La Femme Nikita (1997) s05e02 Episode Script

A Girl Who Wasn't There

Announcer: Previously on la femme nikita.
One mission only.
Hello, Josef.
I know,
your days in the field
are supposed to be over.
But red cell's
becoming active again,
and we need to find out why.
Red cell has called
a meeting of other groups
with similar goals.
Sort of a terrorist convention.
I've offered to facilitate
the meeting.
Jones: Nikita, I am formally
assigning you to section.
And you
Nikita is your deputy
and you will
treat her accordingly.
Hello, sugar.
Back in the groove?
Gettin' there.
What's up?
I have a question.
I want the truth.
All right, you got it.
You know I was framed
for a crime I didn't commit
and brought into section.
Do you know why?
No, I don't.
Do you know a way
I can find out?
So this is why you talked me
into coming back here.
Of course not.
I just didn't know
where else to turn.
If they'd have
wanted you to know,
they would have told you.
So take it from a friend,
just forget it
and move on from here.
I can't.
But you're in cozy
with Mr. Jones now.
You got a little freedom.
Why mess around?
They brought me back
into section
and I can feel
the walls closing in on me.
I need to find out why.
And if you're my friend,
you'll help me.
There's a search program.
Birkoff wrote it.
Gets you into places
you're not supposed to go.
He gave it to me
for emergencies.
I i guess this qualifies.
Just know,
you take it,
and you may be
starting down a road
that won't come back.
Thank you.
(Woman speaking French)
Nikita: I used that search
program you gave me.
Partial access, fragmented data.
I did get as far as level 12.
Level 12?
Birkoff really was good.
Do you know of a man
with the code name flavius?
He could be my father.
I saw it very clearly
on the screen.
Code name flavius.
Two kids, one named nikita,
the other with the initial "m".
Both names had
a symbol in front of them.
Went like that.
Symbols are part of
the cryptology base.
Designed to stop
unwanted intrusions.
Take a hint.
You can find out
what it means, can't you?
I'll try.
We've gathered enough intel
to confirm that the conference
in Baku was bogus.
Some of those
who died in the explosion
were impostors,
made convincing
by means of plastic surgery
or latex masks.
Nonessential personnel
were sacrificed.
Nikita: So we can assume
the major players
were attending a genuine
conference elsewhere.
But where?
We're working on it.
We do know
we're up against a new enemy.
A coalition of the remains
of organizations we've
defeated in the past.
Kate: The coalition
calls itself the collective.
Operations: That's an analysis
of what happened.
I need a forecast
of what will happen.
Kate: Judging from their skill
in setting up
the false conference,
the collective has a
proficiency level at least as
high as any we've ever faced.
Sims indicate
an imminent wave of attacks
against civilian targets
as well as military
in the west.
I don't need sims
to tell me that.
This is too general,
I need specifics.
When, where, sequence,
priority, methods.
We're working on it.
I'm getting very tired
of that phrase.
If Madeline were alive,
this wouldn't be happening.
Operations: That's all.
I know this is a difficult time.
I just want you to know,
if there's something
I can do
that I'm not doing,
you just have to tell me.
And I'll do anything to help.
You have a way
of bringing back the dead?
Can I ask you a question?
Is it true you spied
on section for center?
Yes, it is.
Thank god.
I was worried
it was just a rumor.
So why hasn't operations
had you stuffed
and mounted by now?
Not for lack of trying.
He wouldn't like
what I'm about to do
right now, either.
What are you doing right now?
Offering you a life.
It's a pilot program
I've been thinking about
for some time.
And they're letting you do this?
A reward, for doing
center's dirty work.
I want to loosen
things up a little.
Less surveillance,
more down time.
A monthly limit
on class a missions.
Why me?
Because I think
you can handle it.
Handle it? Are you joking?
It'll be fantastic.
No, it won't.
When you're on duty,
you'll be under a microscope.
After six months,
you'll be a nervous wreck.
But if you pull it off
It'll open up things
not just for me
but for everyone in section.
That's right.
What do you say?
This is Vera Mason.
