La Femme Nikita (1997) s05e01 Episode Script

Deja Vu All Over Again

(Siren wailing)
Nikita: The crime that
got section's attention,
the reason I'm here?
I didn't do it.
Well, that may be true.
But what the hell
difference does it make now?
Suppose I was framed
in the first place
because they wanted me here?
If you won't help me,
will you at least
not interfere?
Would you do that much for me?
What if you don't like
what you find?
That night ruined my life.
I did what I was told.
You work in admin?
So you can get the file.
It's too risky, for both of us.
I need to know why I'm here.
The man who was helping me
this morning.
(Seagulls cawing)
What are we waiting for?
We're surrounded.
Operations: There's a bond
between them that can only
be broken one way.
What's wrong? I don't know.
(Clearing throat)
Mick schtoppel? To a few, yeah.
But why?
Well, I needed to investigate
section one.
You had to have someone
on the inside.
Of course I did.
Ready when you are, sir.
Jones: We discussed this,
And you know where I stand.
It's not the way.
This decision is mine.
And mine alone.
I'll make my own decision
regarding my fate.
Nikita: I'm sorry.
You're not ready.
You'll stay in section,
where your status will be
reviewed in seven years.
I'm transferring you
to the farm.
You're gonna become a teacher.
Michael: I've betrayed section.
I've put your well-being
ahead of everything else.
I have no choice
but to recommend
your cancellation.
My work's done here, Mr. Jones.
Good job.
I'll see you back at center.
Why did you break protocol?
I wasn't ready to see you die.
Are you out?
No. I've got to get back.
But you can make it.
Is that what you want?
I don't love you.
I never did.
(Woman speaking French)
♪♪(Big exit playing)
Look out ahead ♪
I see danger come ♪
I want a pistol ♪
I can't let you leave
without a going-away present.
Some advice.
You think you're going
to start a new life?
You think you're leaving
the violence and the fear
You're very much mistaken.
Truth is,
you were sheltered here.
The dangers in center
are far worse
because they're far more subtle.
Be especially careful
of Mr. Jones.
He's not what he seems.
He told me straight ♪
"you gotta leave ♪
"it's getting late" ♪
too many cops ♪
too many guns ♪
all trying to do something ♪
no one else has done ♪
baby, baby ♪
ain't it true ♪
I'm immortal ♪
when I'm with you ♪
but I want a pistol ♪
in my hand ♪
I wanna go to ♪
a different land ♪♪
(Jones talking indistinctly)
You sent for me? Yes.
You recommend
a matrix organization
for section six. Why?
Most of their problems
involve slow reaction time.
I've had a dozen people
look at this,
they're all more
experienced than you.
And they all argue strongly
against matrix.
They're wrong and you're right?
I think so.
Yes. Yes, so do I.
Michelle, could you get
copies of nikita's report
to the committee?
Yes, sir.
I also have some
for section one.
Yeah, things are
unsettled there as it is.
We had an agreement, Mr. Jones.
All in good time, nikita.
All in good time.
Now, if there's nothing else
Just the matter of why
I was brought into section
in the first place.
We've had
this discussion before.
There's no future in it.
I am going to find out
one way or the other.
This meeting is over.
A new device.
It affects the vocal chords.
After two minutes,
the effect is permanent.
We have similar devices
for the retina, the tongue,
olfactory glands.
You're a young, healthy man.
You could live another 40 years.
That's a long time
without taste,
smell, sight or sound.
One last chance, Mr. Milov.
Answer truthfully,
or spend the rest of your life
in a dark, silent cave.
The red cell substation
at Minsk was relocated.
Where is the new site?
(Speaking Russian)
your record is impressive.
It's not a compliment,
that's a complaint.
You know who you're replacing?
Michael samuelle.
The most remarkable
field operative
we've had here
in the last 10 years.
His record was spectacular,
so impressive won't cut it.
You'll have to kick it up
a notch, starting now.
We're looking for a new
red cell substation.
We've interrogated
two field operatives.
Both cracked.
Both seem to be
telling the truth.
So what's the problem?
They gave different answers.
One said Moscow,
the other saratov.
Your thoughts?
You run a background check
on the operatives?
Of course.
Red cell would've
designed each story
for optimum credibility,
given the respective profiles
of the operatives.
