La Femme Nikita (1997) s04e13 Episode Script

Kiss the Past Goodbye

[Children shouting]
(Elena) Come on, Adam!
(Adam) I'm over here!
[Children cheering]
[Woman speaking French]
Michael, how was your downtime?
You're welcome.
Nice chatting with you.
[Computers beeping]
Recycle this,
then send it to data.
Just a sec.
I just got to
finish downloading this.
You're finished.
I need a complete background
on this guy.
Just do it.
This is mierta Lupo,
daninsky's replacement
in the Vaduz region.
Some of her business associates
include a number of
high-profile factions:
Pan-African militia,
cobra army, and white Liberty.
We believe
the hardware being trafficked
is coming from
a reserve arsenal,
the location of which
has not yet been ascertained.
Lupo's getaway retreat,
the remote mountain chateau
on the outskirts of zermatt.
She's arriving tonight
for a weekend tryst
with her current companion.
We need to extract her
and return her
for interrogation.
Any encumbrance on site?
We've taken certain
steps to make sure
that she's properly distracted.
Her companion's a plant?
Valentine op. Deep cover.
He's been working her
for months.
We prep in 6 hours. That's all.
What have you got?
I'm running that photo through
every disclosure program
in the system,
and it still came up empty.
I realize this is taking
longer than expected,
but the man
is a complete cipher.
It's almost as though
he didn't exist.
Give me the chip.
[Computer beeps]
Michael, we're in full prep.
Thank you.
[Crickets chirping]
[Gun fires]
[Gun fires]
Hurry. The champagne
is getting warm.
Valentine op. Deep cover.
He's been working her
for months.
If only you could've given me
another 10 minutes.
Why was corliss assigned
to Elena and Adam?
It's for their own protection.
Ever since Elena's father
was murdered,
the remnants of
his terrorist organization
have been looking
for his betrayer.
Intel has it
that suspicion
has fallen on Elena.
Corliss was laid into her life
as our eyes and ears.
That's what you need to know.
Stay out of it, Michael,
if you care about the welfare
of Elena and Adam.
And you do?
She's all yours.
Thank you.
[Door shuts]
We need to talk.
What is your profile?
My profile?
With Elena and Adam.
Michael, you know better
than to ask me that.
I'm asking.
Look, I know how you must feel.
Pulling back from
a 7-year blood cover
can't be easy,
especially when
a child's involved.
For me, this is
just another short-termer,
nothing personal.
I know.
I've seen your work.
You got to stay detached,
It's the only way
to do this job.
Michael, I realize
she's been through hell
but I can tell you this much.
I'll watch out for them
just the way you did.
Elena's father has been dead
for over a year
yet his fingerprints
are all over
these embassy attacks.
Whoever's rebuilt
his organization
has got to be flushed out
before he strikes again.
Where are we with his brother,
Stefan vacek?
I've worked up some numbers.
There's a 78% chance
he's our prime candidate.
How close are we to a confirm?
Given our preliminary intel,
the information
we leaked has been
productively channeled.
So as far as
the terrorist world
is concerned
Elena set up her father's death.
It's just a matter of time
before someone
comes out of the cold
to pay her back in spades.
And it's up to you to be there
when it happens.
Sir, about Michael.
He wanted to know my profile.
What did you tell him?
That I have a job to do,
nothing to get
emotional about.
Then do your job, corliss.
We'll attend to Michael.
I have something for you.
(Adam) What is it?
Cover your eyes.
And open 'em.
It's the same make the pros use.
Not in the house.
Adam, you forgot
to say something.
Thank you, Robert.
You and your gifts.
I think you're determined
to spoil that boy.
They say the fastest way
to a mother's heart
is through her child.
What do you say
the 3 of us get away
for the weekend?
I know this spot
by the lake where
I'm sorry, Robert.
Adam's staying
at a friend's house,
and I'm having
company for dinner
on Saturday night.
My uncle Stefan's
visiting from overseas.
Really? You never
told me about him.
I haven't seen him
since I was a little girl.
He was also
estranged from my father.
And he just called you
out of the blue?
It was a nice surprise.
My uncle's a diplomat.
Diplomat? Sounds fascinating.
I'd love to meet him.
Elena, did I say
something wrong?
Then what is it?
I don't know, uh.
I guess I'm just old-fashioned.
And introducing
someone to your family
is a big step.
I'm sorry for being so bold.
I only thought that
Please, don't be offended.
I'm just not ready
It's imperative
you make that dinner.
We have intel that suggest
another bombing strike
is imminent.
This time in trabzon.
If Stefan vacek has taken over
the family business,
I want hard confirmation, now.
