La Femme Nikita (1997) s04e07 Episode Script

Sympathy for the Devil

[Explosion sounding]
[Machine guns firing]
[Men chattering]
[Guns firing]
[Bombshell whizzing]
[Explosion sounding]
[Speaking Vietnamese]
[Gun firing continues]
[Explosion sounding]
What you consider to be courage,
[operations breathing heavily]
Lt. Wolfe,
is ignorance.
You fight without cause,
and you will die without honor.
[Guns firing]
3rd battalion, 49th infantry.
When do they start
their offensive?
It is only a matter of time
and pain.
[Operations screaming]
You held up, lieutenant.
[Operations' heart beating]
Soulless bastards.
[Operations breathing heavily]
We're gonna get through this,
one way or another.
I promise you.
[Explosion sounding]
[Machine guns firing]
You hear that, lieutenant?
Our team!
I told you we'd make it.
(Soldier) Radio back to base!
Move it!
[Machine gun continues firing]
Looks like we got here
just in time for the party.
What's your name, soldier?
Willie Kane.
My lieutenant here
is gonna need some help.
It's under control.
Let's get out of here.
You take care of yourself,
[Gun clicking]
Hey, what are you doing?
What's going on?
You're being reassigned.
[Gun fires]
You're being reassigned.
We have more time.
[Gun cocking]
Still in good form.
You won't need that.
I need to talk to you.
Both of you.
So what are you doing here?
I have a favor to ask.
This man's name
is Willie Kane.
He was my platoon n.C.O.
When I served in Vietnam.
In late 1972, my platoon
was on routine maneuvers
near chin duc
when we were ambushed.
All except 3 of us
were massacred on the spot.
We were subject to
the hospitality of this man
tran Van lin.
He's a man who taught me
more than a few lessons
in determination and courage.
For 15 days
we were tortured and beaten.
And Willie is the reason
I was able to survive.
He didn't have the good sense
to let me die
and get it over with.
He saved my life.
Over the past 25 years
I've kept tabs on Willie.
He held on long enough
to get us through our ordeal.
But once he got out, I'm afraid
he unraveled pretty quickly.
Drugs? And drinking.
But, given my situation,
I've done what I can
to help him.
Some money here and there
moved some things around in
a favorable position for him.
I've used no section resources.
What I've done,
I've done on my own.
What is it you want from us?
I'm securing leave
for both of you.
I want you to get close to him.
And do what?
Someone is trying
to kill Willie.
I want you
to find out who it is,
and prevent it from happening.
If you do,
I'm offering you 15 days,
the same Willie gave me.
Time to be alone together.
No questions asked.
Call it payback.
(Operations) Agreed?
(Walter) 2 p17s.
Got it.
To think we used to trust
our lives to this stuff.
And then come back
and talk about it.
It's a shame to see them go.
Oh, my.
6 camway transceivers.
We used to talk to each other
with these.
[Walter chuckles]
100 percent analog.
With microwave scramblers.
Oh, man.
Ok, uh, one case
nickel-hydride batteries.
you still with us?
What's it like?
What's what like?
Having memories.
What do you mean?
You got memories.
I guess.
I've made up stories.
I've told different things
to different people.
None of it's true.
It's always section.
It's as if I didn't exist
or have a life before.
Yeah, well, you know,
maybe it's better that way.
Not every memory is something
you want to remember.
Come on, let's get back to work.
Yeah. Batteries,
nickel hydride,
one case.
[Train horn blowing]
[Dog barking]
Where do you want this?
Uh, I don't know.
How about there?
Hey, guys.
Oh, where's your dog?
Well, I was sitting over there
and I thought I heard
Well, I figure,
young couple like you,
you know, no kids,
ought to have a dog.
No. No dog.
I'm nikita.
This is Michael. Willie Kane.
(Nikita) Hi.
Boy next door.
I wish I could offer you
something, but we're
Oh, no, no, no. Don't let,
uh, me interrupt you.
