La Femme Nikita (1997) s04e04 Episode Script

Into the Looking Glass

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la femme nikita:
(Michael) they changed you.
(Nikita) something better.
No needs.
No fears.
No desires.
You remember everything.
You have 3 seconds to confirm.
She's conscious,
but her mind's blank?
And the transmission
is a bluff, staged by Michael.
the situation is hopeless.
He will be crushed.
And so will anyone
who attempts to help him.
we need to meet face to face.
whatever Michael's up to,
he's trying to help nikita.
You seen her lately?
the nikita we know
is long gone.
maybe we can
help get her back.
Adrian, George is in danger.
We have to help him.
12 hours.
Then we push the button.
We keep nikita alive,
you keep Adrian
away from George.
There was a time
when we used to care
for each other.
Well, that time is gone.
What happened to the others?
Nikita killed them.
All we need is one
to break the code.
He seems to be
accepting her situation.
(Madeline) He has no choice.
Without gelman's process,
nikita must remain
on the maintenance drugs,
or she dies.
Where are we with that therapy?
On schedule.
In 7 days, the conversion
will be irreversible.
I got a message for you.
Who sent it?
Impossible to tell.
Back trace would only go so far.
All I know is
it was sent last week
on a delay. It showed up now.
Did you read it?
No. It's gene-coded.
To tell you the truth,
anything that shows up this way,
is something I'd rather not see.
Can I go now?
Michael, I've made this tape
in case you're unsuccessful
in getting the parameters
of gelman's
mind-control process.
What you need to know is this:
Nikita can be saved.
You can go, nikita.
I'd like to stay.
[Prisoner groaning]
your primary focus will be
stimulating obstructed emotions:
Sympathy, fear, and love.
[Prisoner grunting]
It may be too late for me,
but you might be able
to return nikita
to the way she was.
[Prisoner continues groaning]
[Woman speaking French]
I hear Algiers went well.
Like clockwork.
You don't prep again for 24.
Any plans?
Liberia sim will keep me busy.
When do you sleep?
What are we gonna do with her?
I need everything on here.
I already have the hardware
for nitgan.
This isn't profile.
Quarantine nexus chamber.
Cerebrum inhibitors?
An ultrasonance unit
with a sensory
deprivation channel.
Our girl's not gonna go quietly.
You're gonna need restraints.
It's been taken care of.
You thought of everything.
But it's gonna take time.
We don't have time.
Thank you for coming, Michael.
How's Adrian?
Is there anything we can do
to make her stay
more comfortable?
Gelman's process
no longer exists.
I know.
Then what are your plans?
Regarding nikita.
As long as she
receives the maintenance,
you have no reason
to be concerned.
That's what I told operations.
He's not convinced.
Regardless of Adrian,
he's thinking
about reinstating
your cancellation orders.
I understand.
You're not afraid to die,
are you, Michael?
You've seen to that.
Where are we
with locating Adrian?
Michael's done a good job
of making her disappear.
Then increase the manpower.
I already have 3 teams
in the field.
Any more exposure
would alert George.
What about Michael?
Does he have a next move?
I don't know.
You saw the length
he went to with Adrian.
I don't think he's finished.
Not by a long shot.
Then manipulate his time
until we're done with nikita.
How much more time do you need?
5 days.
Keeping Michael in play
will prevent him
from interfering.
What do we have that requires
an undercover position?
The terragamo mission.
That should suffice.
The man you see here is
Alessandro terragamo.
Until recently,
he's been the middleman
for a number of fringe factions.
Terragamo recently moved up
trafficking in
nuclear hardware, software,
and, we've just discovered,
His next transaction
takes place in 72 hours.
His contact is a courier
who works for Horst Dante,
a high-profile supplier.
Dante is the key
to taking terragamo down.
How do you plan
to infiltrate the meet?
We're going to intercept
the hard product,
establish a cover profile
with the courier,
and take terragamo out.
your team leaves in one hour.
That's all.
Where's nikita?
Liberia. Faso mission.
She's gonna
need some downtime
when she returns.
She's already put in
her request to join
the merigo mission.
Has a team
already been assigned?
Yes. She's leading it.
There's no way
to take her off point.
There's a way.
You don't have to tell me.
All I need is
the Liberia profile.
It'll be on your panel.
[Gun clicking]
(Woman) Horst, wake up.
Wake up. Wake up.
(Horst) What is going on?
[Breathing heavily]
Easy. Easy!
Your bodyguards are dead.
What do you want?
Bio ware you plan
on selling terragamo.
It is, uh, in the safe.
Take him in.
Team one has possession.
Target is en route.
It's done.
But you better move quick.
Liberia went bad.
Nikita was ID'd,
and faso has
a hit squad after her.
I know.
You know?
Michael, that's impossible.
It happened
when you were out in the
Don't worry.
You're not involved.
That's not
what I'm worried about.
[Door opening]
[Door closing]
[Nikita grunts]
Who sent you? Faso?
(Nikita) Michael?
How'd mitian go?
We got what we needed.
Liberia was
the complete opposite.
Faso wants my head on a platter.
One of his men
already paid me a visit.
I heard.
You'll watch my back
won't you?
We have to protect each other.
Like always.
It wasn't Michael last night.
I'm certain.
She's right.
Michael would never have failed.
(Operations) Then who was it?
Must have been
one of faso's men.
I want you to move
to secondary quarters
until this is cleared up.
[Knocking on door]
Congratulations, Michael.
I don't know what you did,
but it worked.
Nikita's on
permanent downtime,
until further notice.
Where do they have her?
