La Femme Nikita (1997) s04e20 Episode Script

Face in the Mirror (1)

Love, you in there?
I really need to speak to you.
Good, you're here.
We got something critical
to discuss.
Well, I didn't know
you had company.
Hello, Michael.
Everything well with you?
Yeah, yeah?
Business good? Yeah?
Hi, Mick.
Oh, don't get up
on my account. No.
I'll be gone in 2 shakes.
I don't want to be
the cold shower
that comes between you two.
Not me. No.
What do you want, Mick?
Uh, right.
What do you know about dancing?
You move your body to the music.
Why, what else is there to know?
you've never seen me move.
Yes, sure,
I got a few twist and turns.
I mean, I know the
I know the hustle.
I know the locomotion.
And the white man's underbite.
But I'm in a bit of a pickle.
Will you just
get to the point, please?
I need to take
ballroom dancing lessons.
And I want you to be my partner.
Mick, I can't.
One night a week.
6 weeks.
It's that little place
around the corner.
I can't commit
to something like that.
You know that chippie
I've been seein'?
She's invited me
to a charity ball.
Big, fancy charity ball.
I told her
I was an expert dancer.
Well, then, just tell her
you broke your leg.
I'll lose her
if she thinks I'm a cad.
You are.
Do you want to be
the one responsible
for breakin' us up?
All right. One night. That's it.
One class. One.
Very sporting of you.
So, pick you up Thursday night.
I'll have a tap in my toe.
It'll be a lot of fun.
Hey? Right?
See you, Michael. Hey, see you.
Always nice to see you.
Look great, by the way.
You look great.
[Woman speaking French]
Ok. Hold still.
Got it.
(Walter) Congratulations.
You now have an l-1
corneal scan access.
Guess I'm movin' up
in the world.
Lucky me.
Hey, come on. Don't knock it.
90% of the people
who go through here
don't even make it to level 1.
You did it in no time.
Maybe Madeline's slippin'
in her training techniques.
Or maybe you're really good,
but don't ever think that.
Fear of failure
is what keeps people alive
in this place.
You know her?
She used to be my girlfriend.
As of now,
the Ghana mission
is aborted.
Michael, your team
will shift primary focus
to the red cell regime.
This is Maurice grenet.
Our intel has confirmed
he has replaced the cardinal.
his daughter, iriana,
is getting married
in the coastal city
of Bizerte in Tunisia.
We believe Maurice
will be in attendance.
Risk exposure?
We're looking at a small window.
A minute. Maybe 2.
A blessing of sorts.
Away from the others.
Most likely between
the ceremony and the reception.
Is the daughter a concern?
(Operations) No. She's clean.
Thinks her father works
for the government.
If she marks us,
she's collateral.
If not, she'll live
happily ever after.
Michael, your team
is mobile as of now.
That's all.
[Door opening]
Target is in containment.
I'll be down in a few minutes.
You may return to your post.
What are you doin' here?
Where am I?
Section one.
Section one? What is that?
God, it's good to see you.
I thought you were dead.
I might as well be.
I don't understand.
What happened in Aruba?
I went out
to get us some breakfast.
When I came back, you were gone.
It's like you just disappeared.
I want you to know
it wasn't my choice.
I love you.
I just got off the phone
with Mr. Jones.
How is he?
Anxious to put
Seymour birkoff to work.
We still have a week?
72 hours.
That's the new turnover date.
That will work.
Are you certain
Jason will be able
to pose as his brother?
Physically, he's perfect.
He's had sufficient training.
He has no choice
but to cooperate.
Hey, Walter.
I put in a thermoscope
just in case.
What? No "hey, sugar"?
No snappy come-on?
Hi, sugar.
What's wrong?
Nothing's wrong.
Well, it's Jason.
What about Jason?
They brought his girlfriend
in here this morning.
I don't know.
But if I'd have to guess
I'd say that
operations and Madeline
need her for leverage.
Jason's working out.
What kind of leverage
would they need?
That's what's so scary.
But I'd have to think that
they're setting him up
for a major fall.
Nikita. We have to go.
♪♪[Drums beating]
(Priest) dearly beloved,
we are gathered here,
in the sight of god
and in the face
of this company,
to join together
(Kate) Michael is in play.
All teams stand by.
Which is
an honorable estate
[Gun cocking]
nikita, move to
and hold kill position.
♪♪[Music playing]
Between Christ
and his church.
And, therefore,
is not to be entered
into unadvisedly.
target plane is on radar.
Hold your position.
We have an approach.
Can we identify?
(Nikita) target in sight.
All teams, we have
a potential target on site.
nikita, you're off primary.
Adjust 12 meters northeast.
Those that god has
joined together,
let no one put asunder.
Kiss your bride.
[People murmuring]
[All chuckling]
(Kate) kill window: 60 seconds.
[All applauding]
[People chattering]
50 seconds.
