La Femme Nikita (1997) s05e05 Episode Script

The Man Behind the Curtain

Announcer: Previously on
la femme nikita.
Whoever it was
went through my room.
Any idea who?
It wasn't one of ours.
Then it was someone
who knew us very well.
I know things.
What do you know?
There's a directive
about to be implemented.
I don't know.
I i I'm an actor. That's it.
I'm an actor.
Who is in charge?
The real Mr. Jones.
We both know that if they
find out that I broke
See you tomorrow.
I'm Mr. Jones.
We've been expecting you.
At last we meet.
And you are?
Well, just call me
the real Mr. Jones.
I need more than a name.
Very well.
I'm the big cheese.
The man behind the curtain.
King tut.
Whatever you want.
Now, if we have both
finished gawking,
perhaps it's time
we got down to some work.
I'd like some answers.
No, I'm sorry. There's no time.
There is a mission in six
hours' time. You'll be on it.
Black moon has
a safe house here.
The object is to destroy it.
Now, the team will approach
from the south,
and then they will egress
the same way.
It deviates from the optimum
by seven minutes,
which is just about
the time you'll require.
Time for what?
There is a dead drop here,
northeast corner
of the churchyard,
at a bench just there.
You will retrieve the contents,
and then you will bring them
to me tomorrow.
Clear? Nothing's clear.
Why am I here?
All in good time. Hmm?
All in good time.
In the meantime,
you'll just have to trust me.
Can you give me one
good reason why I should?
Goodbye, nikita.
(Woman speaking French)
Flash mission in 15.
How'd you know that?
It was just posted.
I met my father.
Where? At center?
He's the head.
He's Mr. Jones?
That's right.
What did he do? What did he say?
What did he want?
I don't know.
He's all business.
That's too bad.
It's panel briefing only.
I don't get it.
Black moon has no connection
with the collective,
and the egress route
Sub-optimal. I know.
What the hell's going on?
I need your help.
A seven-minute window
during the mission.
Can you cover me?
I'll explain later.
No explanation necessary.
(Gun firing)
Watch the window.
(Gun firing)
Nikita: Quinn.
The schematic on our panels
did not show a tunnel.
There isn't one.
Well, I'm looking at
an entrance.
Kate: Must be very recent.
It's lined.
I'm gonna have to go dark.
Kate: For how long?
Estimate seven minutes.
(Car door shuts)
The woman.
There was a woman in black.
Where did she go?
(Tires screeching)
Hello, nikita.
You have something for me?
What's wrong?
The drop was hot.
I could have been killed.
How many hostiles were there?
Three, four?
Well, a mere trifle
for someone of your ability.
I'll wager you didn't even use
the full seven minutes. Hmm?
Well, there you are.
You know what this is?
It's a shadow disk.
So you will know,
unless this is read
by a synchronous drive,
it self-destructs.
However, if I am careful
That's not bad.
I have salvaged eight frames.
What do you make of them?
Nikita: Section encryption.
Transferred to shadow disk
and left in a dead drop
controlled by the collective.
There's a mole in section.
Well, that is what
you and I have to discover.
However, even without
the decryption, it is clear
that this is level 8 material.
I've eliminated everybody
except o'brien and operations.
Your assessment?
O'brien's not a traitor.
Bahrain, July.
Moldova, September.
He was the sole survivor
both times.
Now the odds against that
happening to a clean operative
are very high.
I disagree. It's operations.
Operations hates center.
His motivation is obvious.
All right.
Investigate them both.
And report to me.
Not yet.
We need to talk.
Seven years ago,
you had me framed for murder
and brought into section.
Well, call it genetics.
It was quite clear that you
had the ability to succeed.
You belonged in section.
Nobody belongs in section.
Nobody wants to be in section.
There is a difference.
Why didn't you contact me?
Because it was important
that you show me you had
the ability and the desire
to contact me.
So you were monitoring me
the whole time?
And when I was in danger?
I had one rule, no interference.
