La Femme Nikita (1997) s04e18 Episode Script

Toys in the Basement

[Brakes squealing]
It's ok. It's ok.
Don't be frightened.
I'll take very good care of you.
[Cat yowling]
Don't be frightened.
I'm going to take
very good care of you.
Excuse me? Can I help you?
I want your database.
Look, I don't know what
you think you're gonna
find here, we're just a
I wasn't asking.
All right, all right.
[Keyboard clicking]
[Gun firing]
[Man grunting]
Looks like we've got a problem.
(Kate) What?
Michael, hostiles converging
from the south quadrant.
Uh, listen, please
[Glass shattering]
Michael, go!
[Guns firing]
I need a location on nikita.
She's just behind you, Michael.
Getting an elevation reading.
♪♪[Music playing]
[Gun firing]
Nikita's location.
She's on the ground, Michael.
16 meters south-southeast.
You're going to have to
make a ground approach.
she should be right in front
of you, Michael.
Michael, do you have her?
(Kate) Michael, report.
Michael, can you hear me?
[Woman speaking French]
Housekeeping found this.
It's a thermo-block.
We knew that bright star
had the technology to block
our I.R. And r.F. Scans.
But not this.
This is why we couldn't see them
until they left the back room.
What's the status on nikita?
Nikita's implant
went dark a few minutes
after we lost visual on her.
Last known location?
[Keyboard clicking]
2 blocks from where she fell.
She's off the board.
Quinn's isolated
another bright star
substation in rouman.
And since they mirror
their database information
across their network,
we'll assemble a storm team
and attempt to acquire
the personnel database we lost.
It is essential
we obtain this information
within the next 72 hours.
There will be severe
repercussions if we can't.
Nikita has the disk.
Your mission is now listed
as aborted, Michael.
We consider
database information
you acquired
on premises unobtainable.
We've had no contact with her
for 6 hours.
Per procedure,
she'll be listed
as killed in action.
[Birds twittering]
[Cat meowing]
[Cat meowing]
I don't think
you're being fair, mother.
I made you dinner
and there's a nice,
hot bath waiting for you.
[Cat meowing]
[Door opening]
You're alive.
Where am I?
Well, you know,
you wouldn't be
if it wasn't for me.
Alive, that is.
It wasn't easy getting
that bullet out of you.
Thank you.
Mother always said
if you're going to
be good at anything,
you'd better resolve
yourself to practice.
[Breathing heavily]
Who are you?
Your doctor.
You smell a lot nicer
than most of my patients.
Do you think you could
take these handcuffs off me?
[Henry laughing]
I like that.
The patient telling
the doctor what to do.
I'll m-make those decisions,
if it's all right with you.
I appreciate everything
you've done for me.
I will take
very good care of you.
You're very safe here.
What's your name?
Henry Paul Collins.
What's yours?
That is a very pretty name.
Do you want to know a secret?
Besides my mother,
you're the first girl
I have have ever, uh,
uh, been able to talk to.
[Nikita groaning]
No one as smart
and pretty like you.
(Operations) where's Michael?
He's in his office.
Was he informed
about the briefing?
Yes, sir.
This briefing
will be rescheduled
one half hour from now.
You're aware of the procedure,
Did you expect we'd make
an exception for nikita?
Then you know
you have a job to do
and you're expected to do it.
If you have to grieve,
do it on your own time.
You owe me 15 days.
For helping your friend.
Yes, I did promise you that.
I'd like to take them now.
All right, Michael.
You do what you've got to do.
But you're on your own.
If I find out you employed
any section resources,
put a drain on our manpower,
I will act accordingly.
I understand.
You know what I wished for?
What did you wish for, Henry?
Absolutely nothing.
I finally think I've got
everything I always wanted,
right here.
You care about me?
You're very special, nikita.
Haven't I proven that to you
by saving your life?
But I don't understand
why you're keeping me down here.
Why the handcuffs?
[Birds chirping]
You don't want me to feel
like a prisoner, do you?
You're not nearly well enough
to to get out of bed
and and start running around.
You'll catch your death.
I'd take your advice, Henry.
Even if you took
the handcuffs off, I
[Breathing heavily]
If you said that
I should stay in bed,
I would stay in bed.
Then it really doesn't matter
that much, does it?
You know, mother
baked this cake herself.
I think she's getting
rather jealous
that I brought
the rest of it down here.
She thinks I spend
too much time down here.
Does she know about me?
She know I'm down here?
Truth is,
I think she's getting
a little too attached to me.
Oh, well.
I suppose it's better
than not being loved.
She sounds like
she's really very nice,
your mother.
I'd love to meet her.