35 seconds.
[Birds chirping]
All teams, target is on site.
(Kate) window open in 5, 4,
3, 2, 1. We are green to clean.
I'm so glad you could make it.
(Maurice) My darling.
(Kate) nikita.
Target is moving off site.
Nikita, take the shot.
What's going on?
We've lost contact with nikita.
Michael, move in.
[Airplane engines roaring]
[Nikita groaning]
We have an operative down.
What the hell happened
out there?
Nikita was ambushed.
How was that possible?
Nikita's numbers
are the highest
they've ever been.
And we had teams
blanketing the perimeter.
I'll retrace the mission.
Retracing won't
take Maurice grenet
out of play.
We may never have
another chance.
You were the team leader
on this one, Michael.
I'm afraid you're going to
have to take responsibility.
I understand.
Where's nikita?
Sent her home. To rest.
The bullet penetrated
first layer epidermis only.
There was no internal damage.
I didn't see any reason
to keep her here.
How do you explain
so much blood loss?
I don't know.
These types of wounds
generally don't produce
much blood.
It'll all be in my report
to operations.
It won't.
Where are we with Jason?
I told him what we needed.
I think he'll cooperate.
This can't go wrong.
I've made that very clear.
Good. Then proceed
with final preparations.
What is it? I can't stay long.
We never finished
our conversation,
did we?
About Naomi?
That's right.
Now, what's going on, brother?
What do you mean?
You know exactly what I mean.
Ever since Naomi showed up here
your head's been someplace else.
I want you to tell me something.
What did Madeline
talk to you about? Hmm?
It's ok.
You can trust me.
I'm on your side.
Why do you even care?
Because I'm not like the others.
I've got my reason.
They brought Naomi in
to convince me to fool center.
Fool them? How?
Into thinkin' I'm Seymour.
You mean operations
wants you to be
his eyes and ears on the inside?
Something like that.
What's in it for you?
Naomi gets to live.
Don't trust anything they say.
They're using Naomi
to get inside your head.
Now, where have they got her?
I don't know.
What do you mean,
you don't know?
I'm tryin' to find out.
You didn't find anything? No.
That's impossible!
You're the best damn hacker
that's been in here
since your brother.
Well, I'm comin' up snake-eyes.
So, they know you're looking,
and they don't want you
to find her.
Well, it's either
one of two things.
Naomi's recruitment here
is for real.
And when they're done,
she's dead.
Or, 2:
Naomi is section
and she's playing you.
I just look old.
[Knocking on door]
How are you?
I'm tired.
You should be resting.
I've been doing that all day.
I'm restless.
[Car engine starting]
[Door opening]
What are you doing here?
What is this?
Dinner. Thought you'd be hungry.
Wouldn't want to go out.
Well, I was feeling better,
so I thought
a walk would do me good.
Fresh air?
(Nikita) Candlelight, dinner.
Lemon chicken,
shrimp in lobster sauce.
This is so nice.
I've been retracing the mission.
The shot that hit you,
do you know
where it was fired from?
Well, it all happened so fast.
Well, from everything
I could tell, I would say,
it would have to have been
someone on the roof.
I agree.
It was the only
clear line of sight.
Why do you ask?
You're very lucky
to be alive, nikita.
Given the angle of attack,
no obstructions,
the caliber of the round
you were shot with,
a surface wound
seems impossible
to extrapolate.
You know how we are.
We defy the odds.
If you're in trouble, nikita
The only trouble
I seem to be having
at the moment
is that
you're too far away from me.
To defying the odds.
So you read my med report?
Found something you didn't like?
You shot yourself, nikita.
Yes, I did.
It seemed like a bad idea
to assassinate the one man
that could get me
out of section forever.
I'm sorry, Michael.
I had my chance.
I had to take it.
[Phone ringing]
(Maurice) yes?
We have a problem.
Michael samuelle.
I remember when he fought
for something
he had passion for.
Just a minute.
Right eye.
In section,
[scanner buzzing]
I suppose passion
is out of the question.
(Maurice) Take him.
Michael's Iris scan.
That should take you
into level 5 clearance,
It's also your ticket
out of section one.
How much does he know?
Can you turn him?
Not from the inside.
Maybe once I'm out.
You almost are, nikita.
Your tracking I.D.
Has been removed.
Your profile
is being dismantled.
And here,
here the piece de resistance.
The last piece of the puzzle.
The proper codes
to sink your files.
It all seems so simple.
It's taken us years
to access
section personal codes.
If all goes well,
you'll be our first success.
When do you go in?
As soon as I leave.
They'll notice
Michael's absence.
I won't have very much time.
You do realize that we hold
the final key to your erasure.
When you bring us information
we negotiated for
I understand how it works.
[Car engine starting]
Good luck, nikita.
[Tires screeching]
[Door squeaking]
You look ok. How are you?
I'm scared.
