La Femme Nikita (1997) s04e03 Episode Script

View of the Garden

(Male narrator)
Previously on la femme nikita.
Michael went rogue
when he learned
of our decision
to have him canceled.
Thank you
You want me to kill Michael?
Is that a problem?
[Gun firing]
Vehicle's on remote.
Where the hell is he?
Call Madeline.
Michael's on the inside.
there's only one reason
he would risk coming back.
She's his trump card.
One man, one operative.
You've got the best technology
and reasoning at your disposal
and still you can't perform.
Hello, nikita.
[Gun clicking]
It's over, nikita.
Hello, Madeline.
I'm sorry
things didn't turn out
the way you planned.
I'm sure operations must regret
the decision to keep me alive.
Her beta levels
are practically non-existent.
She was always calm in a crisis.
This isn't calmness.
It's oblivion.
She's conscious,
but her mind's blank?
And the transmission
is a bluff staged by Michael.
My name is Adrian.
Your name is Michael.
You've told me that,
but who are we?
What are we?
Some kind of spies?
In a way.
And the people
we sent the message to,
operations and
Operations and Madeline,
they're the enemy?
They captured you some time ago.
They made you the subject
of an experiment
involving mind control.
Which destroyed my memory.
There's a powerful man
who thinks you're dead.
If he knows you're alive,
he'll help us.
Then let's tell him.
I've been trying.
He's tightly covered.
So it's hopeless.
I have an idea that might work.
This powerful man,
is his name George?
[Woman speaking French]
Maybe it's just that
last cup of coffee.
Well, I've come here
to ease your mind.
That'll be a first.
You're aware that Michael
has effectively
declared war on section?
I'm aware there's a war
but I'm not sure
who declared it.
The point is, in the past
you've assisted him on occasion
even when he was off profile
and still managed to survive.
This time it will be different.
How so?
His situation is hopeless.
He's alone and up against
the entire resource base
of section one.
He will be crushed
and so will anyone
who attempts to help him.
There will be no exceptions.
And that puts
my mind at ease, how?
It eliminates choice.
Do nothing to help Michael
if you want to go on living.
The gelman process is holding.
How do you know?
She hasn't tried
to contact Michael.
(Madeline) in the past,
this would have been
her first priority.
are you continuing
with the maintenance?
Yes. As a matter of fact
she's there right now.
[Electronic beeping]
Is this channel secure?
For 15 seconds but
Have birkoff
issue a y-directive
at 8:00 tonight.
A y-directive?
Then 2 hours later,
split sub-channel 8
and open the tunnel.
But that's
Don't disappoint me.
(Adrian) why are you helping me?
Because someone else has been
subjected to the same process
though more advanced.
Her name is nikita.
You knew her once.
And do you think I can help her?
You can see
I can't even help myself.
The slightest memory
might lead to others.
[Birds chirping]
I seem
to remember sleeping.
Did you dream?
No, I'm really sorry.
I actually can't
remember anything.
[Footsteps approaching]
What's this all about?
I got a lot of work to do.
Who would you
rather be killed by,
operations or Michael?
I don't have time for games.
It's no game.
Michael's been in touch?
Yeah. Oh, god.
He needs us.
Answer the question.
What does it matter
who kills you?
If it's the only choice
you have left, it matters.
Section has all the cards.
Whatever Michael's up to,
he's trying to help nikita.
You've seen her lately?
the nikita we know
is long gone.
(Walter) that's his point.
Maybe we can help get her back.
What does he want?
[Phone ringing]
He's here? Now?
Are you certain?
Take him to committee.
I'll be right there.
George is in section.
Apparently the y-directive
came from inside section.
Michael. It has to be.
Why would he want
George in section?
Could Michael be inside again?
Security's too tight now,
even for him.
What's he up to?
[Computer beeping]
He's in section.
The tunnel will open
in 60 seconds.
Are you ready?
Hello, George.
Paul. Madeline.
Well, I assume
there was a reason
for the y-directive.
There was a crisis.
However, it's been resolved.
Resolved? Just like that?
Do you have any idea
what I went through
to get here?
Not to mention mobilizing
3 auxiliary sections?
You have my
most sincere apology.
