La Femme Nikita (1997) s04e14 Episode Script

Line in the Sand

[Keyboard keys clacking]
[Computer beeping]
You still at it?
You say somethin'?
No. It's all right.
What you working on?
Blowback from
the Islamabad mission.
(Walter) Find anything?
you ever think about
going out for a little walk?
You can stretch
your legs a little bit.
Get a few rays on
that pasty mug of yours.
Would you hand me
that thermo-enhancer there?
Find somebody? Yeah.
(Walter) Who?
What are you
looking for, birkoff?
That's a red cell thread.
How high does it go?
All the way to the top, I think.
Well, think again.
The head of red cell
wouldn't be on
a relocation profile.
It's possible.
All you got here
is a little hunch,
and a cold cup of coffee.
Better think about
that walk outside.
Might help you see things
just a little clearer.
(Walter) Later.
[Computer beeping]
Where's operations?
(Woman) he's in the tower.
Get him.
He's not to be disturbed.
I told you I was
not to be disturbed.
[Woman speaking
foreign language]
[Speaking foreign language]
What is it, birkoff?
I found the cardinal.
[Woman speaking French]
[Knocking on door]
Do you see what I mean?
I mean, look at this foyer.
Sparse, airy, but inviting.
Oh, where are my manners?
Nikita, Monique.
M-M-Monique, nikita.
Kiss, kiss and all that. Hi.
Monique is my new
interior decorator.
I told her you you wouldn't
mind me showing her
around your flat.
Actually, I'm right
in the middle
of something, Mick.
Oh, we won't be long, doll.
We'll be gone in a jiff.
See, it's the flow.
A little bit of nouveau
feng shui, don't you think?
You did a really
nice job in here.
Mick, this really
isn't the right time.
Cozy, though,
very cozy. And with this look,
I can have the best
of both worlds.
Like a rock and roll.
Like high energy,
urban exterior,
and a relaxed, casual interior.
And look at what she's done
to this kitchen space.
I mean, that is handsome.
Very handsome.
[Phone ringing] (Mick) Oh.
Allow me.
Hello? (Man) Josephine.
(Mick) It's for you.
[People chattering]
(Nikita) Hey!
Look alive, sugar.
What's going on?
Birkoff thinks
he's found the cardinal.
The head of red cell?
20 years we've been looking
for this guy and then
suddenly he surfaces.
What do you think?
I don't know.
It could be anyone
down the red cell food chain.
Maybe it's a misread.
Birkoff hasn't slept in days.
Ah, hell, what do I know?
I'm just the boy with the toys.
How's Albania?
I was called back.
I haven't seen you for a while.
You've all been pre-briefed,
so I'll short the details.
The mission is twofold:
Extract the cardinal,
eliminate the base camp.
What do we have on him?
He's never been photographed.
All we have to go on
is a partial.
Um, a balaclava he once wore.
This image was taken
during his evac
of a temporary
outpost we raided.
It's the closest we ever came
to eliminating the target.
He was alerted,
we were ambushed.
I used a pinpoint diagnostic
to create the profile.
This is all we have.
We're going to
layer this 6 deep.
Michael's team will
have point. Birkoff?
Because of the target,
it's extreme wetware
and hard defense.
Each team will
need stealth gear,
tripwire detects.
Tactical details
will be on your panels.
We move in one hour. That's all.
[Keyboard keys clacking]
Get me George.
What is it, hillinger?
Sir, there's been
a convergence
at section one.
They're pulling back
from all active assignments
tunneling their manpower.
Well, it would seem
that birkoff thinks
he's found the cardinal.
Has he?
No, sir. He has not.
Then what has he found?
Well, the cardinal
dropped the tags.
A diversion.
Red cell does this routinely
every 6 months or so.
I guess nobody told Seymour
it's nothing to
get excited about.
Are you quite sure?
[Sighs] Oh, yes, sir. Quite.
Have we assigned
the new contingencies?
Davenport is handling it.
Evac points?
Birkoff is downloading
the new positions.
Sir, George is on the line.
Hello, George. Paul.
Tell me about this
Alpha team you have
going into Northern Europe.
