La Femme Nikita (1997) s04e06 Episode Script

Love, Honor and Cherish

(Male announcer)
Previously on la femme nikita.
with Adrian's help
it seems that
Michael's been able to
reverse what we've done.
Are you asking me
to move in with you?
Well, you'd be more comfortable.
2 kilos, Turkish, uncut.
Please humor me.
And act as if
we're the best of friends.
So far, Michael,
nikita has her job to do
and you have yours.
Forget about her.
Regrettably, there's a codicil
to my father's will.
Everything he has comes to me
if I'm married.
If he fails with red cell,
he will no longer
be of use to them.
His marriage will be
Given his infatuation
with nikita,
we feel that her continued
connection to him
can be extremely useful to us.
Are you saying you'd like me
to accept his, uh,
[Computers beeping]
Is camsat 12 in position
for downstream retrieval?
Yes, but it's a military bird.
If I access without
priority clearance
Put it up.
What coordinates?
6 degrees off 22n, 48l. On axis,
5 point estimate.
[Computer keys clicking]
Nikita's transceiver.
[Helmut chuckles]
And with this, he demanded
that I attend university
or be sent forthwith
to the gallows.
You'll get to know my father.
And you'll find
that he's the kind of man
who needs to ensure
that his litter
is appropriately papered.
So you didn't go.
God, no. No, no, no.
He had achieved great wealth.
He'd already laid
the groundwork for me.
And thus his
eldest son was spared
the rigors of higher education.
What was his reaction
to you not going?
I believe I discovered
a new blood vessel,
right about here.
Is everything all right?
No doubts?
Missing Freddie?
choosing money over the man?
such a choice of words.
No. No doubts.
Oh, y-you're such a lovely liar.
Welcome home, Mrs. Volker.
Are you sure you want
to see this, Michael?
[Woman speaking French]
Eric kalstrom is red cell's
leading strategist.
We've been trying to extract him
for the last 2 years.
He's been code-tagged,
but they've been able
to block transmissions
by restricting his exposure.
As you know,
we expect Helmut volker
to become a key player
in red cell's arsenal.
Our intel suggests that
kalstrom might eventually
risk exposure to
make contact with him.
When he does,
I want him.
It's very nice to meet you, sir.
Very pretty.
Enough so that I would expect
you could have done better.
Or perhaps,
whatever damages your insight
doesn't show on the outside.
I have a long history
of family nurturing and support.
You've taken a great deal
more than you've given.
The white sheep of the family,
my baby brother kristof.
My new bride, Anna.
I've heard a lot about you.
Helmut tends to exaggerate
my good points.
Welcome aboard
the good ship volker.
I'm sure
you'll find it interesting.
I already am. Thank you.
[Device beeping]
No, no! Kristof.
Helmut cares for
no one and nothing.
Not a bad quality
when it comes to
looking over the business.
Whereas kristof looks over me.
Having just spent
3 weeks with him,
I believe there's more
to your older son
than meets the eye.
I've had a great deal more time
to think about that
than you, my dear.
Father tends to get a bit cranky
when his oxygen runs low.
Why don't I, uh, change
the canister and then
maybe you'll give me
the chance to show you
where some of the bodies
are buried around here.
I'd like that.
(Helmut) Fine, kristof. Good.
Well, not exactly the family
that inspires
holiday greeting cards.
Your brother seems very nice.
An oft-repeated phrase.
You like him. I can see that.
Of course.
But I don't envy him.
The role of the good son
is a far more difficult one
to live up to.
And yet your father's leaving
the business to you.
Ah, old world tradition
and all that.
Besides, this is where
you come into the picture.
Our marriage is supposed
to legitimize me
turn me into a man of honor
and responsibility.
Seems to be working.
Uh, ready.
Well, I have some calls to make.
Enjoy the tour.
Oh, and brother,
just because I used
to share my recordings
and trading cards with you,
don't take absolutely
everything for granted.
(Nikita) Don't be long.
I've got a number.
I'm running location now.
(Reinhardt) this is reinhardt.
(Helmut) yeah, it's me.
Are we set for the meeting?
He's arriving this evening.
