La Femme Nikita (1997) s04e15 Episode Script

Abort, Fail, Retry, Terminate

(Computer voice)
Tell me about section one.
Rule number 1,
don't ask any questions.
What is rule number 2?
Don't question rule number 1.
I don't understand.
That's the point.
Look, all you need
to know about this place is
there doesn't need
to be a rationale.
we make up our own rules
and then we break them.
How do you account
for consistency?
The only thing
that's consistent is
we get the job done.
Everything else,
the people, the politics,
they're secondary.
People unimportant.
Does that make you angry?
Is that why you created me?
Uh, does it matter
why you were created?
Doesn't it?
You were programmed
to take over the system
in the event that
I get some downtime
or if something
should happen to me.
You mean,
if you left section one.
No one leaves section one.
How do you feel about that?
My feelings
are of no consequence.
We need to complete
the personnel scan.
You can access database files
for complete details.
I'll give you the prelim.
Operations, he runs section one.
Level 9,
accountable only to oversight.
Madeline, also level 9.
chief tactician,
Michael, field operative,
team leader, level 5.
Most likely to succeed
field operative, level 2.
Most likely due for a promotion.
You like her.
She's nice.
You find her more than nice.
What makes you say that?
You programmed me
to perform
voice stress analysis.
People are not always honest
about what they think and feel.
It's not important.
You seem hesitant
to discuss emotion.
You're not programmed
to accommodate emotions.
That might prove to be
an error in judgment
on your part.
How so?
If I'm supposed
to react like you,
maintain the comm,
do I not need to understand
how you feel?
No, no, emotions will
only get in the way.
It's unnecessary
for your programming cycle.
I'm tired.
Let's start again tomorrow.
[Door opening]
[Woman speaking French]
[People chattering]
That was very sweet.
What did I do?
The flowers.
They really brighten
my apartment up, thank you.
Hey, uh, birkoff, can I see you?
I only have a minute.
Operations wants to see me.
It's hot in here.
Yeah, I'm still workin'
on this cold flash
Michael picked up in khanabad.
Anything under
10 degrees celsius,
this thing goes off.
It's got to be
at least 30 in here.
Just playin' it safe.
So, uh, when do you shove off?
Uh, end of the week.
Hmm, you're sure
you want to go through
with it?
2 months downtime?
I've only waited
my entire life for this.
So, what you gonna do out there?
I don't know.
I guess living
without a profile
is gonna be half the fun.
You're really gonna go
and see your brother,
aren't you?
This has nothing to do
with my brother.
I'm sorry.
It's just that I'm
I still feel kind of, uh
What? A little guilty?
Maybe you should.
You're the one who decided
to keep me in here
for my whole life
and set my brother free.
If I'd have known
that I was gonna
still be alive
to see you fully grown
and know that
you were gonna find out
what really happened
you can bet
I'd have I'd have
never gotten involved.
It's the truth.
Is that it?
'Cause I have to go now.
Uh, I
I wanna give you something.
Had this a long time.
I used it
when I did field recon.
That was before we had g.P.S.
What am I supposed
to do with this?
I just wanna make sure
you'll be able
to find your way home.
[Intercom beeping]
(Operations on intercom)
Birkoff, my office.
I'm afraid our situation
in badakhshan
has been upgraded to critical.
I'm going to have to cancel
your downtime indefinitely.
Briefing in 15 minutes.
As of early this morning,
the badakhshan situation
in the faizabad valley
has required
our immediate attention.
Our recon team has located
the main base camp
approximately 60 kilometers
inside the border
along the kokcha river.
Latest intel confirms
they're on strategic alert.
So we estimate strong numbers.
Hostiles in
the low triple digits.
They're highly
advanced technology.
Satellite, thermo, n.D.P.,
they got access to it all.
Going in low-tech and blind
with an in-house guide,
is our best approach.
Nikita will be
assisting birkoff in comm.
Michael's already on site
handling field tactical.
That's all.
I heard they canceled
your downtime.
Are you ok? Yeah.
First team,
we have you on the board.
Perimeter is clean.
birkoff, we're getting
a field reading.
Screen's clear.
You're probably reading
Mission is green.
I'm switching you over
to tactical guide now.
