La Femme Nikita (1997) s04e21 Episode Script

Up the Rabbit Hole (2)

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la femme nikita:
Where am I?
You certain Jason
will be able to pose
as his brother?
Physically, he's perfect.
We've lost contact with nikita.
You shot yourself, nikita.
It seemed like a bad idea
to assassinate the one man
that could get me
out of section forever.
Your tracking I.D.
Has been removed.
Your profile is
being dismantled.
You sure about this?
When nikita shows up,
you know what you have to do.
[Birds chirping]
[Cell phone ringing]
(Nikita) Michael, it's me.
I'm calling on
an unsecured line.
Are you all right?
For the time being.
I can't keep this
connection open too long.
[Siren wailing]
We need to talk.
I'm not sure that
this is the right time
or place for that.
It's best if you
don't try to find me.
I'll call you.
I don't know
how much they know
or who I can trust.
We'll meet later.
Tell me when and where.
We need to find a safe place.
The cottage?
No, that's the first place
they'd look.
Choose a place.
Wherever you feel safe.
I'll contact you later.
[Phone ringing]
where can I feel safe,
when I can't even trust you?
[Woman speaking French]
This is Maurice grenet.
In exchange for critical
section database intel,
grenet, acting as red cell
interim cardinal
is the man that engineered
nikita's extraction.
Nikita sunk her files,
and eliminated any chance
of restoring from a backup.
Her moves have been incompatible
from everything that's
currently in her profile.
And how is that possible?
The only factor that
can account for this
is that anything
that we think we know
about nikita is wrong.
Grenet was tagged
just after leaving
his headquarters.
After Michael escaped,
the main unit
broke off into 5 groups,
all within
a 10-kilometer radius
of each other.
Given the c.E.O. Mentality,
grenet would want to maintain
strategic leadership.
He'd do this best right from
the center of the circle.
In his power plant.
Grenet is our only
connection to nikita.
Michael will take tactical.
Quinn on comm.
Davenport will lead the team.
Details are on your panels.
Leave immediately.
Am I moving down
the food chain here?
Quinn on comm?
I'll talk to you in my office.
You leave for center
first thing tomorrow morning.
For how long?
That depends on how
convincing you are
and how quickly you get us
the information we need.
You still haven't
told me what that is.
You'll be told
when you need to know.
Tight-lipped bunch, aren't you?
You have
an unusual opportunity,
Mr. Crawford.
Your fate at section
is in your hands.
You feel you're ready for this?
I'll do what I have to do,
And you'll make sure
nothing happens to Naomi.
My brother Jason
will expect you to keep up
your end of the deal.
they've located the target.
Do we proceed?
(Grenet) No! Damn!
Target acquired.
We have grenet.
(Madeline) Where's nikita?
By now, you'd think
you'd know better
than to even ask.
You don't have time
for high-spirited debate.
Go to hell.
Where is she?
Out of my reach!
Out of yours, too.
That's not the way.
Not with him.
Just a few more minutes.
No. I'll handle this.
You're making it very
difficult on yourself.
Your attempt at
good cop, bad cop
is a hopeless failure.
That's to be expected.
There are no good cops.
[Rats squeaking]
(Operations) Something I learned
when I was a guest
in Southeast Asia.
My hosts were
extremely resourceful.
I've checked your file.
It appears
that your childhood
left some scars.
You bastard.
(Operations) Bandicota indica.
From Myanmar.
Very aggressive.
And they maintain an almost
constant state of hunger.
The size of their chewing teeth
in proportion to their body size
is unprecedented in the species.
I told you, I know nothing.
[Rats squeaking]
Oh, and I'm told
that they'll feed
until they die
if given the chance.
Get them off me!
Where is nikita?
It appears grenet
was telling the truth
when he said
that nikita was
out of his reach.
Once she turned
over the stolen intel,
she was placed in
the hands of this man.
Dr. Henry kraft.
The magician.
He's a world-renowned
plastic surgeon
that we now know
has ties with red cell.
