La Femme Nikita (1997) s04e16 Episode Script

Catch a Falling Star

[Birds chirping]
♪♪[I'm crazy
by patsy cline playing]
Crazy ♪
I'm crazy for feeling ♪
so lonely ♪
I'm crazy ♪
[People chattering]
♪♪[I'm crazy by patsy cline
playing on radio]
Oh, Maggie, my love.
My sweet, precious,
love of my life.
You can't tell me
you ain't bored
with that big old
husband of yours yet.
And supposing I was?
How do you suppose
you'd profit by that?
All right, all right.
But you can't hide the light
that shines in your eyes
every time I walk by.
That light's there, big Jim,
just so as you can
make your way to the door
without tripping over anything.
[People laughing]
Oh, dear.
Momma, that
Yeah, I know, I know.
I wrote it all down.
You know, Maggie Simpson,
it ain't in my nature
to Rob anyone blind.
Nope. Just a little nearsighted.
(Announcer on radio)
The hollow's
favorite songbird,
miss patsy cline.
This is Bobby Hayes,
and given that
it's coming up to the 7:00 hour,
I suppose the egg salad
at Maggie's is just about
turning ripe.
Big Jim's hands are finding
some other ripe object
to get a hold of.
As for the weather
Whoa! Well,
now that was interesting.
I guess that damn
power company
[Cutlery shattering]
[Electricity crackling]
(Big Jim) Dear, sweet lord.
Mr. Corman, what's going on?
It's gone, sir.
No tracer pulse. No I.R.
Nothing on the r.F. Emitters.
We lost it.
[Woman speaking French]
[Electronic beeping]
Yes. Yes, I understand.
Yes, I do.
I know what it means.
Thank you very much.
That was center. Mr. Jones.
They're considering me
to take over George's position
at oversight.
And George?
He didn't say.
When do they expect
to make a formal decision?
I'm sure they're waiting
to see how I handle
this downed satellite situation.
He did reiterate
the importance
of handling this
quickly and efficiently.
Then you'll send in
Michael and nikita.
If all goes
as I expect it will
will be in order.
This is comsat Alpha.
It is center's most
sophisticated satellite,
and it also serves as a link
for 6 other orbiting birds.
Every byte of data
that is uplinked
or downlinked
passes through Alpha.
it dropped from its orbit
and we lost communication.
Mr. Corman.
Orbital decay began
about a month ago.
And all attempts
to re-establish
were unsuccessful.
Now, I've extrapolated a curve
based on Alpha's trajectory
just before we lost contact.
Given a plus or minus factor
of about 80 kilometers,
we suspect that the satellite
impacted in the United States,
in a town just north
of chattanooga, Tennessee
called dingman's hollow.
Center is highly exposed
on this mission.
The amount of confidential data
and classified information
contained in Alpha's
central processing unit
is critical.
Michael and nikita
will go in alone,
under u.S. Clearance,
performing a universal
geological survey.
This is a small town
with a small population.
We cannot risk exposure.
The details will
be on your panel.
Mr. Corman will be
handling tactical.
Look, uh, I realize
this is new for you both.
I just want you to know
I can handle the job.
I'm sure you'll do just fine.
We'll need our panels
in 20 minutes.
♪♪[Music playing on radio]
(Maggie) Howdy.
We got fried chicken and taters,
fried chicken and biscuits,
fried chicken and bread.
If you're watching your weight,
and you don't seem
to have a problem
in that department,
we got fried chicken
and nothing else.
We're from the universal
geological survey.
We'll be spending
a few days here.
Could you recommend
a place to stay?
You guys come
to check out
our rocks?
Might want to start
inside of big Jim's head.
Never can figure out
what's making that
rattling sound in there.
We're going to be
studying some land formations.
You know, erosion patterns,
weather cycles.
Tell you what,
if I was traveling with you,
it sure wouldn't be rocks
I'd be looking at.
(Maggie) Ignore him.
All the cholesterol
goes right to the brain.
Ain't much here in town.
Momma's, if you gotta.
That ain't much,
but it's clean
and comfortable.
About a half a block from here.
Thank you.
Come on back tomorrow.
I think we're having
fried chicken.
[All laughing]
Are you sure nobody called?
I've checked the phone logs
for the last 3 days.
