La Femme Nikita (1997) s05e06 Episode Script

The Evil That Men Do

Announcer: Previously on
la femme nikita.
And you are?
Well, just call me
the real Mr. Jones.
I met my father.
He's the head.
He's Mr. Jones?
(Gun firing)
There's a mole in section. Yes.
Well, that is what you and I
have to discover.
You're under arrest.
Are you mad?
Focus on o'brien.
And that is an order.
Someone's leaking intel.
Who do you think?
It's not my style to betray
the people that I work with.
He's not the mole.
(Gun firing)
Jones: Paul is in custody.
O'brien has just been killed.
Well, who is it then?
Michael samuelle?
Yes. Oh.
You're really here to join us?
There's a condition.
There's a section operative
named nikita.
All right.
Nikita will live
and section will die.
Jones: What about
the grid back trace?
Nikita: Nothing so far.
If we don't find the mole soon,
section will cease
to be effective.
And what ceases to be
effective ceases to exist.
So, we still have operations,
Quinn, o'brien, Walter.
Now, is there anyone else
we've overlooked?
No, you were cleared
before you were allowed
to find me.
Anyone else?
Vatos doesn't agree.
It's a rather unusual
computer program we now have
which makes
strikingly accurate
It predicted the mole?
Lately, it's led to
a surprising conclusion
as to his identity.
Michael samuelle.
Michael died on
an abeyance mission.
Anyone actually see him die?
Well, perhaps he escaped.
It's quite possible.
I'm due in section. Stay.
The Zagreb mission preps
this morning.
I've postponed it
till this afternoon.
I really am concerned about
Michael samuelle.
I want you to take
charge personally.
If you find him alive,
eliminate him.
(Woman speaking French)
Zagreb was pushed back
four hours.
I know. I didn't authorize that.
The directive came from center.
So, Jones is setting
our board now?
In this case, apparently so.
Send nikita to the perch.
We'll have to
reassign personnel.
Nikita's in center
At the request of Mr. Jones.
She should be here
prepping for Zagreb.
How am I supposed to maintain
chain of command
if she doesn't have to
obey my orders?
What would you like me to do?
I'll handle it myself.
Our Serbian substation
intercepted a communique
originating from
the collective.
It referenced their near term,
"strategic strike array."
This is the headquarters
for quexxar industries,
the collective's tech-front
for eastern region activities.
The array is stored
in a stand-alone hard drive
on the third floor.
I'm sorry I'm late.
Retrieving the array will set
the collective back
six weeks at least.
Nikita will lead.
You leave in one hour.
I was detained at center.
So I understand.
Would you like the mission
postponed further
so you can get up to speed?
I'll study the panel in transit.
You're sure?
(Silenced gun firing)
You're clear.
Downloading in progress.
All quiet.
Start egress.
Nikita: I'm on my way.
Quinn: Switch to egress three.
Specify egress three.
(Alarm blaring)
You tried to kill me.
What are you talking about?
There was no egress three
on my panel.
It was a late addition.
Perhaps you missed it.
Why didn't you answer me
when I asked for help?
I detected a tap
on the frequency.
Describing the egress
could've endangered
the whole team.
You're lying.
I waste my time talking to you.
Calm down.
I've been calm long enough.
If you had been on time
for the briefing,
you wouldn't have
gotten confused.
You'd have found another way.
You had the disk.
Killing you
would've sabotaged the mission.
I think you hate me enough
to pay that price.
That's nonsense.
You want me dead.
At least have the guts
to do it face to face.
If I thought you had
the guts enough
to give it to me loaded,
I'd be tempted.
This is intolerable.
I couldn't agree more.
I'll call Jones,
demand an article three.
One of us lives, one of us dies.
Just tell me when and where.
I hope this isn't premature.
I don't think so.
It's time daddy found out
some hard facts about
his precious little girl.
The contingency
was on the panels.
Not mine.
Jones: Why was a contingency
We detected a security anomaly.
Is it on the tapes? Masked.
Because lately the collective
knows our protocols
as well as we do.
Are you blaming the mole?
Yes. And I know who the mole is.
Michael samuelle.
Samuelle is supposed to be dead.
No. Because now the collective
is using a number
of his maneuvers
that he specialized in.
He survived abeyance
and changed sides.
I'm sure of it.
Yes, I had already come
to that conclusion.
