La Femme Nikita (1997) s04e17 Episode Script

Sleeping with the Enemy

[Wind howling]
Substation 3 is down.
How's that possible?
Their self-destruct
has been activated
from an outside source.
And you didn't foresee this?
[Electronic beeping]
Now what?
Our self-destruct mechanism's
been activated.
Shut it down!
There's a chance
that might not happen.
Whoever did this
issued a chain directive.
They want to destroy
the sections
like a stack of dominos.
Activate the fail-safe.
I did. It won't engage.
We need to evacuate.
Ok. Go.
[Alarm beeping]
(Man #1)
Proceed with evacuation.
(Man #2)
Get those weapons activated.
(Man #1)
Let's go. Move, move, move.
2 minutes to self-destruct.
[People chattering]
(Man #3)
Come on. We're almost there.
Come on! Come on!
one minute to self-destruct.
(Man #3)
Ok, we're gone. We got to get
out of here now.
Quinn, I've ordered
you to leave your post.
We're 50 seconds to critical.
I can stop this.
You've nothing to prove.
Except that I can do my job.
Get to work.
30 seconds to self-destruct.
Come on.
Think, Kate. Focus.
[Alarm beeping]
(Announcer) 10, 9, 8, 7, 6,
5, 4,
3, 2, 1.
[Electronic whirring]
[Woman speaking French]
I got a message
you wanted to see me.
Way to go, little sister.
Got your feet wet.
Excuse me?
First day on the job.
You saved our bacon.
Welcome to the big leagues.
Is your bandana on too tight?
Operations thinks
I dropped the ball.
Forget about operations.
Substation 3 is beyond
our security zone.
You couldn't have known.
You done good.
Birkoff would've been proud.
Yes. Well, I hear he's dead.
Stiffs do nothing for my ego.
So what are we drinking?
It's very old scotch
for special occasions.
This isn't going
to get you lucky.
It's like I said,
I was just welcoming you
to the neighborhood.
Hmm. Well, neighbor,
just keep it zipped
and out of my way,
and everything
will be just peachy.
I just got off the phone
with Mr. Jones.
What did he want?
Birkoff in his office,
first of the next month.
A transfer?
He can never find out
what happened here.
I can't afford
the anomaly on my record.
I'll get Jason ready.
Can you do it?
(Madeline) when I'm done,
neither Mr. Jones
nor anyone else
will ever know the difference.
As you know,
substation 3 was taken
out of play yesterday morning.
The strike was massive.
The final damage report,
100% casualties.
As best we can determine,
the self-destruct code
came from an outside source.
Now, Quinn's trace
was incomplete,
but her calculations
show a definite
link to red cell.
Now since they were able
to penetrate our system,
for security measures
only the redline
and satellite links
will be operational.
This is Colin starnes.
He is currently the chief
tactical advisor for red cell.
(Operations) Quinn.
We've been using satellite tags
to get an exact location on him.
We believe
we have him contained
with a 6-hour window.
And we're going to
use that window
to extract starnes.
Michael, your team will handle
field tactical.
The target will be taken alive.
Details are on your panels.
That's all.
Dead I am the one,
exterminating son ♪
slipping through the trees ♪
strangling the breeze ♪
Dead I am the sky,
watching angels cry ♪
while they slowly turn,
conquering the worm ♪
dig through the ditches,
burn through the witches ♪
I slam in the back
of my dragula ♪
dig through the ditches,
burn through the witches ♪
I slam in the back
of my dragula ♪♪
[Metal clanking]
[Footsteps approaching]
This entire process
can be painless.
The choice is yours.
For some, pain is pleasure.
Good. Then you should
enjoy yourself.
Starnes claims that red cell
is inculpable for the hit.
You believe him?
After this morning's chat,
I don't think he has
the strength to lie.
Then what do you know?
Our intel confirmed 2 of
red cell's locations were hit
within hours of the attack
on substation 3.
So we're dealing
with a third party?
That's not what
red cell believes.
[Intercom beeping]
What is it, Quinn?
I've got red cell
field operatives
being withdrawn and moving
into a unified
tactical position.