So, run a reverse sim
on each op.
Combined with our database
on red cell,
we should be able to
triangulate the new location
with a certainty of 80 percent.
Maybe more.
Report to ordnance,
pick up your weapons.
Jones: Red cell moved
a substation recently.
Section one
got conflicting intel
from interrogated operatives.
Yes, I saw the report.
Operations came up with a rather
ingenious analysis
using reverse sims.
He came up with
the new location.
That's out of red cell's
Yes, their relationship
with terrorist organizations
in that region is rather dicey.
That's all right.
And yet, they decide to open
a substation there.
The question is why?
One name kept cropping up
in all the sims.
Josef dolmatov.
Do you remember him?
Cairo, three years ago.
I went undercover
as his bodyguard.
Yes, you made
quite an impression.
I'm sure he'll do business
with you again.
I know,
your days in the field
are supposed to be over.
But red cell's
becoming active again,
and we need to find out why.
This is the best way.
It's temporary.
One mission only.
You report in the morning.
He's expecting you.
Operations: This is nikita.
She'll be joining us
on a temporary basis.
Some of you know her already.
Quinn, for instance,
spent two days as her prisoner
while nikita impersonated her
in section.
I'm sure
you haven't forgotten that.
No, I haven't forgotten.
And o'brien, nikita's the one
who brought you into section.
No doubt you have
a lot to catch up on.
The rest of you
may know nikita
by reputation only.
You may have heard
she was a spy for center.
That for three years,
she reported our every word
and deed behind our backs.
And in the end,
she passed judgment
on people who thought of her
as a friend or colleague.
Two of them are dead,
another forcibly retired.
All that is true.
But whatever you might think
of nikita personally,
it will not interfere
with your work.
Is that clear?
That's all.
By the way,
welcome back.
Josef dolmatov.
Arms dealer, money launderer,
general facilitator
for terrorist activities
in Northern Africa.
Our reverse sims point to him.
Subsequent investigation
validated that result.
Intel indicates
a high rate of interaction
among terrorist organizations
who normally
have little contact.
Decrypted communique
refer to an event
five days from now.
What event?
My analysis indicates
a sort of summit meeting
with representatives
from several groups.
Perhaps an attempt
to Bury mutual hostility
and focus on
anti-western activities.
That would explain red cell's
new substation being built
outside its normal territory.
The analysis is quite competent.
What are your recommendations?
Obviously the summit
has to be prevented.
That would be premature.
Facilitate and then destroy.
Encourage the meeting,
attack after it convenes.
That way
we get the maximum
number of hostiles.
Yes, of course.
Operations: O'brien
and nikita will draw up
an infiltration profile.
Support teams will receive
their preliminary briefing
on their panels by 6:00.
You're new to the job.
It takes time.
Go to hell.
I'm sorry.
I gave you an opportunity.
You looked bad.
Worse, you made me look bad.
It won't happen again.
If there's anything I can do
to make up for it
There may be something.
How well did you know
Michael samuelle?
Not well.
What do you think of him?
He's dead.
Think again.
Have you ever seen
him and nikita together?
Then you know.
He loved her, and she loved him.
Her report said
it was all an act,
part of her mission for center.
Mr. Jones may believe that.
I don't.
The abeyance mission A sham.
She could no more
have killed him
than I could
Than you could
have killed Madeline.
What do you want me to do?
Prove that Michael
is still alive.
If I can prove to Mr. Jones
that nikita lied about Michael,
it'll cast doubt
on her entire report.
I'll get on it right away.
Your file said
you spent some time
at the Madrid station.
That's right.
I was there, I think we met.
Did we?
I don't remember.
The mission's been moved up.
We leave in half an hour.
I know.
Everything will be ready.
On those infrared sights,
I'd like you to knock down
the contrast
a notch and a half.
That's against regs. I know.
But most operatives prefer it.
Do it anyway.
It's a simple adjustment.
Let me tell you something.
Maybe that old guy
was wrapped around
your finger, but I'm not.
I do things by the book.
You got a problem with that,
tell operations.
Somehow, I don't think
he'll back you up.
What operations said
about you spying for center,
is that true?
Yes, it is.
I thought it would
give me a chance
to make some changes.
Such as?