I'm sending a recon team
into the new borders.
The mission has
a q-status attached to it.
of the political situation
in that region,
we felt dark approach was best.
I know about the cardinal, Paul.
Hillinger looked at the data
and came to a different
conclusion than birkoff.
It's a trap.
I want the mission scrapped.
We've been after this man
for 15 years, George.
This is the closest
we've ever come
to getting him.
The cardinal mission
is grounded.
Hillinger thinks you're wrong.
I'm not.
Hillinger is the best there is
at surfacing intel,
and he didn't find the cardinal.
That's his problem.
You disagreed with him
on Madagascar.
It resulted in
significant casualties.
This has nothing to do
with hillinger.
Then initiate mobilization
and bring back the cardinal.
You're ok?
What happens if I'm wrong?
You can't think that way.
Ever since
hillinger came to work here,
I've done nothing
but second-guess myself.
Yeah, he's good.
So are you.
You found the cardinal.
Hillinger didn't.
And now I'm wondering
why he didn't.
What if I overlooked something?
I'm about to deploy
on the single most
important mission
that section has ever moved on
and I can't give the command.
Forget hillinger.
I can't. You have to.
He's better than me.
Yeah. He's brilliant.
It takes more than
analyzing raw data
to do this job.
What's that?
What does your gut
tell you, birkoff?
Is it the cardinal or not?
Bring all teams in.
We're operational.
Operations hasn't recalled
the cardinal mission.
Initiate the protocol 5
against him.
Effective immediately.
He has to be
taken out of play.
I wouldn't do that
if I were you.
Operations has
already sealed his fate
by sending his men into a trap.
He has to proceed,
or you have nothing.
All you have to
do now is sit back
and watch him hang himself.
How does it look?
Does that make sense?
Shouldn't we be
encountering some form
of defensive recon?
Birkoff superseded
hillinger's assessment.
We could be sitting ducks.
That's always a concern.
First team's
approaching entry point.
and what entry point
would that be?
How did you get on this channel?
Hey, Seymour.
I'm in the middle
of a mission.
First team launch tactical.
(Birkoff) go.
You ignoring me?
Get off this channel.
Relax. I'm just here
to watch the show.
What show?
Well, you're about to
crash and burn.
That's what you think.
Sorry, pal. It's a fact.
You're going after someone
who ain't there.
Michael, outer layer is clean.
(Operative) Go, let's go! Move!
You know, when all's
been said and done,
the blood's been mopped up,
section will finally see you
for the hack I've always
known you to be.
You didn't do
your homework, Greg.
the relocation orders
were sent on a gaffa signal.
I know that.
But did you know
red cell layers them?
You probably
didn't recycle twice
before you decoded.
Oh, Greg, are you still there?
[Keyboard keys clacking]
Sir? Not now!
He did it.
First team is in play.
I just spoke with Mr. Jones.
He agrees with your assessment.
After this is over,
I want you
to prepare a co-opt order
on section one.
Operations will be removed.
Well done.
Oh, god.
♪♪[Piano playing]
This just came in.
Where did this come from?
We're not sure.
It was put over one
of the open channels we monitor.
has it been
analyzed for integrity?
It's clean.
But we're trying to
back-channel it now.
We believe the message
to be valid.
Course of action, sir?
Ok, you're clear.
Birkoff, what's
your thermo read?
Um, thermo's frosty.
It could be
a structural deflect.
move to your final Mark.
Come on.
They're there. I know it.
Where are we, birkoff?
One minute, sir.
Michael, proceed.
What's the problem?
oh, go on, Seymour!
Tell him you screwed up!
I have Michael
combing the perimeter.
He'll find him.
the cardinal's not here.
[Grunting] First team?
first team engaging hostiles.
[Men grunting]
[Guns firing]
[Man yelling]
Second team in.
Advance to your Mark and engage.
Periphery teams,
move forward and tighten.
(Soldier #1)
Move, move, move, move!
[Firing continues]
Where are they coming from?
(Soldier #2)
Move it! Move it! Move it!
First team, respond.
(Soldier #3)
Second team
engaging hostiles under
[Radio static]
First team?