There are still some issues
regarding the hague conference.
We'll set it up for
later in the week.
You'll let me know?
I'll get back to you.
They're scrambling.
I'm having trouble
getting a lock.
I've just reviewed
the post-mission statement
on malagway.
We had 100% containment.
Yes. I'm aware of that.
Your numbers are
extremely high, Michael.
That concerns me.
Given nikita's
current assignment,
we expected a roll-off.
At least during the early part
of her mission.
Perhaps it's your numbers
that should concern you.
That may be.
In the meantime,
if you're harboring
any thoughts about
separating nikita
from her assignment,
you better get them
out of your head.
Is that all?
I expect it will be.
To someone far more beautiful
than I deserve.
To not underestimating yourself.
You seem to have
gone on a diet lately.
How so?
Well, since we
left for Argentina,
it's been strictly wine,
I entertain
a wide variety of friends.
What I do to keep up
appearances around them,
doesn't dictate
what I do in private.
Being that I'm your supplier,
that could
put me out of business.
I'm expecting that it will.
Look, Anna, we both know
what this marriage is
and isn't about.
But I hope you'll forgive me
if our relationship
isn't always
entirely professional.
Meaning what?
You have so much now.
Selling drugs,
and even more so, using them.
Is it really necessary?
What's your concern,
that it's the wrong impression?
You're a beautiful woman
with a lifetime ahead of you.
Perhaps I'm not the only one
given to underestimating myself.
It's getting late.
I'll close up
and see you upstairs?
Stay upstairs!
Who are you?
(Officer) This is going, too.
John, you want to grab that?
(Detective) We're trying, sir.
[Radio chattering]
(Detective) Eric, here you are.
Easy now.
Are you going to
tell me what's going on?
Yes, I'm sorry.
But I needed clearance first.
I'm a special agent.
I work for Interpol.
How long have you
been doing this?
Since the time
my father expected me
to go to university.
Interpol knew that
his business had been targeted
by a number of terrorist groups.
And given the choices
they handed me,
I decided to go for them.
(Nikita) what choices?
Put on the tent and pony show.
The rich kid
living in the fast Lane.
Let the bad guys
move against me.
Or risk letting them
take on my father.
Maybe even kill him.
So your father and kristof
don't know anything about this?
No. Kristof was
too young at the time
and besides one of us
had to be free
to make good
in my father's eyes.
And these men,
do you know who they are?
No. But we'll run
prints and forensics.
Know more in a few days.
I suspect a kidnapping attempt.
It wouldn't be the first time.
And me?
They told me
if I was to maintain my cover,
I had to go through with it.
For my superiors,
you were useful.
The right time. The right woman.
I see, all in the line of work.
Yeah. Well, it might
have started that way.
And now they trust you
to tell me all this?
Anna, my unit is
Interpol's top priority.
it would have been difficult
to conceal in the long run.
But you don't know that.
You don't know
how hard they can be
on people who don't
play by their rules.
Look, Anna, it's not as if
you married me for love
in the first place.
And the arms you sold them?
There's a peace conference
scheduled for the hague.
As far as we know,
that's the terrorists'
intended target.
They'll bring out
their biggest guns.
And when they do,
we'll be there.
You know your father
despises you
for what you pretend to be,
and yet you still
I love my father.
If this is what it takes
to protect him and kristof,
then this is
the price I must pay.
[Birds chirping]
Interpol removed the bodies
before I could get anything.
I'm sorry, but a fingerprint's
the best I can do for now.
I've got some other
genetic material.
But to risk contact
We've already
confirmed with Interpol.
Everything he told you
checks out.
How did we miss it?
he's got a level one assist.
Not even in their database.
We had to go inside to confirm.
So what do we do now?
I mean, under the circumstances,
there's really no need to
You'll hold and maintain
your current assignment
if there's still a chance
to apprehend kalstrom.
And Interpol?
Until I can be sure
our interests don't conflict,
nothing has changed.
(Birkoff) I've got a match.
If it was a kidnapping,
it wasn't random.
The print belongs to
Claude perrault, red cell.
Red cell? That doesn't track.
They're in business together.