Such as doing away
with some of the worst
features in this place,
constant surveillance,
the use of abeyance operatives,
that sort of thing.
Our own little
Florence nightingale,
right here in section one.
My name's kristov,
I'm I'm level one,
I've just been active
a few months.
I've got a mission.
I i know. I'm I'm sorry.
I just wanted to tell you,
I know it sounds corny,
especially in this place.
But to a lot of us
you're a hero.
If you're really trying
to make things better,
don't quit.
We're counting on you.
I'm in position. Ten seconds.
The sat scan
shows denser security
than our last sweep indicated.
Nikita: Wet or wired?
Both. This might be impossible.
At least let me
disable the beams.
No. Stay with the profile.
(Alarm blaring)
We'll need central security,
plus modular nodes
for each group.
No overlap on the friendlies?
No. I don't want
to take any chances.
If we have to subcontract,
so be it.
(Intercom beeping)
What is it?
Man: The perimeter's
been penetrated.
Have you ID'd a target?
We're performing a sweep.
Keep me informed.
(Alarm blaring)
What the hell is going on?
(Dogs barking)
Find out.
Henrik: Perhaps
it's a false alarm.
Even so, it's unacceptable.
How can we provide security
for the conference
if we can't
Hello, Josef.
You've forgotten?
Cairo, three years ago.
What are you doing here?
Looking for work.
And from what I've just seen,
you could really use the help.
What do you say?
The truth is I can use
some extra muscle.
Red cell has called
a meeting of other groups
with similar goals.
Sort of a terrorist convention.
More or less.
I've offered to facilitate
the meeting.
I'm in position.
I'm into the main building
climate control.
I've found your corridor.
You need to enter
in three minutes.
What about the wall?
I'm blocking the beams now.
(Dogs barking)
(High-pitched whining)
What's the weather report?
The temperature differential
has narrowed sufficiently
as of
You're invisible to infrared.
Take the north stairwell
to the second floor.
You're clear all the way.
I offer you the same
as in Cairo.
Plus 10 percent.
And the same for my partner?
He's into technology.
I'm more visceral.
Together we're very effective.
I don't like unknown quantities.
I'll introduce you to him.
He should be here any minute.
He's just going to
stroll into my office?
That's right.
No doubt you have
a low opinion
of our abilities.
But your success
was an exception,
I promise you.
And as far as hiring
someone I don't know,
this late in the game
(Knock on door) Come in.
Marco, Josef. Josef, Marco.
I reviewed the files
of his last mission.
Seventeen people
in the structure
when it exploded.
DNA traces were recovered
for all but three.
One of them was Michael.
Suggestive, but not conclusive.
I also ran a back trace
on nikita during the mission.
Four hours,
six minutes unaccounted for.
Just the amount of time needed
to reach the mission site
and return.
The chance of both occurrences
happening randomly?
Less than
one in a quarter million.
Formalize it. I'll take it
to center tomorrow.
That would be premature.
We should facilitate
and destroy.
If Michael's alive,
sooner or later
they'll find each other.
When they do,
we'll deliver
them both to Mr. Jones
in a nice little package.
You're learning.
I have an exceptional teacher.
Which one of these dirtbags
are we supposed to be
A man named rustam federov,
he's the chief strategist
for black moon.
Nikita. yeah?
Be advised, federov is sick.
Black moon has sent a man
named, uh, piket in his place.
Please enter.
He's on his way.
No problem. What is it?
Piket and I crossed paths
in Marrakech, two years ago.
Does he know you were
with section?
Oh, yeah.
How much contact?
A few minutes.
Maybe he forgot.
Welcome, Mr. Piket.
I'm nikita, my colleague.
Let me show you to the room.
You should be a Princess
or a film star, hmm?
Not a bodyguard.
It's the 21st century,
Mr. Piket.
Women have many talents.
I would love to know
more about yours.
I don't mix business
and pleasure.
By all means then,
let's forget business.
Your room.
Do you smoke?
What are you doing?
He recognized you immediately.
I saw it in his eyes.
Well, that should be enough.
We've got it.
The meeting's in four hours.
We need the masks
in three and a half.
You'll have them.
But there's not enough time
for a voice synthesizer.
We'll get by.
Just get us the masks.
You forgot something.
An abeyance op.
Or we just use a silent drop.
Too risky.
