La Femme Nikita (1997) s04e10 Episode Script

He Came from Four

(Man #1) Yeah!
♪♪[Music playing]
[Men hooting]
[Men chattering]
(Man #2) Oh, yeah!
Sugar! Sugar!
[Man moaning]
Hello. Uh, maybe I could be
of some assistance.
Although I've never actually
done this before,
I'll try and just
Figured you'd pick
a place like this, schtoppel.
Excuse me.
This is a business meeting.
Well, you took
your time arrivin'.
So? I'm here now.
Better be good.
Oh, it's big, love.
Very big. It's like this.
[Men hooting]
Will you look at
the talent on that one?
Mick, talk.
I hear section's still looking
for its misplaced command clone.
How do you know about that?
Which part do you mean?
The smooth pilfering
that went down
or the part about
the command program
written by oversight?
Yeah, I know about that.
It was on its way
to section one when
it disappeared.
Word has it that
it's supposed to
take over
should one of
section's big cheeses
get taken out of play.
So what?
So I know who has it,
that's what.
Go on.
I don't think you understand.
These people are very serious.
It doesn't work that way, love.
This time,
I want a meeting
with operations,
just the two of us, mano a mano.
I wanna be sure
I'll be taken care of.
Bye, Mick.
All right, hold on.
Hold on. I'll spill it.
But I need protection.
I am serious.
Hardwire security.
Bodyguards, 24-7.
The works.
So, uh, what's it gonna be?
Janis strait has it.
He's red cell.
Not a very friendly chum,
middle of the totem pole,
but very ambitious.
Where do I find him?
He's running tactical
out of one of
their substations.
Oh, no.
[People screaming]
[Gun firing]
[Guns firing]
What am I supposed to
do with this?
I don't like guns!
I don't like guns!
[Gun fires]
(Mick) A man down! Man down!
[Mick groaning]
I'm seriously injured!
I'm seriously injured.
(Dancer) Forget something?
What do you want? What, this?
[Gun cocking]
you're very talented.
You got a great future
ahead of you.
Don't do this. Don't.
[Gun fires]
Well, you took your
sweet time, didn't you?
Well, that floozy almost blew
my brains out!
Can you hold on?
I almost blew
a toe off in there.
Let's go.
[Woman speaking French]
Was nikita successful?
Yes. She has a name.
Janis strait.
He's planning on using
the command clone
to leverage his way up
the ranks of red cell.
Unless we get to him first.
But we don't do anything at all.
If we move now,
we can recover the "c" clone,
and oversight can proceed
with its beta test.
Which, if successful,
will put me out of a job.
If we don't act,
George will think
we've failed.
Either way, we're stuck
holding the short stick.
6 hours ago, we received intel
confirming the location
of our hijacked package.
The target veils itself
under the guise of
an historical society.
The cover for
a red cell substation
in antwerp.
It's in the heart of the city.
They're using
the local population
as a human shield.
Janis strait
runs the operation.
He is scheduled to rendezvous
with his superiors
in 24 hours.
We believe
it will be at this meet
that he will turn
over the package.
Michael, you and your team
are mobile as of now.
Profiles will be
ready within the hour.
We cannot lose this package.
First team, I have you moving
into position.
Sweeping the perimeter.
Wait a minute.
We have an off-profile approach.
It's a delivery Van.
Looks clean.
All teams hold,
civilian on deck.
birkoff, sweep the Van.
The Van is clean.
No match on the driver.
All the hostiles are
accounted for inside.
Where's the civilian?
he's moving off-site now.
We're clear.
commence tactical guide.
All teams forward. Move in.
First team is on site.
First team, report.
Everyone's been killed.
Janis strait?
He's dead.
What about the package?
Check the drives.
It's gone.
No, George, we haven't.
No, not yet.
No, we're running the data now.
I'm going to ignore that.
My only agenda here
is seeing that
the "c" clone is returned
and tested.
With all due respect, George,
we're handling it.
We don't need outside support.
It will only slow us down.
Of course not.
No, never
I'll make the arrangements
as soon as he comes.
George thinks we're
dragging our heels.
He thinks we intentionally
sabotaged the mission.
Did he have a course of action?
He's sending someone
to supervise the search.
He's from section 4.
When do you need it back?
What's going on?
Well, I'm just waiting
for the show to begin.
Oversight's sending in
a ringer to look over
our shoulders.
Operations is allowing this?
He has no choice.
And if I were you,
I'd find a safe place to
watch from.
This guy's on his way up.
You're at ground zero.
My name is Jerome.
From section 4.
I've come here to help.
What do you think?
I don't want to laugh.
This kid may very well be
the future of section.
Maybe. But he's still a child,
and a child can be controlled.
He's all yours.
Well, I've seen just
about everything now.
He's just a kid.
And then some.
Section 4 is telekinetics
and visual projection.
