La Femme Nikita (1997) s04e02 Episode Script

There Are No Missions

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how does it feel
to be back in section?
I feel good.
Michael means nothing to her.
She's a perfect robot.
I want you to run
an eye analysis
for me, please.
It's for nikita.
(Birkoff) 4 years ago,
operations approved
a research proposal
based on the work
of a neurobiologist
named Ross gelman.
they're trying
to reprogram me.
I had to let them think
they'd succeeded.
Michael, you have one hour
to get to gelman.
he's trying to find out
what's been done to me.
is he making progress?
Yes, I think so.
Who was the original subject?
If I tell you that,
you're a dead man.
Kill him.
sir, we have a problem.
[Computer beeping]
you think she's ready?
(Madeline) I do.
What's the status
on our retrieval teams?
Michael has covered
his tracks very well.
So far we haven't been able
to pick up anything.
I'm not surprised.
All right. Bring her in.
this procedure
is quite different
than anything you might
have experienced.
nikita, are you sure
you're all right?
Whenever your last meeting
with Michael was,
I hope you made
[echoing] The most of it.
I don't love you anymore.
[Echoing] Anymore.
[Intercom beeping]
(Madeline on intercom)
report to operations.
3 days ago Michael went rogue
when he learned
of our decision
to have him canceled.
Because of who he is,
it's not likely
we're going to be able
to find him anytime soon.
You think he'll contact me?
(Madeline) He will contact you.
Somewhere on the outside.
I'll report as soon as he does.
That won't be necessary.
We'd like you to handle
this matter personally.
You want me to kill Michael?
Is that a problem?
[Woman speaking French]
[People chattering]
Later, amigo.
Birkoff. This is dori.
Collateral from
the burn mission.
Her brother was the target.
Dori was exposed,
we had to bring her in.
She's been briefed on procedure.
What are her credentials?
She has
a formidable knowledge
of operating systems.
We thought you might
be able to use her.
Good luck.
Have a seat.
You the resident geek?
Why don't we see if you have
the skill set to do this job?
Why? I don't plan
to be here very long.
Madeline has talked to you?
You mean the "no escape" chat?
Was that supposed to scare me?
I think we should get started.
[Computer beeping]
♪♪[No difference playing]
You watch the phone ♪
like it was the t.V. ♪
If you're all alone ♪
well, whose fault
can that be? ♪
Your keys, your bag,
your car ♪
they're where
they always are ♪
And the light goes down ♪
and all the lights come on ♪
And they call to me ♪
oh, come on, come on ♪
How much do they know?
Not much.
But they're looking for you.
Is someone watching you?
But they knew
you'd make contact.
And when I did?
I'm supposed to ring in.
They want you dead.
I know.
With or without ♪
How does that size 6
look on you?
Much better. Thanks.
And we're where
we always are ♪
I've been worried about you.
Not now.
But the light goes down ♪
and all the lights come on ♪
Where are you hiding?
I'm moving around.
I need you to get
something for me.
Anything. What is it?
A formatted capture card.
Where do I bring it to you?
We can't meet again.
It's too risky.
Use the old data dump.
I have to go.
You don't make
no difference to me ♪
you don't make
no difference to me ♪
Wait. Is everything all right?
So you fix a drink ♪
'cause it's time to drown ♪
and the clock speeds up ♪♪
A capture card.
Are you certain
that's what he asked for?
That's interesting.
Interesting, why?
It's useless without
the additional hardware.
He's testing you, nikita.
What would you like me to do?
Give him what he wants.
Get a capture card from Walter.
Make sure he installs
thermal identification coding.
Rebuild his confidence in you.
Then complete
your cancellation orders.
Very well.
[Car horn honking]
Birkoff, mirror this with me.
(Birkoff) I got it.
You see anything unusual here?
someone's trying
to access this gelman file.
Are we conferenced
with somebody else?
Michael's on.
Do you want me to shut down?
(Madeline) can you trace it?
Actually, yes.
He's mobile. I have coordinates.
keep it open
as long as you can.
I want 6 teams out now.
Nikita on point.
Birkoff has location.
Put another 6 teams on standby
in case the perimeter widens.
He's in front of us.
Nikita has a thermal confirm.
Take him out.
(Operations) Take him out.
Nikita, it's a go.
All teams move in.
I'll handle the final assault.
[Tires screeching]
[Car horn blaring]
we've been made.
All teams, move in.
[Tires screeching]
[Glass shattering]
Target neutralized.
Thermal's still hot.
Nikita, Michael's alive.
Finish the job.
(Nikita) It's a ruse.
Vehicle's on remote.
Where the hell is he?
A 2nd vehicle, most likely.
Out of our
thermal satellite range.
Michael was distracting us
in order to get
to gelman's files.
Birkoff, bring up anything
on gelman.
Rake it backwards and forwards.
See if he got in.
What about the team?
Call them back. He's gone.
[Door squeaking]
[Metallic clanking]
You said Michael
was testing nikita.
You were wrong.