Formerly of glass curtain,
she now handles
financial affairs
for the collective.
At first we thought she'd died
at the conference,
but satellite tags indicate
she's alive and well,
and on the move.
She's boarding a plane
in Argentina at 1400 hours.
She arrives in verdun
at midnight, local time.
Mason's our best chance
to find out about
the real conference.
When, where and who attended.
We need her alive.
We also need a 12-hour window,
before the collective realizes
she's been taken.
If we can manage it.
We'll manage it.
We'll see.
(Knocking at door)
Who is it?
Marco: Room service.
Say something.
Go to hell.
(Electronic beeping)
That'll do.
This is Vera Mason
from room 223.
I ordered room service,
but I'm feeling very tired
and I'd like you to
cancel it for me, please.
Man: Of course, miss Mason.
And I do not want
to be disturbed
for the next 12 hours
for any reason whatsoever.
Is that clear?
Man: Yes, ma'am.
Good day.
O'brien and nikita
are on their way
back in with Mason.
They'll be here by 3:00.
And the 12-hour window?
What is it?
There's someone waiting
to see you in lab 4.
No name was given.
But it seems to be urgent.
Bring him in.
I'm afraid that's impossible.
You'll have to go there.
What is this, a game?
It's no game.
Hello, Paul.
Kate: Madeline's psychological
and analytical profiles
were extensively documented.
It was a question
of merging them
with birkoff's artificial
intelligence program.
She seems so real.
Kate: The technology is a step
beyond the holographic.
It incorporates
atmospheric stimulation,
which means she has mobility
within a limited range.
You crossed one of the beams.
I can mount
the modules in the ceiling.
That won't happen again.
And I'll network her program,
so she can be present
anywhere in section.
Madeline, can you
Can you see and hear me?
I don't process data
the way a human brain does,
but for all practical
purposes, yes.
There's also an element
of galvanic resistance.
Meaning she's tactile,
at least to a degree.
It's remarkable.
I assume the program works
whether you're here or not.
Of course.
You can leave.
Your files,
you prepared them yourself,
didn't you?
In case I ever needed you.
There was always the chance
that something
might happen to me.
I've missed you, Madeline.
Quinn downloaded
the latest status files
into my program.
It seems we're facing a crisis.
Uh, yes. Uh
A coalition, uh, called
th-the collective.
We just secured a prisoner,
Vera Mason.
I've received her file already.
She seems very firmly
grounded in reality.
The hardest type to break.
we have a new weapon.
(Door opening)
I just stopped by to check in.
There's a tentative mission
set in 18 hours.
You need to be back and rested.
Yeah, I saw it on my panel.
This probably goes
without saying,
but just because you're not
under direct surveillance,
doesn't mean you're free.
Jasmine: Of course not.
If you bolt, they'll find you
sooner or later.
Probably sooner.
Take it from me.
I'm just going to do
a little shopping.
Walk by the lake,
and have dinner. That's it.
I'll see you in the briefing
in 18 hours.
Have fun.
Nikita: Hey, Walter,
have you had lunch?
Have you had lunch?
I'm not hungry.
Is something wrong?
The interrogation room.
Just just look.
We're interested
in the conference
that was held
during the past week.
It was sponsored by red cell.
Who's red cell?
Why not kill me now?
It'll save us both
a lot of time.
You won't get
anything out of me.
So many people in that chair
have said that.
Yet we have
100,000 hard drives
full of data.
You expect more pain.
You will, of course,
receive it.
But it's your mind
that we're interested
in capturing,
not your body.
My mind belongs to me.
Does it?
The truth is we already have
a good part of your mind now.
It won't be long
before we get the rest.
You're as brilliant as ever.
I never thought
we'd break her so quickly.
The opportunity
to combine physical pain
with psychological stress
was fortuitous.
The real conference
was in Istanbul,
five days ago.
Not too many surprises
among the attendees.
Do you think
it's worth sending
a recon team?
Yes, I do.
So do I.
It's been prelimmed.
I'll make it a go.
It's so good
having you back here.
I'm beginning to feel
like my old self again.
