La Femme Nikita (1997) s04e12 Episode Script

Hell Hath No Fury

Take him to processing
with the others.
He's dead.
That's his problem.
[Door squealing]
[Door slams shut]
No hostiles unaccounted for?
That's everyone.
There'll be a debrief
in 30 minutes.
We've hit 4 red cell
substations in 10 days
and still no sign of the man
you're looking for.
If this mission
doesn't yield results
We'll hit 4 more.
(Computer voice) Entry clear.
you're looking for me.
I am Leon.
Step into the light.
You would have discovered it
soon enough.
Maybe this way
we can save us all some
unnecessary discomfort.
After all these years,
I would never have taken you
for a man who prefers
things comfortable.
[Electricity surges]
Is that all he said to you?
He lied.
You are aware of
the significance of that lie.
It means one of the men
in that room is Leon.
I've got him.
[Woman speaking French]
You've been at it for hours.
How about a break?
I said, how about a break?
No. I'm fine.
Is that according
to your professional opinion?
I found him.
I've been studying visual cues
and body language.
There. Did you see that?
Watch that man there.
Watch his eyes.
That's Leon.
How can you be sure?
I've reviewed more than
8 hours of data.
Virtually no one in this room
makes a move
without a reference to him.
Even the physical space
that they keep
between themselves and him.
I'm sure of it.
Yes, I can see that.
But the question is,
can I be sure of you?
Extracting Leon
will have serious impact
on red cell operations.
The amount of knowledge that
he carries inside his head
I'm aware of the man's
potential significance.
That's why I won't risk
making any mistakes.
This isn't a mistake.
Well, then you won't object
if we wait for confirmation.
We have reason to believe
that this man might be Leon
code name for red cell's
chief strategist.
We need to confirm this
before we proceed.
(Operations) Birkoff.
Um, over the last 18 months,
red cell has been transitioning
their security coding
from a complex cipher
to a gene-coded matrix.
As you know,
section has abandoned
gene coding
more than 4 years ago.
The knowledge base
regarding this technology
is extensive.
I've narrowed down
the 3 most likely
routes of communication
between red cell command
and Leon.
If we could intercept
a gene-coded communique
marked for Leon
We will be able to
confirm or eliminate.
We'll send out 3 teams.
Michael will lead Alpha.
Birkoff will upload your panels.
(Nikita) Michael, do you think
we've been fully briefed
on this mission?
Seems clear that Madeline's
already identified Leon.
If that's true, then operations
is using us to second-guess her.
He needs to make sure.
I don't know.
Something I've
never seen in her.
Whatever it is, it's not
just about capturing Leon.
It's personal.
[Door closing]
hey, amigo.
Everything ok with you?
You seemed distracted.
Is somethin' on your mind?
You're the guy who makes
the life and death decisions
about other people's lives.
I thought you had
all the answers.
I tried to tell you
to let this thing slide.
But, no. You had to push it.
And you found out.
Yes, you've got a twin brother.
Yes, he's free and you're not.
And I'm the one
that made the call.
But that's the way
the cookie crumbled.
And then he got the cookie,
and I got the crumbs.
Let it go.
Like you let him go?
[Intercom beeping]
(Man on intercom)
First team returning
through west air lock, sir.
What do you got?
It's a directive for Leon.
Priority level 1.
And it's gene-coded.
That won't be necessary.
Professional courtesy?
[Door slams shut]
A temporary reprieve.
And them?
If I need them.
The results of their work
won't be temporary.
I know who you are.
But it seems as if
my superiors feel
they need confirmation.
It's hard to imagine,
looking at you
that you have any superiors.
It would simplify things
if you did this yourself.
You've intercepted
a gene-coded transmission.
All's fair, as they say.
It's positive.
Bring the prisoner
to containment.
15 minutes.
(Man on intercom)
The prisoner is
ready for you.
I'll be right down.
[Machine whirring]
(Madeline) No.
Get out.
[Door opening]
[Door slams shut]
You catch more flies
with honey. Is that it?
It would be a shame to damage
such a prize package
I'll take that as a compliment.
It was meant as one.
You do understand
what's expected of me?
If I am who you think I am,
you also understand
what's expected of me.
You think you can break me.
With the threat of pain, no.
I'm sure you're quite able
to turn away from that.
How then?
Reason. Rationality.
We know each other too well
to continue playing
past the end game.
Is this the end game?
I think you know that it is.
Then you think you've won.
You're in the chair.
Sitting or standing,
you seem to be
answering my questions.
I gather that this fellow Leon
has been a formidable adversary.
Something, given
your obvious intelligence
you're not accustomed to.
I'd imagine a woman like you
would find that stimulating.
And given how lovely you are,
I can only regret
that I'm not him.
The gene code was positive.
Your Leon would think of that,
wouldn't he?
He's also smart enough
to play it
just the way you're playing it.
So where does that leave us?
[Intercom beeping]
(Operations on intercom)
Madeline, my office.
I hope this isn't on my account.
Before you die,
you'll tell me
what I want to know.
It's up to you
how you want to spend that time.
[Door opening]
Dinner for two might be nice.
