La Femme Nikita (1997) s04e09 Episode Script

Down a Crooked Path

[Computer beeping]
What is it, birkoff?
We have an airlock penetration
in the east portal.
Someone's inside?
Something's inside.
(Woman on intercom)
Unidentified gas
in the east portal.
Bio breach,
convert to forced O2.
(Man) Take one, quickly.
(Woman) Move! Move! Move!
[All chattering]
(Woman #2) Reconfigure it.
Invert the air vents.
[Computer beeping]
[Fans whooshing]
[Alarm blaring]
(Woman on intercom)
Inversion complete.
Bio breach contained.
Comm. Clear.
Systems clear.
Tactical clear.
Ordinance clear.
I understand, George,
but there were no casualties.
Everything was contained.
We're running down
possibilities now.
I understand, but i
I see no reason for you
George thinks
we were compromised
by the breach in security?
He's sending
a bio-med team in
to examine us all.
Starting with
department heads
and key operatives.
We have our own med-techs
who can do that.
He's afraid that what hit us
is a virus.
Similar to what
happened to section 6.
They were helpless
to do anything, so he's going
to oversee this personally.
This means his people,
under his complete control.
Should we be suspicious?
I sent him
productivity numbers
after the incident.
We're at full capacity.
What's his rationale?
He seems to think
some of us are infected
with a new strain.
Do you? No.
[Computers beeping]
P.j.k. Clean.
So is crimson storm.
Black sun?
They wouldn't attempt anything
as big as this.
Sweep them anyway.
[Keys clicking]
I'm sorry, I'm tired, uh
Move over.
[Clearing throat]
(Man on intercom) Sir? Yes.
The biotech team has arrived.
Show them to the infirmary.
Walter, you done
with that triangulator?
You ok?
Yeah, I
I don't know. Whatever it is
that blew into that airlock
it's sort of
reshuffled my deck
just a little bit.
Don't worry about it.
Oversight's sending a bio team
to examine us.
Oh, yeah? Don't worry about it.
Yeah. What if they find out
that I've been infected, huh?
What do you think
they're gonna do then?
This is not
a convalescent home, you know.
[Phone ringing]
[Sighing] I'll be right there.
They want to see me
in the infirmary.
Yeah, it's me. Fit as a fiddle.
Come in.
Why don't you just give me
a couple of aspirins
and I'll call myself
in the morning.
Lie down.
(Walter) What's that stuff?
It's a sedative.
Any particular reason
why I need that?
Our bio-probe requires
the subject to be asleep.
You may feel light-headed.
Even hallucinate.
Haven't done that in years.
[Keyboard clicking]
Don't you want to tell me
about your life?
Yes, I do.
I can't.
Were you involved
in something bad?
No, no, I'm not a criminal
or anything like that.
Ay, entonces, no entiendo.
I work at a place
that doesn't exist.
Oh, I mean, it it exists.
Sounds crazy, doesn't it? It
I i work for an organization
called section one.
All of a sudden,
out of a clear blue sky,
you come down here
and say thanks
for the good work?
What do you want me
to do, wag my tail?
If you want something from me,
just come out and say it.
Look, I just stopped by
to give
To give you a pat on the back.
I don't need a pat on the back.
I've been doing this job since
before you came to section.
And I could probably
do your job, too.
Really? Really.
One of these days you're going
to carry this "cranky old man"
act a little too far.
Oh, what then?
You won't commend me
to oversight?
So how you doing?
I'm ok. Hmm.
You look just as
beautiful as ever.
So I gather
you had a very good time
on your days off.
No, good doesn't cover it.
It transcends good,
great, excellent
On its way to splendido.
So you gonna see her again?
No, I just wanted to see her
this once.
She's got a life of her own.
But it was, uh
It was
Did you really think
you could get away with this?
Doesn't matter.
It's what they wanted.
It's called "living."
Living? Mmm.
Look it up.
It's in the dictionary.
Walter, you're
a 60-year-old teenager.
How is Walter?
I'm afraid he's been infected.
Why doesn't he respond?
The infection caused
a neural meltdown.
He was fine
when he came in here.
It's incredible, we know.
In fact,
we've never seen anything
quite like this before.
(Tech #2) We're labbing it now.
But my guess is
whatever entered his system
worked on the same principle
as a computer virus.
Deleting the neural zones.
Like an accelerated
Alzheimer's disease.
So he doesn't know who I am?
Or anyone else for that matter.
His mind has been wiped clean.
I want all bio-data on my desk
as soon as it comes in.
You'll have to get
George's permission.
