La Femme Nikita (1997) s04e22 Episode Script

Four Light Years Farther

(Medic #1)
Move it!
We got an emergency here!
(Medic #2) Get back.
(Medic #3) Oxygen!
(Medic #1)
Somebody help us out, please!
(Medic #2)
Now. Move back. Move back.
No, leave that one.
He's too far gone.
It's a clean wound.
It'll hold for a while.
Who else is hurt?
Back off, kurtzman.
Go to hell, Olivier!
If you would have
listened to someone
for one second,
this whole thing
could have been avoided.
Thanks for proving
my point, moron.
You're out of control.
You want some more?
You make things worse.
You put your girlfriend here
in 2nd position
to save her ass.
3 more died because
of that stroke of genius!
[Gun fires]
the wounded
and prioritize.
bring me a report
as soon as it's ready.
When does
the Alpha mission break?
It's supposed to go out
in 3 days.
We're not ready.
[Woman speaking French]
We've got 2 go teams
in the far east.
We can bring them in.
Supplement them from below
with reserves.
That won't cut it. Why not?
The Alpha mission
to go active.
All right.
We've got a group in Chad.
In fact, we may have
a level 5 there.
[Computer beeping]
We do. Berenger.
I don't want to
leave that area exposed.
We can only work
with what we got.
Attrition has put us
in a bad situation.
This is not an attrition issue.
We lack hands-on leadership.
What are you saying?
You know what I'm saying.
What do you want to hear?
Michael and nikita are gone.
We've pushed
all of our sources
and we still can't find them.
I don't accept that.
They're out there.
[Seagulls crying]
We have to move.
Did you get us some money?
I found a dead drop account
red cell uses in reserve.
How much?
Any more, they'll notice.
You ever been to Reykjavik?
[Speaking French]
I narrowed the search space,
like you said.
If Michael and nikita
are funneling
terrorist accounts,
then the projections show
they'll end up
at one of these places.
(Madeline) That can't be right.
(Stokes) Why not?
You've been running this
since they left.
We couldn't
narrow it down to under
500 geographical areas.
you add a parameter
to the sample space,
and it goes down to 20.
I know.
It's as if they wanted us
to find them.
I'm surprised.
About what?
I'm still not
getting used to you.
You will.
I like it.
I don't want it to change.
After 2 or 3 more bounces,
we should be able to
settle in for a while.
How long?
3 or 4 months.
4 months in one place.
That's a lifetime.
I heard it today ♪
Where do you want to go?
an island somewhere.
How about rhodes?
Why rhodes?
There's a restaurant
on the south end
of the island.
It's run by a family
I once helped.
Old life?
No. Section.
Do they know that
you helped them?
But that was yesterday ♪
I just love it
when I'm right about you.
With a little courage
and time ♪
you might forgive me ♪♪
[People chattering]
[Speaking German]
[Engine starting]
Any problem?
Didn't ask for I.D.
What are we waiting for?
We're surrounded.
(Nikita) Moving collateral.
(Michael) Yes.
Should we use the car?
We won't get 10 feet.
(Nikita) I've got 3 grenades.
We could carve out a path.
Highway's less than a kilometer.
There'll be another day.
[Computers beeping]
They're here.
Where have you put them?
4 west.
They're to be treated well.
I agree.
But they can't be trusted.
They never could.
Not from the moment she arrived.
There's a bond
between them that can
only be broken one way.
Which one?
I disagree.
Michael's more valuable.
You know that.
Whichever one we let live
will never forgive us.
We let them make the choice.
What's the difference?
Eventually, the survivor
will need to anchor.
They will want to believe in us.
But they'll need justification.
Plausible deniability.
It has to be this way.
Let them kill us both.
They won't do that.
They need one of us.
We should both live.
You know they won't
let that happen.
If they cancel you,
I won't want to live.
I'll step in front of
the first bullet shot at me.
No, you won't.
I'll need you after I'm gone.
What does that mean?
You're the only one I can trust.
That's something that
you should do yourself.
After I'm canceled
they'll induce
so you're not suicidal.
After some time passes,
you'll be brought back.
It won't be as painful
as you think.
You can live without me
a lot better than
I can live without you.
[Door squeaking]
[Lock clicking]
Hello, Michael.
I'd prefer a bullet.
A bullet.
Nikita was right.
You'll get over her death.
She'll never be able
to get over yours.
This is just to help you
get through it.
No! No!
And Michael?
You got your wish.
He's going to live.
Give her a full charge.
Pain is not the goal here.
Not yet.
Send him in.
Someone would like
to say goodbye.
Hey, sugar.
[Crying] I
(Nikita) It's ok.
How can you do this?
You have no right!
You have no right!
It's time to leave, Walter.
