La Fortuna (2021) s01e03 Episode Script

Episode 3

1 My father says it was when he was a boy, watching pirate movies on TV.
Then he read "Treasure Island" and when he found his dream.
To sail off in search of treasure.
Wild's daughter inherited that dream.
She's been riding on the Pioneer ever since she was little, helping out like just another sailor.
Are you watching me, Dad? Are you watching me? Yeah, I'm watching you right now, sweetheart.
Everybody, say hi to Amy, the true boss of Atlantis! I don't look too intense, Dad? No, no! You're defending our company and I'm very proud of you.
Thank you.
Hey, I expect to get paid, right? Yeah.
My little pirate All right.
I'm gonna go.
I'll call you tomorrow! - Okay.
Good night.
- Love you.
Does anybody really think it is a good idea to leave all that treasure rotting at the bottom of the ocean? What's the point? My father isn't a pirate.
My father is a hero.
WAR ON THE PIRATES We're doing what we can, Jonas, I swear, but the Navy insists that the Pioneer was never there, and that no one could have manipulated their navigation data.
We have to find a connection between that ship and La Fortuna no matter what.
I cannot forestall this trial any longer.
I know, I know.
Can't you ask for some more resources? Send a submarine down to La Fortuna, you might find something.
A submarine, are you fucking kidding me?! This is Spain, Jonas.
- Lucía! Watch your language! - What about that crazy guy, the legionnaire man? Is there something else he can tell you? Have we missed something? Horacio calls us every day and for nothing.
He's only making us waste more time.
What the hell are you doing over there?! - I told you.
- Stop telling me about everything you can't do and start telling me about something you can do! We'll do what we can.
I promise Goodbye.
Goodbye, adiós.
What's wrong? The Americans think the rest of the planet are lazy fucking idiots! I'm going for smokes.
I don't know what is wrong with these people.
What's wrong with you? With me? It's like the last time you took him to court.
This has gone on for far too long, darling.
What do you mean? You're obsessed with Frank Wild.
And at some point you should get over it.
That's a good one.
I'm sorry, - I shouldn't have said it.
- No, you're right.
I should just - "get over it.
" - Darling, I already said - What about you, Maggie, huh? - What? Frankly I was looking for a nice, quiet weekend in the countryside, not another meeting with your tech buddies.
That's not fair! My friends are your friends too.
- Where is this coming from? - And there's always a conversation about gun control, which in my opinion, - actually leads to nowhere! - You're not interested in what's happening in this country! It ain't about Watch out! Shit! God! Maggie? Maggie.
Are you all right? - Yeah, yeah - You all right? - Are you? - Yes.
Oh, God, I'm so sorry.
- I'm sorry, I shouldn't have distracted you.
- It's okay.
- You sure you're okay? - I'm okay.
All right, okay All right, okay - You okay?! - Yeah, yeah.
Thank God for airbags.
I swear I didn't see you.
You were driving with your lights off! What? Really? Oh, shit! I was driving without lights! Without headlights Look at this mess! Lucía? It's your American nightmare.
Listen Jonas! I want you to go back to the Navy again, asking for all the tracking data on the Pioneer Yes, I know, I know, but I want everything now: I want the exact locations, I want false alarms, I want system errors, I want everything.
I'll explain later, I'm on the first flight to Madrid.
- Should I call 911? - All right.
You could call a shrink, though Oh, baby! Successive readings taken within hours or days.
That's how our program calculates the ship's course.
But in this case what we have are isolated readings, there is no specific course.
Minister, sir.
Each dot appears and disappears like a ghost.
That's why they were disregarded in the first report.
The computer thought it was a systems error and threw them out.
- Correct, sir? - Correct.
I think I'm lost.
They probably sailed to where they had to go at night, with no transmissions, no GPS, no cell phones, - no emissions.
- Then how could they navigate? Just like the pirates of old! With the stars! With an astrolabe.
Although every now and then they would have to connect their systems to confirm their position, or to avoid crashing into the hundreds of cargo ships crossing the Strait.
And how close are these ghost signals to the area where La Fortuna sank? As you can see It's a one hundred percent match.
Great! So we've got them now.
Well we can't celebrate victory yet.
But it's obvious.
They were going after La Fortuna.
Right? Yes, but we have to prove it in court.
We have to somehow find some evidence that they were actually there.
A submarine expedition to the wreckage, sir.
That again? This Ministry doesn't have the technology or the money to organize a CSI mission more than 1,000 meters underwater! You know that very well! Wait, wait, wait.
We need the Army for that! We have nothing, as usual.
To hell with culture! Sir We could at least prove that what Atlantis stole matches exactly La Fortuna's cargo inventory.
Atlantis must have done their own inventory.
We'll ask them for it.
And you think they'll give it to us? They will.
We exposed their tricks, they can't keep fooling us.
- Lucía - Yes.
- Prepare a formal request.
- Of course, sir.