A step ahead, as usual,
except perhaps for this.
Do you know how he survived?
Nikita helped him escape.
Nikita, is this true?
Yes, it is.
Paul, return to section.
Change all protocols
above three.
That process
is already underway.
Good. Contact oversight.
tracking systems personally.
And nikita?
You have your orders.
Just carry them out.
Activate subchannel three.
From Michael? Who else?
He usually employs
subchannel seven.
Well, this time he's using
three. Activate.
Have the entire cell
maintain readiness.
It would've been better
if you told me about
Michael yourself.
I couldn't.
No, I suppose not.
Well, I could've overlooked it.
But the others won't.
The others?
Nikita, I am head of center.
I'm not a king.
I have colleagues,
they have to be informed.
Michael samuelle
will be hunted down.
And as for you,
we'll have to see, won't we?
Michael's not the mole.
You don't deny that he's alive?
I don't even deny
that he's been helping
the collective.
The question is,
All right, why?
To learn as much
as he can about them
and use it to buy his way
back into section.
You mean to come back to you?
Michael has a son. Adam.
Only section knows
where Adam is.
All right.
Suppose I agree.
What do you suggest I do?
Wait. I can't wait.
We are losing, nikita.
We are losing very,
very badly.
Two failures for every success.
When the time is right,
he will come back.
It will be worth the wait.
Do you know
what you're asking me to do?
No more than you've asked of me.
Haled: It's all here.
Graff: Michael's back online.
Haled: What is it? An address?
No, but
The first two could be
sets of coordinates.
And what's the third set mean?
Operations: Quinn. Quinn: Yes?
Set a briefing for
all substation heads.
And route all communications
through red lines only.
Man: We have contact.
What batteries do
we have in range?
Govak is the closest.
All right, notify the commander.
Transmit target data
and go hot in thirty seconds.
Sinclair: Sir.
What is it? I'm working.
Sir, we've been painted.
Evasive techniques employed.
Are we still painted?
I can't be sure.
Quinn, can you hear me?
I hear you. What's wrong?
Ground to air. I need
a remote diagnostic now.
Quinn: I have you on my
screen. Path is stabilizing.
Operations: Diagnostic!
(Keyboard clicking)
I'm calling it up. Hurry!
There's a pattern shift.
We'll have to wait.
There's no time.
Override. Quinn: I did.
It won't be long.
Sinclair, status?
Sinclair: There's damage
to the rudder.
Will it fly?
She'll fly as long as
We're painted again.
What's the diagnostic, Quinn?
Just came online.
The collective controls
an installation in govak.
Suggest heading 055.
Sinclair, do you copy?
(Keyboard clicking)
Paul, are you all right?
Paul, are you all right?
Jones: The plane exploded here.
12,000 feet.
Operations got out in time,
his transponder is working
and shows signs of movement.
I'll contact section,
send a team immediately.
Afraid it won't be
as simple as that.
Present indications show that
the collective was responsible.
Well, he went down
in their territory,
which means, of course,
that they'll get to him first.
They don't know
his transponder frequency.
Unless, of course,
Michael gives it to them.
He won't.
You do realize, don't you,
that if they capture Paul alive,
this is the end of section?
It won't happen.
Trust me.
I'll gather a team.
Do remember,
for what it's worth,
that you're not only carrying
your own future in your hands.
Do remember that.
We found the main body
of the plane.
There's only one corpse.
The pilot.
Graff: Satellite intel
suggests the man
they call operations
ejected before the explosion.
And I want him alive.
Haled: So ask
your friend Michael
for the transponder frequency.
Graff: Establish a
search pattern and I'll
get in touch with you soon.
(Birds chirping)
(Gun cocking)
Don't shoot.
I need help.
Are your parents around?
It's market day.
I've had an accident.
I need food, water.
I'll pay you.
With what?
I have money in my wallet.
Paper? Yes.
A watch.
Very special.
It's a rolex.
You ever heard of rolex?
Leave it on the table.
Closing in.
I estimate 20 minutes.
Can you describe the target?
Jones: It looks like
a small farmhouse
in a clearing.
But anyway, you're too late.
A scan shows another team
15 kilometers ahead of you.
Almost certain to
be the collective.
Operations will have to
hold them off.
With what?
He'll have a pistol, at most.
(Device beeping)
He's in a cabin
eight kilometers from town.
Graff: Approach quietly.