You know, I'm
I, uh, I had a dog once.
Nice. Had a tail.
Had a girlfriend once, too.
No tail.
Ask me, dog's a better deal.
[Willie chuckles]
Uh, well, uh, you know,
if you're
If you're, uh, finished
work-working up a sweat,
more where this came from.
[Computers beeping]
[Knocking on door]
(Man #1)
Hey, Willie! Come on out!
Come on, Willie! Come on out!
We want to talk to you!
(Willie) What's going on, guys?
What's going on?
What do you want?
Well, if you want me
to help you figure it out,
you let me know.
[Door closing]
[Police siren wailing]
You got somethin'
for us, Willie?
I'm sorry, guys.
I'm all out of pampers.
You've been shortin' us, Willie.
We sent you a message
but I guess you didn't
have a chance to read it.
Was it illustrated?
We want the money, Willie!
Tough on you!
No, baby, tough on you!
[Willie gagging]
[Gun firing]
you must have been
one hell of a boy scout.
[Truck horn honking]
Luigi manetti, Joey d'Angeles,
and the man they work for
(Operations) Carlo bonaventure.
What is it? Drugs? Money?
According to Willie,
he knows nothing about it.
If it's money,
I can take care of it.
Whatever it is,
they'll want him
to pay for manetti.
It's the price
of doing business.
They'll take the cash.
Find out what it is and fix it.
I'll see that you get the money.
Walter, I gotta know.
Do I have a twin brother?
If they find out you accessed
those records, kemosabe,
there's gonna be
one less good guy
for me to talk to around here.
They won't find out.
I back-dated the access.
It'll look like routine.
Yeah, well, just don't go there.
I am there.
Tell me.
All right.
Your mother's name was Lisa.
Until nikita came,
she was one of
the brightest lights
around here.
She was an operative.
Level 2.
What they didn't know was
that she was pregnant
when she was recruited.
Your father was dead.
They brought her in.
And she had twins.
What happened to her?
She was killed
during a mission in Sofia.
She was a great lady.
What happened to my brother?
They let him out.
That's impossible. No one
It was an experiment.
Your mother was willing.
I mean, just to see
one of her kids
get a shot at a real life.
They wanted to do
a psychological experiment.
Compare your brother's life
on the outside
with yours on the inside.
You mean, all these years
that I've been in here,
he's been
Your brother's been free.
(Willie) heroes.
Keepers of the faith.
Defenders of the realm.
That's what they call you
when they send you
off to die.
The problem is,
part they forget to mention,
the other side's telling their
grunts exactly the same thing.
You know what I mean?
It's always root, root, root
for the home team.
Can't tell the price
without a body bag.
You were drafted.
I was a brave young man.
Truth is
most of us were there
'cause we didn't have
the smarts or the dough
to stay out.
A bunch of dumb, stupid kids.
And not a clue
what we're doing there.
What's even worse
was the stupid ones.
The ones who would
think they know.
So were you in it?
It's not so much the dying.
It's not that it's not too much
having to watch the mortars hit
and your buddy,
the guy you just
bummed a smoke from,
turns into meat and gravy.
It's not knowing why.
What am I doin' here?
How'd I get here?
I mean, 6 months ago
all I'm thinking
about is trying to get into
Suzie Oliver's pants
or that the guy
down the block
is really such a prick.
Or am I just jealous
of him because
you know, he gets to drive
the trans am and I don't?
And how am I gonna
tell my old man
I'm never gonna be
what he expected me to be.
Hell, what I expected me to be.
here I am, in the jungle?
All dressed up in my g.I. Joe
accessories, ready to die?
For what?
Man, I miss my dog.
What? What's this?
What's this for?
For you to get even.
Get even? What?
Who said I was down?
The 2 guys who were here.
You owe them money.
Well, it's not likely
they're gonna be back.
Others will.
What the
Man, that's a lot of money.
I can afford it.
Well, if you can afford it
why don't you buy yourself
a better place to live in?
