La Femme Nikita (1997) s05e04 Episode Script

All the World's a Stage

Announcer: Previously on
la femme nikita.
Nikita: I need this decrypted.
Off book? Way off.
Well, what was it?
Jason: Coordinates.
South of Beauvais.
That's it?
Like I said, major letdown.
He had a woman with him.
Nikita found out
where she was buried.
Is that the man? Yes.
Caretaker: A quiet man,
but dangerous.
It's a pf-3 communicator.
What the hell's it
doing in here?
It's for me.
The disc got me to Adrian.
It's gonna get me
somewhere else.
Man: Nikita,
you have to be strong.
Who is that?
Nikita, what are you saying?
Who are you talking to?
She'll destroy you, too.
(Keyboard clicking)
What are you doing?
Going to bed.
No, you're not.
We've got work to do.
I've been up all night.
We're all running on fumes here.
No one's taking a break
until we find the collective's
cripple point.
I'll see you in four hours.
(Man grunts)
(Woman speaking French)
(Device beeps)
(Keyboard clicking)
What have you got?
Roni bourla.
Nigerian schoolteacher.
Died nine years ago.
The print was a mislead.
What do you think
the person was looking for?
I don't know.
Why don't you ask Quinn?
Well, you did try to stop me
going to my room.
I won't even dignify that
with a response.
Is everyone accounted for?
Yes. It wasn't one of ours.
Then it was someone
who knew us very well.
Jasmine: I have the visual.
Upload it.
Break it down.
We have a male. 6'2",
182. Left-handed.
Let me see the reconstruct.
Does this person
look familiar to anybody?
That's all.
I looked closer at the data
from the reconstruct.
There were no matches.
Then if it wasn't Michael,
it was someone close to him.
Check through all the
l'heure sanguine files.
I'm doing it now.
Michael will never
turn his back on nikita.
That's his weakness.
Kate: Caring for someone
isn't necessarily a weakness.
I'd like you to feel
you can count on me.
Whatever you need.
What do you think?
Go to bed with me,
wake up with Madeline's job?
Can't I be attracted to you
without having
an ulterior motive?
You could.
But you're not.
Yes, Madeline and I
spent time occasionally
in the tower.
But that had nothing to do
with the way we felt
about each other.
That's too bad.
Madeline wasn't who she was
because she slept with me.
You're not ready
for the tower yet.
Oh, that's okay, sugar.
There was a security breach
a couple of hours ago.
Yeah, I heard about it.
Whoever it was
went through my room.
Any idea who?
Quinn and operations
put on quite a show
trying to convince me
it was someone on the outside.
Maybe it wasn't a show.
I have to talk to Mr. Jones.
Mr. Jones?
What is he gonna tell you?
I'm not sure. But he knows
more than he's saying.
I'm sure of that.
You'll never get him
out of center.
I know, but with your help,
I could get
Mick schtoppel out.
Quinn, take a look at this.
Her name is massima valenti.
She's an arms dealer
with ties to the collective.
I've been shadowing
her movements
for a couple of weeks.
She's been close
to every one
of their tactical strikes.
That's all fine and good,
but how do we get to her?
I've done a couple of sims.
She's very protected.
A grab and bag could
blow up in our face.
The best way in
is a soft approach.
I've back-referenced
some of our independents
we've subbed out in the past.
A very interesting name came up.
Mick schtoppel?
Do you really expect
Mr. Jones to cooperate?
If it's our only way
into the collective,
he won't have a choice.
Good morning. Is he in?
He'll be a minute. Have a seat.
How'd you get here, Michelle?
You know that
I can't tell you that.
Well, what can you tell me?
He's ready to see you.
Operations informs me that
you have a situation
that requires my attention.
Massima valenti.
A woman of small talent
and big ambitions.
Our intel suggests
that she's supplying
the collective.
We'd like to talk to her
about that.
What's your plan?
Preliminary profile suggests
that a direct approach
from Mick schtoppel
would be the most efficient
course of action.
Putting Mick into the field
is a poor allocation
of resources.
Not if we succeed.
She does deal directly
with the collective.
I'm going off-line for 48 hours.
Routine protocol Alpha 7
is in effect.
And if you need to reach me,
I'll be available
over the red line.
Clearance 12 matters only. Fine.
Are we ready? Yeah.
