La Femme Nikita (1997) s05e03 Episode Script

In Through the Out Door

Announcer: Previously on
la femme nikita.
If I can prove to Mr. Jones
that nikita lied about Michael,
it'll cast doubt
on her entire report.
I'll get on it right away.
Why I was brought
into section
in the first place.
This meeting is over.
A coalition of the remains
of organizations
we've defeated.
I have a sibling in section?
Or had.
Yeah, I want it.
It's true that center
hasn't named
a replacement for George,
but, in the meantime,
there's an ad hoc committee.
I'm well aware.
And, as part of that committee,
I want to assure you
that we have no intention
of letting any of the sections
relax their
standards of performance.
Well, as you know,
we've had major
personnel changes.
I'm not interested in excuses.
Those aren't excuses.
Those are facts.
So is this.
The collective has made
you look foolish lately
and on more than one occasion.
And the prelim
from Morocco indicates
that your secondary objective
wasn't achieved.
We were undermanned.
The team's due back
in 10 minutes.
I'll debrief them personally.
We have the prisoner.
You failed to destroy
the substation.
No time. Not with
the personnel available.
See, when the leader
makes excuses,
the subordinates
inevitably follow suit.
And that's exactly what
I'm gonna say in my report.
(Gun firing)
Please, I'm an important man.
We can work something out.
Persov: Guns down! Now!
Adams: Do what he says!
I'm from oversight.
If anything happens to me,
you'll be sorry.
All of you!
Hands where I can see them!
Prisoner escaped
and he walked
into the line of fire.
That's the way I saw it.
Anybody disagree?
Dispose of the body.
He's right.
The place is falling apart.
(Woman speaking French)
I'm sorry, sugar.
I've tried every
crowbar program I've got
and nothing comes up.
Could've been damaged
in the explosion.
You know, if birkoff
was still around here,
he might be able to
bring something up,
but I've drawn a blank.
Do you think it could have been
some kind of message
from your father?
Or someone else.
Look, the whole point is,
the house exploded
and someone's
trying to kill you.
It could have been
booby-trapped, not personal.
Either way, you better cover
that pretty rear end of yours
or it's gonna get blown off.
Are you okay?
Yeah, just a headache
since that explosion.
Look, just get out of here,
forget everything and relax.
Yeah, I will.
Realign the satellites.
Sequence for dark approach.
Good. Debrief in half an hour.
We took out
the guidance system
in Nicosia.
I want it confirmed.
The collective
has been running circles
around us lately.
Ever since you've been
slotted in for Michael,
in fact.
Are you suggesting a connection?
Oversight has been
getting testy lately,
and if they need
a sacrificial lamb,
it'll be you.
Just thought you'd like to know.
Oh, man.
I'm gone a couple of months
and already this place
is falling apart.
Jase, what you doing back here?
Boy, it sure is good
to see a familiar face.
This place is changing so fast
that you gotta have a program
to tell who the players are.
Well, that's why I'm here.
Center wants me to help
with the transition team.
Is that right?
Walter, my panel's baked.
Can you take a look at it?
Sure can, beautiful.
I'll get after it right away.
Darling, if you need someone
to look under your hood,
I'm your man.
I'm Jason from oversight.
Jasmine from not interested.
I'll have it done
by this afternoon.
Thanks, Walter.
Okay, jas.
Looks like I arrived
just in time.
That lady needs
a man in her life.
Just take it easy with that one.
She's a man-killer.
God, I hope so.
Operations: Recent intel shows
increased mobilization
of the collective's forces
in the Montenegro region.
What's the target?
We have several potentials,
but most likely
a bio-strike
against civilian soil.
Kate: Evan hoffbauer.
Glass curtain.
One of their few survivors.
Recruited by the collective
about six weeks ago.
Specializes in bio-warfare.
Do we have a position?
We intercepted his schedule
for the next 24 hours.
If we can get him
and break him quickly enough,
we can at least destroy
some of the collective's
bio-weapons capability.
Profiles are on your panels.
That's all.
Hollow points, contact charges,
anti-thermal togs?
I thought this was
a simple grab-and-bag.
Equipment issues
are bulked up
across the board.
Why? Because of the collective?
It's been a while
since I've seen
operations spooked.
He doesn't like
playing catch up.
There you are.
What's wrong with her?
Nothing. She's fine.
First team on site.
You're clear to proceed.
(People chattering)
Marco: Moving to b Mark.
Hoffbauer's office is on 23.
I'm holding the elevator
on the second level.
You have a 90-second window.
(Elevator bell dings)
I'm looking for a locksmith.
You've got the best.
Man: Get down!
Marco: Shoot him with the tranq.
Nikita, take the shot.
Window closing.
Operations: Why doesn't she
shoot him with the tranq?
What's going on?