I'm sure you would.
You see, I knew you were smart.
I need something to drink.
[Cutlery clattering]
Some water.
One of these days
she's gonna push me too far.
Be a good girl
and drink your milk.
Nut case.
Thank you, Henry.
[Handcuffs clinking]
[Cat meowing]
[Woman chattering]
[Door opening]
Forgive me for being rude.
I forgot to say goodnight.
Mother said you might need this.
[Door closing]
Oh, hi.
Can I help you?
[Birds chirping]
[Cat meowing]
[Dog barking]
You feeling better, nikita?
If you're going to recycle a sim
or check redundancies,
you've got to clear
your subnet mask and make sure
your gateways line up.
Oh, you're just saying
that to get me excited,
aren't you?
Your loins must be a sad
and primitive place,
Mr. Crawford.
They're just lacking
for company, is all, darling.
Uh-huh, and tact, apparently.
Tact is for the boardroom,
not the bedroom.
Or in your case,
just bored in the bedroom.
You're too good for me, darling.
faster with the one-liners,
and I'll bet that
moat around your thighs
has kept most every human male
standing at the drawbridge,
trying to figure out
why he ever wanted to cross it
in the first place.
I need a d.M.V. Trace.
No can do, Michael,
you know the drill.
Trust me, pal.
Been there, done that.
Forget it.
You know the iceberg
that sunk the Titanic?
It's an amateur.
What do you need?
No good deed goes unpunished.
She's always trying
to pound that into me.
And I always resisted.
Seems mother knows best.
you and I are friends now.
And we should treat each other
like friends.
[Glass clinking]
You really do need your milk.
You are so beautiful, nikita.
So very beautiful.
[Nikita groaning]
Won't mother be happy
when she learns of our surprise?
I spliced off
Quinn's network bus,
and stuck a null terminal
on the line.
She won't even know
we were here.
That's good there.
I can enlarge and enhance.
(Michael) That's good.
Now all we gotta do
is run this puppy
through the d.M.V. Database.
That means Quinn.
Half an hour.
I'll do my best.
when my best isn't
good enough,
I try a little harder.
Dear god.
It's going to be small,
but that doesn't mean
we can't do it right.
[Animal squealing]
I think it really does
something for the room,
don't you?
come here.
Sit down.
Sit down.
I'm very excited about all this.
Haven't you forgotten something?
Forgotten something?
Well, uh,
I've got the decorations,
the, uh, the cake,
and, uh, we're both here.
No. No, I don't, uh
I don't think
I left anything out.
You never asked me
how I felt about all of this.
I saved your life, nikita.
I-I've taken
excellent care of you.
I can't think
of any reason why
Then you don't know anything
about women, do you, Henry?
[Cat meowing]
Even if a girl's
going to say yes,
she likes to be asked.
If I ask,
you promise you'll say yes?
That's cheating.
[Cat meowing]
Nikita, will you marry me?
Henry, look at me.
Look at me!
Come back here and sit down.
You promised.
Henry, take the handcuffs off.
You know I can't do that.
If you cared about me
Oh, nikita, please.
You're like a broken record.
"If you care about me"
If I unlock those handcuffs,
you're going to try
and run for the road.
Henry, I'm sorry.
You're right.
That was before
you asked me to marry you.
It's different now.
What-what-what's so, uh,
what's so different now?
When I'm all tied up like this,
I can't even touch you.
I want to know
what you feel like.
You sound like a whore, nikita.
I would never marry a whore!
You utilized
section facilities
and manpower
to assist
in an off-profile operation.
I thought Michael worked here.
You know very well
what I mean.
All right.
So I helped the guy out some.
It took 10 minutes.
You're not going to climb
out of your skirt about that,
are you?
Why did you do it?
(Jason) The guy's ok.
Doesn't talk much,
but he plays straight.
I like that.
all he's doing is
trying to help someone
he cares about.
I don't really see
the harm in that.
And despite the rules,
you believe it all comes down
to how you see it.
I get the point.
So what now?
You gonna cut my head off?
I'm actually quite pleased
with your progress.
It seems the more time
you spend with us,
the more like
your brother you become.
You're doing quite well, Jason.
Quite well.
[Van door closing]
Mr Collins?
That's right.
I'm, uh,
here to read your meter.
My meter? Right.
This is, uh, really a bad time.
I'd have to clear a path
for you.
Maybe you could come back
next week.
I'm sorry.
According to our records,
you're already overdue.
If if you could
just give me a couple days
I wish I could.
[Birds chirping]
Beautiful day.
[Engine starting]
What are you doing down there?
Mrs. Collins,
can you help me, please?
[Nikita exclaims]
Talk about bad timing.