I am your daughter.
It was important that
you succeeded on your own.
It was the only way.
The only way for what?
For you to become
what you were meant to be,
you had to be strong
and stand on your own feet.
And my mother living
on the streets?
What's your excuse for that?
I could not intervene
for security reasons.
How convenient.
No, it wasn't very convenient.
It was painful.
Do you want me to tell you
how much I admire
your sacrifices?
Just pout, because daddy
never took you to the zoo.
We are not ordinary people,
you and I.
There are certain things
we have to do.
Why us?
Because there's
no one else who can.
Now, the collective
is the most dangerous threat
we've ever had to face.
So, let's stop this chattering.
You go back to section
and find the mole.
Do you mind passing me
my cane, please?
Stand on your own
and be strong.
Another transmission
on sub-channel seven.
Belgrade was an anomaly.
Zero impact.
So our mysterious friend
at section one
is still alive and well.
Yesterday we lost
a dead drop in Belgrade.
Now comes this message,
"don't worry, no problem."
Aren't you a bit suspicious?
Well, the mole,
whoever he is, has, uh,
has been very helpful.
But now he's been discovered.
No. Intel shows no signs
of high-level changes
in section one.
To be safe, we should
cancel all missions.
Starting with Vilnius.
That's not necessary.
There's a saying in my country,
"only a fool tickles
a dragon's tail."
Well, I'll, uh
I'll keep that in mind.
The collective is a coalition.
That requires agreement.
A compromise.
We proceed with Vilnius.
If we don't hear
from the mole, we cancel.
If we do, we re-evaluate
in light of what he said.
Recent intel includes
a number of indicators
suggesting the collective
will become active in Vilnius.
The likely target
is this factory,
built with loans
from western banks.
Its destruction would be
a major embarrassment.
Level 2 team is on
close-quarters standby.
O'brien, you'll provide
tactical support to Quinn.
Details are on your panels.
Team leaves in one hour.
The profile is bad.
The level 2 team
will be slaughtered.
It's all we can spare.
We're active in two other
sectors. Three and five.
Now get going.
O'brien, I was reviewing
your file this morning.
What'd you find out?
That you're a good cop.
No family.
Father died. Mother still alive.
You've done pretty well
for yourself in section.
A couple of bumps
here and there.
Moldova, for instance.
Intel missed a support team.
They expected 10 hostiles.
There were 20.
You were lucky to get out.
I was a cop.
Before that, I was a marine.
We don't leave
our buddies behind.
But see, section's different.
They told me to abort, so I did.
But not a day goes by
that I don't think about it.
Hey, why were you
checking my file?
Proficiency reports are due.
Why life before section?
Maybe I was, uh,
digging a little deeper.
Have dinner with me, tonight.
I'll tell you anything
you want to know.
O'brien told you
he was ordered to pull out
and leave the others?
There's no such order
on the mission tape.
Could the order have been
given and not made it
onto the tapes?
It's possible, but not likely.
(Keyboard clicking)
Same deal.
O'brien got lucky.
The others got unlucky.
Do you think
he's playing both sides?
I don't know.
He didn't seem to object
to the Vilnius profile.
What's wrong with the profile?
Level 2 team, class-a target.
Sectors three and five
are spread too thin.
We don't have teams
in either sector.
Are you sure?
Who told you otherwise?
He's lying.
The Vilnius mission,
it's a trap.
Operations is sending
a deficient team.
He says we're thin
in sectors three and five.
That's not true.
So, you think that
he is the mole?
The logical conclusion.
But not the only conclusion.
Suppose he feels that
there is a mole in section.
What do you think
his reaction might be?
Load the grid
with disinformation.
It's possible
but we're taking a risk.
Yes, indeed.
the mission will proceed.
We will monitor it,
and we will learn
from it what we can.
You said something before
about me becoming
what I was meant to be.
What did you mean by that?
Yes, yes.
I was somewhat premature.
I shouldn't have said it.