Given kraft's track record,
and we've learned
that he can do amazing things
with prosthetics
He doesn't even
need to cut bone.
And given nikita's
facial structure,
we've run some probabilities.
Given kraft's skill,
we were able to generate
over 600 possibles.
In order to
maximize our manpower,
I reduced those
to just under 30.
Images will be
uploaded to your panels.
Information will
be disseminated
throughout 4 other sections.
They will be
cooperating with us.
And kraft?
He has an office
in London and one
in Port-au-Prince.
Davenport will lead
the Haitian team,
Michael, London.
What's nikita's acquire status?
When you find her, cancel her.
Now, if she was able
to sink her own files
and get out of dodge,
isn't she worth more alive?
You have your orders.
I told you everything I know!
I destroyed
the surgical records when
I completed the procedure!
We changed her face
Where is she?
I don't know.
I swear to you, I don't know!
[Switch clicks]
[Gas hissing]
I i i do remember
she paid me in francs!
French francs.
Target was not on premises.
According to kraft,
he changed
her face completely.
He destroyed all
records of the surgery.
She could be anyone.
Belgium, France,
the Congo, Gabon,
Guinea, the Ivory Coast.
French francs do not narrow
the possibilities enough.
And without a physical
to match to
I know.
Of course,
if Dr. Kraft had provided
more specific intel,
that would be on your debrief.
He told us everything he knew.
You have the data.
You spent 6 years training
and getting to know nikita.
We're not going
to retrieve her
on intel alone.
We need a more personal profile.
I understand.
Anything and everything
you can think of, Michael.
Quinn will run the programming.
Oh, hi, Michael.
Picked up all the weird buzz
going on around here?
Seems sugar-free
leaves a bitter taste
on the back of the tongue.
I need you to run a playback
on the grenet mission.
The grenet mission? It's capped.
It was completed successfully.
Check the printout at comm.
I need to know the status
of the masking filters
when the mission started.
Well, I can tell you that
right now.
They default to "on".
They were off
when the mission began.
I turned them on.
Somebody could have
issued an override,
but why would anyone do that?
Run the playback.
Done deal.
From everything you've told me,
it appears we should try
narrowing our search
to France, Belgium,
and Luxembourg.
If nikita's on profile.
Do I have to program
for variables?
According to
everything you told me,
nikita's very emotional.
Is she likely to
break with that pattern?
Given her leaning
toward impulse,
it's amazing she lasted here
as long as she did.
That's what made her good.
As an operative or as a consort?
And I know that's
not any of my business.
Given the geographical focus,
what can you tell me?
A place she talked about,
something that was
emotionally important to her.
The cottage in bourgine.
What cottage?
No. That's the first place
I'd look.
She's smart. She knows
you'd anticipate that.
It could pay off.
No. Saint-etienne.
What's there?
An inn.
The significance to her?
She was young, maybe 13.
It was raining.
She was with her mother,
but they got separated.
She was frightened
and went to the inn?
Her mother found her there?
They missed the last bus,
stayed for the night.
There was a fireplace.
She slept in her mother's arms.
She said it was
her warmest memory.
All right. You've given me
enough to run some prelims.
I'll let you know
when I have something.
[Birds chirping]
(Operations) no sign of her?
You left the room intact?
After I searched it, yes.
I've got a team on location.
They'll report
if she comes back.
Call them off.
She wants
to make contact, Michael.
If she knows
you're going to be there.
It wasn't nikita.
You're sure about that?
Nikita was never there.
I reran the grenet mission.
You were right.
The masking filters were on
when Davenport's team
approached position.
They were off at comm,
and they didn't come back
until you turned them on.
From her console, yes.
She activated thermo scan
just before that.
Now, the filters and the scan
are right next to each other.
It might have
been unintentional.
But then again
You know what I think, Michael?
I think you're holding back.
I have no reason.
Don't get me wrong.
I'm not suggesting
that you're doing it
or even consciously.
But have you stopped
to think that maybe you don't
want us to find nikita?
