La Femme Nikita (1997) s04e19 Episode Script

Time Out of Mind

♪♪[Piano playing]
[People chattering]
(Man #1)
Ah, I was beginning to wonder
whether you got lost.
(Man #2) I was parking the car.
It's a nice place here. Yeah.
Here you are, sir.
Enjoy. Thank you.
(Man #1)
Now, he called
and I think we should do it.
I don't think so.
We should back out.
[Glass clinking]
What are you doing?
(Man #1)
Madam, is there something
What the hell is the matter
with you, lady?
(Woman) Let's go. Let's go.
(Man #1)
It's all right.
Easy. Take it easy. It's ok.
[Woman speaking French]
[Water dripping]
[Voices whispering]
Krystal French
is an arms dealer
with no ideological ties.
She sells to the highest bidder.
Her latest weapon
is an Anthrax-based
toxin called drakium as.
The subject
has only been infected
for 3 hours.
One vial of drakium a.S.
Could decimate New York
in one week.
Our intel indicates
that the freedom league
has resurfaced
and has made arrangements
to purchase the toxin
from our target.
What's our window?
Unknown, but limited.
Krystal French operates
under a heavy veil
of security.
She's never surfaced
long enough to tag.
Our field operatives
have been unable
to locate her.
This is David French,
Krystal French's son.
I read about that guy.
He went loony tunes or something
over an accident
in some kind of
chemical plant.
He had a complete
psychotic break.
Currently, he's in
a mental institution in Zurich
and he may be our only link
to finding his mother.
24 hours ago, nikita was given
a psychosis-inducing drug.
She was admitted
to the Zurich facility
2 hours later.
We have to be able to move
at a moment's notice
once we obtain the information.
[Electronic beeping]
Nikita's status?
I'm trying to initiate contact.
There's no response.
Tell her to take
the anti-psychotic.
She knows where it is.
What are you doing here?
What are you doing here?
(Nikita) I don't know if
She's coming out of it.
Give me the benatol.
Nikita, the halamene.
Take the halamene.
It will counteract
the psychotic we gave you.
Makeup kit.
Can you tell us your name?
Uh, nikita.
Do you remember
how you got here?
Maybe she'll respond
to your voice.
[Electronic beeping]
Nikita, it's Michael.
You said the name Michael.
Is he a friend?
The pill is in the makeup kit
We'll help you stop the voices.
Hidden under the compact.
[Voice echoing]
Makeup kit.
Why not?
Every young woman
needs her makeup.
I'm gonna go away
for a while now, nikita,
but I'll be back.
We're gonna try and
find out who you are.
[Water dripping]
[Voices whispering]
[Man moaning]
[Man crying]
[Echoing] Nikita.
Did you take the pill?
Where are you?
You have to take the pill
and contact the target.
David French.
[Voice echoing]
The mission, nikita.
Remember the mission.
Come on,
we'll get you all cleaned up.
♪♪[Man humming]
I'm sorry.
[Water running]
the mission, nikita.
Let's go.
Remember the mission.
Jason. I've been waiting
for you. Jason.
[Woman crying]
If you need anything,
just shout.
Everybody else does.
(Woman) Help me!
[Door closes]
I found David French.
We're on an accelerated clock.
You know what you have to do.
[Door creaking]
I just spoke
with your mother, David.
My mother?
Why? Wha-what did you tell her?
I saw what you did.
But I haven't said anything yet.
I will.
Don't tell my mother.
Please, don't tell her.
She already knows.
She knows.
(David) Mother knows?
[David laughs]
No. No. No.
No! No! No!
I made first contact.
It's time to take the 2nd pill.
I understand you've been
keeping something from us,
(Jason) nikita.
You have to move.
Can't move.
Did you take the last dose?
She can't get the last dose.
[Electronic beeping]
Nikita, can you hear me?
White rabbit, nikita.
[Voice echoing]
White rabbit.