Tangier mission
threatened to go critical
to the detriment
of 3 other missions
so I decided to play it safe.
Once a y-directive issues,
there's no way to recall it.
I know the protocol.
I designed it.
It does assume
a certain minimal level
of competence.
I take full responsibility.
It won't happen again.
It better not.
I'll walk you out.
[Computer beeping]
(Walter) Birkoff.
The signal's coming in.
It's Adrian.
A live feed.
Michael wants George
to see Adrian.
Make it happen now.
By the way, did you
have a chance to review
the center's latest
resource proposal?
No, not really.
I know you're tired of
section heads crying poor
but I think I have a good case.
George, it's me, Adrian.
I'm still alive.
I'll send a report
over to you on Friday.
I think you'll
find it sufficient.
Be quiet.
Why? What's wrong?
Sir, I'm
[gun fires]
I've told you
never to open 2 channels
on a single read.
We could've been penetrated.
You see what I mean?
Some of these people
are simply under qualified.
I have
a proposed training budget
in my office.
I've wasted enough time already.
Section one is making
too many mistakes.
I couldn't agree more.
We didn't reach him, did we?
He would've
opened a link by now.
Well, I hope I didn't
do anything wrong
[Adrian groans]
Are you all right?
[Breathing heavily]
Yes. Yes, I think so.
Oh, what was I saying?
[Computer beeping]
[Guns firing]
[Gun fires]
We're clear.
How did they find us?
I took precautions
but they must have
traced the signal.
[Gun clicks]
You're lying.
You remember everything.
What are you talking about?
You have 3 seconds to confirm.
My name is Adrian.
I founded section one.
I was George's lover,
and before that his superior,
before I retired.
And these dead men
are not section's operatives,
they're mine.
How did you know?
The p-6s.
Section stopped
using them a year ago.
That was a stupid mistake.
But then,
my organization's fallen
on hard times.
What's left of it, that is.
Why the deception?
Freedom. Nothing personal.
Just don't like partners.
Well, you have one.
What makes you think
I can help nikita?
You recovered.
You can help her recover.
Oh, I don't know that
complete recovery is possible.
The secret is resistance.
It's a question of will.
They tried to control my mind
and I resisted them.
I was able to
leave whenever I needed to.
When I was a child
my father had
a beautiful garden.
I loved playing in it.
In section, when I felt
the darkness closing in
I sent my mind into the garden
where nothing could touch it.
That's how you survived?
that's another matter.
Can you teach nikita
to do the same thing?
If we can localize
a similar emotion.
Something she cares
deeply about.
If I do this,
you'll find a way
to take me to George?
Then the sooner we
Oh, god.
As you can see,
resistance has its price.
What was I saying?
The sooner we start, the better.
We'll need some way
to attract their attention.
We just received a report that
the chem-plant in saratov
is under dark surveillance.
That plant produces
Just what Michael and Adrian
might be looking for.
Which of course,
they know we know.
You think it's a trap?
Most certainly.
So we ignore it?
No. I suggest we send a team.
Set a trap of our own.
[Phone ringing]
(Woman) Josephine.
[Gun firing]
There's more than one nikita.
I can't tell which is real.
Kill them all.
All but one.
Only the real nikita
is good enough to survive.
[Gun clicking]
[Gun fires]
[Gun firing]
[Both grunting]
They changed you.
Something better.
You only think that
because you can't remember
what you were.
I remember.
I prefer this.
No needs. No fears.
No desires.
I used to think
you were like that.
But you're not, are you?
You're weak.
You should let them
make you feel stronger.
There was a time
when we used to
care for each other.
Well, that time is gone.
Nothing you can do
to change that.
If you think otherwise,
then you're the one
that needs help.
[Birds chirping]
Tell me more about
the gelman process.
It requires maintenance,
drugs, ocular therapy.
[Exhales deeply]
Both, sometimes.
When maintenance stops
there may be
temporary recovery,
but this is
followed by a relapse and
And the end result is
living death.
She'll be feeling
the first symptoms shortly:
Aphasia, headaches,
then a rapid decline.
We have to move quickly
while I'm still
able to help her.
He took a calculated risk.
He succeeded.
Then it was a mistake
to send nikita.
