La Femme Nikita (1997) s05e08 Episode Script

A Time for Every Purpose

Announcer: Previously on
la femme nikita.
Michael: Bring me back.
Back into section?
Jones: He helped
the collective inflict
unprecedented damage.
And now suddenly,
he wants to change sides.
Nikita: With the intel
he would provide,
we could strike back
at the collective.
Jones: Assuming
he's telling the truth.
You want to do this? I do.
Michael, this is Mr. Jones.
Mr. Jones, Michael samuelle.
Michael: There's
a conference tomorrow.
The collective plans
to disrupt the conference.
I can stop it at a price.
I have a son, Adam. Where is he?
Is there another
archive request active?
No. Why?
Operations: Someone else is in.
The collective. It has to be.
Hello, Adam.
The best available operatives.
Have them meet me in transport
in five minutes.
Adam, listen to me.
My name is Paul.
I'm a friend of your father.
Graff: We have intel
concerning a man
very high up in
your organization.
Goes by the name of Jones.
You bring me Jones,
or your son dies.
(People chattering)
♪♪(Music playing)
Michael, what happened?
I got Adam out.
Where's Adam?
It's better if you don't know.
How'd you get out?
(Machine gun firing)
They showed me where Adam was.
They didn't think
I'd make a move.
But I didn't trust them,
so I took a chance.
(Michael panting)
(Machine guns firing)
Adam: Daddy.
(Machine guns firing)
I took Adam to a safe place.
He'll be fine
for a couple of days.
Are you sure
you haven't been followed?
But they're looking for me.
Michael, you're hurt,
more than you want to admit.
Take me back to section.
I can guide a team to
the collective's headquarters.
(Woman speaking French)
Kate: Who are those two?
Kelley and mauk
from oversight,
the lucky runners-up.
To what?
Daddy offered nikita
operations' post.
She turned it down in a big way.
So, one of those two
is going to be
in charge of my life.
Afraid so, darling.
Any difference between them?
I worked with both
of them at oversight.
Kelley is a pain.
Nothing's ever
good enough for her.
What about mauk?
Good woman.
Smart. Great attitude.
She'd be a good choice.
"Good woman"?
"Great attitude"?
Somehow that doesn't
sound like you, Jason.
Why don't you tell me
what you really think of her?
She's a jerk, too.
But I did a couple of favors
for her at oversight.
She owes me big time.
If she takes over,
I'll have it pretty cushy.
The real Jason's back.
So, how are you going to
rig the election, then?
I don't know yet.
I've gotta talk to Walter,
see if he can
help me poison kelley.
Myra mauk?
Are you sure?
You know her?
All too well.
What's wrong?
If she takes over the perch,
I'm toast. Toast.
You can forget the farm.
I'll be sent right to abeyance.
I'll be dead in a week.
You did her.
Worse than that,
I didn't do her.
You lost me.
Well, about 20 years ago,
I was assigned to
a spec ops at oversight.
She was in charge.
Well, we found
ourselves in Paris.
We had 36 hours downtime,
and she insisted
that we spend it in bed.
Jason: What's wrong with that?
I had other plans.
Another girl?
No, a woman.
I turned her down,
and for months after that,
she put me in
every deadly situation
that came along.
That was a long time ago.
I'm sure she's over it.
Oh, no.
No. You don't know her.
Actually, I do.
I spent some time
at oversight,
got to know her a bit.
You gotta help me, Jason.
What do you want me to do?
Get something on her.
Put it right there
in front of Jones.
That could backfire on me.
Walter: On you? I could be dead.
Come on, Jase. Help me, please?
Get him to medical.
Where's Jones? In the perch.
He'll do the profile himself
after I debrief Michael.
I need to brief
Jones personally.
There are certain things
only he will understand.
I don't think
that's a good idea.
We don't have time for this.
Tell Jones to
meet us in medical.
Not yet.
Nikita: At least, let them
give you an anesthetic.
The pain keeps me focused.
Come back in 10 minutes.
Jones: I was glad to hear
that Adam is safe.
Thank you.
We'll get you patched up soon.
In the meantime,
tell me what you know.
The refraction sequence
will be in effect soon,
if it's not already.
And their fail-safe protocol?
There are two contingencies.
Ah. I did ask Quinn
to download
What are you doing?