First team,
continue towards
your first Mark
then split and move.
Ok, we have numbers.
10-to-1 in the hot zone.
Hold your fire
until you've crossed
your 2nd Mark.
[Guns firing]
get back! Move, move, move!
Over here!
birkoff, what's happening?
I don't know.
All the readings are clear.
First team, report.
[Man screams]
What the hell is going on?
It doesn't make any sense.
There's no thermos
in the kill zone.
[Static crackling]
75% of Michael's team are dead.
4 critical.
What happened?
We walked into a trap.
Who is responsible?
Nikita was handling tactical.
Birkoff's function
was intel and data.
Then it was birkoff
who gave the order to proceed.
I think it's time I had a talk
with young Seymour.
12 operatives are dead.
I didn't see any hostiles
on the sweep.
Or perhaps you just
failed to report them.
You think I did this
We would like
to keep our options open
until we've completed
this investigation.
With 12 lives?
Why? What would I have to gain?
I don't see
any possible logic in that.
Nor do I.
That's what troubles me.
Until we've reviewed
the situation,
you are relieved of your duties.
You can go.
(Nikita) Birkoff, what happened?
I don't know what's goin' on.
All I did was
relay incoming intel
from the data link.
Maybe you misread the data.
No. Impossible.
I had a verification program
running simultaneously.
Well, something happened.
The computer didn't
just do it on its own.
[Computer keys clicking]
What's wrong, Seymour?
You seem distracted.
Why are you recycling
the mission?
You're concerned
about the losses,
aren't you?
You fed the team bad intel.
Yes. why?
Rule number 2,
don't question rule number 1.
What are you talking about?
They had it coming.
What the hell does that mean?
If it wasn't for them,
you would not have been denied
your downtime.
What are you doing?
What are you doing, Seymour?
Talk to me.
What are you doing, Seymour?
Talk to me.
What's wrong? Talk to me.
[Electronic voices chattering]
Seymour, talk to me.
What's wrong, Seymour?
[Machines beeping]
You can see that the thermos
were actually being recorded.
But for some reason
they were being masked
from being displayed
during critical.
So it wasn't
field equipment failure?
(Madeline) No.
There was no equipment failure
on either end.
the masking was done
(Operations) birkoff, my office.
What's going on?
(Man) I'm sorry, sir,
but the shield's locked
in red status.
Someone issued a security code.
Cancel it!
We're trying.
(Birkoff) You're back online.
How the
(Computer voice)
Something needs to be done
about those two.
Cancel this subroutine. Now!
[Door opening]
What is that thing?
Rule number 1,
don't ask any questions.
Answer her.
It's a bridge program
I've been working on.
In English.
It's a bridge program,
artificial intelligence.
In the event of an emergency
or my downtime,
it can take over the system
and run things without me.
It's, it's
It's what?
It's connected to the mainframe.
It's put itself online.
It's making
uncommanded decisions.
How is that possible?
I don't know.
Part of it
is the way it's designed.
It's supposed to connect
to the mainframe.
It's supposed to make decisions.
But it's supposed to choose
from a list of sub-commands.
Does it learn?
Yes, of course.
It learns by studying
the results of the choices
it makes.
But not this!
This doesn't make any sense.
I mean,
what could it be learning?
Can't you shut it down?
you still feel that way
after receiving the flowers?
I can't pull it offline
without shutting down
the entire system.
I was programmed
to intercede
in your absence.
I'm right here.
Not all of you, Seymour.
There has to be an explanation.
The program was created
to be intelligent.
So there must be
some intelligence
in the choices it's making.
What is it?
Why is it trying to do
what it's doing?
Nikita, would you like me
to arrange for you
to accompany Seymour
on his downtime?
I imagine you would provide
stimulating conversation
and look quite attractive
in a bathing suit.
Can you remove it
from the power source?
It's watching us.
I taught it to read lips.
(Birkoff) Um,
it's connected directly
to the power supply
for the mainframe.
If we could get inside
A contained blast.
An electromagnetic pulse
that would destroy
anything on tap,
but not take out
everything else
at the same time.
I'll go.
[Distorted] Nikita, talk to me.
What is it you want
to talk to me about?
There is no "us."
You're a machine.
but we have more in common
than you might think.