Why you living here? W-w-i mean,
why don't you buy
a nice slinky dress
for that girlfriend of yours?
Why? Why me?
What are you doing this for?
You're used to no whys.
Well, yeah,
I said I went through 'em.
I didn't say I was used to 'em.
Why? What for?
What are you doing this for?
For defending the realm, then.
Pay them.
[Door closing]
[Computers beeping]
Hey, guys.
[Speaking Vietnamese]
[Speaking Vietnamese]
Ok. Go.
(Tran) You brought your tribute?
He could be paying
for the opium.
$800. It's more than that.
[Speaking Vietnamese]
It is only a matter of time.
[Operations screaming]
(Operations) Tran Van lin.
Hey, you guys.
What's shaking, sugar?
Busy. Re-running the Angola sim.
Evaluating what went wrong.
Oh, so you've been
able to fit that in
when you're doing
personal work
for operations?
We have to go.
Now, Michael, you can go,
but not until I've said
what I've got to say.
All right.
I've put it on the line for you
more times than you
can count, Michael.
But there's something
I want you to do for me now.
I know about Willie Kane.
Operations doesn't know
I know, but I do.
Walter, what do you want?
I want you to let it go.
Make it disappear.
You shake Willie's tree
hard enough
and he'll take off
like a jackrabbit.
And we'll all be
the better for it.
How is that?
I wouldn't ask
if I didn't have
a good reason.
did you ever wonder how
I've survived in this place
as long as I have?
Just do it.
nice to see you kids again.
stay vertical.
Which way do we play it?
His way or Walter's?
I'm sorry, I
It's just that I
It's all right.
How do you do it, Michael?
Do what?
Keep your feelings sorted out,
head straight.
You were married to Elena.
Sometimes our thoughts
and our feelings
take us where we
can no longer go.
Feelings are not captive.
Maybe it'd be better
if they were.
I don't know.
(Nikita) You know, a year ago,
having time like
this together
Michael, I'm lost.
I don't know what I am anymore.
[Speaking Vietnamese]
[Speaking Vietnamese]
That is enough!
You have business here?
What is your relationship
with Willie Kane?
My relationship.
Would you any more
ask me what my relationship
is with my dog?
He pays you. Why?
Because I tell him to.
He's quite clever, really.
He would
deliver my morning paper to me,
in his teeth, if I so request.
I asked you a question.
And I gave you my answer.
[Knocking on door]
Oh, no, no, no, no.
You can't bring him in here! No!
I don't want him in here! No!
It's all right.
It's all right, Willie.
No, no, no, it isn't!
You don't understand!
If anything happens to him,
I'm the one that's gonna pay!
He's just a man, Willie.
Who are you people?
We're here to help you,
but you've gotta
tell us the truth.
Yes, Willie.
Time to tell the truth.
Tell them.
Tell them how easily a man
will surrender his manhood.
How, for a sack of rice
and a promise
to live another day
a man would willingly
hand over his comrades
to the enemy.
The ambush? Who the hell
What do you know
about any of this?
Is that how they knew, Willie?
Is that how the v.C. Knew
the exact time and place
that your platoon
would be walking
along that road?
Is that how they knew?
Were you there?
No! You weren't there.
You have no idea
what happened over there.
You have no idea!
Tell us the truth, Willie.
you were not tortured?
but content to make it appear
as if he had been.
Always so obedient.
Always ready
to please your masters.
Tell them.
Tell them how you tried
to please us.
I hope this pleases you!
Oh, no!
You have no idea.
You have no idea
what they did to men
over there.
You have no idea
what they would have
done to me. Yeah.
It was terrible.
They were terrible.
Vicious, vicious people.
Let go.
You know,
it's not like they give you
a choice, you know?
You have no choice.
So you were skimming
from bonaventure to pay lin.
Yeah. Yeah.
Chicken money.
He threaten to tell
the truth on you?
Like anybody would
give a damn
at this point, huh?
Wait across the hall,
in our place.
Here, this was yours.