It's all right.
I don't mind.
It's ok.
[Door closing]
All right.
What's wrong?
I don't know.
Stokes, what's going on?
Sir, I have no idea.
All the internal
online systems
have shut down.
All we have left is basal power
and communications.
How could that be?
I don't know, sir.
[Cell phone ringing]
(Woman on intercom)
Sir, you have an incoming call
from Mr. Jones.
Paul, this is Jones.
(Operations) yes?
I've neutralized section
for a while.
I'll explain when I see you.
When you see me?
yes. I'm en route.
I'll be there, shortly.
Is this about George?
Canceling a supervisor
without my approval
was a mistake.
But I've reviewed your debrief.
I'm going to
overlook the anomaly.
Then, if you don't mind,
what is this about?
You just have to
be patient, Paul.
It doesn't bode
well for section one.
(Madeline) Why do you say that?
Have you ever met anyone
who has seen Mr. Jones?
Just George.
And he's dead.
I see your point.
Protect himself
and the agencies.
So if he shows himself now,
either he's planning
to step down
or he has other plans.
It's unlikely he's coming here
to announce his retirement.
(Woman on intercom)
Mr. Jones is here
to see you, sir.
Send him in.
[Clearing throat]
Mick shtoppel?
To a few, yeah.
But, why?
Well, I needed to
investigate section one.
Call me a hands-on manager.
I have to see things
with my own eyes.
Touch them with my own hands.
And Mick, well,
he allowed me to do that.
Didn't he?
You were picked
through ilya benko.
You were his gofer.
Hmm. Yes.
Simply building a resume.
I knew that section
would never employ Mick
as an informant
if he wasn't established.
But it's hard to
believe that old Mick
was just fiction
'cause he was
the life of the party.
I mean, he was, wasn't he?
Mick wasn't enough.
You had to have someone
on the inside.
Of course I did.
And, no,
it wasn't either of you two.
(Operations) Then, who?
Ready when you are, sir.
She works for me at c.I.I.
My cover was thorough,
hers, unprecedented.
You're looking at
the best of the best.
When did she start
working for you?
3 years ago.
I recruited her
during her leave from section.
I knew she was the only one
that would cooperate.
I chose nikita
because of her free will
and her sufficient
disdain for for section one.
Well. I think it's time
to get started.
Hey, nikita! What's going on?
It's ok. We'll talk later.
Hey, jas.
What's coming down here?
It's evaluation time.
Evaluating what?
Everyone, everything.
Who's doing the evaluating,
I don't know too much.
Though you better get
your house in order.
Make sure
your inventory's checked.
Yeah, but wait a minute.
I've got something to show you.
What is it?
It's about your girlfriend,
She's section.
(Walter) She came off the bench
right after you went to center.
Started helping in comm.
She's been playing you
right from the get-go.
I'm sorry.
You're going to be ok?
Please, sit down.
I'll just be a moment. Sorry.
On January 10 of last year,
operations abdicated
control of section
for 26 minutes,
based on a recommendation
by you.
I'm not familiar
with the date,
but if you say so.
It was
an unfortunate decision.
If you recall,
we ended up sustaining
loss of life
because of his absence.
Yes, I remember.
It was 2 operatives.
Both level one.
Frankly, I don't know
if the 2 incidents
were related.
Maybe not.
How dare you two
have the presumption
to judge my contribution
to this organization
on one single event.
(Nikita) It's not the event.
It's the relationship
between you and Paul
that concerns us.
You two do not complement
each other.
I really don't
need to hear what some
ad hoc internal affairs bimbo
thinks of my work.
Get to the punch line.
If you insist. No.
We discussed this, nikita.
Then you know where I stand.
It's not the way.
There's no place
for her here.
Maybe not in section,
but she does have assets.
Is this a personal plea?
You understand this decision
is mine,
and mine alone.
No. You understand
I'll make my own decision
regarding my fate.
I shall miss her fortitude.
[Intercom beeping]
(Jones) Housekeeping, please.
I want to show you something.
Are you going to tell me
why you brought me here?
Why don't you tell me?
Let me guess.
You want to make a point.
Very good.
And what's the point?
Spare me the cliches.
The innocent children,
the future,
the need to protect them both.
I wrote that speech, remember?
Did you mean it?
Of course, I meant it.
You're a ruthless man, Paul.
That's good.
You do your job with clarity.
I respect that.
But children and terrorists
are not the same.
You've abstracted them.
And killing one
to save 100
is not always right.
George learned that.
That's why you had
a problem with him.
Turned out to be his problem.
Not if you want the post
that he left vacant.
You do want oversight,
don't you?
What do you want me to say?
I'll water my compassion,
so you can see it grow?
I'm sorry, you're not ready.