She was the only one
with a realistic chance
to take him.
We did everything right,
yet we lost.
So it seems.
It won't take long
before Michael finds a way
to get through to George.
We have to find him
before he does.
We're using every
available resource.
Give it 12 hours.
And then?
You know as well as I do.
That's an option
I'm not completely
comfortable with.
12 hours.
Then we push the button.
Hello, nikita.
Tell me what you want.
Nothing from you.
Everyone wants something.
Tell me what you want.
I want to go back to section.
'Cause it's where I belong.
No one belongs in section.
[Footsteps approaching]
They've taken her to places
they never took me.
Maybe to places
they've never taken anyone.
Can she be brought back?
I don't know. It's hard to say.
I've only just begun.
We've driven operations
into a corner.
He has only one move left.
To assassinate George.
Yes. And he'll move quickly.
We have to locate George now.
I'll need to
reconfigure the laptop.
I want the hookup now.
Tell frazee it's
a matter of life or death.
I take it we're not
making much progress.
I located some agency uplinks
we haven't been plugged into.
It's being remedied now.
We're not going
to find Michael
with agency uplinks.
No, but used in tandem
with our own intel,
there's a reasonable
Madeline, we're out of time.
8 more hours.
I'm sorry. No.
Of all the people
on the planet
to target for assassination,
George is by far
the most dangerous.
Then we'll have to go about it
very carefully, won't we?
They'll target
his travel schedule.
Transit security is
always more vulnerable
than fixed point.
When it's over,
I'll bring him back here.
I don't want him
to see me like this.
my memory is failing already.
It's really difficult
to find the words.
If I'm unable
to tell him the truth,
You'll have no witness.
I'll handle it.
Can you track his itinerary?
Not directly.
But there are signs, in more
George is in danger.
We have to help him.
His itinerary.
He'll be in kurijca at 7:00.
How do you know?
The situation in the Balkans.
Oversight never secures
the admin sector
as tightly as it should.
You used filters?
A z-screen.
Any back trace
will point at section 3.
Who will execute?
An independent
called the asni group.
I assume they have no idea
we're behind the request.
Of course not.
Still, it might be prudent
to see that this
asni group be destroyed
once the mission
is carried out.
It's already been arranged.
There's nothing more
for us to do but wait.
[Birds cawing]
[Helicopter approaching]
Sir, your transport has arrived.
The scheduled layover
is an hour.
I want that cut in half.
The center wants
a progress report by Friday.
Then piggyback it on
a level-h sub-channel,
all right?
[Helicopter whirring]
[Gun fires]
Who are you?
If you wanted me dead,
I'd be dead.
So what do you want?
You saved my life
but you won't
tell me who you are.
You don't want me
to recognize your voice.
[Footsteps approaching]
Join me.
What's wrong?
The initial report was mistaken.
We had satellite confirmation.
The helicopter exploded,
but George managed to survive.
He's in Vienna now,
on his way back.
He'll triple security.
We'll never get to him now.
Not before Michael does, anyway.
I'm sorry.
Not at all.
You were right.
It was our only move.
It just didn't work.
No point letting this
go to waste.
George is well.
Who's George?
[Birds chirping]
(Adrian) A garden. How lovely.
May I look at the flowers?
(Man) Whenever you like.
She's to receive
the best of everything.
I've taken great pains
to insure that
no one knows she's here.
I expect you to do the same.
This will be your monthly fee.
Yes, monsieur.
If there's any trouble,
leave a message
at the number inside.
I understand.
If you fail,
I'll kill you.
I'm back.
I want nikita put back
on maintenance immediately.
George will be
put in touch with Adrian.
Without the drugs,
Adrian will die.
Perhaps you underestimate
her will to survive.
Are you willing
to take that risk?
You tried to
inform George before
and failed.
I've had more time to prepare.
This time,
the message will get through.
We keep nikita alive,
you keep Adrian
away from George.
Plus, I return
to my former status.
Do we have an agreement?
Yes, I suppose we do.
There's been
increased red cell activity
in Ukraine
during the past month.
Profile will be on your panel
within the hour.
Prepare for a briefing at 7:00.
Of course.
Welcome back to section.
Thank you.
[People chattering]
[Woman speaking French]
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