La Femme Nikita (1997) s05e07 Episode Script

Let No Man Put Asunder

Announcer: Previously on
la femme nikita.
Graff: Nikita will live,
and section will die.
Nikita: Who's the mole?
Michael samuelle.
It's time daddy found out
some hard facts about
his precious little girl.
You want me dead.
At least have the guts
to do it face to face.
Nikita helped him escape.
Pilot: Sir, we've been painted.
Evasive techniques employed.
Paul, are you all right?
You do realize that
if they capture
Paul alive,
this is the end of section?
Nikita: That won't happen.
Trust me.
Jones: Michael samuelle
gave them the location.
He has to maintain credibility.
You really have faith
in your power over him,
don't you?
Operations: He's preparing you
for oversight and center.
I don't want it.
She doesn't have what it takes.
There was an interesting
rumor about Michael.
Graff: He had a son.
Nikita: Get him to medical.
Contact Sudan.
Get them to send
a support team to Tripoli
by noon tomorrow.
(People chattering)
Two embassy bombings
in north Africa.
An airliner down
over the Indian ocean.
The collective?
Other groups are
surfacing as well.
Kate: They smell blood.
Walter, where's operations?
Walter: He's not here.
I need his input on Tripoli.
What you need is some rest.
We're active in
all sectors, Walter.
Look, just take
a look at yourself.
Get yourself some sleep,
and then everything
will be a lot clearer.
Maybe you're right.
Tell comm to hold
all calls for three hours.
Where are you?
This channel will close
in five seconds.
What do you want?
Bring me back.
Back into section?
(Woman speaking French)
Jones: For weeks,
he helped the collective
inflict unprecedented damage.
And now, suddenly,
he wants to change sides.
Not suddenly.
It's been his plan
from the start.
Jones: So you keep saying.
However, you are not
the best judge, are you?
With the intel he would provide,
we could strike back
at the collective.
Maybe even destroy it.
Assuming he's telling the truth.
Did he suggest a protocol?
No, he left it up to us.
Oh, well.
How very generous of him.
So we'd know it's not a trap.
Mr. Jones.
Section is falling apart.
Michael is throwing us
a lifeline.
Accepting it may be
the only chance
we have to survive.
Nikita, I have no signs
of any transmission.
I'm sweeping for anomalies.
Do a reverse filter as well.
Kate: Acknowledged.
Phase one complete.
Begin phase two.
Kate: Reverse filter is clean.
You want to do this?
I do.
Thought I'd never see
your face around here again.
How you doing?
We'll see.
Operations is
going to wanna debrief.
I'll be waiting in systems.
The prodigal returns.
What do you want?
I came to debrief.
Nikita sent you?
Must be a joke on her part.
Things have changed.
Mr. Jones has taken
a more active role.
By the way,
the real Mr. Jones isn't
Mick schtoppel after all.
Who is he?
He's nikita's father.
Did you know?
That's right. I wonder.
No, you were
You were always smart,
and what could be smarter
than getting into bed
with the boss's daughter?
Do you want me to debrief?
You'd give me enough
to be useful, but not too much
or you would lose your leverage.
Of course.
I've played the game
too many times.
It bores me.
Jones and nikita run things now.
Go play with them.
Finished already?
Michael, this is Mr. Jones.
Nikita: Mr. Jones,
Michael samuelle.
Can you give us
a moment, please?
Of course.
Gentlemen, you may leave.
I'm listening.
There's a conference tomorrow
on novi sad to discuss ties
between the fry and NATO.
Well, now,
that is supposed
to be top secret.
The collective plans
to disrupt the conference,
assassinate delegates.
Well, that would
set the region back,
what, 20 years?
I know their plan.
I can stop it.
What will it take?
Myself, nikita.
And should you succeed?
First, let's succeed,
then we negotiate.
Nikita: The cultural center
at the novi sad university.