O'brien's been hit.
What about hoffbauer?
Is he dead?
Get him to medical,
then containment.
Mission parameters
were specific.
He was to arrive unharmed.
He's still alive.
Another couple of inches over
and you wouldn't
have been so lucky.
What happened?
It was the tranq, jammed.
We were lucky to
bring him in at all.
You check the equipment
when it was issued?
Field stress.
These things
always seem to fail
when you need them most.
File the weapons report
with Walter,
then deliver your debrief.
That's all.
How's the shoulder?
I got lucky. It's gonna be okay.
Thank you for covering for me.
What's the problem?
What's wrong?
I don't know.
I get headaches.
I see white flashes.
I'm disoriented.
How long has this been going on?
Couple of days.
You should go to medical.
I don't want
operations to find out.
You mean, you're just gonna
ride this out on your own?
I don't have a choice.
He would love any excuse
to bring me down.
Look, I know
this isn't fair to you.
Don't worry about me.
I can take care of myself.
You should take care
of yourself.
Thank you.
White flashes?
That's what she said.
And the tranq gun?
The tranq gun was fine.
Why did you cover for her?
To get her trust.
She's hiding something.
Walter's helping.
Maybe this way
I can find out what it is.
I'm glad to see
you're not falling
into the same trap Michael did.
Not likely.
If it wasn't for nikita,
I'd still be living
on the outside,
fat, dumb and happy.
I owe her big time.
Keep me informed.
Send golliak to systems.
Jason: Hey, gorgeous.
I need your help.
Sooner or later
they all need my help.
That's why I'm called
the love doctor.
You just tell me
exactly where
I need this decrypted.
Off book?
Way off.
What's in it for me?
Absolutely nothing.
Your brother was a good man.
I'm hoping you are, too.
I only met my brother once.
In the short time
we had together,
he spent half the time
talking about you.
I'll do what I can.
Thank you.
Hoffbauer broke.
Here's the intel file.
Start verification.
Where's golliak?
I have a job for you.
O'brien's keeping
an eye on nikita.
I want you to keep an eye
on him.
You make sure he's doing
what he's supposed to do.
He's good.
So, stay dark
until you have something
to report.
Why don't you trust o'brien?
I don't trust any man
where nikita's concerned.
She has a way of turning heads.
Michael, birkoff, Walter.
Thank god there are
no other female operators
with that effect.
How's the headaches?
It's not going away.
Wonder if it's something to do
with the house explosion.
Gas or something.
Who's behind all this?
Could be anybody.
Anybody at all.
Hey, Jase.
You find something?
Jason: Sure did.
I was a little disappointed.
Kind of hoping for something
a little juicier.
Well, what was it?
Coordinates, a country road
south of Beauvais.
It's decoded.
That's it?
Like I said, major letdown.
Okay, thanks.
Bonjour. can I help you?
Uh, bonjour.
My my name's nikita.
Is this a retirement home?
We care for the indigent
and infirm.
Is there someone
you would like to see?
Yes, I'm just not
sure of the name.
I was wondering if I could
take a look around?
I'm sorry.
That is not permitted.
What What are you doing?
I've got to talk to you.
If you don't leave right now,
I'll call the police!
You won't call the police.
You'll answer my questions.
Vous comprenez?
Please, don't tell him anything.
He'll kill me!
Who's he?
A a man who came
here a year ago.
How old?
Old enough to be my father?
Brother, perhaps.
He had a woman with him.
His mother, I assumed.
Last year, August?
Yeah, August.
Walter, are you there?
I'm here. Any luck?
Can you download a visual
on Michael please? Immediately.
It's on the way.
Is that the man?
Caretaker: Yes.
A quiet man, but dangerous.
What about the woman?
Believe me, I gave her
the best of everything,
but there's nothing I could do.
I hide the body.
Please don't tell him.
How did she die?
I don't know, a mystery.
She talked of headaches
and flashes of light,
and then gone.
You see nikita?
No. No, not lately.
She's supposed
to be in systems
for a pre-mission.
Hell, I'm I'm sorry, o'b.
I can't help you.
I know she's having problems.
Well, that's her business.
Look, I covered for her once
on the last mission.
If I was going to bust her,
I would have done it then.
Now, I wanna help,
but you have to trust me.
Have you heard
of the gelman process?
Yeah, it's some brainwashing
type deal, right?
I never knew
if it was real or
Oh, it's real.
Wash, rinse, tumble dry,
it's an ugly package.
They did it to her
about a year ago.
To put a wedge in
between her and Michael.
What we're seeing now
is just the aftershocks.
It's gonna get worse.
How do you know?
They did it to somebody else.
A woman named Adrian.
the symptoms that she showed
are just like nikita's.
Where is she now?
So, if we're gonna do something,
we gotta do it fast.