Well, now, congratulations
on your miraculous recovery.
The collective still has Adam.
You lied to me?
They want to make a trade.
Me for the boy.
Shoot him, nikita.
Nikita, it's the only way
to keep Adam alive.
Once they release him,
I'll find a way to
get your father out.
Jones: He has been
consistently deceiving us.
Do not trust him.
Let's go.
Michael: I have Jones.
Good. Bring him in.
I want to hand him off
to you, not to graff.
Haled: Why?
I don't trust graff.
It doesn't matter who you trust.
You used to be graff's equal.
Now you work for him.
Doesn't that bother you?
What are you trying to say?
If you brought in
Jones yourself,
things might change.
No, no, no.
It's my decision,
and my decision alone.
I'll send you the location.
You keep your
half of the bargain.
Bring Adam.
All right.
Perry, put a hold
on that relay to two.
I want to wait for the result
to the Athens operation.
Myra: No.
Send it now.
Whatever way it falls in Athens,
two needs that information,
and the sooner, the better.
Hello, Jason.
I trust you can
still be counted on.
What are you doing here, Myra?
Jones wants kelley and me
to run section for a few days
before he makes his choice.
Where is Jones?
I've been trying to reach him.
He's been called away
for a few days,
and I'm covering comm
while he's gone.
Did he give you a code?
All right. I'll forward
everything to you.
Well, good.
Let's talk.
I assume you know
what's going on.
You and kelley are
both up for operations.
That's right,
and I intend to get it.
Can I count on you to help?
I'm not sure what I can do.
I want a list. Three columns:
Allies, detractors
and irrelevant.
What's the problem?
I don't know how to
make those evaluations.
Most of these people
don't know you.
You know my politics.
You can do it.
You know, your profile
does not suggest that
you would jeopardize
global security
for any one person.
Not even your son.
Nor does it suggest that
you would encourage nikita
to murder her own father.
You know, the collective
will want you to perform
many more tricks
before they release your son.
Handing me over is
simply the first.
If you need anything, knock.
(Door closing)
Where's my son?
He's safe.
We agreed you would bring him.
Haled: Give me Jones first.
There may be one
or two other services
we need from you,
then we'll discuss
the release of the boy.
If you want to see
your son, give us Jones.
Over there.
Open it.
That was not smart.
Where's my son?
You just killed him.
If he dies, you die.
You think you can
trade me for the boy?
Graff won't make that deal.
Then let's take graff
out of the equation.
With graff gone,
you'll be in charge.
Nikita: We'll give you
the collective.
You give us Adam.
Or I can kill you right now.
It's your choice.
What do you want?
When is he vulnerable
over the next 24 hours?
He's making
a weapons purchase
tomorrow morning.
Haled's secured.
He's been out of
the collective for a while.
What if graff
gets suspicious,
cancels the purchase?
We'll think of another plan.
Like what?
I don't know.
He's my father, Michael.
He hasn't been much of one.
I won't hand him
over to the collective
to be tortured and killed.
Adam's my son.
I won't let him die.
(Gun cocking)
We have to go.
(Men chattering)
I'll get a different angle.
I've got a clear shot.
(Muffled gunshot) Good. Good.
(Gun firing)
(Machine gun firing)
(Gun firing)
Walter: Hey, Jase.
Come on.
You taking care of
what we talked about?
Sort of.
Sort of?
It's complicated.
Yeah, oh, yeah.
But you can do it, right?
I don't know yet.
You mean, you don't know
how you're going to do it,
or if you want to do it?
Look, Walter, don't lay
a guilt trip on me, all right?
You and my brother
may have been close,
but you and I
don't go back that far.
I don't care how far back we go.
If Myra gets the job, I'm dead.
Keep her out of the perch.
I can't.
Jones has given her
control of comm.
That means he's already
made up his mind.
Best I can do right now
is cover my own ass.
So you think you're
smart just taking care of
numero uno?
What else can you do
in a place like this?
You take care of your friends,
and your friends
take care of you.
You're kidding, right?
Your brother gave his life
to save everybody else's here.
Anybody tell you that?
I'm not my brother.
You know,
I'm kind of glad
that he never really
got to know you.
He would have been ashamed.
(Door opening)
We've done our part.
Now I want my son.