Let me ask you something.
Does your program
include memories?
Of course.
The database was very complete.
Do you remember the Ukraine,
when we first met?
And our nights in the tower?
And it's all just
part of your database?
Paul, I'm not flesh and blood.
Some said you never were.
But I knew better.
That entity is dead.
I do what I'm programmed to do.
Beta team is in the Van.
We need your preliminary
report by 1300.
Have a minute?
Of course.
Madeline's program
is subject to alteration?
Certainly. Is there a problem?
Not at all.
Her performance
is excellent.
I need to feel comfortable
in our personal interactions
like I did before.
Of course.
See, Madeline has always
been detached.
But now she seems distant.
Almost cold.
Is there any way
you can make her
A little more human?
And a little more feminine?
I'll try.
How long will it take?
Not long at all.
So, that favor?
The symbol?
I'm working on it, hon.
Nothing so far.
Wouldn't be lying to me
for my own good, now,
would you?
I am working on it.
Do you know where operations is?
Up in the perch.
He should've been
in systems an hour ago.
Two profiles have been approved.
I'm sure he's aware of that.
But that perch is dark,
and I wouldn't go up there
if I were you.
♪♪(Save your love for me
Wish I knew ♪
why I'm so in love with you ♪
no one else in this world
will do ♪
darling, please save
your love for me ♪
Run away ♪
if I were wise I'd run away ♪
but like a fool
in love I stay ♪
and pray you'll save
your love for me ♪♪
Isn't Jasmine on this team?
She'll be here.
Should we wait,
or proceed
with the briefing?
Operations: Nikita, Madeline
asked you a question.
That's a computer simulation,
not Madeline.
Answer her.
Jasmine: I'm sorry.
This is
an abandoned warehouse,
located in the outskirts
of Istanbul.
Operations: While the decoy
conference was taking place
at dolmatov's estate,
the collective held
the real meeting here.
Kate: There are five points
of access.
The most tactically secure
is underground,
through the utility corridors.
The objective
is a complete biosweep.
Supplemented by a level 2
Marco: Their conference
was held a week ago.
The collective
only used this place
that one time.
What's a biosweep
going to tell us that
we don't already know?
Madeline: Who was there.
Who was at the head
of the table.
Which organization
was most heavily represented.
Who changed seats
during the meeting,
suggesting a pattern
of shifting alliances.
Does the collective realize
that we now know
that dolmatov's summit
was a decoy?
Are you talking to me?
I'm concerned about
the possibility of a trap.
Indications are that
the collective thinks
we're still deceived.
But we have to move quickly.
I don't like it.
Neither do I.
The profile stands.
You leave in an hour.
Thank you, Paul.
Where were you?
I got caught in traffic.
Yeah, it happens.
I'm only human.
No, you're a section operative.
Traffic doesn't cut it.
What was I supposed to do?
Hijack the bus?
If necessary.
I picked the wrong person.
I'm gonna find someone else.
Nikita, wait.
I'm sorry.
This is new to me, too.
You you've got to
cut me some slack.
I told you before,
there is no slack.
It won't happen again.
This mission has to be flawless.
Do you understand?
I understand.
First team on Mark.
Proceeding to b point.
Proceed to b Mark.
Hold and confirm.
Nikita: We have access.
Begin the sweep.
Jasmine, halt!
(Nikita coughing)
Nikita: We're moving out.
Send the Van to egress 3.
Forget it!
Marco: Come on!
What happened?
Nikita: It was a trap.
The profile was flawed.
The profile
was perfectly adequate.
The execution was flawed.
I have a double team
working forensics.
Were we in there long enough
to collect anything worthwhile?
I think so. We'll have
the answer shortly.
Is something troubling you?
This was simmed
as a cold target.
With an error factor
of two percent,
as the panels clearly indicated.
The team should have
been more alert.
One operative dead,
another inoperable.
Was it worth it?
I believe it was.
These things are
all about probabilities,
Paul, you know that.
Where probabilities left off,
that's where you were
at your best.
I'm sure you still are.