We'll handle this on our end.
Michael will handle it.
[Door shuts]
You can call them back.
It's your choice.
No. No more.
2 men from your substation
attacked Helmut volker. Why?
From whom?
We found a new channel
to purchase weapons.
Higher grade arms
at a cheaper price.
Taking out volker was part
of the seller's demands.
Who was the seller?
Kristof volker. His brother.
All right. Agreed.
Everything all right?
Yeah. It's just
the normal business hassles.
Seems like more than that.
What, 3 weeks of marriage,
and you already know
when I'm lying to you?
You made me part of this.
Talk to me.
They want a meeting.
You weren't expecting a meeting?
Yeah, they want to
talk to me first.
About what?
That's what concerns me.
I mean, why risk
a face-to-face meeting
just to set up another?
Well, you're important to them.
Why would they lie to you?
It's in their nature.
You're probably right.
It's nothing.
Besides, I don't even have
a definite date yet
for the hague plan.
Hopefully, I'll know
more after we've met.
When's the meeting?
I'll be a little late.
So, you're, uh,
not feeling the urge
to run away, then?
Away, no.
And, uh, make sure
you get that paperwork
on national defense
or Helmut will have my skull.
Call me as soon as it's in.
I'll be back in 2 hours.
Oh, what are you doing here?
We've confirmed that
kristof contracted
privately with red cell.
He was behind the attack.
Kristof, but
It's been dealt with.
Kristof's been dealt with?
But not red cell.
It's getting late. I'm gonna
have to let him know
before his meeting.
There's not a lot of time.
You should go.
Excuse me. I'm afraid
I'm a little bit lost.
Maybe you could
help me find my way.
This is nikita.
I'm gonna need housekeeping.
They set up the next meeting
with a man named Eric kalstrom.
My guess is he's the brains
behind it all.
Probably here to give
a green light to the attack.
It's so sweet of you to wait up.
And at least my suspicions
about tonight were unfounded.
It went off without a hitch.
I'm so glad.
Thank you.
[Phone ringing]
Just a moment.
What is it?
What's the matter?
My brother.
There's been a robbery.
He's dead!
[Birds chirping]
(Man #1) I'm very sorry.
Thank you.
Thank you.
Can you spare a moment?
What is there to say?
I share your feeling, too.
And I'm so sorry.
You're sorry?
For kristof's passing?
For what it means
for a man to lose his son?
You know I love kristof, too.
If only it could have been me.
Under the circumstances,
an easy sentiment.
I love you, father.
You love yourself, Helmut!
So much so,
that I strongly doubt
you have any capacity
for anyone else.
You all right?
They stole money.
30 years of life
for a few dollars.
At that price, mine could be had
for pocket change.
No, that's not true.
You're a good man.
Yeah, but isn't goodness
in the eyes of the beholder?
And who, besides you,
could begin to
behold such a thing?
That's all you have, Helmut.
That's the best
any of us can ever get.
We live with ourselves.
And we die with ourselves
and the choices that we make.
What other people think
So what,
we live in isolation, alone?
Without contact, without love?
Could you do such a thing?
I have.
I don't know.
I think if you live
without something long enough,
you may not recognize it
if it happens to find you.
Freddie loved you.
Something in the way
he looked at you.
And god knows,
maybe in this wretched life
I've chosen,
maybe I do, too.
Yeah. I'm expecting this call.
Put it through.
Yeah. It's me.
What time?
Tomorrow morning.
I'll be there.
Red cell's
made contact with Helmut.
They're planning
to hit the hague tomorrow.
Right after
the morning session's begun.
shall we run a covert backup?
No. Interpol will have to
handle this on their own.
There will be no further contact
until you hear from me.
I've just finished studying
Madeline's report.
There's a high percentage
that kalstrom will
go back into hiding
if there's any sign of trouble.
The hague attack.
They expect a successful strike.
If for any reason,
that doesn't happen,
if Interpol shows
their hand in this,
we'll lose our chance at him.
Then they must succeed.
We have an operative
inside Interpol.
Get me David harbert
at Interpol. Now.
No, I don't understand, sir.
Do I have a choice?