You'll stay in section
where your status
will be reviewed in 7 years.
Because I lack compassion?
Because you lack
the good judgment
that comes from having
a small dose of it, Paul.
What about the compassion
I showed you, time after time?
Compassion for me?
Madeline once tried
to convince me that
you were my father.
I never knew my father.
But I know that
he would never have
sentenced his own
daughter to death
more than once.
I had a job to do
and you more than deserved it.
I don't disagree with you, Paul.
But oversight requires
a different skill set
than section one.
And until you master
those skills,
those skills,
section's where you'll stay.
[Children chattering]
So what do you feel
about all this, Walter?
A bit betrayed,
how do you think?
That's good.
Why good?
Because you were betrayed.
You have a firm grasp
on reality.
Then what the hell
am I doing here?
It's an evaluation.
Then why don't we save each
other the trouble.
We both know that
I broke every rule in the book
helping you and Michael.
Why did you help us?
You don't know?
I'd like you to tell me.
I loved you.
I love you, too.
But that has nothing to do
with why we're here.
You said it yourself,
this place has to change.
To do that means to make
some difficult choices.
What I don't understand is,
you used to come to me
to confide.
You used to ask my advice.
Now if you were doing that
just to figure out who I was,
why did you keep coming back
after you knew?
You kept me grounded.
When you go undercover for
as long as I did,
you have to find a center.
A place you can stay anchored
so you don't drift.
You were my center.
Well, isn't this great?
I was just starting
to get comfortable
disliking you.
Don't get too comfortable,
you haven't heard
my recommendation.
You've committed
too many violations
against the charter
for me to allow you
to continue
in your present position.
I'm transferring you
to the farm.
The farm?
You're going to
become a teacher.
Oh, come on.
I am going to miss you, Walter.
Who's going to call me "sugar"?
Goodbye, Walter.
So long.
Come in.
When did you find out?
Doesn't matter.
I'm sorry.
Don't be.
I enjoy my work.
In fact, I've never had
such clarity in my life.
You don't really mean that.
I do.
You saved me, Naomi,
from the corporate world.
A world I never did
feel comfortable in.
I want you to know something.
Those times we spent together,
they did mean something.
I'll never forget them.
You may return to your post.
Come in, Michael.
Michael samuelle.
Brought into section one
10 years ago.
Graduated training
9 months early,
moved directly to level 3.
Your continual ascent
within the organization
was due not only to
your tactical
and strategic abilities.
There was something primal
about your approach.
You have shown
otherworldly disregard
for your own well-being.
More than anyone else
you have been true
to the highest principles
that define
this organization, Michael.
That's not true.
I betrayed section.
I've put your well-being
ahead of everything else.
I have no choice
but to recommend
your cancellation.
Is there
an abeyance mission pending?
Thank you.
So you understand
how this has to play out?
Michael cannot survive.
That's right.
I'm going to give you Jason
to assist on the comm.
You mean Seymour, don't you?
No, Seymour's dead.
You understand why I did it?
Of course.
If you hadn't accommodated,
you'd have been canceled.
My work's done here, Mr. Jones.
Good job. I'll see you
back at center.
Teams 3 and 4
will fall back
for the retreat.
you'll proceed alone
to the engagement area.
By this point,
you will have triggered
their security.
We've estimated
10 to 15 hostiles
with orders to kill
anything that moves.
You'll be wearing
a suicide vest
with one pound of c4 explosives,
thermal detonator.
Once the engagement
has commenced,
you'll have a window
of 30 seconds.
You'll take this route
all the way to
the target area.
Won't that approach be blocked?
(Jason) No.
It dead-ends.
And there's no retreat.
Then, how does Michael get out?
(Operations) Check your panels,
you'll leave in 15.
Just wait here for a minute.
Take that with you, Michael.
What is it?
Solvents and a compressor.
You can get through
a 3-foot wall.
Dig yourself out
before the detonation.
Thank you.
Michael's at his first Mark.
Teams one and 2, disengage.
Michael, 75 meters,
you have 20 seconds
to hit your next Mark.
At 2nd Mark.
Ok, go.
Proceed to final Mark.
I'm at the door.
He's at his final Mark.
Ok, Michael.
We detonate in 50 seconds.
I thought someone should use
Walter's little bag of tricks.
Let's go.
(Nikita) We're clear.
4 minutes.
Then we'll be in
range of map c-2.
Why did you break protocol?
I wasn't ready to see you die.
Are you out?
No. I got to go back.
But you can make it.
This will jam their frequency
long enough
to get you
out of the hemisphere.
Take it.
What about you?
I'll be all right.
I got a card to play.
They owe me this one.
Come with me.
I can't.
Is that what you want?
I don't love you.
I never did.
[Woman speaking French]
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