Nikita, reform section
after the mission.
We need an abeyance op.
Quinn. Protocol six.
I'm punching up
the abeyance list now.
Got the masks?
Yeah, that'll do.
I only have
a two-minute window.
It just closed.
(Gun firing)
These will be fine.
I'm triggering the alarm.
You'll have 10 seconds.
We'll be ready.
(Alarm blaring)
What's going on?
Nikita: He came in
through the vent.
He killed Marco.
Mr. Piket, are you all right?
He's fine. And your
security system needs work.
Mr. Piket, I don't know
who's behind this,
but I swear to you
I'll find out.
And when I do,
they'll be punished.
It was a false alarm.
Mr. Piket is fine.
The meeting will go on
as scheduled.
Quinn, they're all here.
How long? 17 minutes.
Guest list? Just as we'd hoped.
Goff, Bauer, French, terik,
a dozen other leaders.
This will put us ahead
five years.
Relay the signal.
Gentlemen. Gentlemen.
This is an unusual occasion,
unique in fact.
Because red cell originated
the idea of this coalition,
I have asked their
representative, Mr. Goff,
to be the first speaker.
Goff: On behalf of red cell,
I thank each of you
for being here this evening.
Put simply,
our hope is
we can all forget
our differences
long enough to create
a reign of terror
that will bring
the west to its knees.
Wait! Mr. Piket,
is there a problem?
I told you, the attempt
on your life will be avenged.
If there's something else,
let's talk.
(Bombs whistling)
I'm afraid your departure
has been delayed.
And why is that?
Three western embassies
in Pakistan were bombed
about an hour ago.
What does that have
to do with me?
The bombings were traced
to willem goff.
That's impossible.
Goff's dead.
Apparently not.
He died at dolmatov's.
I saw it myself,
and your intel confirmed it.
It seems you were wrong,
and so was I.
How is that possible?
I don't know.
But Mr. Jones is waiting
for us in systems.
Jones: And it's not only goff.
Bauer, French,
and a dozen others
seem to be very much alive
and active
since they supposedly
died at the conference.
While you were patting
yourselves on the back,
the enemy was hard at work.
Instead of being years ahead,
you are weeks behind.
And weeks can turn
into forever very quickly.
It won't happen. I'll make sure.
I'm not overly impressed
by that at the moment.
I am deeply disappointed
in both of you.
And you will
both stay on the job
until this is put right.
Nikita, I am formally
assigning you to section.
You will live and work there
until this is cleaned up.
And you will keep your
personal agenda out of it.
Nikita is your deputy
and you will treat her
I'll expect your first
progress report in 48 hours.
Wait. Our agreement.
This is hardly the time.
It's never the time, Mr. Jones.
You've been putting it off
for months.
I came back to section
three years ago
because you made
certain promises.
It's time you kept them.
Is that a threat?
Only if you feel threatened
by being asked
to keep your word.
Am I in command or is she?
You are in operational
command, as always.
In certain matters
of internal policy,
nikita has a degree
of independence.
Now, in the meantime,
what I suggest
is that you both
listen to recordings
of the mikado
or pirates of penzance.
Gilbert and Sullivan.
They hated each other,
but they made
beautiful music together.
So will you.
(Door opening)
Thank you for coming.
Didn't have much choice.
You're on inactive status.
Strictly speaking,
you could have refused.
I did what I did because
I thought in the long run,
I could change things
for the better.
And you just happened to
claw your way to the top
in the meantime?
Is that what you think?
What am I supposed to think?
Madeline's gone
Michael's gone.
You're number two.
Believe me, it's not my choice.
But while I'm here
I intend to make some changes.
Good luck.
I was hoping you'd help.
By coming back to your old job.
I thought I violated protocol
too many times.
So did I. I was wrong.
Would it matter
if I apologized
for deceiving you?
It's all water under the bridge.
Anyway, it's not too bad
where I am.
A little teaching,
tinker around with
a few new gadgets.
Out of the pressure cooker.
You could help me change things.
I've done my stint as dear Abby.
Let somebody else have a turn.
The new guy's not in your class.
He'll learn.
I guess that's it then.
Guess so.
Suppose I said
you are the best man
I ever met,
and another day in section
without you seems unbearable.
Would that matter?
It might.
(Woman speaking French)
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