Then let's go.
Are we confirmed on location?
Valenti should be there
at the designated time.
Who's he? That's deming.
Hello, deming. Sir.
You don't really think
that center
would let schtoppel out
on his own, do you?
Valenti has promised
the collective 20 Anthrax
rockets by next Friday.
15 minutes ago,
she was informed that
her supplier was detained
at the Turkish border.
That was us.
Right about now, she's calling
everyone she knows.
What she doesn't realize
is that the only man
that can help her
is Mick schtoppel.
Deming, how are we doing?
Deming: We're clear
to our first Mark.
What are you doing?
What am I doing, love?
I'll tell you.
I'm becoming Mick.
I am becoming Mick.
Would you like a drink?
♪♪(Music playing)
Oh, yes!
Love it!
You know, I used to run
a club just like this.
Had that kind
of weimar republic
meets fall of Saigon vibe.
Very fin-de-siecle, yeah.
Had to close after the
bubonic plague scare, though.
Pity, that. Jackie!
Jackie! Look at you!
You look scrumptious!
Give us a twirl.
Where were you? I missed you
in Milan. Where were you,
for heaven's sake?
I missed you.
Hans? Hans? Hans: Schtoppel?
Look at hans! Look at you!
Hans: Look at you!
Love it.
Give us a kiss, hans.
Come on. W-Watch it, hans.
All right?
Hans: Good to see you.
By the way,
Tony's back from marbella.
We'll get together
for the boat races, yeah?
How do you do this?
How? Well, as Mr. Jones,
I'm a great observer
of every strata of humanity.
Every strata.
Hello. There she is.
Want me to go with you?
Stay close.
May I help you?
Er, well, maybe later.
But first, I'd like to
say hi to valenti.
She's busy.
Well, tell her that Mick's here.
Mick schtoppel.
Mick schtoppel.
You have one minute. Thank you.
Excuse me! How are you?
Excuse me. How are you?
Massima, darling! How are you?
Mick, I can't talk right now.
Is that any way
to treat an old friend?
This is a bad time.
That's what Mick's here for,
to make the bad times
good. Right?
Unless you have
20 Anthrax rockets,
we have nothing to talk about.
20? 20? Is that all?
Do you want me
to cover the other side?
No, I've got it under control.
I can't deal with
anything flaky right now.
These people I'm dealing with
simply won't stand for it.
Flaky? Massima,
I've always delivered.
My guys are reliable. All right?
Bring me a sample
of the Anthrax.
Prove the toxicity levels.
We'll be in business.
When? Two hours.
Two two hours?
Two hours. Two hours.
Tick-tock, Mick.
Right. Two hours.
I love a tall woman.
How did it go?
Quite well, I think. Good.
Have you finished
the analysis of
the karasu recon?
I'll need another hour.
I'll look at it now.
It's not ready.
I can connect the dots!
I said it's not ready.
Give it to me.
It'll be done in an hour.
Why don't you bring it
up to the tower later?
Pull over. What for?
Pull over, Steve.
What do you want?
Some answers.
Left shoe.
I will not tolerate
this insubordination.
The watch.
The ring.
You know you've just
signed your death warrant.
Why was I brought into section?
Because of your
particular skills.
I'm gonna ask
the question again.
Why was I brought
into section one?
I don't know.
Who's my father?
I don't know.
I've been waiting
for seven years
for an answer.
I'm out of Patience.
You're the only person
who knows.
If you don't help
I can't help.
I can't help you.
That's not what
I want to hear, Mr. Jones.
I i I'm not Mr. Jones.
Try again!
Why was I brought into section?
(Gun cocking)
Stop! Stop!
(Gun fires)
Why was I brought into section?
Tell me!
I don't know.
I'm not who you think I am.
I'm not Mr. Jones.
I'm an impostor.
M-m-m-my name
is Martin Henderson.
Please, just let me up.
Get up.
Who are you? Look
What's going on?
I know that this is
hard for you to believe.
But I
I i I'm an actor. That's it.
I'm an actor,
hired to play a part.
Many parts.
(Cars approaching)
Where is it?
It's it's here!
It's it's here.
They're here. T-That won't work.
You better hope it does.
(Gun firing)
Martin: It was about
nine years ago.
I was in a rep company
near wales.
Shropshire county.
The odd Shakespeare, some Shaw.