It's still 2 days off.
I'm sure I can persuade her
to change her mind.
Then see to it.
It might be wise
to tread delicately
with Elena.
If corliss presses any harder,
she could grow suspicious.
If he doesn't,
we lose our inside track.
We may have to stimulate
Elena's comfort level
by introducing a 3rd party
to the scenario.
Someone Elena trusts,
who can act as a bridge
between her and corliss.
Any suggestions?
I can't tell you
how wonderful it is
to see you again, nikita.
I'm so sorry
I haven't called sooner.
I've been out of the country.
It's best you didn't.
For months I used to let
the phone ring and ring.
Just staring at it like
it was a lifeline I couldn't
bring myself to reach for.
Well, I'm I'm glad
you finally did.
I had to, for Adam's sake.
It took me a while
to forgive myself.
If I hadn't been so desperate
to see my father,
Michael would never have
brought him to the hospital.
Elena, you were so sick,
none of us thought
you were going to make it.
I made it all right.
Only to see my husband
and my father
murdered by assassins.
But, um, things are better now.
In fact, there's someone
I've been seeing.
Is it serious?
It could be.
So are you going to
tell me all about him?
His name's Robert.
We met a few months ago
at the market.
He's tender, and thoughtful,
and patient with me.
And he loves children.
He's been so good to Adam,
so gentle and understanding.
The perfect father figure.
That's wonderful.
In so many ways,
he reminds me of Michael.
Thank you for coming, Michael.
We're bringing you in on
corliss' assignment
as a consultant.
We need you to help him
get close to Elena.
We're working
on an accelerated clock here.
She's having
this dinner tonight,
and he needs to attend.
We need you to
Help him win Elena's trust
so she'll invite him.
You have a history with her,
Maybe you could
give him some advice
on what to say or do
to break down her resistance.
Send him to my office.
Thank you.
I'm afraid I might have
blown it with Robert.
Well, what do you mean?
A relative is coming to dinner
and Robert seemed
so eager to join us.
You turned him down?
Uncle Stefan's
my father's brother.
Outside of Adam,
he's the only family
I have left.
Introducing him to Robert
would mean accepting
our relationship had moved
to a deeper,
more intimate level.
Sounds to me
like it already has.
Or, at least,
that's what you want.
Elena, it's ok for you
to get on with your life.
It's ok to be in love again.
It's what Michael would want.
Madeline said
you'd be ok with this.
If it's any consolation to you
Elena and Adam
mean nothing to me.
I've been working the kid angle.
I just don't know
that it's enough.
I've been
playing surrogate,
the new dad in his life,
and he thinks I'm the greatest.
Still, I don't seem
to be able to close
the deal with mom.
What's the trick, Michael?
You know her better than anyone.
How do I get around
those walls inside her?
[Cell phone ringing]
Excuse me.
Oh, hi.
No, it's ok.
In fact, I'm glad you called.
Yes, I'm still free tonight.
Well, of course I would.
I'd be happy to have dinner
with you and your uncle.
See you then. Me, too.
Looks like nikita did the job.
Thanks for your help, Michael.
if something happens
to Elena and Adam
on your watch,
I'll kill you.
[Door shuts]
I was just about to leave.
I'm running surveillance
on Elena's dinner.
Using her as bait.
Until we have confirmation
that Stefan is running
his brother's organization,
yeah, she's in play.
What did you expect?
It's the same way
you brought down her father.
For what it's worth,
Elena and Adam's welfare
is my primary concern.
If our intel is correct,
and Stefan smells a trap,
they'll be dead by dessert.
[Stefan laughing]
A charming child, Elena.
He reminds me of your father
when he was Adam's age.
It will be a joy
to get to know my nephew.
I'd like that very much.
I know how close
you were to your father.
It must have been
very difficult for you.
(Elena) Yes.
If it weren't for Adam,
I don't know how I would have
gotten through it.
And financially,
how are you doing?
We're fine.
Yes, your father's estate
was quite considerable.
At least
he left you something,
a future for your son.
my husband invested well.
Adam could have had
his grandfather
and his future.
Well, enough of the past.
To a future
filled with happiness,
Serenity, and, uh,
and, most of all, love. Huh?
Thank you, uncle Stefan.
[Glasses clinking]
No, thank you
for a wonderful evening.
I'm only sorry that I couldn't
stay any longer.
Adam will be back tomorrow.
Maybe we could all visit you
at the consulate.
uh, well, unfortunately,
I have to leave the country
tomorrow night.
Traveling home?
No, i i have some business
to attend to first.
(Stefan) Thank you.
[Keys clinking]
Oh, here, let me.
Thank you.
You take good care
of my niece, young man.