We gave her a trigger
to fight the drugs.
A trigger?
Under hypnosis.
An image from her childhood.
Memory invigorates the synapsis.
She'll cooperate now.
hush, little baby,
don't you cry ♪
mama's gonna sing you
a lullaby ♪
hush, little baby,
don't say a word ♪
no. Stay away.
Mama's gonna buy you
a mockingbird ♪
[Quavering] No. No.
If that mockingbird
won't sing ♪
Where are you?
Mama's gonna buy you
a diamond ring ♪
Get out! Get out!
Baby, don't you cry ♪
Help! Help me!
Mama's gonna sing you
a lullaby ♪
Get out of here!
Hush, little baby,
don't you cry ♪
Mama's going to sing you
a lullaby ♪
and if that mockingbird
won't sing ♪
mama's gonna kill it
with a diamond ♪♪
(David) No!
That's it.
Help me!
Help me!
Nikita, have you initiated
the breakdown sequence?
(David) No!
Hold him down.
Get back to your room.
(Dr. Lukas) Steady.
Hold him.
[Electricity buzzing]
[David screaming]
Break him down, nikita.
[Voice echoing]
More intel.
Accelerated clock.
[Voice echoing]
[Electronic beeping]
Let me take it.
Hey, sugar. It's me.
When you coming home?
Place is downright empty
without you.
Sugar, you're the best.
You can handle this.
[Bottle clinking]
No. No.
Get it away. Get it away.
This can't hurt you.
It's deadly.
It will kill everyone.
Don't touch it.
Do-don't touch it,
don't touch it.
You'll die!
Help me. I can't.
Where's the antidote?
No one can.
I need the antidote.
It's too far away.
It's too far. Where, David?
I need the antidote.
Where, David?
It's where the bulls are.
The ones that run
through the street.
No. No, mommy.
No, it's
Make them clean it David.
She she's dead.
My mother.
She drank it and she died.
What are you doing?
[Crying] Keep her away!
No! No!
[David screams]
did you make an approach?
What have you found out?
nikita, did you acquire intel?
David French.
The mission, nikita.
Remember the mission.
I see you.
Nikita, did you acquire intel?
The toxin's where the bulls run.
Why are you on t.V.?
She must be hallucinating.
[Electronic beeping]
Why are you on t.V.?
[Shouting] Are you on t.V.?
Why are you on t.V.?
The drakium a.S.
Was manufactured in Pamplona.
I'll put Davenport's team
in play.
Is there something else?
Nikita. Her mission is complete.
You think we should remove her?
There are signs of
diminished capacity.
She could
jeopardize the mission.
Arrange an extraction.
[Electronic beeping]
Have Davenport prep
for the mission.
Nikita is your stepsister?
She has a history
of, uh, cerebral incidents.
When she disappeared,
we knew to check
local hospitals.
Lab's deserted, sir.
Do you detect any hostiles?
It's a sterile site.
Evidence of the drakium a.S.?
I don't think she's ready
for release.
We've always taken care of her.
She won't do well
in a strange environment.
2 experimental subjects
have been left behind.
Is the package on-site?
We haven't completed our sweep.
I have one question.
We found a pharmaceutical
hidden on her.
Highly sophisticated.
Something I had never seen.
[Birds chirping]
Why would she take
something like that?
My sister is, um
She's an addict.
This is not something
an addict would take.
It creates
no feelings of euphoria.
Quite the opposite.
Well, our family owns
a pharmaceutical company.
We make experimental drugs.
Nikita must have
gotten into it
and taken one of them
thinking it was a barbiturate.
Her drug of choice.
I don't see
any other explanation.
I'll have her brought in.
You can take her home.
Sir, the package isn't here.
Bag and retrieve the subjects.
[Electronic beeping]
The package has been moved.
So, we need to keep on mining
David French.
I'm so glad you're here.
[Birds chirping]
You look tired.
She's been through a lot.
I couldn't have held on
for much longer.
