La Femme Nikita (1997) s04e08 Episode Script

No One Lives Forever

(Nikita) You wanted to see me?
Nikita, a decision has been made
regarding your status
as an operative.
It's time for you to leave.
Your stay here at section one
has come to an end.
That's it?
Just like that?
There are some strings, nikita.
No contact with
your former life
or section life.
This is a pilot program.
We will have you
evaluated once a month.
Does Michael know about this?
He's in syndegal.
We'll tell him when he returns.
I'm afraid we'll have to say
good-bye for you.
[Woman speaking French]
Why do you think
George wants this to happen?
I don't know.
This has never been done before.
It's quite bothersome.
We're both
practically in the dark.
Well, it goes without saying,
we both envy you, sugar.
You two haven't heard
a word I've said.
Operations is setting me up.
I don't know.
I don't know why they chose me.
What do you mean?
Maybe my time here really is up.
Maybe this is the way
they're going
to try and cancel me.
you've been here 35 years.
This ever happened before?
But they did say
this was a pilot program.
Maybe it's on the up and up.
Maybe they're gonna
cut us loose someday.
Yeah. Can't be right.
You're paranoid.
Uh, ok, I don't blame you.
But you better kick it, soon.
Otherwise you'll never make it
on the outside.
Good luck.
Hope she makes it.
♪♪[Unglued playing]
Just a few words connected ♪
[Knocking at door]
Loosely to my heart ♪
floating away ♪
just like ♪
balloons in the dark ♪
so why did you
retrieve them? ♪
Why did you
believe them all? ♪
Just a few thoughts
so careless ♪
Came to say good-bye.
And on and on they go ♪
there's hardly time
to notice ♪
barely time to grow ♪
so how'd you ever see them? ♪
Why do you believe them all? ♪
I just wanna be with you ♪
part of everything
you're going through ♪
like it was before
we came unglued ♪
Holding every piece
you tossed out ♪
nothing fits
without you around ♪
like it did before
we came unglued ♪
The sun we walk to each day ♪
is starting to rise again ♪
I haven't any sleep yet ♪
it's been 6 weeks
since nikita left.
will she make it
on the outside?
If we decide we want her to.
I wonder if you see it ♪
I wonder if you see it
at all ♪
I just want to be with you ♪
part of everything
you're going through ♪
like it was before
we came unglued ♪
You should go home, Nik.
I will,
as soon as I'm done here.
Holding every piece
you tossed out ♪
nothing fits
without you around ♪
like it did before
we came unglued ♪♪
I haven't heard
that before.
It's it's cute.
How about dinner sometime?
I don't know.
I mean, it it doesn't
have to be dinner.
You could shoot me
down over coffee.
I'll think about it.
[Knocking at door]
(Henri) Nikita, it's Henri.
You're sweating.
Thermostat's broken.
Who sees that?
Doesn't matter.
What are you afraid of, nikita?
What do you think I'm afraid of?
You're waiting for
the other shoe to drop.
Well, I'm afraid
you'll grow old waiting.
This is your life now.
I've been in too long
to believe that.
As soon as things get good
that's when it's time to duck.
So when are they
gonna stop sending you?
When they think you've
successfully integrated.
This is
an important test, nikita.
If it works for you,
the program will continue.
Did you say something?
Did George give
any indication
something was wrong
when you were at oversight?
And no explanation
for nikita's release?
What he said was that
it was a pilot program.
Don't let this distract you.
Maybe that's what George wants.
What he wants is a war.
Are you prepared to fight?
To the death.
I'm glad you called.
I had fun.
Me, too.
Do you like the ballet?
I don't know.
What? You've never been?
[Dogs barking]
Well, we're gonna
have to rectify that,
won't we?
This is me.
Would you like me
to walk you inside?
Call me old-fashioned.
No, that's ok. Thank you.
Can I call you tomorrow?
I'd be upset if you didn't.
[Keys jingling]
This is nice. What is it?
It's a regal begonia.
Are they hard to take care of?
I'm George.
I know who you are.
What are you doing here?
Sit down, nikita.
The man you were
with tonight, Andy,
do you like him?
I don't know.
But you could,
given the time to
get to know him.
What is it you want?
I'm glad you're enjoying
your freedom, nikita.
You have me to thank, you know.
Now I want something in return.
Or you'll send me back?
What is it you want me to do?
I want you to kill operations.