Don't give him a chance
to kill himself.
(Device beeping)
Where did you get this?
A man came here.
He bought bread.
Graff: Do you have operations?
If he's a 12-year-old boy, yes.
Otherwise, we have his watch.
I'll ask Michael for
the rescue protocol.
You've got to move more quickly.
(Gun firing)
Man: What's going on?
Who are you?
Go on. Get out of here. Run!
(Computer beeping)
Nikita, I've a flare.
I'm downloading
the coordinates to you.
Nikita: Optic reading?
4,600 angstroms.
That means cesium.
Protocol five.
Understood. Let's go.
Jones: Nikita.
If we know,
so does the collective.
It's a trap. I don't think so.
Well, don't tell me
you still believe Michael.
He gave them
the transponder frequency.
Nikita: He knew operations
would abandon the watch.
He won't give
the escape protocol.
Nikita. I'm proceeding.
Incoming message.
Subchannel seven.
That's excellent.
That is excellent.
We're on Mark.
Let's go.
(Guns firing)
Protocol eight.
There's no other choice.
How is Paul?
He'll be fine.
Michael samuelle
gave them the location.
Too late to be any good.
Three of my operatives are dead!
Operations is alive.
Michael's walking a fine line.
He has to maintain
You really have faith
in your power over him,
don't you?
How much power
does he have over you?
Operations wants to see you.
I thought he was in the tower.
He's back. All rested up.
And he wants to see
you right now.
Sit down.
What's this about?
I think you know.
No, I don't.
The diagnostic when
I was on the plane.
It took 40 seconds.
Last night I called it up
a hundred times.
It never took more than
10 seconds.
Got me to thinking,
so I had the tower swept.
Found this.
You planted it the first night
we spent together.
You're the mole.
Let's make it easy.
You tell me what
you told the collective.
If I think you're
telling me the truth,
I'll let you end it quickly.
Otherwise, you're going
to be sitting in this chair
a long time.
You're just in time.
It turns out Quinn is the mole.
You're wrong.
Here's a bug
she put in the tower.
I told her to put it there.
She doesn't work
for the collective, Paul.
She works for me.
Then you gave them
the location of the plane,
and you ordered Quinn
to delay the diagnostic.
That's right.
You rescued me because
you couldn't afford
to have the collective
take me alive.
Now that you're back,
of course,
that's a different matter.
You were right about
the mission in Zagreb.
He tried to get you killed.
He's preparing you
for oversight and center.
Something I worked for
all my life.
Paul, you are not qualified.
And she is? I don't want it.
They're waiting for you
in containment.
If you want to live, wait.
We've suffered
enough losses lately.
There's no point
in killing each other.
If he lives,
you'll never be safe again.
If I die for any reason,
kill him.
That takes away his incentive.
Meanwhile, we have the benefit
of his experience and skill.
It appears you're alive again.
She doesn't have what it takes.
This proves it.
He's right.
I don't have what it takes.
Oh, I think you probably do.
And vatos agrees.
The big computer in the sky?
Yes, yes.
Yes, it predicted
a time of chaos,
section falling apart,
faced by a powerful new enemy.
It also predicted,
for want of a better word,
a savior.
Someone extraordinary
who would put everything right.
I'm no savior.
And you're mad to have
such faith in a computer.
Well, the romans
had their entrails,
medieval monks
had their scriptures,
we have our computers.
And every age
lives and dies by
its sacred totems.
So why shouldn't we?
Anyway, I think you've forgotten
that I have been watching you
for seven years.
And I am sure
you are what we need.
I don't want the job.
Oh, I know.
Neither did I.
I want to live life ♪
never be cruel ♪
I want to live life ♪
and be good to you ♪
I want to fly ♪
and never come down ♪
and live my life ♪
and have friends around ♪♪
Why would Michael
help us shoot down
operation's plane,
then fail to help us
capture him?
Maybe Michael didn't help us
shoot down the plane.
The plane's location came in
on channel three, remember?
He uses seven.
Yes, but he gave us
the transponder frequencies,
he gave us the rescue site.
Too little, too late.
That's the game he's playing.
He's setting us up.
Yeah, it's a possibility.
What we need is leverage.
There was an interesting
rumor about Michael,
several years ago.
That he had a son.
(Children chattering)
Boy: Get the ball!
Over here!
(Woman speaking French)
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