Nothing fancy.
No money. No money.
We used to survive
eating peas and
stale crisps.
And then, one day,
this bloke comes
knocking on my door,
and he offers me a steady job.
It's every actor's dream.
Little did I know that
the world would end up
being my stage.
Who is in charge?
Uh, the real Mr. Jones.
Did you ever meet
the real Mr. Jones?
Tell me more.
Two years
learning the world
and the languages.
The people. The nuances.
Then you went into center?
First I was Mick schtoppel.
I was Mick
I was good as Mick schtoppel.
I was very good.
They were so pleased with me
that they gave me the
The plum role of Mr. Jones.
How long ago?
Four years.
And how does Mr. Jones
communicate with you?
Through Michelle.
Is she related to me?
I couldn't tell you,
because I don't have
the the clearance.
Take us back to center.
What are you doing?
We're going back to center.
I have to speak to Michelle.
No. No, no. Trust me.
That would be
That would be
c-c-committing suicide.
If they know what I've told you,
they will kill us both.
They will.
Trust me.
We we get v-valenti
t-the Anthrax,
we go through w-with the deal,
t-then, afterwards,
we sort this out. Afterwards.
What are you thinking?
I'm sorry.
I i didn't mean to
Let's not turn this
into something it isn't.
I understand.
Do you?
I could be good for you.
We'll see.
Paul, I know you feel
under siege
and and undermanned.
We can turn this place around.
I'm very good at what I do.
Yes, you are.
Then give me a chance.
I know things.
What do you know?
There's a directive
about to be implemented.
It'll undermine
your tactical jurisdiction.
Who sourced you?
I pulled it off
an oversight relay.
Go on. I'm listening.
If you let me,
I i can circumvent their
shadow with a field juncture.
(Water running)
It's a short window,
but i-it'll give you time to
re-establish your power base.
Do it.
Deming! Deming!
I'm so sorry, sir.
Very disappointed
about this, Jimmy.
We'll talk about it later.
Martin: Yeah.
Oh. Hello.
Where is she?
She wants me to take care
of the preliminaries.
Valenti: Well?
Woman: It checks out.
Bring him to me.
What about his friend?
Valenti: No. Just Mick.
Oh, no can do, massima. No.
She's part of the package.
Sanitize them.
Would you mind
stripping down, please?
I really should
thank you, sugar.
I've been trying
to get her knickers
off for years.
What is going on?
What kind of sick people
do you work for?
It's all it's all
in good fun, love.
All in good fun.
Valenti: Hello, Mick! Massima!
Oh, you're a savior.
You don't know
what my life has been like
in the last 12 hours.
It's all right. Really.
Is this really necessary?
Give them their clothes.
Thank you.
Ready, Mick?
Let's get out of here.
Nikita's bringing in
valenti now.
I don't know
if I can make it later.
And why is that?
If we get anything
out of valenti, I'm going to
want to process it.
Let Renshaw run
the initial numbers.
I think this is something
I should oversee personally.
I'll be there,
if you don't mind me being late.
Take her to containment.
Do you want
a simultaneous feed
on her decomposition?
You'll handle it? Yes.
When do I talk to Michelle?
Tomorrow. Tomorrow morning.
But I just have to make sure
that there's no fallout.
Meaning what?
Well, we both know
that if they find out
that I broke
I'm the only one who knows.
See you tomorrow.
I wasn't crazy
about Mick schtoppel
or Mr. Jones,
but I think
I really like Martin.
Wow. That was fast.
Valenti cracked
in the first hour.
She had a lot to say.
Anything there
to help dismantle
the collective?
Quinn's sorting through it now.
Okay, come on.
Tell me. I'm all ears.
I think I found m.
She works for Mr. Jones.
I hope she's gonna
lead me to my father.
I just
I'm nervous.
I'm finally going to open
the door, and I don't know
what's behind it.
The truth will set you free.
Not in this place.
Where's Michelle?
She works for Mr. Jones.
I work for Mr. Jones.
Let me speak to him.
I'm afraid that won't
be possible.
Excuse me!
Nikita: Who are you?
I'm Mr. Jones.
Where's Michelle?
Do we have something to discuss?
No. We have nothing to discuss.
♪♪(Music playing)
Hello, nikita.
We've been expecting you.
(Woman speaking French)
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