They think it's us.
And they're
getting ready to strike.
Not unless we attack first.
[Door creaking]
Come on in.
I'd offer you a drink,
but alas, my hands are tied.
[Metal clinking]
I would have thought
you'd have killed me by now.
Losing your edge?
Perfecting it.
I have a proposition for you.
I've got a coded transmission
coming from section one.
You'll need this key
to unlock it.
How is it that
you're still breathing?
Section one protocol
is to terminate
all captured operatives.
Operations wanted something
only I could deliver.
A meeting with you.
But you don't actually think
that I would consider it,
do you?
Since tactical strategy
falls under my purview,
I expect you to agree to it.
You no longer work for me.
Then consider this
a consultation.
We're in a standoff.
You either agree
to work together,
or you annihilate each other.
I highly suggest
you accept the offer.
Section knows your next move.
You don't really have a choice.
10 seconds until
the channel is clear.
(Kate) Incoming cyber text.
Securing the line.
You understand
why I called this meeting?
You believe that someone
is trying to play us
against each other.
What are you proposing?
Mutual truce for 48 hours.
That's not gonna happen.
Consider it.
We've both sustained
significant loses.
If we pool
our resources together,
we might be able to expedite
the enemy's termination.
And if we don't?
Further casualties
on either side
could result in global impact.
If I were to agree
to a moratorium
on red cell activities,
what guarantee would I have
that you would do the same?
We can exchange key operatives
to insure the truce.
You already have
one of my people.
You mean starnes?
He's dead.
Besides, I want someone
further up the food chain.
A key operative
that isn't expendable.
One of ours for one of yours.
The director has agreed
to the truce.
To secure it,
we'll each exchange
an upper level team member.
Satin Tate, an expert profiler,
Georgetown university at 16.
She applied to the c.I.A.
And was hired due to her
exemplary academic record.
At 19, she become a free agent,
then joined red cell
a year later.
In less than 3 years,
she's worked her way
to second in command.
She'll be with us for 48 hours.
You want us
to work with the enemy?
Satin's going to lend us
her expertise
and assist us in finding
who's responsible
for the attacks.
Who will we send in,
in exchange?
I'll get ready.
play by their rules.
But remember your
secondary objective.
Get as much intel as possible,
then locate
a window for transmission.
Transmitting could
jeopardize the truce.
That's none of your concern.
Just send everything
you find to Quinn.
But remember,
whatever you find out
I want to know first.
Modern crusaders alive ♪
we have the power
to face the future ♪
'cause we are the fighters
just fighting for our rights ♪
They're accusing,
like always without knowing ♪
what is just fiction
or what is the truth ♪
they have no mission,
they have no passion ♪
but they dare to tell us
what's bad and what's good! ♪
Stand up, join us ♪
modern crusaders alive ♪
we have the power
who'll face the future ♪
'cause we are the fighters
just fighting
for our fights ♪♪
Not what you were expecting,
is it?
It seems adequate.
Section one's exposure
of our main base
and the capture of the cardinal
were significant setbacks.
[Electronic beeping]
But we're rebuilding.
What we lack in resources,
we more than make up for
with our tenacity.
You've always been
a formidable adversary.
We've downloaded
the necessary data
on the substations
that were hit.
This will be your workstation.
If there's anything you need
A glass of water, please.
[People chattering]
[Keyboard clicking]
Our shared intel shows
there's a definite pattern
to the attacks.
The methodology was identical.
This task was
a simple comparative search.
Any rookie could have done it.
It's not the case with
the profile you requested.
I'll need security clearance
to access satellite data.
That's not possible.
How do you expect me
to do my job?
Quinn will run the data for you.
And what did you expect?
Horns and cloven hooves?
That's exactly what I see.
All wrapped up
in a pretty little package.
We're gonna have to
keep our eyes on her.
Not under this roof.
Her hands are tied.
Don't believe that
for a second, sugar.
Adrian once said,
"poison one flower,
and eventually
the whole garden dies."
Truce, remember?
We're supposed to be
helping each other?
I expect your report in 3 hours.