[Door opens]
[Door shuts]
You've buried us. No.
Someone tipped off red cell.
They evacuated
before we got there.
I'm sure of it.
Sure of it
doesn't count anymore.
I can find the cardinal.
It's too late.
I satellite-tagged
the red cell base
as soon as I detected it.
Anyone going in or out
will be marked.
How many tags?
Hillinger was right.
It was a red cell plant
meant to cripple us.
I'm sorry,
but I have no choice
but to make you pay for this.
If you just give me
some more time,
I can find the cardinal.
You don't have any more time.
What happened?
Someone sabotaged the mission.
How can you be sure?
We detected residual thermo
in the cardinal's war room.
He sent a tactical command
minutes before we got there.
The embassy bombing
in South Africa this morning.
The order came from the
location birkoff sent us to.
Goodbye, Seymour.
(Birkoff) No, don't. Please.
Sir, you can't do this.
Don't! Stop!
Sir, I can find him!
I can find him!
Don't! Don't! Don't
The cardinal may
have been on-site.
How do we know this?
We can trace a command
that went out.
It had his tactical signature.
[Birkoff screams] That's enough!
I need to run those thermos
and analyze all movements.
[Door shuts]
We will assemble
a small field team.
you have one last chance.
[Door opens]
(George) The mission is simple.
I want operations
and all sympathizers.
A type one
directive is in effect.
Opposition will be dealt with.
Any questions?
Secure section one.
George is on his way.
Has the team been assembled?
They're on standby.
We should go.
You've run the numbers.
What are our chances
of finding the cardinal?
Less than 5%.
You've been by my side
for the past 17 years.
This time, I don't want you
coming with me.
You're going to need my help.
Remember this place?
The old Van access.
I remember the first time
I came through that door.
Things were much clearer then.
We all came in that way.
How did we get here?
In less than an hour,
section one will be
forcefully relieved
of its authority by oversight.
Do not resist.
Effective immediately,
I am relinquishing my command.
There will be inquiries.
There will be a purge.
Anyone closely associated
to my leadership
will be tainted.
Profess your loyalty
to George,
and you might survive.
Thank you for your efforts
on my behalf.
You're aware we're
going to need a mobile unit
to pursue the cardinal.
I would like you two
to lead the cell.
Is that a request or an order?
It's a request.
She's asking us to do a favor?
When was the last time
you did one for us?
If you don't want
to do it, just tell me.
This will keep you
off their satellites.
How's your head? I'm fine.
You're not fine.
Take a look at yourself.
You're 1,000 miles away
from here.
I have to find this guy.
I've seen the numbers, pal.
They don't look good.
I don't care about the numbers.
If I don't find him,
hillinger will.
Oh, stop obsessing
about hillinger.
There's always
going to be someone
who's going to do
something better than you.
If hillinger wasn't around,
operations never
would've strapped me
in that chair.
They don't care any more
about hillinger
than they do about you.
They just want to
get the job done.
All these years
I've seen it happen
to so many people.
Never thought I'd be marked
for cancellation.
Why are we doing this?
We wouldn't survive
under George.
You need this place, don't you?
We need confirmation
on that first.
(Operations) You have it.
I have it up now.
I've jammed the satellite.
[Nikita speaking French]
Dark cover initiated.
[Speaking Italian]
Dark can certainly help.
The target is
class-one priority.
Have those coordinates arranged.
[Michael speaking French]
We're on our own.
[Speaking French]
We're gonna need clear passage
into the northern territory.
[Speaking French]
Section one secured.
[Computers beeping]
Why haven't you found him yet?
I'm narrowing it down, sir.
Birkoff just went online.
But he knows I'm looking,
so he's piggybacking
a couple dozen servers.
If the cardinal is out there,
operations will not find him
before we do.
Is that understood?
Yes, sir.
Damn it.
Read it back to me.
No. Hold positions. No word.
(Operations) Yes.
(Michael) N.t. Scope is clean.
So are the regional thermos.
I got him.
Hold it. You're sure?
The cardinal never moves
without a cluster shadow.
(Operations) Location?
(Birkoff) East grid.
I'm downloading
to the panels now.