The man will not respond
to conventional methods.
It's not even worth trying.
He doesn't appear
to be responding
to your unconventional ones.
You agreed to
let me handle this.
He's playing with you,
and he appears to be winning.
Of course. That's what
he needs to believe.
I told you I understand him.
He'll become overconfident.
He'll blunder.
We've already
damaged red cell considerably
by taking him out of play.
It's clear he's not going
to give up any information.
He's outlived his usefulness.
You're not being fair.
We agreed this would take time.
I want this finished.
I want the interrogation disk
as soon as
you've transferred the data.
I'm working on it now.
[Computer beeping]
What is that?
I don't know.
I don't wanna know.
It looks like an incision.
And a fresh one at that.
Uh, hey, birkoff,
it's about this whole mess.
You know, your brother and all
It's all right.
I understand. It's over.
I have to get this
to operations.
[Car approaching]
Be good.
(Naomi) Tonight. 5:30?
You know I have
a meeting at 5:00.
So how is the merger
coming along?
No. They'll close.
We just have to sweat it out
until they do.
It's them against us.
You just have to
outlast the other guy.
Well, you're good at that.
You're good at
a lot of things.
Sometimes I wish
somebody would make
my decisions for me.
Be a hell of a lot
easier that way.
Cream or sugar?
(Leon) No, thank you.
I've always been curious.
Your attempt to intercept us
in Khartoum failed.
And yet we know
you had lead-time.
The airport there is hell.
Nothing but delays.
It was the same in Juba.
Given your failure to intercede,
it's likely
a geographical issue.
No substations in that area?
What would you like me to say?
[Madeline laughs]
That given the frequencies
you use to transmit,
the lag time involved,
that the Algiers substation
is your headquarters.
I could tell you that.
Would that please you?
Your appreciation
and your confirmation
would please me.
What I think you'd
like me to say is that,
like you,
the best days of Leon's life
over the last 6 years
have been those where
you and he went toe-to-toe
sparring across continents.
Each one trying to outthink,
and outmaneuver
an equally matched opponent.
Those days,
when he could almost taste
the sweat on your brow.
Is that true?
You know that it is.
And Algiers?
Is not our central link.
[Madeline laughs]
(Madeline) Now watch. Here.
When I touch his hand,
you get a sharp rise.
He's reacting to me.
(Madeline) and Algiers?
Is not our central link.
(Madeline) He's lying.
You can tell by
comparative reaction.
No margin for error?
I've compiled the data
a dozen times using variables.
I'm positive.
You're emotionally involved.
Did you figure in that variable?
Of course.
Algiers is their substation.
I'll schedule a briefing.
What would you like me to say?
Alpha team, approach and hold.
They're shielded
from our I.R. Scans.
No readings from inside.
Exterior anomalies?
None. The perimeter is clean.
You're go to proceed, Michael.
Alpha team, go to proceed.
(Man on radio)
Alpha team leader.
No hostiles on premises.
Looks like we caught a bad one.
Hold position.
[All screaming]
Michael, status?
Anticipate a 70% loss.
It was a trap.
I'll adjust
my numbers accordingly.
Kill him.
I still believe he's
What you believe
is no longer a factor.
Cancel him.
You could just shoot me.
This is much more painful.
I wouldn't have imagined
you'd be a sore loser.
You used me.
Nothing you wouldn't have done
if the situation were reversed.
[Ecg machine beeping]
I suppose this means
we're not going to
have that dinner.
[Ecg machine beeping rapidly]
Your eyes are really quite
[Ecg machining flat lining]
[Ecg machine beeping]
I imagine you put yourself
at considerable risk
bringing me here.
Why is that?
The show you put on.
The lethal injection.
I gather I was supposed
to wake up in
Well, somewhere else.
If operations
finds out about this
I made a judgment call.
I believe I am more aware
of your value to us than he is.
I'm also aware
that using
a heavy-handed approach
to mining that value
is out of the question.
We're quite a pair,
the two of us.
We may play for different teams,
stand on opposite
sides of the field,
but at the end of the day,
we have more in common
with each other
than we do
with any of our teammates.
Maybe you're just playing
for the wrong team.
We've known each other
far too long
to believe something
like that, Madeline.
Teams. Sides.
You'd do as well on my team
as I'd do on yours.
For us,
it's the thrill of the game
that makes the heart pound.
You may not know me
as well as you think.
I know you, Madeline,
maybe better than anyone else.
I know how you have to
live inside yourself.
Isolate yourself.
Because mentally
and emotionally,
you have no equals here.
How, more often than not,
you have to compromise
your thinking
just to be understood.
How you long for someone
with the capacity
to meet you where you live.
On your level.
A day,
even a moment,
when you don't have to
feel so alone.
You're not alone, Madeline.
Michael, the guy's not dead.
You saw it?
I found a sample of
the intravenous fluid she used
as the lethal injection.
It's copamine.
It'll lower body response
to produce a flat line,
but it is not fatal.
What do you think
about this, Michael?
The incision suggests
a post-thalamic inversion.
Who the hell would risk that?
It's almost damn near 95% fatal.
Red cell?
What is it?