You'll have it in 2.
You layered a command code
without a security seal?
Sorry gets you a one-way
ticket to containment.
Look look, why don't you go
and see bandana boy
and ask him to
issue you a brain?
Then go back to your little
data-crunching cubicle
and drop in a security seal.
Now go!
Back up. You're messing
with my feng shui.
You must be Quinn?
And you are?
I am your new second.
Madeline's orders.
I'm to observe
and, uh, lend a hand
where needed.
Name's Jason.
So you're the twin.
Well, not everything's the same.
Maybe you should
take a test drive
and see for yourself.
[Clearing throat]
I'll pass.
That's cool.
There's plenty of time, darling.
I'm sure
you'll change your mind.
The report.
You're much better looking
in person.
You can go now.
Older, yes.
Your face is filled in
with so much character.
Not surprising,
considering the things
you must have gone through
since being here.
What is your point?
I've carried it
with me for years.
You were my inspiration,
Michael samuelle.
A fighter.
With total dedication
and passion for your cause.
You fought with
sticks and stones,
yet managed to make them
see things your way.
Where is this man?
What's happened to him?
You once believed in something
you thought was worth dying for.
How long are you going to
let them use you?
There's a meeting
in systems in 20 minutes.
[Door opening]
[Door closing]
[Rene speaking French]
Is it really you?
It is.
You once said,
a person defines themselves
by what they are
willing to die for.
I will die for a belief.
And you will die
because you have none.
[Gun fires]
(Operations) what do we have?
Well, there are
several possibilities.
We're still looking
for a definitive.
Don't be evasive.
You're here to
assist in the search.
Take a position.
Tell me what you think.
Well, after reviewing
all the hard data,
I believe that a random
must have attacked
the substations.
Is that possible?
Think about it.
Red cell and section one
are both protected
to a degree, from each other,
but not from a guy
with a grenade and a cause.
I don't accept that.
Because you think I'm wrong
or because
you didn't think of it first?
Quinn, transmit satin's
analysis to red cell.
See if they've come
to a similar conclusion.
In the meantime,
I want the rest
of you running profiles
on possible
freelance candidates.
That's all.
Michael, wait.
Why is it so difficult for you
to accept my theory?
For once we're fighting
for the same goal.
I know.
Think about it. You used to be
a random yourself.
You even once believed
that one man could
make a difference.
You were special, Michael.
This place has changed you.
I've narrowed a possible
location on the random.
Tell Quinn to focus
on the northeast quadrant.
good. And the director?
As you requested,
he knows nothing.
Keep it that way.
(Madeline) for how long?
At least 12 hours.
Whatever it takes, stall him.
I don't want him finding
this person before I do.
[Keyboard clicking]
There's a briefing
in 10 minutes.
I'll get satin.
Operations wants her excluded.
I'm supposed to keep her busy
running a sim on level 4.
[Electronic beeping]
I assume our deal still holds?
Sure I'm not being
kept out of the loop?
Your briefing had nothing
to do with our current status?
How long are you
going to play this out?
It's no secret there's tension
between you and section one.
Everyone's expendable,
Michael, even you.
You know how they work.
You won't even see it coming.
Don't you remember
what it's like
to fight with friends?
People you can trust?
It's time for you
to make a choice.
I have to go.
I've locked on the coordinates
that Madeline sent
regarding the random
and located the nucleus
of their headquarters.
How big is their operation?
(Kate) Small.
How small?
I haven't had any luck
using thermal
to scan for
a concise head count.
They may be mobile.
Nothing I've seen
indicates that.
Our time is critical.
We'll proceed
without total data.
We don't have any other choice
but to go into this blind.
There are only hours
left for this truce.
I expect your team
to be ready within the hour.
(Michael) First team is mobile.
Ok, Michael.
We've got movement on site.
Top floor.
(Harlan) I'm this way.
I'm so getting ahead of them.
This is so easy.
But I'm still 3 substations
ahead of you.
[Electronic beeping]
Uh, but I guess it's your move.
He thought
he was playing a game?
A war game.
How could he get into our
system without detection?