Which, in plain English, means
he's a first-class freak.
Michael, what do you know
about section 4?
It's new. Never been tested.
And we're the Guinea pigs.
It's freezing in here, isn't it?
They had a problem
in ventilation.
A rheostat shorted out.
The clock is ticking.
The longer we fail to move,
the more time
our unknown has to disappear.
We're implementing
a 2-prong attack.
I will assist Jerome.
Michael and Walter
will coordinate.
Nikita and birkoff
will continue to
search data files.
Do we have a match
for the driver?
(Operations) Birkoff.
so far, nothing.
He's a civilian.
There's no way
he's part of
an organized hit.
We've zeroed out
all known potentials
and I'm increasing
the parameters on
unknown factors.
Until the "c" clone
is isolated,
I want a copy of all results.
It will be on your desk.
From here on out,
I want updates hourly.
That's all.
(Nikita) There.
It's only a partial.
I don't have a clear shot.
What about reflective images?
I've got him in
the store window.
I've got him in
the limo parked at the curb.
Is that a bank
across the street?
If it is,
I could tap
their a.T.M. Camera.
Birkoff, how do they find
someone like Jerome?
They don't. They create him.
You mean he was a normal kid?
I highly doubt it.
Kids like Jerome
are given a series of tests.
If the numbers
are high enough,
they're put into the program.
The program?
Yeah. They become
remote projectionists.
It requires total
stimulus isolation.
In other words,
they're raised like veal.
No emotions.
No physical contact.
It makes them all brain.
(Madeline) Anything?
Not yet.
Would you like to see more?
These are fine.
Any luck?
Jerome, our window is closing.
We need answers.
I'm sorry.
Sorry is unacceptable.
Lives are at stake,
do you understand?
I'm aware.
George sent you here,
thinking you had what it took
to see this through.
Perhaps he was wrong.
I wasn't prepared.
We've been here for hours.
It doesn't work like that.
What is she doing?
Why is she treating him
like a hostile?
stop playing games, Jerome.
You have skills, we need them.
People are relying on you.
I'm doing my best.
Are you?
Yes. Then try harder.
I can't.
Yes, you can.
That's why you were sent to us.
I said I can't!
something's happening
to Madeline.
Are you all right?
I'm fine.
You should see medical.
Nikita and I will continue.
I think that would be best.
I'm not a hostile.
I'm here to help.
I know.
So let's get back to work.
You're excused.
What did Jerome do?
He got angry.
I'm sending him back.
That won't be necessary.
I can handle him.
We're getting close.
We got a name.
Jerome was successful?
How should we proceed?
Unless birkoff has something
to contradict this,
we have to move on it.
But continue your course
with Jerome.
In case we come up empty.
What are you doing here?
I'm sorry about your sister.
Get out.
Has the profile been completed?
As we expected,
the flower delivery Van
was stolen.
I'm still cross-referencing.
So far, no one
fits the parameters.
(Operations) What's the delay?
There's too many anomalies.
I can't accommodate the density.
What is he doing here?
He came up with a name. Simmons.
There's no way.
If it fit the parameters,
we would have pulled it.
You've had 24 hours.
You've come up with nothing.
Run the name.
Carl Simmons.
Sat comm expert, level 4.
Death certificate
recorded April 1st,
2 years ago.
(Nikita) Are you positive?
The guy's dead.
How many times
do you want me to run it?
Take him back to the room.
Birkoff is wrong!
Take him back.
And don't come back
without a name.
Let's go, Jerome.
I said, get back to work.
Jerome, let's go.
When you get something,
let me know.
Jerome? Jerome, no!
Your hows are
highly unnecessary.
You did say you wanted to meet.
"Mano a mano,"
I believe that's
what you called it.
Yes. Yeah, I did.
I i had a bit to drink
that evening.
That information
you gave nikita,
where did you get it?
Look, I could tell you,
but I would ruin
my reputation.
It's not your reputation
you should worry about.
I guess there's
no beating around
the old bush, is there?
Varsac. I heard it was Simmons.
Oh, and right you are. Yes.
Simmons is an alias.
Unlucky fellow had
a close encounter
with a telephone pole
a while back.
But, uh, varsac is
the bloke you're looking for.
Is there anything else
I can do for you?
I do know where
there's a cache
of smart rockets
and there's that
nasty alliance forming
in the highlands.
I'll expect a full report.
Does that mean
I'm one of your guys now?
A card-carrying member
and all that?
One of the guys?
You'll continue to
filter your intel
through nikita.
Oh, yeah.
That will work, too. Yeah.
Thank you very much,
Mr. Operations.
So I'm alive, then?
For now.
[Door opening]
[Door closing]
We have varsac in containment.
Was his identity confirmed?
We ran a d.N.A. On site.
He had this on him
when we found him.
That will be all. Thank you.
Jerome was right about Simmons.