No one named Seymour has called.
What about voice mail?
We checked everything, sir.
Check it again.
Hey, sugar buns. Hey.
Is everything ok?
Yeah, everything's fine.
I got some things on my mind.
I would say.
You were supposed to meet me
at le cirque
over an hour ago.
Damn. I'm sorry.
I lost track of the time.
Oh, as long as you
don't lose track of me.
Anything wrong?
Uh, I'm a little worried
about a friend. That's all.
Oh, anyone I know?
No, it's a business thing.
But I was expecting
to hear from him
over a week ago
and not a word.
Did you try calling him?
"Did I try calling him?"
It's a little more
complicated than that.
I'm just hoping
nothing's happened to him.
Well, you know what?
I always go by what
my dad used to say:
"No news is good news."
I'm sure if anything
bad happened,
you'd have heard, right?
You're right.
You're right, again.
Let's go eat. Ok.
Well, they're both
pretty much the same size.
One's a little bit
more feminine,
if that matters to you.
That one right there.
Oh, thanks.
It's fine. Thank you.
Oh, good.
Uh, now, I make coffee
in the morning.
But all your meals,
you'll have to take
over at Maggie's.
There's a phone
in the living room.
Uh, collect and credit
card only, please.
There's plenty of towels.
So you all just
make yourselves at home.
Thank you. Good.
Oh, just what was it you said
you were studying here?
Ah, rocks.
Ah, good.
Well, good night.
Good night.
[Dog barking]
(Nikita) It's beautiful here.
You're beautiful.
I used to dream that
there were places like this.
Somewhere safe, warm.
Do you ever think about
anything like that?
You never talk about it.
Nobody can change it.
It will always be
what I need it to be.
Is it anything like this?
A little, maybe.
You're there.
[Birds chirping]
I'm picking up
a thermo-footprint about
2 klicks south, southeast
of your position.
I see it. Field over there.
There's a road up ahead.
affirmative. I can confirm
a geographical anomaly.
We're on our way.
[Bird cawing]
Well, something definitely
did land here.
It's a crater about
6 meters in diameter.
(Nikita) looks fresh.
(Operations) Just a crater?
No sign of the satellite?
(Nikita) not yet.
But from all appearances,
I'd say we found
the point of impact.
What is it?
If the satellite
did land here,
it's been moved.
There's a fresh cut
of tire tracks.
A truck most likely.
Leading toward an old barn.
[Gun fires] We found
Hey! You guys ok?
Oh, look.
I'm real sorry about that.
Maybe next time
you can wave
a white flag or something
so as I know it's you.
Oh, you mean it's someone else
you wanted to kill.
Well, no. I wouldn't
say kill, exactly, but, uh,
well, we do get our fair share
of poachers around here.
Best to let them know
you mean business.
Oh, yeah? What are
they trying to poach?
Now, you're sure you're ok?
Look, I know you folks
are gonna be
all over the place
for the next while.
It might be better
if you gave us
a little advanced warning
next time as to
just where you'll be.
Ok. We'll do that.
Oh, look it
It's coming up on lunch time
and I feel so bad
about all this.
Why don't you let me
buy you a meal?
Well, we're not really
Actually, yes.
I'm starting to get hungry.
Good idea.
All righty, then.
[Wind whooshing]
[Car door closing]
[Barn door creaking]
(Michael) Nikita.
It's a solar panel.
It's used
to charge the batteries
that maintain satellite orbit.
So that means someone
had to load the satellite
in this truck
and drive it
across the field
into this barn.
[Crickets chirping]
[Door banging]
[Door creaking]
[Door continues creaking]
[Cat meowing]
♪♪[Music playing on radio]
♪♪[Give me a little
old-fashioned love playing]
Now you can have the girls
that's dressed so nice ♪
from their head down
to their little feet ♪
but if you want
some real good advice ♪
the old-fashioned girls
just can't be beat ♪
so give me a little
old-fashioned love ♪
the kind that lingers
through the years ♪♪
(Momma) Couldn't sleep?
Uh, no. I couldn't.
It's herbal. Chamomile.
It'll help you get to sleep.
Yeah? Thank you.
Very much.
That'll put you right out.
It worked on all my children
and it always works for me.