We can go to tactical
as soon as you give the word.
We're moving.
Hello, Seymour.
You found them?
You bet I found
them and the cardinal.
That's where they're headed.
If we move now,
we can get 'em both.
Dispatch a team.
Oversee it personally. Yes, sir.
Sir, there's no one here.
(Hillinger) what do you mean?
There's no resistance.
I'll be right there.
Um, we're spread pretty thin
in that region.
[Gun cocking]
We don't want to move
on Dushanbe until the intel
s confirmed.
Where's the cardinal, bitch?
Get back to me when your team
is in position.
[Guns firing]
[Hillinger panting]
Thank you, boys.
That will be all.
(Hillinger) What is this place?
Who the hell are you?
We've been following you
and Mr. Birkoff's
recent activities.
I must say, I'm a little
surprised you were so
badly outmaneuvered.
What are you talking about?
The man in the next room
is not the cardinal.
He's Mr. Jones. George's boss.
Welcome to the center.
♪♪[Piano playing]
It's rather disappointing
that hillinger
didn't turn out to be
the operative
we thought him to be.
Perhaps Mr. Birkoff
would better
suit our purposes.
[Door opens]
(Michael) The cardinal.
Congratulations. Stand down.
tell me about Cyrus norasti.
He's dead.
Before that.
He was born in
a small village in Iraq.
At 17, after witnessing
the murder of his father by
death-squad soldiers,
he formed a small
paramilitary organization
that opposed
the hard-line government.
March 12, 1978.
What can you tell me
about that date?
He met Kim min jung.
So norasti
supplied the soldiers.
Kim gave them weapons.
And you gave them?
I gave them direction.
Both men started
working for me in 1981.
The new alliance
became known throughout
the antiterrorist community
as red
Red cell. Red cell.
2 days ago, when we attacked
your base camp,
you were tipped off.
By whom?
Our security picked up movement.
That's impossible.
We were on dark approach.
We received a message.
(Madeline) What did it say?
It told us to evacuate.
We traced it
to the oversight branch of
the center.
He's lying.
He has no reason to now.
We found this on him.
It took us some time
to decode it.
(George) What is it?
A communique from his base camp.
It came from
your office, George.
The communique
was back-channeled,
bumped off 2 c-comm satellites.
There's no telling
who at oversight
leaked the information
to red cell.
All right. Keep looking.
(Operations) Oh, we will.
Center called several times.
Mr. Jones wants to know
who's responsible.
[Metal clanking]
Hello, Seymour.
[Door shuts]
You know,
I'm glad it's you
taking care of this
instead of one of the others.
After all we've been through,
it really couldn't
end any other way.
Go on.
Pull the trigger.
Bang, bang.
Come on, Seymour.
This is a big step
in your evolution
from boy to man.
If it was me holding that gun,
I'd be eating
a sandwich right now.
Did you tip off red cell?
Just pull the trigger,
you coward.
[Gun cocks]
What is it, birkoff?
Hillinger was never supposed
to be recruited.
We broke profile only because
he can do things
no one else can.
He's better than I'll ever be.
We need him alive.
I'll take it under advisement.
Now, did I show you
th-the the fabric
for my pillowcases?
Uh? Purple gabardine.
Monique says that's my fabric.
It it speaks to who I am.
You know, strong,
bold, yet traditional.
It also matches, uh,
my new silk bathrobe.
Sounds like this Monique's
really working out for you.
She is not just a decorator,
She is a spiritual modifier,
you know?
You really
should give her a ring
for a consultation.
She'll change your life.
I promise.
[Phone ringing]
Heard section jumped
through a few hoops last week.
Things back to normal?
That's good.
I gotta go.
Oh, yeah. Me, too. No prob.
I've got
business to attend to,
things to rearrange. Yeah.
Bye, love.
If things were, um, reversed
That's good.
What's up?
Hillinger's dead.
He was just cancelled.
They didn't have to do that.
Davenport's team
just crossed the border
into Karachi.
Tell them to
hold their position
until I sweep the perimeter.
What channel is he on?
(Birkoff) Comm command online.
The perimeter looks clean.
I'm sweeping it now.
[Women speaking French]
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