La Femme Nikita (1997) s04e11 Episode Script

Time to Be Heroes

Yes, George. I understand.
I'll make it
the first order of business.
George wants section 8
up and running
as soon as
the bio-containment is done.
And he wants us to handle it?
He has his reasons.
Who do you have in mind?
Michael and nikita.
If they succeed,
George may
want them there for good.
I don't see any reason
why they won't accept.
This way, Michael and nikita
can get their fix,
spending time together.
And it distances them from us.
Think of it as
some breathing room.
after all we've put
nikita through lately,
I can't help but think
they're planning
some type of retaliation.
You've trained them well.
[Gun firing]
[Woman speaking French]
3 days ago,
section 8 was destroyed
by a class "b" threat
known as crystal sky.
This is crystal sky's
first significant dent
in section's armor.
Chances are
this victory will give them
the nerve to strike again.
What's our tactical position?
Davenport will be
handling any movement.
You and nikita are
on special assignment.
George wants
section 8 operational.
Well, we have to go
outside the box on this one.
You're going to build
a team of recruits
who will eventually
replace 8's manpower.
(Operations) The new recruits
will be put
on an accelerated clock
which means they will
become full-fledged
operatives in a short time.
Claire Brooks. Neil Hudson.
We already own these 2.
They're in
long-term containment.
They're just kids.
What were you
when you came in here?
All of you?
They just haven't had a chance
to make a name for themselves.
We're picking up the others now.
Patrick donoghue,
old enough to make
a fertilizer bomb,
but not old enough
to do the time.
His friends call him Darwin,
the missing link.
Too many video games
and x-rated Internet sites.
Darwin's a volcano
waiting to explode.
Give him enough time
and enough rope,
he'll fill a morgue.
Jasmine kwong.
Orphaned at birth.
Her parents wanted a boy.
Chinese law says
one child per family.
So they sent Jasmine
to a foster home
with similarly placed girls.
Our intel confirms that she is
quietly putting
together financing
to make a major statement
about this particular segment
of Chinese policy.
And, finally, Trent hammett.
Genius-level intelligence.
Personal worth estimated
at $100 million
and only off 6 hours
of day trading.
Wall street suspects
insider trading.
Our intel implies
Trent found a better way
to beat the system.
That's it. Get them functional.
Yeah, I had an attitude
I had an attitude ♪
where the attitude now? ♪
Where the attitude now? ♪
Where the attitude now? ♪
Yeah, I had an attitude ♪
you brought it all
on yourself ♪
animals in your brain ♪
broken bottle
for your good looks ♪
so much with a plan ♪
one for the first time ♪
two for the last time ♪
three for the thrill ♪
four for a lifetime ♪
we'll just come back
to blow your mind ♪
where the attitude now? ♪
That kid is gonna
knock you down ♪
go down next round ♪
don't come back
on your next time around ♪
where the attitude now? ♪
That kid is gonna
knock you down ♪
go down next round ♪
don't come back when you're
next on your rounds ♪
Welcome to the farm.
This is where
you'll be training.
Some of you will succeed.
Some of you will not.
Those of you who graduate
will become operatives,
assigned section 8.
Isn't this the part
where somebody jumps out
and says, "surprise"?
Yeah, yeah,
where's the cameras?
Where's the cameras at?
Shut up and listen to her.
Why us?
Each one of you
possesses a specific skill.
Which we will sharpen
and utilize.
(Trent) Wait, this is for real?
Yo, you all can forget this.
And while you're
forgetting it,
get me a lawyer.
Trent, is it?
Yes, Trent.
Once you come
through those doors,
you have 2 choices.
One is compliance,
the other is self-explanatory.
(Madeline) Make no mistake.
If any of you
have any delusions
of leaving here,
I'd erase them immediately.
Who died and made you god?
[Gun clicking]
for the first time ♪
two for the last time ♪
three for the thrill ♪
four for a lifetime ♪
we'll just come back
to blow your mind ♪
where the attitude now? ♪
That kid is gonna
knock you down ♪
go down next round ♪
don't come back
on your next time around ♪
where the attitude now? ♪
That kid is gonna
knock you down ♪
no doubt next round ♪
As far as the world
is concerned,
you're all dead.
We're gonna be secret agents.
Yeah, I had an attitude
I had an attitude ♪
yeah, I had an attitude ♪♪
Uh-uh, no, see, see,
I will not room like this.
We'll all close our eyes
when you get undressed.
We promise.
Huh, excuse me,
there's been some
sort of mistake in here.