If this leads us
to the "c" clone,
George will have succeeded.
And we're as good as dead.
(Madeline) It's quite simple.
Tell us what we want,
and this will end.
You want me to roll over
and play dead.
Now, what's the fun in that?
We're not here to have fun.
What are you doing here?
Madeline is going to fail.
She never fails.
She's been interrogating
the prisoner for over
an hour now.
She will fail.
Why would red cell
destroy one of
its own substations?
Because it wasn't red cell.
Who, then?
What is important is that
we have made ourselves known.
And the command clone?
We have it.
Where is it?
If I knew that,
they would have never
allowed me to be captured.
This is your last opportunity.
Where is the command clone?
I have all day to die.
You are the ones
that are running out of time.
[Door opening]
May I try?
This is not
your line of expertise.
He will die before telling you.
Have you ever seen
a man die before, Jerome?
Then I suggest you leave.
I would like to
experience the emotion.
Emotions are
what get children
into trouble.
I suggest you pass on this one.
You don't have the authority
to excuse me.
You may want to
check with oversight
on that.
You're threatening me.
I would never
have expected it
from a 10-year-old.
But then, you're no
ordinary child, are you?
You have no idea
what it's like to be a child.
Feeling a mother's touch.
A father putting you
on his back for a ride.
You're no child.
You're a machine.
No, please.
No, please!
Let him go.
No, please!
Let him go!
You made a big mistake, Jerome.
I know where the "c" clone is.
I told you I'd find it.
A new organization exists:
Global march.
They announced themselves
with their attack on red cell.
They have the "c" clone.
Satellite recon shows them here.
Dark approach is advisable.
No, we don't have the time.
I want you and your team
mobile within the hour.
Annihilate all hostiles
and recover the package.
As a backup, you'll take Jerome.
He broke varsac.
He gave us the location.
If we have problems on-site,
I want him there. That's all.
Who gave you
access to my office?
Why do you need all this?
You have no business in here.
Now, report to tactical.
You're holding up a mission.
Your job must be very difficult.
(Birkoff) yes, sir?
Notify Michael.
Tell him Jerome will meet him
in transport immediately.
I know what you're afraid of.
[Car horn honking]
[Kids screaming]
you have no idea
what it's like to be a child.
Feeling a mother's touch.
Father putting you on
his back for a ride.
[Kids screaming]
[Car horn blaring]
(Nikita) Jerome!
Jerome, come back here! Jerome!
[Kids chattering]
[Kids screaming]
Give me that, freak!
(Boy #1) Stop.
Jerome, stop it! Jerome!
Let him go!
You're not in trouble.
We just need to finish the job.
(Boy #2) Come on, get up.
(Boy #3) He's going fast.
Michael, what's the delay?
No delays. E.T.A. In 2 minutes.
I wanna go home.
I'm sorry, ok?
After we find the package.
I wanna go home now.
When the mission is complete.
Is this the way
you treated your son?
First team is mobile.
20 kilometers to target.
What's going on?
Someone report.
(Michael) How are you doing?
Better. Where's Jerome?
Madeline's handling it.
you've seen what he can do.
Madeline can't stop him.
He's just biding his time.
Get some rest.
[Sighing] Michael.
I have to go.
The second team has
located the "c" clone.
doesn't really want you
to retrieve it, does he?
Why not?
If it works,
he's on the endangered
species list.
"C" clone requires
a human counterpart.
Something that you
could fill quite easily.
Get some rest.
Your behavior was foolish.
You put yourself,
our operatives,
and the mission in jeopardy.
we were able to track them
when they moved.
Once we have retrieved
the "c" clone,
your assignment here
will be finished
and you will be
returned to section 4.
Is there anything
you want to tell me
before you go?
It's your choice.
No one goes in or out
without my presence.
The "c" clone.
Thank you.
Birkoff, sweep this for bugs,
then run it into my system.
What the hell?
Birkoff, what is going on?
A power surge.
I'm rerouting the bit stream
to prevent corruption.
[Alarm blaring]
We lost a transformer.
We're crashing!
Kill all non-essential
What is that, birkoff?
I don't know.
But whatever it is,
it's coming from level 3.
He's on his way here.
Go to c.N.T.
Close off all access points.
I can't.
He's taken over the mainframe.
[People chattering]
What are you doing to section?
What are you trying to do?
Get medical, now!
Jerome, that's enough.
It's not their fault.
(Nikita) Jerome,
your visit's over.
Stay back.
It's over.
Let's go back
and wait in your room.
Jerome's contact has arrived
and will meet him in transport.
We have a problem.
The "c" clone is blank.
I don't think so.
(Operations) Wait.
You find something amusing?
There never was
any "c" clone test.
I was the test.
It should have been me
you were worried about,
not some command program.
On behalf of George,
we thank you.
Until we meet again.
[Woman speaking French]
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