Michael, abort the extraction.
We need nikita inside.
Let's go, Michael.
Get me out of here.
Dr. Lukas feels
you're not well enough
to be released.
Let them help you.
Just just a few more days.
You're still hallucinating?
Hearing voices?
She's far from recovered.
Let's get out of here.
It's for your best, nikita.
Go with nurse adder, nikita.
Michael, no. Michael, no!
No, no! No!
I'll be back, nikita.
I promise. I promise.
Michael, no! Michael, no!
Michael, no.
Don't leave me! Michael.
Michael, no!
Dr. Lukas says
you're to be let out,
but to watch you closely.
[Door closes]
♪♪[Humming hush little baby]
[Door opening]
[Door closing]
You'll never get them
clean enough.
You betrayed me, David.
Where are you?
You told them
about the toxin, didn't you?
No, I didn't do anything.
You betrayed me, David.
No, no, no, no.
I wouldn't tell them.
But you did.
What did you say? Tell me.
[Sobbing] Please.
Your own mother.
Those people.
You poisoned and killed them.
You told them, didn't you?
What did you tell them?
I didn't tell them, mother.
I wrote it down.
On this piece of paper.
And you showed it to them.
I had to, mother.
Someone had to stop you.
Let me see it.
No! No!
Take her to electroshock.
No, no, no. No! No! No!
Jason, I have the intel.
I'm sorry
I have to do this, nikita,
but acts of violence
must be dealt with.
[Electricity buzzing]
Nikita, what did David tell you?
What did David French tell you?
[Voice echoing]
Who's David French?
David French.
Who's David French?
The window is now 2 hours.
Nikita has the intel,
but they administered
so it's affected
her short-term memory.
Can you retrieve it?
I believe so.
Then do it.
We're out of options.
[Water dripping]
[Dripping continues]
Now, concentrate on my voice.
[Voice echoing]
Remember what we talked about
before you left for the mission?
That's right.
You have to find
the medical supply room.
Get up, go to the door.
Do you see the door?
I'm in the hallway.
Turn left.
Left, nikita.
The hand you eat with, nikita.
Count the doors.
The 4th door. Open it.
This room is off-limits
to patients.
Now get back to your room.
Nurse adder, I have to leave.
Nikita, are you inside?
I said get back to your room.
I have to do what she says.
Nikita, cancel her.
Nikita, do as I say.
Get back to your room.
Cancel her, nikita.
She's dead.
Take the key.
Go to the 3rd shelf
from the top.
There's a vial marked alanol.
The drawer in front of you.
There are syringes.
Fill a syringe.
Inject it into your vein.
This will take away the effects
from the drug you took.
You will remember
what David French told you.
It's a church in Munich.
Davenport's there.
[Crickets chirping]
(Davenport) French is on-site.
We believe she has the toxin.
[Paper rustling]
The buyers are on-site.
Team 2, standing by.
Perimeter neutralized.
Initiate acquisition.
Nikita! Sorry.
But I'm in a bit of a hurry
to leave this place.
Place like this
can make you crazy.
You faked it.
You faked it. Why?
Well, I should ask you
the same question.
But then, section wouldn't
send a lunatic
to get intel on
Krystal French, would they?
(Davenport) All teams, move in.
My mother's time has passed.
It was only a matter of
how to make the change.
Send your superiors
my thanks, ok?
Bye, nikita.
Toxin was acquired.
Krystal French
has been terminated.
David French?
(Man #1) Come again.
[People chattering]
(Man #2) I am ready
[Woman mumbling]
Get me out of here.
Jason. Walter.
Michael, help me!
Get me out of here!
No! No!
No! No! No!
Michael, help me!
Help me!
Michael, get me out of here!
Michael, get me out of here!
get me out of here, please.
Michael, get me out of here.
[Electricity humming]
Are you ready to tell the truth?
[Electricity buzzing]
[Nikita sobbing]
[Woman speaking French]
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