La Femme Nikita (1997) s04e05 Episode Script

Man in the Middle

I see no indication
of the gelman response.
Nikita's irises and pupils
are completely normal.
Then we've lost control
over her.
With Adrian's help,
it seems that
Michael's been able to reverse
what we've done.
Do you intend
to reinstate the orders
for his cancellation?
No. Not now.
Not as long as he has Adrian.
Well, as long as he has Adrian,
he'll have nikita.
I'm aware of that.
When the time is right,
we'll deal appropriately
with all 3 of them.
There may already be a way
to deal with Michael
and nikita.
[Woman speaking French]
(Operations) Wolfgang volker
is the founder
and chief operating officer
of volkwerks industries.
The 2nd largest small arms
manufacturer on the continent.
We've been monitoring
his operation
since they've expanded
to their new facility
in heilbronn.
Birkoff has a direct line
into their inventory control.
From what I can tell,
it appears to be
a legitimate organization.
No unaccounted shortages.
No burglaries.
The security system's
This is his son,
Helmut volker.
In the last month
his activities mainly consisted
of living off
his father's fortune
and the high life
and fast track.
In the process, he's acquired
some very interesting friends.
All with known ties to red cell.
What happened last month?
Helmut went to work
for his father.
Given his associations,
and now his access
to his father's inventory,
we predict
a better-than-90% probability
that a move will be made
by red cell to acquire
some extremely
sophisticated weaponry.
We have operatives in place.
At volkwerks, yes.
But not in Helmut's
party circle.
Anna goerner, Frederick kraus.
Heroin dealers. Lovers.
That will be our point of entry.
[Cars honking]
[People chattering]
You always take me
to such nice places, Michael.
They should be out
in a few minutes.
Where you staying tonight?
They've assigned me
to temporary quarters
while they scrub all traces
of the gelman process
from my little apartment.
I got to say,
my new pad's almost
as nice as this. Almost.
For how long?
2 weeks.
You could stay with me.
You asking me
to move in with you?
Well, you'd be more comfortable.
Well, is this for 2 weeks,
or were you thinking
of something
a little more permanent?
We'd have more privacy.
And how is it that you think
we're gonna get away with that?
I'll think about it.
team 2, stand by.
Target in sight.
[People chattering]
[Car lock beeping]
[Guns cocking]
Get in the car.
(Nikita) Give us the heroin.
She only asks once.
Take them in.
[Tires screeching]
Shall we?
[Truck engine revving]
[People laughing]
♪♪[Music playing]
[People chattering]
Follow me.
Another nice place.
Anna goerner
and Frederick kraus.
We've been waiting for you two.
That's enough for tonight.
We'll finish this tomorrow.
Anna goerner
and Frederick kraus.
I must say,
I find it hard to believe
you are who you say you are.
And why is that?
Well, it's much too old for you.
Much too
and all that.
So, you're not
disappointed then.
Only in my failure to make
a more appropriate prediction.
You're both
much too gorgeous for words.
I should have been
born with his face.
2 kilos. Turkish. Uncut.
Freddie, please.
Humor me and act as if
we're the best of friends. Sit.
I've been doing business all day
and I'm feeling
completely bereft
of insignificant small talk.
I like your tie.
So why don't you two tell me
when you knew
that you were meant
for each other and absolutely
no one else would do?
I'd say
we're still working on that.
You're interested
in making a purchase?
Of course I'm interested,
What, do you think
all those people
out there love me for who I am?
And why the rush?
You're my friends now.
Stay. And party, huh?
And we'll do this business
You know, I have a feeling
there's a bit more
of that iron stake
stuck up there than we thought.
But we'll have a good yank at it
before we let you out
in the real world, hey?
Alex will make you
feel comfortable.
And if you insist
on being alone,
I might have to suggest
you lock your door.
By now, they should have
volker's attention.
Now it's just a question of
how far he's willing to go.
We knew
the probabilities going in.
Just under 60%.
But if volker is drawn
to nikita, as I suspect he is,
then I believe we can be
confident in the outcome.
[People chattering]
You notice who was in the room
with volker when we came in?
Yes. We'll need to get
into his safe.
Might be easier said than done.
I'm not so sure he's the fool
he makes out to be.
You think there's more?
Well, you'd think
there'd have to be.
Hushed words
in my humble hallway?
No. We were just discussing
what good taste
you have in champagne.
Yes. I regret I'm cursed
with my good taste.
It's murder on the bank account,
but does wonders for the soul.
Nice on the tongue, too.
So you two are all set, then?
Hmm? Hey,
what say you join me
on the shooting range
tomorrow morning?
You do shoot, Freddie?
I'm a little out of practice.
It's getting late.
Come on, darling.
(Nikita) See you in the morning.
Good night.
My teenage sensation ♪
Ah, it's just become that.
My teenage sensation ♪♪
I always feel that we miss
some of life's
more exciting moments
when we sleep.
Well, I'll be sure
to keep my eyes open.
And I'll try and make it
worth the effort.
In fact,
why don't I do it right now?
It's from Mexico.
Not quite Turkish,
but almost as good.