Henry pleaded with him
to come back next week,
but he wouldn't have it.
Anyway, it'll be nice
to have another guest, huh?
I'd say you were, what? Autumn.
Earthy. Rosy.
Henry's so excited
about all of this.
You've made him happier
than I've seen him in years.
I believe that a boy
inevitably reaches a certain age
when his mother's attentions
just aren't enough anymore.
It's funny, you know,
because you keep
tending to think of them
as babies
and then, um, one day,
you open your eyes
and you realize that
they're all grown up.
And that your hugs and kisses
are not what
they're looking for.
Sad, isn't it?
There are people looking
for me, Mrs. Collins.
Very dangerous people
who won't hesitate
to hurt your son.
See, you have to
understand about Henry.
His father died
just after he was born.
And I've tried to be both
a mother and a father to him.
I expect that you'll do
everything in your power
to make him happy.
Mrs. Collins,
if you keep me here,
you and Henry
will be in jeopardy.
Oh, look at you!
You've got butterflies!
I remember I had such a case
of the humpy-jumpies
before my wedding.
It's perfectly normal, you know.
You are going to be just fine.
Got it.
I ran satellite surveillance
on the 4 likelies
I told you about.
And lookie here.
That's the same truck
you were looking at
on those security tapes.
You have an address?
I got more than an address.
Look at this.
Thought maybe I could pick up
some faces for you.
Couldn't get much more
than the top of the head
of this little guy over here.
But the gas man,
just as he looks up,
I ran an ident scan on the guy.
His name's Craig burrell.
We have him listed in
our database as a 3rd-level
operative for bright star.
He never left the house.
Could be we stumbled
on a bright star substation.
Thought you might want to know.
Thank you.
Hey, any time.
As soon as they got wind
that I was helping you out,
old mata hari
with the shape to die for,
she was all over me
with the compliments.
I think she likes it
when I take my own initiative.
You really think
she's still alive?
[Gun clicking]
You think or you want to think?
You know you've got enough
to go to operations on this.
You've got a location,
you've I.D.'D
a bright star operative.
If she is in that house
and she's still alive,
he might reconsider.
He won't.
You don't know what
you're walking into.
If this is
a bright star operation,
you might find a very large
welcoming committee.
I'll get her out.
♪♪[Wedding march playing
on gramophone]
You look just like your father.
[Whispering] You look beautiful.
Dearly beloved,
we've gathered
here today to witness
the bonding
of these 2 young people
in holy matrimony.
Do you have the rings?
One at a time, Henry.
Yours first.
Do you, Henry Paul Collins,
take this woman, nikita,
to be your lawfully wedded wife?
In sickness and in health,
for richer or poorer,
forsaking all others,
until death do you part?
I do.
[Gun firing]
You can't do this.
[Birds twittering]
Where's the disk?
I don't know
what you're talking about.
Where is it?
I don't know what
you're talking about.
[Motorcycle engine revving]
[Tires screeching]
[Birds twittering]
You should've had backup.
You had no way of knowing
I was going to be alive.
What if this had been
a bright star substation?
You wouldn't have
made it out of here.
If you weren't alive,
it wouldn't have mattered.
♪♪[Music playing]
Been here a couple
of weeks now, Jason,
and already you're checking
anomalies in the inventory.
What can I tell you?
They don't have cable.
Gotta keep busy.
So what do you say, Walter?
I got a couple of beretta
92f's, a glock 9 millimeter,
a Mac-10, all unaccounted for.
They seemed to go missing
around the time
Michael showed up.
You know, maybe you should, uh,
check your figures
one more time.
4 times.
All right, be that way.
I guess you're the kind of guy
who just doesn't like
to get a pat on the back.
Don't make sense to me.
What do you mean by that?
You and me, pal.
We seem to be the only two
in this place
who want to help that guy.
That really seems
to impress the brass.
Impress them?
Hell, yeah.
I thought I was gonna get
a promotion on the spot.
I'll put in a good word for you.
All right. Have it your way.
I like you, Walter.
I really do.
You're my kind of people.
Excuse me.
I don't think you should
press those buttons
while you're walking.
I'm just finishing
the download now.
It's the entire
bright star database
from nikita's disk.
It's complete.
Do you have a location
and an e.T.A. On
Michael and nikita?
No, sir, the download was sent
automatically, on a timer.
I had only one voice contact
from Michael,
giving me the channel
and frequency.
Well, where the hell are they?
There was a message
on the file header.
It seemed cryptic to me.
Code, maybe.
All it said was:
"It took me
4 days to find nikita.
That leaves 11."
Does that make sense to you?
[Woman speaking French]
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