No, I'm not at Liberty
to go into specifics.
Let's just say that operations
has become a liability.
Is this because of Adrian?
Adrian has something
to do with it, yes.
Trying to destroy oversight
has been part of
his agenda for some time.
Sounds like an internal matter.
It's nothing to do with me.
That's where
you're wrong, nikita.
This has everything
to do with you.
Operations' drive
was what brought you to section.
I don't understand.
What do you know
about your father?
My father?
He died when I was very young.
I don't know. He was very sick.
He belonged to section.
He was recruited
around the same time
as operations came in.
The two of them were
always competitive.
But your father was clearly
the rising star,
and operations knew it.
He killed my father?
And when your mother
started asking questions,
he introduced her to drugs
and destroyed her life.
You were his trophy, nikita.
He recruited you
to prove his strength,
his willingness to do
whatever was necessary.
I don't believe you.
Will you do this for me, nikita?
For your freedom?
For your family?
You have 2 days to decide.
I'll need to find a way
to get back inside section.
You'll figure it out.
Otherwise, I'll put you
back in for good.
If I see the begonia
in that window,
I'll know you've
accepted the mission.
If not, expect to hear from me.
[Door closes]
This is awfully short notice.
I'm sorry.
It's a family emergency.
Will you be coming back?
I don't think so.
This should cover
what I owe you.
You should keep that.
Thank you, thank you.
Feast your eyes.
Orchestra seats, this Friday.
I can't go. Why?
I thought you had
a good time
the other night?
Sorry, Andy. I'm sorry.
She suddenly quit
her job yesterday.
And the guy she was
warming up to,
now he's out of the picture.
It could be nothing.
Or everything.
Sounds like
she's simply having trouble
integrating into the real world.
Adjustment difficulty
was expected.
We can't get involved. Not now.
George would know.
In here, nikita was
a respected operative.
Out there, she's just
an attractive young woman
with no real life-skills set.
Will she survive?
Depends on how strong she is.
[Dogs barking]
[Engine starting]
Michael, I need to see you.
If you can get away,
shine your lights.
Tomorrow at noon,
the coffee shop across from
windove industrial park.
Can you make it?
Thank you.
(Nikita) tomorrow at noon,
the coffee shop across from
windove industrial park.
Can you make it?
Does Michael know we have this?
What do you plan to do?
I made it very clear she was not
to make contact
with her old life.
(Nikita) Put me down!
if I see the begonia
in that window,
I'll know you've
accepted the mission.
Hey. Hey, what's the matter?
You look like you saw a ghost.
Wish I had. Come here.
You gotta see this.
What the hell is she
doing back here?
I know the drill.
[Footsteps approaching]
You blew it. You knew the rules.
You should never have
made contact with Michael.
There will be
no 2nd chance, nikita.
I know.
You will immediately
report to level one,
probationary status
is in effect.
That means in-house quarters,
limited access,
weapons issued
by my orders only.
Your advancement here
depends on
your level of success.
Welcome home, nikita.
(Madeline) What did she say?
(Operations) Nothing.
Would you like me
to talk to her?
Not just yet.
She didn't just break the rules.
She came back for a reason.
Or maybe it's something else.
What matters is
that nikita is back
under my control.
Does George know?
I was just about to inform him.
What are you doing back here?
You don't look happy to see me.
We're not.
Don't take this
the wrong way,
sugar, but
Well, we were hoping
we'd never see you
back here again.
How'd you blow your chance?
I needed to see Michael.
Just for a roll in the hay?
You don't understand.
You don't know what
it's like out there.
I needed someone
who understood me.
Well, it's been a while since
I've been out there,
but it's gotta be
a hell of a lot better
than it is in here.
This place,
you think you hate it,
then you get used to it.
Spend enough time here,
you depend on it.
We were depending on you.
I'm sorry I let you down.
(Walter) Let's go, birkoff.
How did they find out?
Operations had you shadowed.
Operations talk to you?
He wanted to know
why you contacted me.
What did you say?
I didn't have the answer.
I don't want to be free
if I can't be with you.
They won't make it easy on us.
What else is new?
I have a briefing.
I have to report to training.
That's where I'll be.
I'm in.
Yes, I heard. Good work.
this isn't going to be easy.
They've downgraded my status.
I don't have access to a weapon.
Look under your mattress.
How'd this get here?
It doesn't matter.
Who's on the inside? Who is it?