It's late.
The best time for dreams.
Dreams we can dream together.
[Nikita chuckles]
Come on.
Come on.
Drugs are the only thing I sell.
Somehow I've created
the wrong impression here.
If I made you think
that I thought
that I could purchase
this gorgeous creature,
then I'm profusely sorry.
I mean, you, more than anyone,
should know. One look at her,
she's priceless.
Then consider the cost
in the event
that you were
to break something.
Are you threatening me? Hmm?
I think I'm beginning
to like you.
We can conduct our business
in the morning.
8:00 at the shooting range.
It'll be fun.
[Gun fires]
Ahh. A bit to the right.
This baby packs some kick.
Very serious. Impressive.
My youth was a tortured one,
My father kept
all the best toys for himself.
It's a little bit over my head,
but with a slight adjustment,
I should be able to zero in
on the right target.
Sort of a smart rocket.
Something not required
of the shooter.
All right, Freddie.
Since it appears to come down
to whose is bigger,
[Birds chirping]
It is heavy.
So I just push
Beginner's luck.
I should say.
[Nikita chuckles]
It's a lot of money, Freddie.
It's a lot of heroin, Helmut.
It's because I like you
that I'm taking your word
it is as good as you say it is.
You're welcome to test it.
Well, as I say, I like you.
And that means, I trust you.
You know, if you'd give me
half a chance,
I think you could end up
liking me, too.
We don't seem to enjoy
the same games.
But how do you know
if you've never played?
Our business is concluded.
Uh, p-please.
I know we haven't
exactly hit it off,
but don't leave angry.
I fail so miserably
at most things,
but I consider being
a charming host my one asset.
Please, stay for my brunch.
we have a window.
Michael will distract Helmut.
I'm proceeding
to primary objective.
Well, I give up.
No doubt, you've murdered
the lovely Anna
in a jealous rage
and buried the body
on the grounds, hmm?
Thus framing the ardent rival?
She's changing.
My god, I hope not.
Hey, have you tried
the little sausage quiche?
Can we talk for a moment?
Hmm, tell you what,
I'll keep my mouth busy,
and you talk.
It's about Anna.
Hmm, I can imagine.
Almost everything is.
When I conduct business,
it's just that. Business.
I enjoy your money.
You enjoy your games.
I expect that in the future
we can continue to do
what we all do best.
We? Are you authorized
to speak for both of you?
Looks like the yank
at the old stake
didn't budge it much.
But we tried, right? Friends?
[Laughing] Hmm.
Celine. (Celine) Mmm-hmm.
This is Freddie.
Always keeping the best
to yourself, helmie?
I tried. But I'm coping
with bitter rejection.
Leave some for
the other vultures, hey, kids?
Hey, they bite, Freddie.
In all the right places.
Hello? Anna?
Karyn thinks my dress
is tacky, too obvious.
What do you think?
It is.
What are you doing in here?
I just wanted to get away
from the noise.
First-century Roman.
Must be worth a fortune.
Yes, it is.
It's beautiful.
So when you gonna
tell me the truth?
About what?
That you don't love Freddie.
All right, truth or dare?
I'll start.
My father is despicably wealthy
and getting older as we speak.
His health, well, let's just say
he's not up to
a full 18 holes anymore.
Do you know what this is worth?
The last offer I had
was for $250,000.
It's beautiful.
Pocket change,
given what I stand to inherit.
Regrettably, there's a codicil
to my father's will.
Everything he has comes to me
if I'm married and settled down.
How unusual for you.
Isn't it?
thus the question becomes
will my father's heart shut down
before mine opens up?
That would truly be a shame.
Your turn.
Well, what would you
like me to say?
I believe I just asked you
to marry me.
These are nikita's photographs
of the inventory
volker has arranged
to sell to red cell.
The plan is to hijack a truck
belonging to one of
volkwerks' regular customers
making it look like
business as usual.
I've accessed
the company's delivery logs.
Mandalux makes 2 pickups a week
but, for security reasons,
the exact time and place
are only confirmed 2 hours
before they're scheduled
to arrive.
Volker uses
a fairly sophisticated
cipher system
on his cell phone.
I'm working on it, but I
haven't had much luck yet.
If we fail to get the route
in time,
the factory loading dock
is the most effective
point of contact.
Was, Michael.
We no longer intend
to interfere with the sale.
Volker's value
as a permanent source
of information
and given his rise in status
within red cell
that the success of this
arms deal will give him,
outweigh the importance
of this one mission.
And given his infatuation
with nikita,
we feel that her continued
connection to him
can be extremely useful to us.
Are you saying you'd like me
to accept his, uh,
(Nikita) For how long?
(Madeline) Indefinitely.
It might have
just worked out that way.
You know how things are, amigo.
Things don't just
work out around here.
They happen for a reason.
Even at the cost
of letting red cell
get their hands
on that shipment,
you think they're doing this
all just to get rid of nikita?
It's a numbers game.
Michael, nikita.
Volker, nikita, and red cell.
They pull the lever,
whatever comes up 3 cherries,
there's the jackpot.
(Nikita) Walter?