The meeting will take place
in the main auditorium.
According to Michael's intel,
the guests will arrive
through the southern entrance.
The collective will
infiltrate at these points.
We will intercept here.
When we stop the primary team,
they have a contingency.
Which is?
What they call the dark team.
Suicide bombing.
Nikita: Your panels
have been uploaded.
Michael and I leave
in 30 minutes.
There's a new
sub-channel procedure.
Contingency two.
Yes, I saw it on the panel.
The standby team should be
half a mile further north,
outside of sensor range.
I'll take care of it.
Primary team has gained access.
Dark team, stand by.
Haled: Device activated.
Primary team, begin egress.
First team on Mark.
Collective personnel on site.
Move to next Mark.
Hostiles on approach.
Primary team leader, report.
Something wrong?
I don't know.
Primary team, report.
Countdown's proceeding normally.
Perhaps there's
a temporary lapse
in communication.
Graff: Alert dark team.
Dark team, be advised.
Primary device malfunctioned.
Primary team silent.
There may be opposition.
Haled: Begin advancements.
(Device stops beeping)
Haled: Surveillance confirms.
No detonation.
Section knew our plans.
Michael. Had to be.
Yes, it's beginning
to look as if you were
right all along.
Luckily, we have a contingency.
Michael's son.
You have been searching?
A boy somewhere on earth,
age unknown,
no description available.
It's hopeless.
Section must know.
We have to invade their system.
We've been trying for months.
Well, assign
every available agent
around the clock.
Back trace,
recombine, pattern-scan.
Sooner or later,
we will penetrate.
The mission went very well.
I've reviewed
the additional intel
you've provided
on the collective.
Extremely useful.
However, you neglected
to give me certain pieces
of important information.
They're available at a price.
I have a son, Adam.
Where is he?
Yes, that's available, too,
at a price.
But first,
I do have some
rather sad news for you.
The boy's mother,
Elena, is dead.
It was a traffic accident.
I know that in
our line of business
we tend to believe that
there is no such thing
as an accident.
But there is, and this was one.
Drunk driver.
Luckily, Adam was at home.
We placed him in a foster home.
How long has he been there?
Several months now.
I know you will want to
go to him and raise him
as he should be
raised by his father.
And I am willing to help.
However, this is where
the price comes in.
When you go,
nikita stays.
That's up to her.
No, it's up to me.
Adam's location is archived.
Operations can retrieve it.
I will give it to you.
You will go to him,
nikita remains behind.
It's nikita's choice.
Well, suppose I don't
give her a choice?
You won't harm me,
and you won't
keep me from Adam.
Really? Why not?
Because you'd lose
nikita forever
and you couldn't live with that.
I'll expect Adam's location
by this evening.
I lied.
I know.
♪♪(Enough love playing)
Leaving me untied in hands ♪
that you tied
and locked away alive ♪
here ♪
I can't stand another scene ♪
can't face another day ♪
in here ♪
and I feel ♪
and do you feel ♪
enough love ♪
or do you feel ♪
or do you feel ♪
enough love is too rare ♪
do I feel ♪
do you feel ♪
enough love ♪
or do you feel ♪
or do you feel ♪
enough love is too rare ♪
you could weather me
if I turned to stone ♪
if I turned to stone ♪
if I turned to stone
something like a statue ♪
you could keep me hidden
in your garden ♪
then no one need ever know ♪
and I feel ♪
and do you feel ♪
enough love ♪♪
For you.
Thank you.
Come with me.
I can never replace Elena
in Adam's eyes, Michael.
Don't try.
Be yourself.
A white picket fence?
Cocker spaniel?
Why not?
We could even have
children of our own.
I fear I've lost
the courage for
our dream, Michael.
It's no dream.
We'll make it work.
What do you want?
I thought you might
need some help.
I don't.
I heard you're looking
for Michael's son.
It's archived.
That can be a real pain.
Two would speed things up.