As long as you're working
in my section, on my people,
you'll do as I say.
Very well.
Would you send
nikita in, please?
[Door opening]
Paul? I'm fine.
Then why are you
I just got back
from seeing how Walter's
check-up was going.
How is he?
He's a vegetable.
Seems that the attack
was considerably
more successful
than we first suspected.
Then George was right.
Yes, but how could
he have been so certain?
You think George
could have been
behind this attack?
We went to war with the man.
It's possible
this is his retribution.
Debilitation is grounds
for cancellation.
I know.
Despite all our
preventative measures,
it seems that George
has finally found a way
to get rid of us.
(Operations) once and for all.
(Tech #1) Lie still.
You may feel light-headed.
Even hallucinate.
It's very normal.
Just relax, nikita.
This will all be over very soon.
You're not in prison anymore.
The world thinks you're dead.
This is your funeral.
[Crying] No.
(Michael) Row 8, plot 30.
This is where you'll train.
This is where you'll learn.
After 2 years,
if everything goes well,
you'll work for us.
Why me?
When you attack
someone from behind,
go for the kidneys.
It disables
and they can't fight back.
Consider that your first lesson.
I don't want 'em.
I don't want lessons!
We start tomorrow morning.
5:00 A.M.
And if I don't want to?
Row 8, plot 30.
there's a removable panel
behind the blue towels.
Tell me when you've opened it.
Ok, it's open.
Pull out the unit and assemble.
Go to the window and open it.
[Gun firing]
The crime that got
section's attention,
the reason I'm here.
I didn't do it.
Well, that may be true.
But what the hell difference
does it make now?
Suppose I was framed
in the first place?
Because they wanted me here?
Yeah. Why?
[Gun firing]
No one from the outside
can understand who we are.
We fight all the time
just to stay alive.
Let's not fight
what's between us.
Let's take what we can get.
(Operations) You've heard?
They think nikita's infected.
Michael, we believe
that the virus may have
come from in-house.
We think George
might be behind it.
We don't know. Yet.
But we can't make a move
until we have a confirm.
What we do know
is that the team George sent
is doing nothing to cure us.
They're here
with another objective.
And that has something to do
with erasing our minds.
(Woman on intercom) Sir? Yes.
They want you
in the infirmary now.
Tell them I'm on my way.
Yes, sir.
We can't tip our hand. Not yet.
Michael, find out
if this is George's doing.
And then proceed accordingly.
Of course.
(Operations) What's going on?
You're being reassigned.
[Gun firing]
He was killed during the war.
he was missing in action.
We never recovered a body.
He was
an intelligence officer
in the military.
I worked through that years ago.
What I'm feeling now
has nothing to do with Paul.
No one knows about this
but you and me, and make sure
it stays that way.
Above all
Stephen is never to know
anything about this
conversation or about me.
So what's so special
about Stephen wolfe?
He's my son.
Did you like it?
The necklace is lovely.
You don't want it?
Let's not open things up again.
We're both much too busy.
[Glasses clinking]
Remember this song?
Of course.
♪♪[Music playing]
You'll never be ♪
alone again ♪♪
Uh, you can't come in here.
We're in the middle
of an examination.
How's nikita?
Not good.
And Walter?
The biotechs are doing
something to them,
aren't they?
If they are,
we have to do something,
Operations is in there.
2 bullets.
That's all you need.
What we need are answers.
It's impossible to Jack into
their mainframe.
They're running juice
off their own power cells.
That means they're not even
wired into our system.
Can you re-route their power?
Yeah, but I'd have
to do it myself.
[Keyboard clicking]
You wanted to see me?
Um, who are you?
I'm birkoff.
Seymour, yes.
We'll see you shortly.
Return to your post.
We'll call you.
You still here?
(Birkoff) Yeah.
I'm not feeling very well.
That's why we're here.
Piece of cake.
Ok, I'm in their system.
Can you identify the virus?
It's nothing.
What do you mean?
There's no real virus.
No treatment.
That's impossible.
We're all feeling something.
It's a surface bug.
It's a stimulant
to make us feel
as if we're sick.
How long does it last?
Depends on
the contamination level.
No more than 24 or 36 hours.
Then it's gone.
George needs us
to think we're sick,
so we'll submit to treatment.
This can't be right.
What is it?
It's a black directive.
(Madeline) Read it.
It's a cancellation order
with a list of names.
We're all on it.
If George wants us dead,
why the ruse?
He's ordered
a neural download first.
They're stealing our minds.
To extract our expertise.