Uh, back here, sugar.
You said you wanted to see me?
They're for you, cupcake.
What is this?
Well, think of it as
a government low-budget
bon voyage party.
Uh, I'm just trying to make it
as painless as possible.
They're not rigged
and there's no electronic files
baked inside them or anything.
Well, here's
Here's lookin' at you, kid.
You two are talking like
I'm never coming back.
I'm getting married,
not canceled.
(Walter) That's close enough.
Keep your powder dry.
Sure as hell gonna miss you.
I'll be back.
[Bell tolling]
(Michael) What are you thinking?
About the man
I'm going to marry.
It's one thing to convince
another man that I love him
enough to marry him,
but the idea
of not seeing you again.
You have to separate
Anna's life from nikita's.
Is that what you did with Elena?
I tried.
So even with everything
that you went through,
you still think it's possible
to hold on to your heart?
We'll find a way to stop this.
Ah, I wasn't sure you'd come.
I said I would.
Yes, but it's
beauty's prerogative
to not always deliver
what's promised.
I keep trying to read your eyes.
And they flash and they sparkle
and somehow manage
to not give an answer.
[Nikita laughs]
(Nikita) yes. All right.
I'll marry you.
[Computer beeping]
Have you been able to decipher
volker's cell phone code?
No, not yet.
But since
the mission's been scrapped,
it's no longer a priority.
If it was?
He's using an encryption code
that can't be remotely scanned.
I'd have to physically
get a hold of the phone,
use a n.A.M. Demodulator
to clone the algorithm.
Like I said,
it's no longer a priority.
[Electronic beeping]
It's a n.A.M. Demodulator.
It's a variation on what
the rip-off guys are using
to clone cell phones.
A little more sophisticated
in that it can handle
digital coding
and encryption schemes.
It ain't fast, though.
How long?
If it's simple, a minute.
From there,
well, it's anybody's guess.
Up to 3, 4 minutes, probably.
You know I'm gonna
have to log this.
You'll think of something.
Yeah, yeah.
I always think of something.
We're leaving for Buenos Aires
later tonight.
I know.
I'm sure he's gonna want
the deal to go down
sometime before we leave.
If we want to stop it,
we need to know when.
Do you think this is gonna work?
If he fails with red cell,
he'll no longer
be of use to them.
This marriage will be
I got to go.
Madeline, my office.
I'll be expecting your call.
I'll talk to you later.
Promise me
that you'll leave me
at least once a day
so that I can have
the pleasure of watching you
come back through the door.
You're very good at this.
It's all planned.
Our plane leaves at 10:00.
I've arranged for the ceremony
Sunday afternoon.
I came across this anomaly
in our records.
A n.A.M. Demodulator.
You can trace it.
No, it slipped
through the cracks.
There's no repair order.
It's listed as being out
with a bad circuit board.
Did you check
the replacement schedule?
It doesn't show up.
It was on inventory
when we planned
the volker mission.
But now it seems
to be missing. Michael?
We both knew
there'd be a chance
he'd try to interfere.
Even putting himself
at risk with oversight?
To prevent the marriage.
To keep nikita to himself.
He's already shown us
how much he's willing to risk.
Team briefing. 15 minutes.
(Helmut) I have to tell you.
It's a bit lonely in here.
Well, when you come out,
you'll have all the company
you need.
Yeah. Mmm.
I'm all for cleanliness,
but, uh, bathing first,
I don't know.
Takes away the spontaneity.
I'm sorry.
Just one of my quirks.
I expect to find out
about all your quirks.
You're still dressed.
Well, I thought you might like
to give me some help.
[Cell phone ringing]
(Helmut) volker here.
(Man) can you talk?
8:00 tonight at volkwerks.
I'll be there.
Everything all right?
Yeah. Like clockwork.
[Signal beeping]
You know the schedule?
Ok. Good luck.
I think this is
everything, ma'am.
The plane just arrived.
Do you expect
Mr. Volker shortly?
Yes. Any minute. Thank you.
[Siren wailing]
That's the last stack?
That's all of it? Good.
Birkoff, the truck is leaving.
It's a done deal.
We'll maintain contact
with the target.
(Helmut) There she is.
You seem surprised to see me.
No, I was
I was just
Well, i i thought
you'd be here sooner.
You must promise
to always miss me.
Of course.
Hmm, come,
we have a plane to catch.
[Plane engine whirring]
Having Adrian
does not give you free reign.
Nikita's mission is justifiable
and I'm sure not even oversight
would take kindly
to your interference.
You are expendable.
I know.
It's over, Michael.
Nikita has her job to do,
and you have yours.
Forget about her.
Is that all?
For the moment.
(Justice) do you, Helmut volker,
take this woman, Anna goerner,
to be your lawfully wedded wife
to love, honor, and Cherish
as long as you both shall live?
I do.
And do you, Anna goerner,
take this man, Helmut volker,
to be your
lawfully wedded husband
to love, honor, and Cherish
until death do you part?
I do.
Then by the power vested in me,
I pronounce you man and wife.
You may kiss the bride.
[Woman speaking French]
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