The guy's a genius.
Right off the charts.
It's never been done.
That's because we've never
encountered a guy like this.
The best hacking
is always traceless.
He circumvented all security
by loading an r-45 footprint.
So once he had access
to our mainframe,
he had total control?
He disabled the defense system,
then detonated
the self-destruct.
He even rigged it to look as if
the players were
attacking each other.
That would explain how
you got a partial trace
to red cell.
Like I said, the guy's a genius.
This r-45 footprint,
can we use that
to access red cell?
If we wanted to break the truce.
The r-45 footprint would set
permanent damage into motion.
[Harlan crying]
You can go now.
I'm sorry.
What whatever I did.
I didn't do anything on purpose.
That doesn't matter.
I just wanted
I'm willing to
wipe the slate clean.
Give you a fresh new start.
And all I ask in return
is your cooperation.
Sure. Fine.
That sounds like a plan.
You've made the right choice,
Mr. Harlan.
What do you want me to do?
I want you to pretend
this is still a game,
and help us
wipe out the other side.
[Door creaking]
Anything new on the random?
(Operations) not yet.
I would have thought
Quinn could have
narrowed it down by now.
Apparently it was
more challenging
than you anticipated.
I'll keep you posted.
I look forward to the results.
You'll be the first to see them.
I have Madeline on b-channel.
I have a short window.
I'll get operations.
No. There's no time.
I just want to know,
has the random
given you any
useful information?
So far, he's admitted
to the hits
and setting off
the self-destruct.
Anything else?
Just that he thought
he was playing a war game.
how did he gain access?
He said he used
an r-45 footprint.
Have you located it yet?
Not yet.
Just one more thing, Quinn.
I'd like to see
the most recent data.
Th-that's been frozen.
On whose authority?
He doesn't want me to see it?
Madeline, I've got
a cipher channel coming in.
I have to go.
You lied to her.
There's no cipher channel
coming in.
And your point is?
It's obvious
something's going on.
Operations is using Harlan
to destroy red cell.
And Madeline is going to get
caught in the crossfire.
I have a feeling
she won't be missed.
And if she survives,
she'll go to war
with operations.
Trust me, darling,
I've seen this kind of
boardroom back-stabbing
and it gets messy.
This place will be looking at
some major
corporate restructuring.
You and I will be
forced to choose sides.
Well, that won't happen.
Madeline is as good as dead.
She's in the dark, junior.
Operations isn't
telling her anything.
Get back to work.
[Keyboard clicking]
For Rene.
Thank you, Michael.
What did you just do?
Sir, we just received this
from satin.
Escort her to her quarters.
See what we've got.
That's section one's directory.
Sir, there's more.
Well, put it up.
Looks like we may have the
coordinates for section one.
Give it to me.
They're encrypted, sir.
I'll start the decoding process.
Quinn, I need you to trace
a cyber plant with me.
Communique between
satin and red cell.
I'll get right on it.
Do it here.
This is eyes only.
With section one's directory
and their coordinates,
we can wipe them off
the face of the earth.
How long until we have
the exact coordinates?
How long?
20 minutes.
They're running the program
she sent them.
(Operations) Good.
There was a self-destruct signal
layered into the text.
Satin believed
Michael was helping her.
She'll be responsible
for destroying red cell.
I want you to activate it.
[Siren wailing]
What's going on?
The self-destruct mechanism
has been activated.
Well, override it.
I can't get in!
I'm locked out of the system!
(Man #1)
Got it! Go ahead!
Run! Come on!
(Man #2) What's going on?
(Man #1) Gear down!
We're moving here!
There's nothing I can do.
Is Madeline dead?
There were no survivors.
Don't know how I feel.
We destroyed red cell's
base of operations.
I know what the trade-off was.
I i i can't help
but wonder whether
it was worth sacrificing
one of our own.
Working with the enemy
has had some
residual effects on morale.
You'll handle it?
Of course.
All things considered,
the operation went well.
I've instructed Quinn
to revamp our system security.
You deceived me.
I did what I believed in.
Thank you.
[Woman speaking French]
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