Thank you, sir. I will.
[Crickets chirping]
Let's go.
[Car engine starts]
Ok, we've got a follow on vacek.
Shadow teams, move in.
I think he gave us his blessing.
I think he did.
I always figured I've got
what it takes to be
a Valentine's op.
Why's that?
Oh, you know,
looks, brains, savoir-faire,
the whole package.
So what stopped you?
My problem is,
I also have a heart.
Nikita, any movement
from vacek last night?
We tracked him to the consulate.
No phone calls, no visits.
How's Elena?
When I left her this morning,
she was fine.
You'd better come
and hear this.
I have vacek on-line.
inform our people
that the trabzon project
is to be aborted
until further notice.
(Man) it will be done.
As to the woman and child,
have the arrangements been made?
(Man) yes.
I will be there in one hour
and see to things personally.
He's going after Elena.
When was this recorded?
7 minutes ago.
We have a team on him.
Let us handle this.
What's vacek's position?
Vectoring steadily towards
the northeast corridor.
Any minute now
I should have the final lock
on the coordinates.
(Operations) let's move.
Hayes will be leading
the on-site team.
Nikita will handle profiles.
Birkoff has tactical command.
I want vacek stopped.
I still haven't received
the Malabo sim.
I'd like to review it
this afternoon.
target has made a stop.
He's entering
a non-hostile environment.
All teams, move to shadow.
(Operations) don't lose him.
(Team leader)
Shadow team on premises.
How are we doing on the reading?
I got a lock.
Target zone is straight ahead.
Perimeter is clear.
Exit point secure.
Shadow team standing by.
Advance and tighten.
It's all been a diversion.
(Team leader) There never was
Team leader, report.
All teams, move in.
(Man) team leader is down.
Target is on the move.
[Crickets chirping]
I am a good boy.
I know you are.
(Adam) Mommy! Mommy!
Where are you?
Mommy. Mommy, where are you?
I'm coming, sweetheart.
It's ok now. Mommy's here.
Did you have a bad dream?
I saw daddy right here,
in my room.
He came to my bed
and tucked me in,
just like he used to.
I know, sweetheart.
Daddy often comes to me
in my dreams.
Because he still loves us?
Yes, baby.
And always will.
Close your eyes
and go back to sleep.
[Elena humming]
I found this in her home.
From Stefan vacek to his family.
You were told to stay out of it.
I was told they were
to be protected.
Because of Adam,
I'm gonna let this
pass as an anomaly
to your performance record.
What about vacek?
His plane leaves tomorrow
for trabzon.
The abort orders he issued
were obviously
meant to mislead us.
Where is he now?
In his office at the consulate.
A terrorist leader enjoying
his diplomatic immunity.
I want him.
I don't want him
boarding that plane.
I'm sending Michael after vacek.
Is that prudent?
I'll have a shadow team
flank him just in case.
Whatever agency she's with
is of no concern to me.
The only thing that is clear
is that the bomb
never went off.
Now if you don't mind,
I have a plane to catch.
I will contact you as soon as
we have finalized
plans for the strike.
In the meantime,
I expect my orders
to be carried out
That is correct.
The child as well.
Mirnov, send for my car.
Mirnov, did you hear me?
Mirnov, are you out there?
Who are you?
My god.
You're Michael.
Alive. And now I understand.
I would think twice
about shooting that gun.
Give me a reason.
The lives of your wife
and child.
Orders to execute
are still in effect.
If you kill me,
there'll be no one
to rescind those orders.
Allow me to leave,
and I promise you
no harm will come to them.
Now that I know
who my brother's killer is.
It's in your hands.
[Gun clicking]
A wise choice.
Michael's standing down.
You must love them very much.
[Gun clicks]
[Gun firing]
[Crickets chirping]
[Dog barking]
[Television playing]
(Woman on t.V.)
This is right
about where his body was.
(Man on t.V.)
I doubt
that's Chinese barrettes.
A few hundred yards
southeast of here.
I thought you should know
that oversight was pleased
with the handling
of this mission.
Despite corliss being
the primary operative,
you were given
full credit for its success.
Thank you.
Birkoff has flushed out
the remaining cells,
and by tomorrow
vacek's organization
will no longer exist.
In the meantime,
vacek's body will be recovered
in the wreckage of an air crash.
His burial will be conducted
with full diplomatic honors.
A happy ending
for all concerned.
Even for Elena and Adam.
Yes, Michael.
We made them disappear.
So you needn't worry
about them any longer.
In fact, it would be pointless.
They'll be out of your reach,
out of your life
for good.
I it's ok.
[Computer beeping]
[Woman speaking French]
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