And now he has the advantage.
Even if he's tapped in,
I've made sure
gelman's program
can't be accessed.
Not from the outside.
We can take
all the precautions
in the world,
but this is Michael
we're dealing with.
Dori, I want you
to take a look
at what I'm doing here.
Not until I find out
what's on level 20.
You won't. It's clearance 1.
Only 2 people have access.
It's an exit
isn't it?
It doesn't matter.
Look, it has to be.
The building perimeter
ends here.
I found a way out, birkoff.
Even if you did,
the elevator is voice-activated.
You won't get anywhere.
Why, because you couldn't?
Most recruits give up
after their first talk
with Madeline.
But if you have any illusions
about getting out of here,
I'm gonna introduce you
to Walter.
Who's Walter?
He's a guy
who's going to issue you
a gun and a single bullet.
Because taking your own life
is the only way
you'll ever get out.
(Man on intercom)
Nikita, you're wanted
in tactical.
Nikita, you're wanted
in tactical now.
I'm on my way.
[Nikita exhaling]
You frightened me.
Were you wondering
why I disarmed you?
You're protecting me.
If you got caught,
I wouldn't be blamed.
Do you know who you are?
Do I know who I am? I'm me.
And I love you.
Do you?
Or do you want to kill me?
Why are you talking like this?
If I hand you this gun,
are you going to shoot me?
You won't have
any reason to hesitate.
The order has been given.
[Gun clicking]
You don't belong here
anymore, Michael.
Why do you say that?
Because you don't have
what it takes.
If you did, I'd be dead.
What are you doing?
Taking your access coder.
I can't let you do that.
(Computer voice)
minus 197 degrees celsius.
Glycerol levels, stable.
Cryostasis, normal.
Cellular activity is normal.
[Computer beeping]
Neural integrity remains stable.
(Nikita) who are you?
someone unlike anyone
you've ever met.
Adrian founded this place.
she's the mother
of section one.
Together, my dear,
you and I are going
to destroy section one.
Relax. I'm just filtering
the program you gave me.
Any bugs?
It's clean.
Don't be so paranoid, birkoff.
I got the message.
Birkoff, I want you
to recycle this communique.
What's the problem with it?
I'm picking up static.
I want you to look
for a 2nd channel.
I'll get on it right away.
[Computer beeping]
Hey, amigo, what's up?
I'm getting some
random signals again.
From where?
Bin backup.
Oh, you scared the hell
out of me, Michael.
What are you doing here?
Everyone's looking for you.
I need you to get control
of the grid on 17.
The lab? Yes.
I don't know what your plan is,
but you gotta get out of here.
How did you even get in?
Adrian is alive.
She's in the lab.
Does this have anything to do
with the information I gave you
on the gelman
mind control project?
She was the first subject.
The process was a failure,
they shut it down.
Adrian is alive.
I don't want to know this.
I gotta get back.
I'm not gonna report you,
but you're on your own.
If the process is successful,
they'll use it on all of us.
Nikita's just the beginning.
Everyone should have 'em
by this evening.
Run 'em on 2-inch,
we'll reconvene
before you leave.
[Pounding on door]
This is Davenport. Who's in 5a?
(Computer voice) 5a is clear.
Get a light unit up here, now.
Yes, sir.
[Door buzzing]
[Nikita moaning]
Call Madeline.
Michael's on the inside.
(Computer voice)
Subject neural activity, zero.
Cryostasis, normal.
[Machine beeping]
The perch.
Why don't you see what he wants?
Cellular activity is normal.
[Intercom beeping]
This is 17.
Why do you think he came back?
(Nikita) For me.
He thinks you brainwashed me.
That I have no free will.
How did you respond?
I told him he was wrong.
Was that the truth?
What do you mean?
Do you think
you've been brainwashed?
It doesn't really matter to me.
You should never let yourself
be taken by surprise.
But it's good
that you told us right away.
That will be all.
You need to be careful
with any criticism.
The program is based
on positive reinforcement.
Michael knows
nikita is no longer
of any use to him.
He's talked to gelman.
There's only one reason
he would risk coming back.
She's his trump card.
Michael knows
what would happen to us
if oversight were
to find out we had her.
Birkoff, check level 17 now.
Scanning level 17.
No hot spots.
All clear.
(Computer voice)
Gynomappic unit on standby.
Cellular activity is normal.
Glycerol levels, stable.
Everything ok?
Increase her saline.
Blood count's reading a bit low.
[Alarm blaring]
Hey! What are you doing?
She-she's gonna wake up!
I'm running out of time.
(Michael) I need 2 minutes.
What's taking so long?
This shouldn't be that hard.
Michael knows section
as well as we do.
Use it against him.
Change parameters.
Yes, sir.
[Alarm continues blaring]
(Computer voice)
Cryostasis breached.
Liquid nitrogen levels,
[All yelling]
Hazard warning: Exposure
to cryotemperature is unsafe.
[Machine beeping]
What is that?
The membrane's been breached.
Someone's got out?
All retained teams,
go to the north portal.