[Mobile phone dialing]
So Walter is
protecting operations.
I guess he thinks
it's better for a man
to have his illusions.
There's still some good
left in the world.
Those illusions
will die with the truth.
Are you sure
it was bonaventure's
people who took him?
Did Willie ever explain
why he'd taken the risk?
Stealing from bonaventure
to pay lin?
[Lighter opening]
I know Willie.
He won't go down easily.
[Lighter closing]
I want you to arrange a meeting.
I want to meet with bonaventure.
You let me know
when you have it set up.
[People chattering]
Where's bonaventure?
He's here.
The syndicate.
A whole lot of money
was made from drugs.
You Paulie?
Paul. Balls?
If not, it ought to be.
'Cause either
you're very stupid,
or you got a set of
big brass shiny ones.
So, balls,
my people tell me you want
to say something to me.
What can I do for you?
you can let Willie Kane go.
You forget about him.
Once you let him go,
as far as you're concerned,
he's dead and gone.
2nd part's no problem.
I'm not asking, Carlo.
Listen, you pasty-faced
son of a bitch.
Nobody comes in here,
sits at my table,
and tells me what to do!
Not even the dumbest hole
on the planet.
This is my house, and right now
you're stinking it up.
You touch me,
you fail to do
what I've told you to do,
your organization
will be eliminated,
and systematically.
And once you've had time
to read about it,
you'll be next.
Never threaten my family.
You have capos in New York,
Chicago, Miami,
and Los Angeles.
Failure to comply
will result
in their elimination.
"Failure to comply"?
Up yours!
Make sure nobody
finds this mook.
Your nephew Francis
is living in sicily,
avoiding the police?
When was the last time
you spoke with him?
Nobody can get to Frankie.
I got 20 guys watchin' him.
They move him around
every other day.
Hell, even I don't know
where he is most of the time.
All I got
is a cell phone number.
Before you dispose of me,
maybe you should
give him a call.
So I can be the 2nd
dumbest hole on the planet?
This guy.
[Phone dialing]
Yeah. Yeah, it's me.
Put Frankie on the phone.
They popped Frankie 4 hours ago.
20 guys guarding
the damn place
didn't see a thing.
That was my baby brother's kid.
Who the hell are you?
You have 2 hours.
This dump might be
your house, Carlo,
everything else,
everything outside this door,
that's mine.
What are you telling me?
What are you telling me?
You're telling me Paul's alive?
Well, you know what I heard
What you heard was wrong.
[Dog barking]
Our team!
I told you we'd make it.
My lieutenant here
is gonna need some help.
Take care of yourself,
[Both laughing]
Oh, man,
it's good to see you, Willie.
Good to see you.
You know, you, uh
You're looking awful good
for a dead man.
[Both laughing]
Oh, man, you know, uh,
your friends, uh
you know, they
They've been tellin' me, uh,
all you've been
doin' for me, and
You did it for me, Willie.
I wish I could've done more.
Well, uh, you know,
that's just it. Uh,
you know, uh,
I'm not, uh,
I'm not really worth it.
You know what I mean?
It's, uh
Times haven't been so good.
Times are what they are,
you know?
It's just, uh
Uh, Paul,
you got the wrong guy.
I got the guy who saved my life.
Um, no, Paul, look.
Uh, you got it wrong.
You know, uh,
when you and I
were in that camp
[gun firing]
We heard what happened.
It's no matter.
You did what I asked you to do.
I owe you 15 days.
They're yours.
Something wrong?
We'd prefer to wait.
If that's what you want.
It would be better to wait.
I told you.
There are some things
that you're better off
not knowing.
Well, it's too late
for that now.
Yeah, but then you wish
you never found out, right?
Your name was on
4 signature files
before the decision was made,
before my brother
was released.
I made the decision.
I decided who would walk
and who would stay inside.
Based on what?
On what criteria?
I didn't see
any psych forms, evaluations.
It wasn't necessary.
Then how did you decide?
You lost, amigo.
[Woman speaking French]
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