I say we crash boy, girl,
boy, girl.
Dream on.
Girls on one side,
dogs on the other.
What's up with her?
She usually this mellow,
or is she just,
like, really with the program?
Claire and I came around
at the same time,
6, 7 months ago.
It's hard to keep track
of time when you're
on the clock.
Tell you one thing, though.
You spend enough time here,
you'll act the same way.
[Buzzer buzzing]
Room service.
What you got, pops?
Form a line, single file.
What's up?
Told you Darwin had rabies.
[Darwin laughing]
No, not your sleeve.
Just, uh,
pull up your shirt.
Ah, this keeps getting
better and better.
Excuse me, uh,
just where did you plan
on sticking that there thing?
Right under the rib cage.
Let's go, cowboy.
I think Trent just
crapped his pants.
Shut up.
Come on, I'll give you
a lollipop right afterwards.
Hey, yo,
what what is that stuff?
Compound glucose chip.
(Walter) Gives a d.N.A.-Specific
thermal tag to our satellite
so that we can monitor you.
Yo, you know what he's doing?
He's jacking us
so we can't escape.
Give the man
with a bad haircut
a kewpie doll.
Forget it.
You ain't sticking
that thing in me.
1 of 2 things
is gonna enter your
body today, sweetheart.
Make that 3.
More lame ultimatums.
Don't you guys know anything
other than violence?
Or is that your
patented response
to anyone with
a mind of their own?
Hey, I'm all done here.
Everything's online.
Thank you, birkoff.
Did operations give you any idea
how long you're gonna be here?
speak for yourself,
white trash.
I don't see you
getting any action,
unless someone's planning
on blowing up a trailer park.
you can sweet-talk me
all you want, cupcake.
You're still not
getting in my pants.
I'd say we're gonna
be here a little while.
(Nikita) This is comm.
It sims what we have at section.
We use this area
for tactical command.
(Trent) Zephyr mainframe.
I didn't know these things
went into production.
What's the biggie?
It's just a computer, right?
What are you, stupid?
It's the computer, numb nuts.
Like we care about any of this.
I'm sorry. Are you bored?
When do we get to kick some ass?
When you're ready.
Any more questions?
Let's move on to ordinance.
[Darwin coughing]
Ok, listen up. Weapons 101.
What I have here is a steyr aug.
508mm barrel
with a flash suppressor.
Monster hardware, blondie.
Do you mind?
6-groove rifling.
650 rounds a minute,
with a built-in
1.4-times optical sight
that can be converted
to electro-optical.
[Gun firing]
I can see you've
done this before.
Thank you.
Only in a video game.
How's the Joe?
It blows.
Yeah, figures.
This place is turning out
to be a big-time downer.
Yeah, tell me about it.
You know,
you'd figure the blonde
would be down for some partying.
She's obviously been neutered.
A real Joan of arc wannabe.
You know, 10 to 1,
she has a pocket rocket
made by Smith & Wesson.
And that Michael.
That man is in
thundering need
of an attitude adjustment.
Get him laid, you know?
At least he'd crack a smile.
I can't even hear
what he's saying
half the time,
you know?
[Mimicking Michael]
"Pass the sugar."
[Both laughing]
Mind if I have a look?
Where'd you get that?
I stole it from ordinance.
Trying to make
a fashion statement?
You heard the relic.
We're all satellite-tagged.
I'd like to buy
another vowel, please.
Think Superman.
You're gonna fly out of here?
Ok, it's like
Superman can see through
everything but lead, right?
What do you think
that's made of?
We're talking lead plus.
So, the minute I put that on,
I'm off their satellite scope.
All right,
you got the wares down,
but how you plan to bail?
South portal.
I checked it
on the schematics.
It's sealed.
I have the key code.
You'd be surprised
what you pick up
when you keep quiet
and pay attention.
Girl, you're crazy.
They're gonna kill you.
Only if they catch me.
(Nikita) Michael,
what's happening here?
What do you mean?
Why the time pressure
to make these kids operative?
Operations is
planning something,
isn't he?
I don't know.
Well, if this is for real,
we're gonna be here forever.
Is this so bad?
♪♪[Music playing]
Do you mind?
Yo, gweilo!
Yeah, you! Rebel without a clue.
♪♪[Music continues]
Bite me.
Whip it out!
[All chattering]
(Trent) kick his ass!
Kick his ass!
Kick his ass!
Kick his ass!
how many times do I have to
tell you to stop fighting?
What would nikita say
if she saw you right now?