But you did.
Yes, I did. It's quite simple.
I'm an old man.
I will not be here forever.
You think I'm gonna
take over for you.
You think you can
just pass this along
like a family business?
Why not?
For one thing,
I don't intend to spend
the rest of my life here.
Nikita, i i think that
as time goes by,
you will come to realize
that there is no alternative.
There's always an alternative.
(Alarm beeping)
The mission's starting.
Let's see if
it reveals the mole.
Confirm hostile status.
Still off the small grid.
I estimate 30 seconds.
Link with plant security.
I'm setting it now.
Unit one in sight of the target.
Unit two standing by.
Still no word from our friend.
No, you're wrong.
No, he's sent us
their profile for Vilnius.
Why wasn't I informed?
Small team.
Layered configuration.
It's too easy. It's a trap.
No. It's a chance to destroy
the plant and a section team
as well.
Not every fish is good
just because it's on a hook.
Your country has a proverb
for every occasion,
doesn't it?
I'm simply saying the risk
I understand!
I understand and suggest
another compromise.
Unit two moves
from target to defense.
If it's a trap, at least
we'll kill as many section
operatives as possible.
Hostiles should be visible,
two o'clock.
They've got company.
The collective must have
diverted the target team.
Kate: They were expecting us.
Set up defensive perimeter.
Jones: O'brien doesn't seem
too surprised.
(Man screaming)
Quinn, we need a show of force
behind the hostile.
Insufficient personnel.
Request support
from plant security.
Kate: Plant security responding.
It worked.
Hostiles are withdrawing.
Extract your team.
It was a missed opportunity.
We could have destroyed
the plant.
I'm still not convinced
the mole is genuine.
Well, he's never misled us.
Not once.
There's a saying
in my country
No, please, please.
Let it remain there.
Are you tired of my proverbs?
I'm tired of your compromises!
All right.
Then let's stop compromising.
Next time we rely
on his intel completely.
If it proves false,
I'll take the tablet.
If not, you do.
Agree to the test,
or relinquish sole control
to me immediately.
This is madness.
From now on, you report to me,
and to me alone.
There's a preliminary report
coming through.
Casualties high,
the plant undamaged.
Fortunately for us,
the collective
didn't trust the mole.
Not completely, anyway.
They will after this.
Yes, it is very likely.
Which means that we are in
a very grave situation indeed.
We are running out of time,
Focus on o'brien.
And that is an order.
Marco: Now, here we are.
Wow. It's beautiful.
The restaurant was a hit.
I think too much of a hit.
I'm not going to be able
to eat for a week.
(Marco chuckles)
♪♪(Music playing)
Hope you saved some room
for coffee.
Yeah. That'd be great.
Be right back.
I love the colors in here.
Be ready in a minute.
Would you have a seat?
(Clears throat)
I won't bite.
You know, uh, to be honest,
I feel a little awkward.
Well, it's hard to have
a social life with section.
No, that's not what I mean.
I tell myself that section's
like cop work.
You know, I get the bad guy
and then I go home.
But, uh, the truth is, uh,
to make life
really worth living, I, uh,
I need to feel something.
(Rapid beeping)
(Gun clicking)
You gonna make it quick?
First tell me why.
A man wants to take care
of his family.
Even section should be able
to understand that.
What are you talking about?
You saw my report.
You checked my file.
My mother's an invalid.
She's got nothing.
I hack into banks.
I send her what she needs.
Shadow disks
don't leave any tracks.
And that's all
you use these for?
What else do you think
I use them for?
Someone's leaking intel
to the collective, o'brien.
What do you think?
You more than anyone else
should know,
it's not my style to betray
the people that I work with.
Nikita: He's innocent.
Jones: Hardly.
He's already admitted to
unauthorized activities
outside section.
To take care of
his sick mother. I will see
that he's disciplined.
He's not the mole.
Why, because he says so?
Because I believe him.
Nikita, we already know
that the collective's
next strike will be
the most ambitious yet.