For what reason?
Because you're in love with her.
Your psych data is incomplete.
How so?
Madeline gave me everything.
I never loved nikita.
I thought that was
common knowledge.
Yes. That's what we wanted
them to believe.
Operations. Madeline. Me.
I've been through
the databases
100 times over, Michael.
The time you spent
with nikita
I was assigned to train her.
To motivate her adjustment.
And give her something
to hang on to?
To believe in?
And your feelings for her?
I have to give you credit,
I'm beginning to understand
why they value you
so much around here.
I'll have to figure this in.
I'll let you know when
I have a new profile.
Everything in order?
Seems to be.
You understand that data
flows downhill from center?
Yes. Center can access
oversight, oversight
can access the sections,
but not the other way around.
That's correct.
What we want is
for you to access
George's file in
the oversight database.
If I do that, then I'll
Consider what will happen
to Naomi if you don't.
You're good, Mr. Crawford.
I'm sure you'll find a way.
You wanted to see me?
Sit down.
There were a few things
I forgot to mention.
Given nikita's training,
I don't believe
your psych profile
will reveal her location.
It would have helped
if I'd had all the facts
to begin with.
It's not necessary.
I know where she is.
Nikita was taught,
if exposed,
to hide in plain sight.
Great. But how does that help?
It doesn't seem
to narrow the choices much.
It does.
Don't move.
Hide in plain sight.
Section is the last place
we'd think to look.
Michael, I'll report this.
You'll have to account
for your behavior.
And you will have to account
for your reaction
when I told you
I had no feelings for nikita.
Like I said,
nikita's very emotional.
Seems to be what trips her up
most of the time.
I couldn't leave
without you, Michael.
I came back to convince you
to come with me.
You've seen me do it.
I could show you how.
No one really leaves section.
I agree.
This place will
always be in my head.
But we can help
each other forget.
Sooner or later,
they would have found you.
Not without the implant.
Not after sinking my files.
Not if I didn't want them to.
I'm sorry, Michael.
You knew I'd escape.
Of course.
But grenet promised me
he wouldn't hurt you.
I didn't have a choice.
Red cell offered us a way out.
We'd be free.
Go back to your post.
You seem pleased.
Jason reported in.
Has he found anything?
A mole.
Someone's been
leaking section one
maneuvers to red cell.
In order to discredit us?
If Mr. Jones finds out,
George will be destroyed.
Works for me.
Have you had too much caffeine?
What is it, Walter?
I had this screened for you.
It's clean.
Are you ok?
Are you sure?
You look a little pale.
I'm fine. Thanks.
Michael, section may be
looking at an internal change.
What kind of change?
In a few weeks, most likely
I'll be moving to oversight
and you'll be
taking over the perch.
Section one will be yours.
You don't seem too pleased.
I am.
Where are we with that
satellite surveillance?
I have a viable.
And our window?
It's a temporary address.
Nikita won't expect us coming.
Then we have time?
Not much.
Then mobilize your team.
We'll meet at systems in 5.
Michael has ascertained
a possible location on nikita.
This is civilian soil.
We're expecting
little resistance
from the target.
Nikita knows us.
She'll have
tactical detects in place.
That means Quinn
will be running comm on-site.
Stokes will handle in-house.
Davenport has 2nd.
My orders still stand.
I want nikita canceled on sight.
Run the sim.
teams 1 and 2
entering the target zone.
Where's Michael and field comm?
Should be on the board.
I don't see them.
They should be there.
I saw them leave myself.
2nd team, take east entrance.
We have a tactical
surveillance problem.
What kind of problem?
I have a shadow
running on this mission.
All personnel
are accounted for
except Michael and Quinn.
Their implants are down.
We're unable to track them?
How is it possible?
It's not registering.
It had to have been removed.
I'll try Davenport
on a b-channel.
Michael's files have been sunk.
Yes, Madeline.
Mission is aborted.
(Davenport) is that prudent?
I want Michael
and Quinn apprehended
and brought back
to section immediately.