I have to go back
to the collective
to assume command.
When that's settled,
I'll deliver the boy.
How long?
I'll contact you
on an open channel.
Section's intel
base is thorough.
What of it?
Recently you moved
your family to Tunisia.
A small village called medenine.
What now?
Release Jones.
Take him back to section.
Are you sure?
I need section resources
to provide security
for Adam's return.
Jones will tell them
to cooperate.
After what we've done,
I'm not so sure.
He claims section exists
to protect the innocent.
Let him prove it.
(People chattering)
Michael. Michael: Yes.
It's from the collective.
A location.
You're on the grid.
All clear.
The coordinates indicate
a small structure
at the north end of the park.
Is the path still clear?
I'm sweeping now.
Exterior looks good.
Nikita: What about
inside the structure?
Infrared indicates warmth.
A person?
Most likely.
I'm getting a reading here,
but the intensity
is diminishing.
Kate: It's cooling down.
Cooling down?
What is it?
It should be Adam.
Not anymore.
What do you mean?
Temperature readout.
Whoever it is has been dead
at least a half hour.
Oh, no.
I have to find out
who's in charge now
and negotiate with him.
What do you have
to negotiate with?
Whatever they want.
(Rifle cocking)
Man: Jones wants you
back in section.
(Myra laughing)
Myra: So, did you have
any luck with the list?
Right here.
Did you get done
what I asked you
to get done?
(Myra laughing)
That's very good.
I thought you'd like that.
Man 2: Come with us, please.
(Clears throat)
What was that about?
Guess they found something
in her file they didn't like.
You have anything to do with it?
No. Why would I?
My mistake.
(Door squeaks open)
Have you heard
from the collective?
Jones: No.
They're obviously
going through
a change of leadership.
Their behavior will
therefore be erratic
for some time.
They still have him.
They've moved their base,
so we don't know
where they're keeping him.
There is one hope.
I could contact them
through an open channel
and offer to
exchange you for Adam.
Why would they accept?
Well, now that
I am out of reach,
it will let them save face
and give them
your complete knowledge
of section.
Why would you permit it?
Because you will commit suicide
rather than give them
that knowledge.
They'll be watching for that.
This contains a membrane,
which fits the roof
of the mouth.
Virtually undetectable.
You press it hard
with your tongue
for five seconds,
five seconds later,
you are dead.
You will now give me your word
that you will use it
the minute you know
that Adam is safe.
You have my word.
Very clever.
Oh, you think you've found a way
to kill Michael that
I'll find acceptable?
It is important to save the boy.
Nikita: The collective have
promised to let Adam go twice,
and twice they haven't done it.
Why should it be
any different this time?
It is Adam's only chance.
And Michael has agreed.
Michael doesn't have a choice.
You do.
My dear girl,
none of us have a choice.
Least of all me.
Do you think, with Michael gone,
I'm going to stay
and run section?
Well, we'll see.
(Computer beeping)
The answer is coming through
from the collective.
Never gonna happen.
We'll see.
(Bird cawing)
You'll take care of Adam.
I will.
Goodbye, nikita.
Goodbye, Michael.
Jones: There's one
last complication.
I'm afraid I lied.
It is not you they want.
It's me.
I do apologize for
this whole charade.
But, you see,
I had to make it
appear convincing.
We were under
constant observation
by my colleagues,
and they certainly
wouldn't allow me
to give myself up.
So, it all comes
down to you, nikita.
I need your promise
that you will
return to section
and become operations
and then eventually
take over from me
as I had always planned.
I cannot go
if you don't say yes.
One day you will realize
it is the right decision.
Always trust your father.
I awake to find
no peace of mind ♪
I said how do you live ♪
Daddy, daddy!
Where I cannot see so clear ♪
I said what do I know ♪
show me the right way to go ♪
and the spies came out
of the water ♪
and you're feeling so bad
'cause you know ♪
that the spies hide out
in every corner ♪
but you can't touch them
though ♪
'causes they're all spies ♪♪
(Man announcing on pa system)
(Woman announcing in French)
Take him as far away
from here as possible.
Help him forget.
You'll be all right.
According to my father,
I was born for this.
There'll be a time
when Adam won't
need me anymore.
You know where I am.
♪♪(Music playing)
I love you.
I love you.
(Woman speaking French)
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