(Madeline) George needs us
But can't risk
having us around
for fear of insurrection.
By harvesting our consciousness,
George will be able to build
a tactical library.
Once he's done,
he'll exercise
the ultimate power.
section operatives
with years of training
at the touch of a button.
Can the process be reversed?
If it's like a computer virus,
the data they mine
could be uploaded
as well as downloaded.
[Phone ringing]
I'll be right there.
You can't go.
She has to, or George
will know something's up.
We have an advantage now.
If we can block the process,
one of you can move
tactically and reverse
what they've done to us.
How? How do we stop them
from stealing our minds?
A neural-blocker was developed
shortly after the galman
mind control process
was green-lit.
A fail-safe measure
in case operations
was ever subjected
to the mind altering process.
You'll find
the chemical components
in his private data bank.
I'll give you the codes.
I think
with some modifications
it'll work.
And if it doesn't?
It has to.
(Tech #1)
how are you feeling today?
I got it.
The neural blocker
from the galman process.
Do you think operations
will believe this is all
I extracted from his computer?
We could have had a field day
with some of the file names
I saw.
The chemical breakdown?
It's all here.
Are you sure
there's nothing wrong?
Sometimes, I don't know
if I'm still strong enough
to do this.
You're probably
the strongest person
I've ever met.
I'm sorry, but he's not
going to make it.
It's just a question
of how long he stays
on life support.
Will you be
making that decision?
I already have.
I've decided
he's going to recover.
His will to live
is very strong.
Your will to save him
has to be strong, too.
I'll help you.
Go back inside,
tell your colleagues
to do the possible,
then the impossible,
and then the unthinkable
until he's out of danger.
Because when you're finished,
that room will contain
either 4 living men
or 4 corpses.
Do you understand?
[Electricity crackling]
You'll have to tell me
about yourself someday,
Someday. Get in.
Hello, mother.
I've been thinking
a lot about you lately.
About us.
You don't know who I am, do you?
I didn't think so.
After Sara died,
I made a choice.
Of course, I didn't realize
it was a choice at the time,
but it was.
I chose to be the person
you saw:
The girl who killed her sister.
And I've created my own hell
and have lived in it ever since.
[Machine buzzing]
We're still off the Mark.
Maybe the blocker only works
if it's stimulated.
Maybe we have to subject
ourselves to the process
in order for it to work.
[Phone ringing]
Don't answer it.
We have to.
We're not finished.
They want me?
Right now.
I'm not going.
You don't have a choice.
I'll finish it.
Remember the catalytic
response we're looking for
will turn this green.
What we have now won't work.
You're our only chance.
[Machine whirring]
How'd you get into section?
I killed my entire family.
I'm kidding. Just my sister.
You, me. The 2 of us.
Why not?
You're the best-looking girl
in section.
And you care about me, right?
[Chuckling] Sure, I care.
What's the problem?
I'm the little brother, right?
(Birkoff) It's called c.R.-14.
If even a small drop enters
through a pore in the skin,
death is almost instantaneous.
I may have spilled some
while I was pouring it
into the vial.
Kill them!
[Guns firing]
Oh, she's hot for the guy.
Up yours, birkoff.
Anytime, babe.
My number's in the book.
[Phone ringing]
I'm on my way.
It's me, Simone.
Don't you remember me?
You're ok now. You're safe now.
It's ok. You're safe now.
You're safe.
We're ok, so far.
When I was in there
and it started to get bad
Michael, don't.
Save your strength.
I thought I was going
to break, but I didn't.
I thought of you.
You're the only one of us
who still has a soul.
No, come from this side.
Push at the bottom. Ok?
All right.
Something's wrong.
He's red-lining.
Cut the power.
[Machine beeping]
It's not working.
Pull the plug.
What the hell?
Did you hot-wire into section?
[Gun firing]
Look, I was given orders.
So was I.
[Phone ringing]
(Tech #1) We're done.
I'm on my way.
Where's Michael?
Take him to the lab.
It's over.
Were our suspicions correct?
Will George know he failed?
I've taken care of that.
[People chattering]
Did you get my proposal
on a medang
tactical situation?
Yes, I did. Mmm-hmm.
I'm going to need
a manpower upgrade
for all of Santa Cruz.
Request granted.
And the a.D.I. Project?
As you know, I sent you
the intel report last month.
I'll see that you get it.
Thank you.
Anything else? No.
I have a few requests.
I'll forward them to you.
Do, um
Do you two have time
for a drink?
I'm afraid we're very busy.
That will be all, George.
You can go now.
[Woman speaking French]
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