Michael, what are you doing?
[Engine accelerating]
(Davenport) Michael!
Michael's going rogue.
Michael, stand down.
Do it now!
[Tires screeching]
I can't get a bio-reading
on 2nd team leader.
Davenport is dead.
Michael and nikita?
They're gone.
Amazing, isn't it?
That kraft's a genius
at long-term prosthetics.
You know,
we can use the techniques
if we ever have to disappear.
I don't want you
to change again.
We found Quinn.
Messick's team
found her tied up
and drugged in her apartment.
How could we let this happen?
Nikita returning
to section as Quinn
was unforeseeable.
I can't accept that.
Taking these last
few days into account,
there's no way to get a bead
on her next move.
You're slipping, Madeline.
If that's what
you want to believe.
I have 2 liberated operatives,
an entire Alpha team wiped out,
and a chief strategist
without answers.
What should I believe?
I just need more time.
You have 24 hours.
If Michael and nikita
are not returned by then,
you'll be removed
from your post.
[Door opening]
This is Stokes.
I'm going to need access
to all our broad-view
sat comms.
I'm downloading now.
All right. Give me 15 minutes.
I'll do a repo.
Not a minute later.
Madeline's realigning
the broad-view satellites.
Can she find us?
She won't stop trying.
Well, we'll just have to
keep on moving, then.
Till they accept
what we've done.
Have you informed George?
Yes. He's on his way,
but he's not happy.
Look, now that I've taken care
of my business,
I expect Madeline
to keep her promise.
Naomi will be released
as soon as your
secondary agenda
is completed.
Secondary agenda?
No one said anything
about a secondary agenda.
Frankly, we didn't
expect you to survive
at center this long.
What do you want me to do?
As good a job as you did
with George,
I want you to do the same
with Mr. Jones.
I don't care
how many are in the crowd.
Punch in, digitize,
and make an I.D.
It's gonna take hours.
You have 15 minutes.
Yes, ma'am.
I'm going to need more manpower.
I'm splitting level 8.
Every operative
will be at your disposal.
They're on their way up.
Hey, Walter, what's up?
My faith in humanity.
What are you talking about?
Nikita and Michael.
They flew the Coop.
That's what everybody
around here thought.
But they did it.
They're history.
Mom and dad
must be freaking out.
Well, that's the best part.
I wish you could see it.
Madeline's having a meltdown
and operations is
wearing out the floor
of his office,
pacing back and forth.
Yeah, I wish I could see that.
As far as I'm concerned
What? What, Walter?
Later, jas. Later.
You've all been pre-briefed.
The targets are
Michael and nikita.
We have no implant
tracking ability,
so they could be anywhere.
What I'm going to need
from each and every one of you
is a broad-view
sector breakdown.
That means
I want every inch of
this planet combed.
I have a smile ♪
stretched from ear to ear ♪
to see you walking down
the road ♪
we meet at the lights ♪
I stare for a while ♪
the world around disappears ♪
[Seagulls cawing]
It's just you and me ♪
on my island of hope ♪
a breath between us
could be miles ♪
let me surround you ♪
my sea to your shore ♪
let me be the calm you seek ♪
oh, and every time
I'm close to you ♪
there's too much I can't say ♪
and you just walk away ♪
and I forgot ♪
To tell you ♪
I love you ♪
and the night's too long ♪
and cold here ♪
without you ♪
I grieve in my condition ♪
for I cannot find the words ♪
to say I need you so ♪♪
Thank you for coming, George.
This better be good.
Found an operative
who was playing
both sides.
In bed with whom?
Red cell.
You're certain?
Oh, yes.
Who is it?
See for yourself.
It's you, George.
You've been leaking
intel to discredit us.
There was no way
you could have known that.
You used Seymour
to spy on me from center.
Although it wasn't Seymour.
It was Jason.
Doesn't really matter now,
does it?
I'll see you in hell.
I'm sure he'll be waiting.
Michael, it's over.
We can relax now.
They're never going to find us.
[Woman speaking French]
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