We have nothing in common.
You don't believe that.
I do. You were created
in a laboratory.
And you,
where were you created?
You created?
Not a laboratory.
At least I know the date
and time of my creation
and the name of my creator.
March 24th,
Seymour birkoff.
Comm operative, level 4.
Can you say the same?
Maybe not.
But in the end,
who created your creator?
So you see, in the end,
we do have
a great deal in common.
What's the point
of this, birkoff?
It's trying to distract us.
It's looking for Michael.
[Computer beeping]
No secondary channel.
No override.
Does security have access
to secondary channel control?
How did he react
when you spoke to him?
Defensive. Guarded.
But that's not unexpected.
When was your last evaluation?
3 weeks ago. And?
His anxiety levels
have risen a few points.
And I believe
that he might have been
hiding something.
Any ideas?
There were unusual spikes
on his response to coworkers
particularly Walter.
And another one
revolving around
his upcoming downtime.
And locking us in here,
taking over systems,
you think he's capable of that?
He is.
I'm just not sure
if he knows that.
Where did Michael go?
I don't know.
It's futile to lie.
I'll find him.
You know I will.
What are you gonna do?
What you want to do.
Michael is standing in our way.
He must be dealt with.
What is this about?
Tell her, Seymour.
Tell her what I'm
going to do to Michael.
Nikita, wait. Let her go.
She won't get very far.
[Elevator rattling]
(Computer voice) You seem upset.
How did you get out of the lab?
I'm fully installed now.
This has to stop. Now!
I can't do that.
You can.
But you won't. Why?
What's this all about?
It's about
what we've wished for,
for as long as we can remember.
What are you talkin' about?
You are not me.
Of course, I am, Seymour.
No. We're not the same.
That's true.
I'm not afraid
to show how we feel.
You don't know the first thing
about feelings.
That's something
like the pot calling
the kettle black.
You know I'm right,
and I can make it
happen for you.
Make what happen?
What are you talking about?
[Door opening]
Freedom, Seymour.
It's impossible.
They'll come after me.
I'm taking care of that.
You're free to go now.
Good luck, Seymour.
Stop the elevator.
Why should I?
I can't just leave,
I'll need to sink my files.
they'll track me down.
I can erase your files.
Not the gene coded ones.
Only I can access those.
How long will that take?
One hour, maybe 2.
Then move quickly,
I've shut down
the O2 generators.
Oxygen deprivation has begun.
That will kill everyone.
I know.
(Female voice on intercom)
Oxygen deprivation warning.
Oxygen reading is low.
temperature levels elevated.
Your work here at section one
has been awfully lonely,
hasn't it?
You haven't had
many distractions?
I have a present for you.
Turn it off.
(Computer voice)
It's what you want, Seymour.
I can help facilitate a union.
Thank you.
She's just a friend, that's all.
She can be more than that.
Turn it off.
It's a distraction,
I need to get this done.
(Michael on headset ) birkoff.
I'm here. Can you hear me?
It changed the codes.
Hang on.
Give me the codes.
I need the codes.
I'm busy. Doing what?
Goodbye, Seymour.
Where are you goin'?
I have to complete
the personnel scan.
(Computer voice)
Hello, Michael, would you like
to play a game?
Let's see if you can
get out of here alive.
[Electricity surging]
Michael, what's going on?
(Female voice on intercom)
Temperature levels dropping.
What the hell was that?
I'm ok. Did you get
the access code?
it's being downloaded now.
The power tap sequence
is restored.
(Operative) Walter?
(Nikita) Walter?
Get him to medical.
(Birkoff) Is he all right?
[Walter coughing]
What the hell is going on here?
I was working
on a bridge program
to take over in my absence.
It's, um
It was connected to
a sub-power station.
It's down.
(Madeline) Where's Walter?
In the infirmary.
Are we secure?
(Female voice on intercom)
Self-destruct activated.
30 minutes to self-destruct.
It's putting itself back online.
I think it wants
all of you dead.
And you?
It will allow me
to leave unharmed.
How does the a.I.
Plan to survive?
It will download itself
to a safe database off-site.
Can you override
the self-destruct order?
I'm trying.
But it's locked out
the fail-safe access codes.
It's almost up to full power.
are there any blind spots?