We cannot afford
another mistake.
You told me to trust you.
How can I
when you will not trust me?
Yeah. All right. Point taken.
I do so hope you're right.
The new refinery in Helsinki
is a prime target,
and one we cannot allow
the collective to destroy.
We'll intercept
on the perimeter.
The configuration
will be staggered.
Further details
are on your panels.
Any questions?
Pick up your equipment
from Walter, report to
transport in half an hour.
You're under arrest.
Are you mad?
Who authorized you to do this?
I did.
Hello, Paul.
I should've known.
What's the charge?
Passing intel to the collective.
As good of an excuse as any.
But since when have
you bothered with excuses?
Confine him.
Profile's been revised.
Delay action
till the collective
attacks the refinery.
Layered configurations,
not staggered.
New panels in 10 minutes.
What's this all about?
Well, if it's not you,
then it has to be operations.
And the revised profile?
A little surprise
for the collective.
Assuming operations
gave them the original.
Yes, of course. Marco
You did what you had to do.
Tell him to bring in
three prisoners
for questioning,
therefore, alive.
Kate: Mr. Jones wants three
live specimens at least.
Got it.
Marco: We have visual
on the hostiles.
Alpha team, take left grid.
Beta, let's go.
Team leader: Alpha team
acquiring left grid.
(Guns firing)
Beta team, defensive positions.
Quinn, status.
It's a double envelopment.
I can see that. Where's the gap?
Four o'clock. But hurry.
How's Alpha team?
Alpha team is cut off.
They must have gotten
our new profile.
Jones: How is that possible?
Alpha team, we need a report.
We're pinned!
Quinn, bring them in.
Abort. Repeat, abort.
O'brien, acknowledge.
(Guns firing)
I hear you.
Marco: Beta team,
withdraw to four.
Go! Go!
(Guns firing)
Alpha team, position.
Alpha team, position.
Alpha team, acknowledge!
Kate: O'brien,
Alpha team is history.
Your orders are
to withdraw with beta team.
O'brien, acknowledge.
O'brien, it's nikita.
Do you hear me?
Yeah, I hear you.
Pull out.
Not this time.
O'brien, pull out.
(Shrill beeping)
Beta team reports three
survivors. Alpha team, none.
The refinery?
So, Paul is in custody.
O'brien has just been killed.
Well, who is it then?
Who's the mole?
To victory.
Incoming message.
Someone at gate three
requesting access.
How the hell did he
get past the perimeter?
I don't know.
He says he's the mole.
Access granted.
Gentlemen, please.
Michael samuelle.
Graff: For years, this man was
section's best operative.
I thought they, uh,
cancelled you.
They failed.
How did you get
your information?
I know them better
than they know themselves.
Protocols, procedures,
I helped create them.
So, it's all been guesswork.
What you thought they'd do.
My guesswork
is better than your intel.
Or perhaps section
sent you here to spy on us.
Section's in a shambles.
They'd never pay such a price
to establish a mole.
So, if you're really here
to join us
There's a condition.
There's a section operative
named nikita.
She's not to be harmed.
If you want my help,
that's the price.
All right, Michael samuelle.
Nikita will live
and section will die.
Anything on the mission tapes?
Nothing useful.
Yeah, I know. It was the same
with the debrief.
Then we're back to ground zero.
When is a mole in section
not a mole in section?
A riddle?
No, no, no, no.
Just a new approach.
I haven't worked it out yet.
I'll get back to it tomorrow.
I was sorry about o'brien.
It wasn't your fault.
It seems a pity that we should
spend so much of our time
assessing degrees of hatred.
Mr. Jones.
You disagreed with me
about o'brien
but you went along anyway.
Well, you said it yourself,
didn't you? We have to learn
to trust each other.
Think we ever shall?
We'll have to see.
There is a restaurant nearby.
Really quite excellent.
Would you care to accompany me?
I don't see why not.
Thank you.
(Woman speaking French)
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