.
Don't kid yourself.
I'm not that sweet.
Seems fine. Same old nikita.
♪♪[Leave you far behind playing]
I wanna take you
on a roller coaster ♪
I wanna tell you
that I'm feeling closer ♪
I wanna push it
right over the line ♪
I wanna push it
right over the line ♪
the line that you draw
as you draw me near ♪
the line that you draw
as you draw me near ♪
I want ♪
I want to leave you
far behind ♪
I want ♪
I want to leave you
far behind ♪
I wanna take you
on a roller coaster ♪
I wanna tell you
that I'm feeling closer ♪
I wanna push it
right over the line ♪
I wanna push it
right over the line ♪
the line that you draw
as you draw me near ♪
I'll pursue. Nikita, hold.
I can get him. Hold.
Wait for instructions.
I want ♪
I want to leave you
far behind ♪
I want ♪
I want to leave you
far behind ♪
I want to leave you
far behind ♪
I want to leave you
far behind ♪
Birkoff, target escaped.
I'm pursuing.
Right. I'll monitor.
Michael, you have one hour
to get to gelman.
[People chattering]
Sorry I'm late.
I was just making sure
the perimeter is clean.
I told you I was coming alone.
And you're a man of your word.
It's just that
Well, I've been doing
this for quite a while.
It's become habit.
I wouldn't do this
for anyone else.
I owe you for St. Petersburg.
So, tell me. What's this about?
You did research
on mind control,
segregating certain
parts of the brain.
What about it?
Does it work?
I don't know.
They never tested it
outside the lab.
Yes, they did.
On who?
3 months ago,
they subjected
someone on my team.
Is it reversible?
Do you have the process?
Who does?
It's in section.
There's only one copy
of the program.
It's on the computer in the lab.
The original test subject.
Who was the original subject?
If I tell you that,
you're a dead man.
I want to know.
That's why you left.
Wouldn't you?
What was the problem?
No problem.
He ran away,
and I tracked him down.
He should have been contained
in the first place.
Michael's lying.
There was no escape.
He created a scenario
to give himself time.
(Madeline) Yes?
He's trying to find out
what's been done to me.
Is he making progress?
Yes, I think so.
Why do you think
he's doing this?
Because he loves me.
He does.
That'll be all, nikita.
With nikita's corroboration,
we can convince oversight
that Michael's gone too far.
Get me George.
Hey, Walter, what's going on?
I don't know.
But it looks bad, amigo.
They're going after Michael.
Sir, we're here.
Requesting final confirmation.
Kill him.
[Static crackling]
sir, we have a problem.
We'll have love aplenty ♪
we'll have joys outnumbered ♪
we'll share perfect moments ♪
you and me ♪
always and forever ♪
You will see ♪
always and forever ♪
just be with me ♪♪
[Woman speaking French]
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