That's a birkoff question.
Find out.
Please, Horst,
give them what they want.
Please, Horst,
give them what they want.
Please, Horst,
give them what they want.
Please, Horst,
give them what they want.
Please, Horst,
give them what they want.
Are you ready to talk?
Please, Horst,
give them what they want.
She doesn't mean anything to me.
She's pregnant.
Please, Horst,
give them what they want.
Please, Horst
You are lying.
Please, Horst,
give them what they want.
Please, Horst,
give them what they want.
Your girlfriend is the one
that sounds stressed.
The other is your unborn son.
Please, Horst,
give them what they want.
Please, Horst,
give them what they want.
Please, Horst,
give them what they want.
Dante broke.
Where is this
courier meeting terragamo?
I'll handle it.
Birkoff will take tactical.
I'll have him
download the details
to your panel.
What's going on?
You're supposed to be meeting
with terragamo.
You take care of it.
I'm not a field op.
I need a window.
There's not many people
I can trust.
No. It'll never work.
Terragamo's expecting
a courier he's never met.
It'll work.
I'll tell Walter
to get you set up.
I'll be back
in a couple of hours.
Don't look back.
(Agent) Shadow team, I'm on her.
[Birds chirping]
Why am I here?
I want you to come back
to your senses.
I don't care about you.
[Chains rattling]
Yes, you do.
You just need time to remember.
You're going through withdrawal.
From what?
Gelman's maintenance drug.
(Nikita) Why do you care?
Drink this.
Don't come near me.
You had me emotionally,
Michael. You blew it.
Does it hurt to be
on the other side?
Are you in pain?
You have to drink this.
You're dead, Michael.
When they find out
you're off profile,
you're dead!
Yeah, you need something?
A Clark .17 with
a stealth holster,
2 extra clips, a field locator.
You're actually
gonna cover for Michael?
I can do it.
End up in an early grave.
Thank you for
the vote of confidence.
Hey, now, come on.
Actually, I'm proud of you.
I'll get you your goodies.
When do you go?
Operations has a meeting
tomorrow at center.
That will give me 22 hours
to locate terragamo.
You scared?
You can't imagine.
[Gun clicking]
It was you the other night?
Why are you doing this?
I tried to kill you.
I want to go back.
Not yet.
How long are you
gonna keep me here?
Can't I go back
on the maintenance?
Please, Michael?
I'm scared.
I'm scared.
It'll be over soon.
Have you heard from Michael?
He checked in about an hour ago.
Everything's going
according to profile.
Keep me posted.
Yes, sir.
once her system is cleansed,
you'll proceed with
sensory deprivation
and emotional building blocks.
Your primary focus will be
stimulating obstructed emotions:
Sympathy, fear, and love.
Nikita, listen to me.
Shut up!
Tie yourself up.
Tie yourself up.
Tie yourself up.
You're through
the worst of it, nikita.
Shut up!
I'm sorry.
[Horn blaring]
[Speaking German]
[Speaking German]
(Man) identify.
Nikita, 31-j7.
Go ahead.
Requesting permission
for a secured line.
Hang up, nikita.
Michael, I need the drugs.
In one more day,
you won't need them.
(Man) nikita for you, sir.
Go ahead, nikita.
You have to decide for yourself.
nikita, what is your location?
What happened?
We lost contact.
Trace the call.
What have they done to me?
It hurts.
Is something wrong?
Nikita just called
on an outside line.
That's odd.
What did she say?
The call was disconnected.
I'll check with her shadow team
see if it had anything to do
with faso's men.
Has Michael checked in?
Birkoff said he reported
about an hour ago.
Do you think they're together?
I slept.
Yes, a little.
There's still pain.
It'll go away.
When you let it go, nikita.
Michael, I love you.
The trace came back.
I have a team in motion.
I'll call you at the center
the moment she's found.
[Door closing]
Mind if I tag along?
You sure about this?
Makes about as much sense
as anything else
does around here.
Gotta search you.
Don't even think about it.
We're here to see terragamo.
You have 5 seconds
to inform him,
or we leave.
I think I'm gonna throw up.
Do it after the meet.
sorry to keep you waiting.
Just don't let it happen again.
Dante never mentioned
a 2nd courier.
Who are you?
Are we here to do business
or what?
of course.
Euros, just like you requested.
Do you mind?
Make me smile.
(Birkoff) It's called cr-14.
If even a small drop enters
through a pore in the skin,
death is almost instantaneous.
I may have spilled some
while I was pouring it
into the vial.
Kill them!
That wasn't so bad, was it?
[Dog barking]
We can't stay here.
I know.
We have to be
stronger than them.
I'd rather die than go back now.
Don't say that.
Because I can't
live without you.
Well done.
I was at center.
I heard the terragamo mission
was a success.
Thank you.
I look forward
to reading the debrief.
I'll have it on your desk
this afternoon.
[Door opening]
Nikita, you were to remain
at secondary quarters
until further notice.
Or until faso's hit squad
was caught.
Good work.
Take them to containment.
There's a briefing in an hour.
Both of you are in play.
Come in, nikita. Sit down.
We know you were with Michael.
Tell me what happened.
He kidnapped me.
Tried to turn me.
It didn't work.
You have no feelings for him.
He thinks I do.
You lied.
Lying about my emotions
was the only way
I could convince Michael
to return to section.
Thank you, nikita.
I did this for section.
Not for you.
She said now that
Michael's pet project
is complete,
he can concentrate on his job.
Nikita, a team player.
Never thought I'd see the day.
Did you read the sim?
We leave in an hour.
[Woman speaking French]
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