Like what?
Adrian died
in a retirement home.
Nikita found out
where she was buried
and she's waiting there now.
Where she's buried?
The gelman process
used chemicals
that developed
into a neurological virus.
So what nikita needs
is a vaccine.
And you know how to do that?
I accessed medical.
I downloaded
Adrian's DNA sequence.
All we need is a tissue sample.
Nikita: What's he doing here?
Walter: He's here to help.
You don't have to go in
if you don't want to.
No, no, I'm going.
(Door creaks)
How do you know?
Here, sit over here. Come on.
Run the verification.
Marco: Hey, are you all right?
Nikita? Come on, stay with me.
Stay with me.
Come on. Stay with me.
Come on.
Come on.
It's Adrian.
Give me a hand with the lid.
(Marco grunting)
What the heck?
What's that?
What's that? Where?
Walter: What have you got?
I don't know.
It's a pf-3 communicator.
These things haven't
even been deployed yet.
What the hell's
it doing in here?
It's for me.
It's for me.
The disc got me to Adrian.
It's gonna get me
somewhere else.
Walter: I'll get
the tissue sample.
Marco: Listen, nikita,
you're in over your head.
Why don't you let me
take you back to section?
Look, even if operations
knocks you down a peg,
you'll still be alive.
This is not about operations.
Well, what's it about?
I need to know who I am
and why I'm here.
I'd rather die
than not know.
Okay, easy, easy.
Walter, you know
anything about spec ops?
Worked there 10 years. Why?
Well, if you had us staked out
where would you be?
Hedge behind the fence, 6:00.
That sounds about right.
That's it.
You know him?
Operations' pit bull.
How did you know
somebody was around here?
I know operations
well enough to know
that he doesn't trust anyone.
He'd have to have
someone following me.
It's gonna work?
We'll see in a minute.
Can I ask you a question?
What made you change your mind?
She did.
This is gonna
make you feel better.
How long is it gonna take?
Well, if this will work,
almost right away.
Have her back on her feet again,
one or two days.
Marco: She's got
a briefing in three hours.
Walter: Good luck.
Help me.
We're in condition six.
Consider recon hot unless
advised to the contrary.
The biochemical plant is located
in this cover facility
in southern Kyrgyzstan.
We have
confirmation from
in-house interrogation
as well as
satellite surveillance.
The collective acquired
the facility last month.
They plan to start production
within a week.
The base is 50 feet
below ground
and highly secured.
It can only be
taken from the inside.
In four hours, I don't
want this plant to exist.
In nikita's absence,
you'll assume field command.
I'll assign a floater
to take your spot.
Not necessary.
Jason sent me
the mission parameters.
I'm up to speed.
Where were you?
My panel was misfiled.
I'm sorry that I'm late.
Check in with Walter.
You have anything to report?
You're sure?
That's all.
Have we heard from golliak?
It's like he dropped off
the face of the earth.
You're still in one piece.
So far.
You shouldn't be in here.
It's just one mission.
I get through this,
we're home free.
Getting better.
Really? Yeah.
Hey, sugar, I told you
these transmitters
are not operational yet.
Well, it wasn't in
the coffin for nothing.
♪♪(Lounge rock music playing)
(Man groans)
Operative: We've acquired
second position.
Second position secured.
Diversion team continue
to your next Mark.
Kate: I've triggered the alarm.
Hostiles moving
toward stairwell.
Kate: Nikita, scanning
your level with infrared.
Hostile on the catwalk.
Diversion team,
three more hostiles
approaching stairwell.
(Guns firing)
You're clear to
your next Mark. Go!
(Guns firing)
Trigger, then proceed to egress.
We've got hostiles.
Security's going into lockdown.
I'm trying.
Kate: Nikita, you've got
a three-minute window.
(Nikita groaning)
Marco: Diversion team moving
to next Mark.
Nikita, did you set the charge?
O'brien, hold your position.
Kate: Diversion team, egress.
Hostiles still in pursuit.
Male voice: Nikita.
Nikita, you have to be strong.
Who is that?
A friend. Do as I say.
Nikita, what are you saying?
Who are you talking to?
Switch to sub-channel four.
(Keyboard keys tapping)
I've lost her.
Male voice: You have to set
the trigger sequence.
The black button
to the right of the led.
Do you see it?
Nikita: Yeah.
The black button.
Long, short, long.
Now, the red button.
Press and hold.
Do it.
Do it!
She set the trigger sequence.
Nikita, 3:00.
(Door closes)
The mission had irregularities.
Equipment failure.
There's been a lot of
that lately, hasn't there?
Marco: The target was destroyed.
We suffered no casualties.
That should be enough.
She destroyed Michael.
She'll destroy you, too.
I don't really have the words.
Thanks will do.
(Woman speaking French)
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