You know too much already,
Is it Michael?
as of now, you're on standby.
I'll contact you
when it's time to move.
I'll have to isolate operations,
otherwise I'll be dead
before his body
hits the ground.
Don't worry.
I'll move him into position.
Just be ready.
Good luck, nikita.
We need to talk.
You're not supposed to be here.
There's a lot
I'm not supposed to do.
(Michael) How'd you get that?
I found it.
Under my bed.
Can't keep it.
Why was I chosen?
Is it because of
my relationship with you?
I can't do this
without some answers, Michael.
Do what?
I think you know.
Aren't you
supposed to be somewhere?
You don't want to
confiscate this?
If I do that
and they find out,
they'll put you in abeyance.
Is that the real reason?
I trust that
you'll take it back.
When I'm done.
Yes, George.
It's in data storage. Now?
Of course.
If you'd like,
I'll handle it personally.
Yes. Good-bye.
We need to talk.
Sit down.
I expect nothing
but the truth, nikita.
Of course.
Why did you approach Michael
on the outside?
I wanted to see him.
You knew making contact
with Michael
was a one-way ticket
back to section.
Yet you did it anyway?
I don't expect you
to understand.
I understand love, nikita.
But would I risk
my freedom for it,
knowing full well
the consequences?
I don't think so.
Then you've never
really loved before.
How did you get on to level 11?
I stole the access codes.
I wanted to talk to operations.
About what?
That's between him and me.
I wasn't allowed anywhere
near the perch
so I thought I
might catch him
on the outside.
Level 11 is off-limits.
You violated
your probationary status.
I know.
Violation is
grounds for abeyance.
So what are you going to do?
I'm sending you
back to your quarters.
Stay there until
you hear from me.
If you don't mind.
We have a problem.
Not if operations is dead.
He isn't.
Madeline came out of nowhere.
I had to stand down.
How much does she know?
She's not saying,
but she's suspicious.
Then you're gonna
have to act fast.
Just line him up
and I'll take him down.
No. No, I can't do that again.
You're gonna have
to do this on your own.
That's suicide.
Don't worry.
I'll have someone there
to protect you.
I found nikita on level 11.
What was she doing?
Following operations.
I believe she was
going to kill him.
I think someone's using her
for their own reasons.
Have you told operations?
Not yet.
I want to know more.
You want to align yourself
with the successor.
That would be
the safe way to play it.
Who do you suspect?
And you.
George wants you
in operations' chair.
Someone he thinks
he can control.
So you two are using nikita
to kill operations.
And why would I do that?
Because you'll inherit his post.
My time will come.
Oh, yes.
But the question is, when?
[Buzzer sounding]
[Phone ringing]
Don't pick it up.
What are you doing?
Stand down, nikita.
Leave, Madeline.
Ok. You do what you have to.
But there's
something you have to know
before you pull that trigger.
He killed my father.
That's just what
someone wants you
to believe.
You're lying.
Am I?
Think about your life here.
All these years,
you've had unrestricted
access to operations
while our most senior operatives
don't have
that kind of clearance.
You're gonna have to do
a lot better than that.
With all that you've done,
all the protocol
that's been broken,
you should be in abeyance
or even canceled by now.
Why do you think
you're still alive?
I was a good operative.
Then there's Michael.
What about Michael?
Despite what you might think,
operations tolerates
the relationship.
Is that what you call
tearing us apart, tolerates?
Roadblocks, nikita.
All to manage the relationship.
Operations accepts you two
because he knows one day,
Michael will take over section.
The relationship ensures
that his daughter
will be insulated.
He's your
guardian angel, nikita.
He's your father.
Are you?
You know I can't
answer that question.
Are you my father?
It all makes sense now.
Yes, it does.
Hello, George.
About that explanation,
there's no need now.
I already know.
Oh, by the way, nice try.
Sorry to keep you waiting.
But there's something
I think you should see.
(Operations) Who is he?
We're running d.N.A. Now.
So, it was this man,
not you,
who gave nikita
the order to kill me.
While I was out of the country.
I trust everything
can be accounted for?
Except for one thing.
I don't understand
how he got a weapon to her.
You think he was affiliated
with someone on the inside?
I'm certain of it.
(Madeline) Come in, nikita.
As of now,
your level 2 status
has been reinstated.
Michael will brief you
on all current situations.
You were
following orders, nikita.
I understand that now.
Is operations my father?
[Woman speaking French]
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