I'll just let it cool off some.
Well, not too long, now.
You don't want it to get cold.
No. Thank you.
Well, good night. Good night.
to what do I owe
this pleasant surprise?
Plane tickets?
To Aruba?
Who are you going with?
Oh, very funny.
First class, roundtrip.
4 days on the beach
and in the sun.
And you get to apply
the sunscreen.
Darling, i no. No excuses.
You've been working
way too hard.
Now that
the merger's completed
Trust me, it'll be good for you.
You'll like it.
Have I told you
how much I love you?
Talk is cheap.
We leave Friday.
Is it Friday yet?
♪♪[Thrice all American playing]
People they laugh
when they hear
you're from my town ♪
So you didn't see anybody?
It was like they
all just picked up
right in the middle of
whatever they were doing
and just left.
Did you get anything
from corman?
You know that you're poor,
from Tacoma ♪
Too much of this
will keep you up at night.
Buildings are empty
like ghettos or ghost-towns ♪
Breakfast's on its way.
I can't seem to fathom ♪
the dark of my history ♪
See the postman over there?
Watch how he's eating.
He didn't change hands.
After he cut his food,
he kept the fork
in his left hand.
Usually Americans
put their knives down
and switch the fork
to the right hand.
Maybe he wasn't born here.
Great chow, mags.
Better shove, though.
Catch you later.
Later, Harry.
There was nowhere to hide
in Tacoma ♪♪
[Birds chirping]
So the owner of momma's
bed & breakfast
is Selma hertz.
Big Jim,
I guess, is Jim huntington.
751 oak street.
And then there's
Leonard Paul treacle.
16 Palmer road.
Are you sure?
(Nikita) yeah. What's wrong?
Leonard Paul treacle,
Jim huntington,
Selma. Nikita
all these people,
every name you've given me,
they're all dead.
[Crickets chirping]
♪♪[Music playing on radio]
Honey, I ain't been right ♪
ever since you went wrong ♪
all I do is sit and cry ♪♪
It's the same as last night.
The church.
(Narrator onscreen)
Baseball has been referred to
as america's pastime.
And not without good reason.
Major league baseball,
which begins
in the late spring
and continues until
the renowned world series
in October,
consists of 20 teams
divided into 2 leagues,
the American league
and the national league.
America's love for baseball
begins at an early age
when young boys are encouraged
to join their
local little leagues
consisting of more than
7,000 teams.
And remember,
while familiarizing yourselves
with the local customs,
spending a day at the game
isn't just about the sport.
It's a day out at the
And enjoy the sunshine.
In our next training, we will
(Man #1) All right.
Can I get a ride there, Jake?
(Jake) Yeah, you bet.
Good night.
(Man #2) Good night.
[Man groaning]
I already told you, ah,
my name is Leonard treacle.
I'm the pastor of
the first church of our lord.
[Mechanical whirring]
What is that?
[Leonard groaning]
Have you seen
that before, Michael?
The insignia is related
to a terrorist organization
called chorni shtorm.
Black storm.
Rooted in chechnya.
They're on our hot list,
right below red cell.
What's going on out there?
Have you located
the satellite yet?
Not yet.
But it seems that
we've stumbled across
a black storm sleeper base.
Sleeper base?
(Nikita) yeah.
It's where they train
their agents to look,
act, think, breathe
just like the locals.
It gives them
a base of operations
right in the heart
of the United States.
From there, they can
dispatch sleepers
to any part of the country
whenever they need to.
that's quite a coincidence,
that an oversight satellite
would crash
right in the middle
of a terrorist base.
Yeah, I was thinking
the same thing.
You're very good, corman.
What information can you give me
regarding the satellite's
orbital decay trajectory,
any codes that were issued
before it crashed?
Coming right up.
I'm getting a lockout, nikita.
Who issued it?
It's coded.
Could birkoff have done this?
There's no reason why he would.
Give me a few hours.
I can crack this.
Hey, good luck out there.
[Mechanical whirring]
He's black storm.
Did he tell you anything?
They have the satellite.
The mailman's their courier
to the outside.
He's bringing in
an unlock device.
You don't want to keep
any high-tech equipment
in your humble
little burg, is that it?
So, where is the satellite?
I told you everything
that I'm going to.
That's truly a shame.