Get me the lab on 17.
[Intercom beeping]
17 is not responding.
Has there been
any unauthorized entry?
And the subject?
Gone, sir.
Repeat that.
The subject is gone, sir.
As far as I'm concerned,
you all have failed.
You have let down the section,
you have let me down,
One man, one operative.
You've got the best technology
and reasoning at your disposal
and still you can't perform.
You're all a disgrace.
Advantage hasn't changed.
Adrian is still comatose
and Michael will eventually
contact nikita.
That's what
all of this is about.
The only advantage I care about
is having Michael and Adrian
contained or dead.
Keeping her alive
was a big mistake.
Finally. I thought
you'd never show up.
I can understand
your need for discretion,
Michael, but this!
Come on.
No cable, no central air,
no room service.
There's no room service,
Fairly downscale clientele.
Bridge and tunnel crowd,
I think.
Did you bring what I asked for?
Oh, yes. And then some.
The weapons you requested.
Very exotic.
A little harder to find
than I first suspected.
I did have to go out of pocket.
But no matter.
Anything for a friend. Anything.
Who's the bird?
What's the bandpass
on these optics?
150 to 170.
You said you might
be workin' at night,
boom, I spared no expense.
All right, you're busy.
I'll just let you do
what you're doin'.
Mum's the word, needless to say.
one more thing.
Michael, there are limits.
Go to nikita's apartment.
She has a tracking module,
should be in her bathroom.
All right, fine. Fine.
But I'd like to know
what's goin' on.
This is Adrian.
Adrian? You mean, the woman
who started section?
The mother hen, so to speak?
I need the tracking module
by tonight.
Adrian, can you hear me?
♪♪[Music playing on stereo]
[Knocking on door]
[Knocking continues]
(Mick on intercom)
Are you in there,
little lovely?
Come on, open the door.
I know you're in there.
Open up, darlin'.
Did you hear me knockin'?
Go away.
You look lovely.
As always.
What do you want, Mick?
Oh, so now I need a reason
to be sociable?
Can't we just chill?
Over some chilled
chianti perhaps?
I'm not interested.
I've noticed that
about you lately.
You don't seem to be
interested in much.
See, at that time of the month,
they've got these
marvelous blue pills.
You take 'em, fabulous.
What is it you need, Mick?
I just want to have a chat.
I've had a bit of a rough week.
I'm not interested
in your rough week.
Now, that's interesting.
Do you understand all that?
All right.
Oh, stupid, look at me!
My crotch is soaked!
I'm just goin' to
Where are you going?
I'm just goin'
to wash this off.
I'll be right back.
I've heard you have
to act very rapidly
with these miscues.
Uh, very embarrassing, this.
Uh, but as you know,
even a light red wine
will produce a serious stain
if you don't soak it.
What are you doing?
I lost a contact lens
and it's very hard to find
with all this rigmarole.
You're working with Michael.
What could have put that
into your head?
[Gun cocking]
Take me to him.
I'm picking up static.
[Operation's voice]
I want you to look
for a 2nd channel.
Level 20.
(Computer voice)
Voice print recognized.
I know where these teams are.
I want them recalled.
Until this matter is resolved,
there are no missions.
(Man on intercom) Yes, sir.
What have you got?
Michael acted alone.
Adrian was his target all along.
Everything else was a feint.
This is inconceivable.
If oversight gets a whiff
of any of this,
if Michael were
to go to George
He can't.
How can you be sure?
Adrian is a vegetable.
She can't corroborate anything.
Won't matter.
George will know we've had her.
Michael's word?
How would George know
that Michael didn't
have Adrian all along?
I've already begun
to back-fill the files
to accommodate the scenario.
[Intercom beeping]
(Man on intercom)
Sir, oversight for you.
Thank you.
Yes, George?
No. It was intentional.
I downgraded tangier.
New intel suggested
a different location.
I know,
it's important to all of us.
No, nothing's wrong.
Just a bit busy.
Mmm-hmm. Of course.
Are we certain
Michael didn't take
anything else?
Birkoff is checking now.
[Birds chirping]
(Dori) I knew it.
It's me, old man.
Hello, nikita.
He won't kill me.
He might not
but I will.
The whole thing,
absolutely unnecessary.
There never was
a tracking module,
was there, Michael?
(Mick) Very clever.
I would have preferred
you used a different bait.
But very clever, nevertheless.
Go back to Madeline
and operations.
Tell them what you've seen.
Adrian is alive and aware.
Take this to them.
It's over, nikita.
Yes, it is.
It's over for the two of you.
What do you need me to do?
Run a defrag.
Right away.
Hello, Madeline.
I'm sorry
things didn't turn out
the way you planned.
I'm sure operations must regret
the decision to keep me alive.
I imagine the next few days
will be trying for you both
as you try to anticipate
our next move.
What is our next move?
By now they've seen you.
We have to find someplace safe.
Can you tell me now
who these people are?
Who is operations and Madeline?
And nikita?
[Woman speaking French]
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