Yes, sir.
[Phone beeps]
They're gonna let it go down.
Interpol is fully prepared
to let these people
attack the hague.
Do you know how many
of the innocent will die?
How When did they decide?
No idea.
For the greater good, they said.
What the hell good
could come from this?
Well, they must
have something in mind
if they said
they had their reasons.
Don't you think the group
that intend
to attack this building
also said
they have a reason, too?
Or is it just a matter
of whose rationalization wins?
Is that what
everything is about?
Numbers? Calculations?
Risking so many lives
to save so many lives.
Well, I did not agree
to work with them
to take lives.
Only to save them.
You're not taking them.
I sold them the weapons
manufactured by my family.
What do you call that?
There's nothing that you can do.
You mean there's nothing
they expect me to do.
But to follow orders,
be their perfect soldier.
I know how you feel.
How could you possibly?
Great moral issues come up often
when you were selling heroin?
Listen. Please. I'm sorry.
I i i didn't mean that.
You've become so precious to me.
You're all I have in this world.
The end will never
justify the means
no matter what what they say.
I won't let this happen.
Even if you do manage
to stop this, they'll know.
There's no coming back.
I know.
But one thing I don't want,
is to put you at any risk.
Now, there's a passbook here
with some checks
and the key to
my safety deposit box.
And this is just in case.
Now, when I leave here,
I want you to pack some things
and get as far away as possible.
Helmut, even if you succeed,
it never ends.
You can't fix everything.
It's been my experience
I've never fixed anything.
I have to do this, Anna.
I'm not sure I can really
make you understand.
I understand.
It's just
with no support, Helmut
You said you understand.
This is more support
than I could've hoped for.
Now promise me
you'll take care of yourself.
And you
take care of yourself.
I love you.
[Men chattering]
Contact nikita.
Uh, we're not scheduled to
[Computer keys clicking]
Location's clear.
(Operations) is nikita there?
Activate the hague team.
Hague team.
Target is on premises.
Access points 3, 6 and 8
indicate minimal resistance.
[Device beeping]
[Device beeping]
[Device continues beeping]
(Operative #1)
we've acquired the target.
We're moving in.
One operative is down.
Move away from the detonator!
You hit the detonator,
we're all dead.
Who are you?
Somebody who doesn't want to die
in a basement. Hurry up.
Hurry up!
They've bypassed
the manual override.
You know what you're doing?
Well, I've studied the plans,
of course.
Christ, if I short it out.
You know what you're doing.
There's one.
You got me covered?
See? Simple as that.
Yeah, right.
This detonator was
set over an hour ago.
The people who tried to
stop you today,
are not the same people
that planned the attack.
Who were they?
People that believe
the ends justify the means.
Does it matter?
You cross them.
They'll kill you.
Well, then we have to leave.
You do.
Everything you need's here,
including your
safety deposit box key.
Helmut, there's no time to talk.
The people that are
coming after you are good.
More ruthless,
more determined
than you could ever imagine.
Even this, they'll see
through it soon enough.
But, if you're as good
as I think you are,
you'll make it.
All right, Anna.
And if everything
you say is true,
then what about you?
You got a gun?
Take it out.
Just take it out.
Shoulder, upper arm. Use it.
This is insane.
Crazy world, Helmut. Just do it.
If you care about my life,
you'll do it.
It's the only way.
You're risking
your life for me. Why?
Just go.
(Nikita) Michael, no!
This is the bullet
that shot nikita.
It's not section issue.
Though we don't have the weapon,
the caliber and the load
coincide with Interpol issue.
I'd say he shot her.
The latest data we've had
on Eric kalstrom
is that he hasn't resurfaced.
Given their failure to
succeed at the hague,
it might be some time
before red cell
will risk bringing him out.
Helmut volker, after killing
4 of our operatives
and wounding one,
has apparently left the country.
Intel is coming in now.
It's only a matter of time.
We have determined the location
of the red cell substation
used to implement
the hague plan.
We no longer have
any use for them.
Birkoff will upload your panels.
You will leave in one hour.
He was a good man.
Good men are hard to find.
Yes, they are.
[Woman speaking French]
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