What would she say?
You guys don't listen.
Come on. Come on.
What's going on? Ask her.
She's the one that wigged
and went Jackie chan on me.
He plays that hillbilly,
head-banger crap 24-7.
All I did was ask him
to turn it down!
Who are you calling
an in-breeder, egg roll?
Keep the volume down.
Yes, ma'am.
Where's Claire?
Claire was here a minute ago.
[Buzzer buzzing]
Where is she?
Look, just calm it down,
all right?
I'll tell you, but you got
to promise not to kill her.
Where is she?
She's headed for
the south portal.
She's not on our thermo.
She found a way to beat it.
Stay interior.
I'll take the outer layer.
(Nikita) Claire!
I want to go home.
I'm sorry, you can't.
It's impossible.
I'm sorry.
I'm scared.
[Claire sobbing]
I know.
You were the only one that knew.
All right, I told Michael,
but I had no choice.
You could've kept
your mouth shut.
On top, just where I want you.
The man was about to put
a major damper on Neil's life.
What would you have done?
I would have kept my mouth shut.
Trent, Claire, you're up.
Trent, offense. Claire, defense.
Watch this.
She's gonna go postal on him.
Trent, engage!
Look for the blind spot.
(Trent) Ok, ok, enough.
We're on the same team.
Hello, Michael.
How's the training going?
I'm sorry to hear that.
Our clock has been moved up.
I'm going to need you to go
into the field in 2 days.
Details will be uploaded to
your panels within the hour.
These kids are not
ready for fieldwork.
We have no choice.
Section manpower is low.
Birkoff will assist you
with tactical in section.
That's all.
All you did was
prolong the inevitable.
What are you talking about?
A day, a week,
it doesn't matter.
None of us are
getting out of here alive.
(Michael) We have a mission.
There's a briefing in one hour.
Preliminary intel indicates
crystal sky's base of operations
to be within this perimeter
an area approximately
10 square kilometers.
Off road. Natural cover.
Our objective is field recon.
Layer identification.
Intelligence gathering only.
It's a catholic schoolgirl
on a Saturday night.
Everything will be sent
to section one
for analysis and procedure.
Oh, oh.
Sir, um,
are we gonna get
to kill some people?
Ok, Trent will be
handling field comm.
you'll be recon leader.
will be our weapons
and ordinance specialist.
Further details
are on your panels.
That's all.
Do you think they'll make it?
What I'm about to tell you
is level-one classified
which means your panels
will not be loaded.
What you need to know
will be said here.
The details of nikita
and Michael's mission
have been leaked to crystal sky.
I want 2-man shadow teams.
Wide coverage.
Davenport will have point.
Once crystal sky
surfaces to engage,
Davenport will move his team in
and eliminate the faction,
except for their leader,
doc leshom.
He will be returned
to section one
for interrogation.
Davenport, prepare your team.
Who died?
(Birkoff) Michael and nikita.
They're about to walk
into a firing squad.
I don't understand.
Operations is using
Michael and nikita's
team as bait
to smoke out crystal sky.
Are you sure?
I just came from systems.
Davenport's team
is using them
as a trojan horse.
Then we have to contact them.
I already tried.
They're already
under dark cover.
Operations is
monitoring tactical.
So there's no way
to even get them a message.
It's game day, boys and girls!
Check it out. I am ferocious
and ready to kick ass.
I'd go easy on
the covergirl if I were you.
Don't get too close to my fire.
(Darwin) You might get burned.
I need a perimeter sweep.
I have you entering
the target zone.
Perimeter is clean.
(Michael) falling to first Mark.
Good luck.
Stay on b channel.
Weapons on safety.
If you see anything
you think is hot,
tell myself or Michael.
You're good to go.
Let's go.
1st team is moving in.
2nd team, stand by.
Stand by acknowledged.
[Train horn blowing]
What are you doing?
You heard what nikita said.
Weapons on safety.
Be prepared.
Yeah, like you were ever
a boy scout.
No, but I used to
kick their asses
all the time.
Birkoff, what does
your sat thermo say?
Thermo is cold.
perimeter remains clean.
He's lying.
We're bait. Move them back.
[Men yelling]
Move back!
[Machine guns firing]
[Men groaning]
(Birkoff) 1st team has engaged.
2nd team, move in.
[Gunfire continues]
Let him go!
Shoot him!
[Guns firing]
[Trent grunting]
Michael, are you all right?
2nd team,
has target been acquired?
we have 70% containment.
Visual on target.
[Guns firing]
2nd team has
obtained doc leshom.