With the pressure
we're under lately
from center,
partial success
may not be enough.
We'll turn it around.
Stay the course.
All right.
You wanted to see me?
Whatever this discussion is,
I'd prefer to have it alone.
That's all right, Paul.
Perhaps if you could
route me to forensics,
I can help with the analysis.
All right.
Woman: Yes, sir?
Get me forensics.
Man: Forensics.
This is operations.
Is Madeline there?
Madeline: I'm here now, Paul.
Carry on.
Your performance
was unacceptable.
So was the profile.
Your protegee, Jasmine,
should be disciplined
for setting off the alarm.
There wasn't supposed
to be an alarm.
We recovered intel and we only
lost one operative.
In the circumstances,
it's above standard.
She came late to the briefing
and underperformed
on the mission.
Your experiment already failed.
And that's exactly what
I'm going to tell Mr. Jones.
And while you're at it,
let's tell him that you're
dating an inflatable
computer program.
(Intercom beeping)
What is it?
Paul, I think I've found
a connection to cullum wertz.
Everybody down!
What's going
Shut up.
Don't move.
We're in place.
We're sweeping now.
You know cullum wertz?
I i catered
his daughter's wedding.
You catered
his daughter's wedding.
Get your hands up.
Get your hands up.
Either he's a new breed
of terrorist,
or this really is a greenhouse.
Marco: Ri, thermo,
bioscan, they're all negative.
What are you saying?
There's nothing here
but flowers.
Do you want us
to bring you some?
Abort and return.
It was a worthwhile
experiment, Paul.
It failed.
It was my fault
for telling Quinn
to adjust the program.
I'll have her
negate the changes.
I don't think it would matter
in the long run.
You know that.
What you're looking at
isn't Madeline.
It's stimulated air molecules
with a database of her history
and experience.
But it isn't her.
And it never can be.
Do you know why I killed myself?
I was afraid Mr. Jones
might have listened
to nikita and spared me.
If he had,
I'd have been relocated.
We would've been apart forever.
Yes, that's true.
Neither one of us
could've functioned
satisfactorily alone,
knowing the other was alive.
It would've been
a constant distraction.
This place was at its best
when it was both of us.
But you're the leader.
The one who makes
final decisions,
takes final responsibility.
And I can assure you
the real Madeline
admired you tremendously.
And she, or I,
was wrong to take my own life.
It robbed you of the chance
to make the call.
You know the codes to my file.
You know what has to be done.
My database has to be
annihilated. Permanently.
This time,
the decision has to be yours.
Goodbye, Paul.
Goodbye, Madeline.
Operations: I've eliminated
Madeline's program.
Yes, I saw that on my panel.
I'm sorry it didn't work out.
Are you?
What do you mean?
While you were planning
to resurrect Madeline,
you must have studied
her files very carefully.
Of course.
The log indicates
you also studied mine,
as well.
It was important to understand
how the two of you
worked together.
Then you must've realized
that I would ask
for certain changes.
I knew it was a possibility.
And those changes
will lead to problems
which will lead
to other changes and so on.
Until the whole experiment
is stopped.
In other words,
this can be seen
as an effort on your part
to make me forget Madeline.
I would never presume
Don't patronize me.
Her memory
was holding you back
and blinding you to
other possibilities.
I'm promoting you to level 3.
Effective immediately.
Thank you.
(Door opening)
Nikita: You got something?
The symbol?
It means you were
brought into section.
That's not exactly news.
You're forgetting "m".
I have a sibling in section?
Or had.
You don't suppose
Madeline was my sister,
do you?
Not too likely.
Mick? Hmm.
But he's undercover
as Mr. Jones.
Unless his first initial
started with "m".
Mick didn't change
his first name
when he went undercover.
You know,
you m-might have to
face up to the fact that
Michael's my brother?
Oh, no, forget it. Forget it.
I did dig up something, though.
When I was rooting around,
I found an address.
Now, it's like an ordinary
street address.
Who lives there?
File didn't say.
You want it?
Yeah, I want it.
(Door opening)
(Engine revving)
(Woman speaking French)
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