(Walter) Oh, p.T.I.
It went out with lobotomies
and hacksaws.
It's supposed to stimulate
the emotional center
of the brain.
You know, love, hate.
That kind of stuff.
If red cell could make her
fall in love with him
She has to be reported.
Walter. Hmm?
I saw him.
You saw who?
My brother, Jason.
No, that that's crazy.
No. If they get wind of this
It was like
looking into a mirror.
No, listen to me no.
No matter how long
you've been in here,
at least you know
where you came from.
You know who you are.
Do you have any idea
what it felt like to
Knowing that I'm
a part of something,
Make that connection?
How many times
do I have to tell you? Hmm?
You know about
the rules of contact
in this place.
You know that if they even get
the slightest sniff of this,
you are dead and gone.
I know.
I just had to see him once.
It's over?
Madeline hasn't
been compromised.
She submitted
to the procedure voluntarily.
To get him to believe
that she's in love with him.
He's too formidable an opponent
to try and get him
to believe anything.
She is in love with him.
He'll try to
take advantage of that.
We're counting on it.
That all?
A woman in love may prove to be
a more formidable opponent
than the one she loves.
you know, you really
almost convinced me.
I don't understand.
Oh, I think you do, Madeline.
First you save my life.
And when we made love
When we made love,
I could almost believe it.
But that's what
you wanted, isn't it?
For me to believe it.
I was so smart
about how to seduce you,
yet you were
in the lead all along.
Checkmate. The game is yours.
This isn't a game.
It may have started that way.
What will it take
for you to believe me?
What if I could get you out?
I've been reviewing
the monthly inventory
on birkoff's report.
There are
a number of discrepancies
on your inventory
that haven't been reconciled.
What kind of discrepancies?
You're aware that checking out
unauthorized equipment
is grounds for cancellation.
There must be some problem
with the math. That's all.
Then I suggest you correct it.
Within the hour.
Birkoff has the figures.
I'm on it.
Do you believe
what operations said?
He has no reason to lie.
Is that all love is, Michael?
Synapses in the brain,
proper conditioning?
I don't know.
Or you don't want to know.
She may feel something
for this man.
It may even resemble love.
But I can't believe
that's all there is to it.
They can't trace our movements?
I've deleted you
from the subsystem entirely.
My indicators
have me in my office.
The downside of relying
on technology.
This is it.
I need a security team
to transport.
This wasn't part of the profile.
I'm not on profile.
Think about what
you're doing, Madeline.
Remember the mission.
We discussed the possibility
of things going too far.
You let your emotions
get in the way.
You have to remember your job.
My job.
I'm sorry, Paul.
But there's more
to my life now than my job.
My resignation.
[Siren wailing]
We have a prize package here.
See that it receives
special handling.
The electric chair
was imported
from the United States.
It seems they, like you,
have opted
for a more civilized
form of death.
A shame, really.
There's sort of
a primitive beauty
about the old ways.
I think we're past this now,
don't you think?
I don't think
you understand how I feel.
How you feel, Madeline?
Madeline, after all these years,
to accuse you
of having feelings?
Even I wouldn't stoop that low.
I would have told you anything.
All you have to do is ask.
I love you.
All right.
Let's talk then.
Real bullets?
Getting hit wasn't
part of the profile.
As far as Madeline is concerned,
given her feelings
for this man,
there is no profile.
Once she'd had the operation,
the rest was improvisation.
I've got a location
on Madeline's
secondary field locator.
Upload the data.
I want a storm team mobilized
in 15 minutes.
So for love,
Madeline becomes
your Judas goat.
Does she know they've
implanted a second locator?
14 minutes, nikita.
I'll be on point.
You're aware that they'll
track me through my implant.
They're most likely
already on their way.
It's a known frequency.
It's been phase canceled.
There's another one.
She's wearing an implant.
There's no time to vacate.
We're on hot standby as of now.
I'm picking up
no sign of movement.
Because they don't want you to.
I want everyone on tactical.
[Guns firing]
If you're thinking of
using me to protect
I know that killing me
is more important to them
than you are.
But if there's
a way out of this,
I want you with me.
[Guns continue firing]
They'll have us on thermal.
Is there another way
out of this room?
[Man groaning]
(Michael) Drop the gun.
Are you sure you're
willing to die for him?
[Gun firing] [Grunting]
Oh, you didn't have to kill him.
You didn't have to kill him.
(Madeline) I'm so sorry.
Get her out of here.
I'm so sorry.
I love you so much.
We have to go.
[Madeline crying]
You didn't have to kill him.
We could have used him.
I'm sorry.
How could you know?
How could you know how I feel?
How could you know how I feel?
I'm so sorry.
Why did you have to kill him?
We could have used him.
It's over.
(Madeline) 100% containment.
We've downloaded their databases
and cleaned their hard drives.
Birkoff is processing
the data now.
In the end,
worth the chances we took.
You took.
We were both at risk.
That bullet
really did come close.
Did you think I'd lost control?
You survived the reversal.
Any side effects?
Lingering feelings?
I feel quite well.
Have you seen my recommendation
for the crystal sky project?
[Woman speaking French]
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