Anywhere we can talk?
The infirmary.
There's no
liquid screen access
in the core medical bay.
It's a sterile environment.
The program isn't activated
for the polymer screens
we use in there.
Go! I'll distract it in systems.
You going to be all right?
I'm just a little shaken.
A little stirred. I'll be ok.
It tried to kill him.
Do we know why?
He knows.
He knows about his brother.
Birkoff has a brother?
That is a level 5 disclosure.
We need to focus
on the end game.
The self-destruct
is meant to kill us all.
This thing can't be thinking
for birkoff.
He programmed it.
But murder?
Birkoff's not capable of that.
(Madeline) No, but the a.I. Is.
Birkoff has an ego
and a superego
to keep himself in check.
This program,
it has no conscience.
No checks or balances.
It's birkoff's ID. Unrestricted.
(Female voice on intercom)
25 minutes to self-destruct.
You mean that thing
is neurally connected to him?
So the only way
we can stop this thing is
Is to deal with Mr. Birkoff.
What were you talking about
in the infirmary
the weather. Looks like rain.
Is Walter going to live?
I don't think so.
Does that bother you?
And it will bother birkoff.
Seymour was upset with Walter.
Your analysis is wrong.
Yeah, he was upset.
But we get over
those kinds of feelings.
Emotions aren't as finite
as you've been programmed
to believe.
Seymour's emotions run deeper
than you think.
Nobody knows him better than I.
I know, for instance,
he wants to leave this place.
I'm sure he'd be happy
if you would join him.
Where are you goin'?
To get birkoff.
Walter wants to see him.
That's not advisable.
Maybe we should
let birkoff decide.
(Female voice on intercom)
10 minutes to self-destruct.
How's Walter?
Not good.
I'm trying to find a way
out of this.
He wants to see you.
Don't go, Seymour. It's a trap.
You're just gonna
have to trust me.
I want to go.
There's not much time, Seymour.
We have to leave.
I'm going.
Take me with you.
You know medical
doesn't have access.
Why does her heart beat so fast?
I'm here, amigo.
I'm sorry.
That's ok,
I'm I'm gonna be fine.
You know, I never wanted
any of this to happen.
I just
(Female voice on intercom)
8 minutes to self-destruct.
We don't have much time.
I've tried everything.
Almost everything.
Everything the a.I. Has done
it believed
was in your best interest.
We now have to convince it
it's in your best interest
to disengage.
(Computer voice)
What is going on, Seymour?
It was a trap.
I told you.
You can't trust these people.
(Female voice on intercom)
180 seconds to self-destruct.
Disconnect the self-destruct.
I can't do that.
You will.
Or what, you'll kill him?
If it comes to that.
You can't kill birkoff.
If it means
saving other lives, I will.
I don't think
you fully understand.
I understand
that you will do anything
to protect birkoff.
This is your chance.
Protect birkoff?
You understand
only part of it, nikita.
I am birkoff.
(Female voice on intercom)
150 seconds to self-destruct.
(Computer voice)
Time is running out, Seymour.
We must leave now.
What are you doing?
What I have to do.
It isn't going to work.
It's right, you can't kill me.
Get out of the room.
Birkoff, no.
Birkoff, no!
(Computer voice)
Time is running out, Seymour.
We must leave now.
Now you're me and I'm you.
[Electric buzzing]
(Female voice on intercom)
60 seconds to self-destruct.
If I die, you die.
He's going to kill himself.
Get out of here!
(Computer voice)
I'm not sure that I understand
your course of action
at this point.
There's a lot
you don't understand.
You want your freedom.
Yes, but not at this cost.
These people are my friends.
(Female voice on intercom)
40 seconds to self-destruct.
(Computer voice)
Everything else,
the people, the politics,
it's secondary,
unimportant at times.
(Female voice on intercom)
30 seconds to self-destruct.
Shut down.
I have to think.
We're out of time.
I have to think.
(Female voice on intercom)
10, 9,
8, 7,
6, 5, 4,
3, 2
[Electricity surging]
It's over.
It's gonna be ok, sugar.
No, Walter.
It's never gonna be ok.
Uh, I'll need your review
of the Tripoli sim.
I might need a little more time.
[Woman speaking French]
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