Did you find out anything?
Don't worry.
It's all taken care of.
What do you mean?
I made a deal.
No one's gonna harm you.
And I get to go home?
As soon as I'm done.
Jason Crawford?
Do you mind?
I'm in the middle
of somethin' here.
(Man) Come with us.
In a minute.
Hey, lighten up,
will you?
I wanna talk to Madeline.
Jason, what should I do?
Just sit tight.
I'll be back.
Madeline, thank god.
What's goin' on?
What are you doin'?
We're making some adjustments.
What kind of adjustments?
The procedure
is quite delicate,
Mr. Crawford.
Any unwarranted motions
will be unfortunate.
Look, if you'd
just explain to me.
[Scanner buzzing]
Hey, sugar. You feeling better?
Yeah, I am. Just busy.
Got a minute?
That thing. Jason.
I think it's about to go down.
And I'm really worried.
Walter, he's a big boy.
Just like the rest of us,
he'll take care of himself.
Now, I've got some things
to take care of.
I'm sorry. We'll talk later.
Sure thing.
Hey, you're not
supposed to be in here.
How did you get in here?
The same way you did.
Through the door.
Where's Michael?
Using Michael's corneal access
is grounds for cancellation.
Madeline, your threats
are of no interest to me
Not that they ever have been.
You don't really think
you can get away with this?
I'm sorry for you, nikita.
Is that an emotion
on my behalf, Madeline?
It's taken a long time for us
to come to this point,
hasn't it?
Far too long, if you ask me.
Nikita's condition 8.
Shoot to kill.
[Woman chattering
on P.A. system]
[People chattering]
Is everything here?
Everything we agreed to.
Very impressive, nikita.
You've done more damage
to section one in an hour
than we've managed
in half a decade.
What have you done with Michael?
You may wish you were dead,
Mr. Samuelle
but I can assure you,
I'm too good at what I do
to let that happen.
We'll have another session
after you've had
time to consider
the price you pay for silence.
Cut him down.
Maybe these will help.
What have you done to me?
Perhaps you feel
like talking now?
Come on.
Out with it.
There isn't
With some judicious cutting,
and a few prosthetics,
I think we can accomplish
what you want.
Are you sure about this?
All right, then.
Let's get started.
Have you located nikita?
I'm afraid
she's off the board, Michael.
She's destroyed
her file database
and to the best
of our knowledge,
removed and disabled
her tracking chip.
Then she can't be found.
Not without your help.
Nikita may have cut her ties
with section,
it's unlikely
that she'll cut her ties
with you.
She drugged me.
Turned me over to red cell.
(Madeline) She's well aware
of your ability
to take care of yourself.
If you were to make
yourself approachable,
I believe that
she'll take that approach.
If you're wrong,
or she's hostile,
we're putting Michael at risk
to reclaim nikita.
I can't justify that.
I believe nikita still has
Michael's best interest
at heart.
Our options are limited.
All right.
But Michael will need to know
what to expect,
if she does make contact.
That's not a problem.
We can run the sim.
[People chattering]
Despite her files being erased,
I compiled a psychological
and behavioral profile
on nikita from memory.
The program also includes
the most recent data
regarding her disappearance
and turning you
over to red cell.
The sim should predict
with 93% accuracy.
I believe that Mario's
is the most likely
point of contact.
That's accurate,
isn't it, Michael?
Yes, Mario's.
You both preferred
the seat by the window.
I'm sorry I'm late.
How are you?
For the first time in years.
How are you, Michael?
You should be used to that.
Living inside yourself.
Not letting anything or anyone
get close enough to hurt you.
So it must feel like the same.
Not anymore.
Not anymore?
What changed?
I let you in
close enough to hurt.
Well, what do we do now, then?
I'm on the outside.
I love you.
Michael, I know you.
You'll never leave section.
I doubt if you'd even come today
if it wasn't
part of some plan
to get me back inside.
Nikita a life without you.
That's worth trading
for no life with you.
[Gun fires]
Best interests.
Looks like you miscalculated.
It's still
our only option, Michael.
I'll make arrangements.
[Footsteps approaching]
How did it go?
It's ready.
I showed him
the variation we discussed.
The alternate.
Do you think he accepted it?
Yes. It was all quite realistic.
[Keys clicking]
Not anymore.
Not anymore?
What changed?
I let you in
close enough to hurt.
Then come with me.
I have the access codes.
We can sink your files.
Leave section. Come with me.
I love you.
We can do this, Michael.
Put everything
that's happened to us
behind us.
It'll still take
some time to heal.
But the bruises
and minor incisions
that I made
won't be visible
a few days from now.
It's gonna take
some getting used to.
Would you like me
to pour this for you?
No, thank you.
I'll come back
when your friend arrives.
Michael's in position.
This isn't an eval mission,
When nikita shows up,
you know what you have to do.
[Woman speaking French]
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