It doesn't matter.
You two will be dead
long before me.
I don't know.
They said it was
a heart attack.
Found him just sitting there,
right in the pew.
Poor len.
Probably didn't even know
what hit him.
Gives you pause, huh?
[Door creaking]
[Door closing]
Here you go, Maggie.
♪♪[Music playing on radio]
[Door closing]
Excuse me.
Do you know if
there's a library in town?
Oh, sure. You hang a left
on elm street.
It's a stone's throw
from there, on the corner.
You can't miss it.
[Speaking Russian]
[Speaking Russian]
Come on.
[Computer beeping]
We have a problem.
Everything I could find
suggests that the satellite
was crashed on purpose.
Do you know by whom?
I was working on that
when you called me.
But everything I could see
leads back to
oversight or center.
Can you think of a reason
why oversight
would intentionally crash
a satellite
containing valuable data
right into the heart
of a terrorist base?
I don't know. Not unless
(Madeline) Go on.
Well, if the data were useless,
providing the enemy
with useless intel
would distract them for years.
You're very astute. Thank you.
But Michael and nikita
were sent in to make it
look convincing.
To make every effort
to retrieve the data.
But Michael won't fail.
He's the best.
You put the pieces together
quite well.
And if Michael dies trying,
it'll make it
all the more convincing.
You're very good, Mr. Corman.
Take him to containment.
Why? Why?
You'll proceed
to dingman's hollow.
Michael's mission is
to make every effort
to retrieve the satellite data
before the enemy
can get their hands on it.
It's up to you
to make sure
that he fails.
[Birds chirping]
Everything ok, Jay?
You seem tired.
I don't know
if it's all the work
catching up to me.
Too much wine.
I can barely keep my eyes open.
That's ok.
We've got 4 whole days
to feel a lot better.
I love you.
Inside this shed.
I have to remove the data drive.
Nice and slow, now.
And forget about your gun.
You can take it out,
you can show it to me,
you try and use it,
you'll be mashed potatoes
and gravy before you
pull the trigger.
Section issue.
Give me the toy.
Good. Tiny.
Something's wrong.
He done something to it.
Some kind of lock code.
You got a little less
than 5 seconds
to give us that unlock code
before I repaint this shed
in white girl.
12 z. Tilde.
10, 35.
Sir, we are in position.
the courier's using the cover
of a u.S. Postal worker.
As soon as they
get what they want,
they'll send it out with him.
I want confirmation
when that happens.
Yes, sir.
Got it.
We were always
told you were trained
to go down for the mission.
We haven't finished the mission.
He's got big ones.
I'll give him that.
She's all yours.
All right.
See you guys tomorrow. Mmm-hmm.
So, what are we gonna do
with this geo-team over here?
Tiny, get your truck.
[Gun firing]
Sir, the mail truck
just cleared the outer marker.
Michael and nikita?
we're moving to position 2.
I'm pleased to report
that the mission status
went exactly as planned.
Well, thank you.
I'll expect
to hear from you then.
I have orders
that the mailman
is not to be apprehended.
I don't understand, Davenport.
The database was dummy.
I'm not authorized
to discuss that.
They wanted us
to sell bad intel
to black storm?
We were sent to make it
look important.
They want it out.
The courier's gone.
They believe they have
what they want.
I have to take you in.
There's just one problem.
What's that?
We didn't fail.
The unlock code I gave them
contains a self-destruct.
[Phone ringing]
Sir, Mr. Jones calling
for you.
You two take care
of yourselves, now.
You come back,
you're always welcome
at momma's.
Come back soon, you hear?
Sir, they're clear.
We've secured the town.
There's an on-site briefing
at 1800 hours.
Yes, sir. We'll be ready.
So we've replaced
all these people with our own?
They had a field-router trace
on the mailman.
We hit black
storm's central base
12 hours ago.
So dingman's hollow is
[Jeep engine starts]
Section 6.
For crying ♪
and I am crazy ♪
for loving you ♪♪
Sugar buns?
You guys were great out there.
I'm not sure everyone
is as happy about that
as I am.
[Footsteps approaching]
Man, I'm so tired.
Dear mother of god.
Damn phone's dead.
Anybody know
how to get room service
in this place?
[Woman speaking French]
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