Target en route.
Request permission
to go after
Michael and nikita.
Denied. Target is priority.
Michael and nikita
are collateral damage.
2nd team,
return with target.
That's all.
Take him away.
90% containment.
That means we still have
a crystal sky problem.
The fracture in doc
leshom's abduction
permanently damages
their situation.
But as long as they have
2 of our key operatives
they still remain a threat.
What happened
to Michael and nikita's team?
I suspect they're either dead
or on the run.
[Trent groaning]
One entry point? Is that it?
Yeah, lucky me,
only got shot once.
What do you mean, "is that it?"
It had better not mess up
my tattoo in there!
The bullet went right through.
I can staple it.
Give me your med pack!
Ok, wait. Staple?
What are you
talking about, girl?
Yo, this is my arm.
This ain't a piece of plywood!
You got a better idea?
(Claire) You guys, where's Neil?
[Trent groaning]
Where's Neil?
He's dead. How do you know?
Did you see him go down?
Jasmine, what happened?
Everything happened so fast.
There was this guy. He just
came out of nowhere.
I I just froze up, ok?
I froze up.
I froze.
(Trent) Don't worry.
You'll be joining Neil soon.
We're all dead.
It's just a matter of time.
We didn't back up
Michael and nikita.
We screwed up big time, yo.
You think section's gonna
give us another chance?
He's right.
We have to make a run for it.
They'll find us.
Hey, we are dead either way!
Not if we find
Michael and nikita.
You're crazy, ok? The 4 of us?
Why not?
Because Michael and nikita
are probably dead already.
Look, look, we don't
know that, all right?
Well, just think about it, ok?
If we could
bring them back alive
we might be able
to buy ourselves some time.
Why do you even care
about these people?
They were just trying
to do their jobs, ok?
We failed at doing ours.
Give me a break.
If Michael and nikita
hadn't covered our retreat,
we'd all be dead.
And they saved our lives
more than once.
He's right.
If we're gonna die,
let's go down
doing something right
for a change.
Spare us the half-time speeches.
See you in hell.
You really want
to die, don't you?
Maybe I just want to feel
like I didn't waste
19 years, all right?
We can do something
no one expects from us.
What's that?
(Jasmine) Trent, get to work.
(Operations) What is it?
I found the farm team.
Only 4 thermals.
One must be down.
26 kilometers west
of the target zone.
Have Davenport
assemble his team.
Why haven't they killed us yet?
They're gonna trade us off
for leshom.
How do you know?
It's the only leverage
we've got.
Birkoff will download
the thermos to your panels.
How do you want it handled?
The farm team's been exposed.
Take them out of play.
What is it?
We just received a communique
from crystal sky.
They want to make a trade.
Nikita and Michael
for doc leshom.
No deal.
Hey, guys,
I think I got something.
I jacked into
section's satellite.
Crystal sky was heading east
right before they went offline.
Over here is mostly farmland.
It's barren.
But look at that. Look there.
Over here,
strong electrical usage.
They got to be here.
I'm sure of it.
Sweet, the man's a bloodhound.
I figure 10 to 1. That's dicey.
Just the way I like it.
Let's get radical.
They're on the move.
Don't lose them.
Operations passed on their deal.
♪♪[Industrial music playing]
[Gun cocks]
[Both grunting]
[Machine guns firing]
Don't look so surprised.
This way.
[Guns cocking]
I have my orders, Michael.
Not anymore.
♪♪[Industrial music playing]
George wanted to
smoke out doc leshom.
I'm afraid it
couldn't have been done
without giving crystal sky
a false sense of victory.
Section 8.
(Operations) Yes.
Oversight was planning
to shut it down.
I used it to our advantage.
Why didn't you use
abeyance operatives
instead of recruits?
Even abeyance operatives
were too valued for
this type of mission.
no one gives a damn
about these kids,
not even god.
what will happen to them now?
They show potential.
I'm sending them
back to the farm
under new supervision.
They'll train as recruits
and execute no-contest missions.
Now, this is more like it.
One day, if they survive,
they'll join section
as operatives.
What's a no-contest mission?
Any operation with less
than a 5% success rate.
Suicide missions?
Yeah, I had an attitude
I had an attitude ♪
where the attitude now? ♪
Where the attitude now? ♪
Where the attitude now? ♪
Yeah, I had an attitude ♪
you brought it all
on yourself ♪
Good luck.
Animals in your brain ♪
broken bottle
for your good looks ♪♪
[Woman speaking French]
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