About what happened
It wasn't personal.
You felt bad, but you were
just following orders.
Does that sum it up?
I enjoyed it.
I enjoyed you.
I still do.
Then you're a fool.
I'm just an errand boy now.
Where's Michael and nikita?
Out shopping for
a bedroom set, I suppose.
How should I know?
Doesn't that strike you as odd?
Now she's level 6.
She should be on call
at all times.
Daddy's little girl
does what she wants.
And what does
daddy's little girl
want most?
She has him now.
And soon they'll have Adam.
What will happen then?
Jones will never allow it.
You're wrong.
I know him better than you do.
He's racked with guilt as it is.
If she makes it a choice
between killing her
and letting her go with Michael,
he'll let her go.
And then,
who will Jones turn to?
Who will he put in power?
There's no one else.
And you'll be
right by my side, huh?
I never denied I enjoy power.
But is there any reason
why power and pleasure
can't go together?
Would you like some help or not?
Haled: The lab has
developed a new way
to pattern-scan
section's firewalls.
Take out the back-trace noise,
you get this.
Their z-cube functions
are over-biased. Always.
We adjusted our rgp.
Will that be enough
to get us in?
Let's find out.
We're in.
Archives. That sounds promising.
Graff: Carry on.
Here we go.
Operations: Adam isn't
too far from here, actually.
The sooner Michael picks him up,
the better for us.
What's wrong?
Is there another
archive request active?
No. Why?
Someone else is in.
Kate: Who?
Someone from the outside,
targeting the same data sector.
The collective, it has to be.
Contact nikita.
She's not responding.
If the collective gets Adam
Best available operatives,
Sato and labec.
Have them meet me
in transport, five minutes.
Nanny: Oh, all right.
Okay. I've got it.
Oh, no. Did you see that Adam?
I've got it. I've got it.
I've got it. Oh, no.
Hey, Adam, it's time to go home.
It's too cold.
Oh, look.
Hello, Adam.
(Brakes screeching)
Operations: Adam. Adam.
Listen to me.
Go to the pole behind you.
Adam. Adam.
(Guns firing)
Set a double point. Go.
Sato, you in position?
Adam. Adam.
Go behind the pillar.
Adam, listen to me.
Listen to me.
My name is Paul.
I'm a friend of your father.
I came to help.
Come on. Little closer.
Come on. That's good.
Don't be afraid.
That's it. That's good.
(Gun firing)
(Door opening)
I have disturbing news.
The collective
found Adam's location.
Operations tried to intervene.
He was killed.
And Adam?
What are you doing here?
I rather liked him.
Not the majority view.
And you?
I hated him,
and I feared him.
And I respected and admired him.
I saved his life once,
he ever mention that?
Walter: No?
It was a long time ago.
He didn't even thank me.
But over the years,
he had reason to have me
cancelled many times.
He always looked the other way.
But then again,
he did a couple of things
to me that
I guess in the end,
we both came out about even.
I have to go.
You've contacted the collective?
They've told you what they want?
I know what they want.
They'll kill you.
If I don't go,
they'll kill Adam.
They'll kill him anyway.
Maybe not.
He's too young
to understand what he saw.
He can't hurt them.
I'm coming with you.
It would serve no purpose.
We go together.
If they let Adam go,
find him.
Take care of him.
Goodbye, nikita.
(Door squeaks open)
(Door closes)
Where's Adam?
Can he see me?
You have
quite a reputation, Michael.
Graff: Some say you're
the best operative alive
on either side.
Do you think that's true?
Well, I like your confidence.
You'll need it for the job
that I have in mind.
You thought
we'd just interrogate
and then kill you, didn't you?
We have a little more
imagination than that.
We have intel concerning a man
very high up in
your organization,
goes by the name of Jones.
Do you know him?
You bring me Jones
or your son dies.
You have three days.
Good luck.
(Woman speaking French)
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