I'll sign it myself.
And if they still refuse I'll talk to the President, cojones! Which one, yours or mine? What? What can I say, my friend You have no idea how happy I am that finally, finally someone listened to me and you guys are grabbing the bull by the horns.
Shut up, Rex! I don't know if I told you how many times I went to the Civil Guard and got completely ignored.
Rex, are you deaf or what? Okay, Horacio, thank you very much.
Don't worry, okay? I'll keep you posted.
- My best regards.
- And mine, my friend! You can't be so diplomatic, Alex, especially with pests like this guy.
He's been such a huge help, I feel bad not taking his calls.
Look how late it is.
I'm not making dinner tonight.
Really? I'm exhausted.
And people say civil servants don't work hard And you're going to bed without dinner? - You really don't have to - It will only take a second.
Make yourself at home.
Yesterday I made lasagna.
You like lasagna, right? Without meat.
I'm a vegetarian.
Hey, your place is cool.
Yeah, well Today it's kind of a mess.
That's what's cool about it.
I didn't expect this from you.
I saw your Cousteau DVDs.
Oh, yeah.
We can have a "Cousteau night" anytime.
One of these days.
That's not a very convincing answer, actually.
It's only an invitation as coworkers, eh? - I don't want you to think I'm - What? That you're asking me out? Yeah.
I mean, no.
What I mean is, you might have a boyfriend.
I don't know.
No, it's not that.
- You don't have a boyfriend? - No.
Well No.
Does saying no twice mean yes? Well, I just broke up with someone.
It's all still very recent and the last thing I feel like doing is going out for a drink.
I'm sorry.
How long were you together? - Eight years.
- Wow.
And what happened? - If you want to tell me.
- I backed out.
My ex wanted to get married, start a family The usual.
That doesn't sound so bad.
That's what everybody wants, right? What everybody wants? Can you really imagine me knocked up? A mother with two kids, juggling work and diapers? - Not really.
- That's right.
Fuck my biological clock and maternal instinct.
I don't know.
I must be crazy because what appeals to me is total freedom.
I want to travel, I want to learn, I want to have fun and I need time for myself.
So down deep What? Well, you're a pirate.
No? I get scared sometimes, believe me.
I think I should go back to her and start a family.
Follow the herd.
Her? Yeah, my girl, my ex.
Hey, this salad is delicious.
- Yes? - What's up, sir? Diego.
In the flesh! I changed my number.
Long time.
Well, not so long.
Since graduation.
Why don't we meet for lunch and catch up? Right now is tight for me, we're very busy at the Ministry with I know, the Atlantis thing.
That's what I wanted to talk to you about.
I have some gossip.
And you know how much I like gossip, buddy! Okay, well I'll call you and we'll meet up.
I'll let you know this week.
But call me, eh? Yeah, I will.
I'll call you.
- See you later.
- Bye.
DIEGO THE PES ATLANTA COURTHOUSE, USA My client has well-founded suspicions that the wreckage found by Atlantis is none other than La Fortuna.
Therefore we believe it enjoys sovereign immunity in favor of Spain.
There is no evidence, not a single shred of evidence regarding the identity of the ship.
For all we know, it could be Look, it could be simply the remains of other ships crossing the Strait over the course of centuries Oh, Susan, please! Are you trying to tell me that those crews amused themselves by skipping gold coins across the sea? I'm talking about cargo that could have been thrown overboard to avoid a shipwreck.
Jonas, what? Why have you always got to twist around everything I say?! - Counselors - Just as absurd.
Either you're a seasoned comedian - or Frank Wild has you well trained.
- I will not allow you - to talk to me like that.
- Please, set aside your old grudges and sit down! Now! Your honor, there's a very simple way to prove what I'm saying.
This is La Fortuna's inventory.
All the cargo is right there.
Now, I will bet it matches amazingly with the inventory the Spanish government formally requested from you nearly three months ago.
- Why won't you give it to us? - For a very simple reason, Jonas Because it doesn't exist.
- What?! - Your honor, to completely and thoroughly catalog a discovery of this size - this takes months - Oh, come on! Even years.
I'm afraid my colleague here doesn't understand what we're talking about: thousands of coins disfigured by corrosion.
Ingots and beads solidified together in brick.
The broken ceramics They're nearly impossible to date.
Jonas, when Atlantis has finished its inventory, you'll be the first to know, I guarantee it.
Thank you very much, Susan.
In the meantime, you could ask your client to go to the trouble of paying for a submarine expedition to the remains of your legendary wreckage to at least prove that its been located and exists.
Although, of course, that would That would cost you money.
Huh? Atlantis showed images of the discovery during the press conference, is that correct? Yes, your honor.
- Mr.
Pierce - Yes, your honor? Would you be satisfied for the moment with having access to some of that material? How about - twenty photos? - Yer, Your Honor, thank you.
How about your client, Ms.
McLean? Will they agree to hand that over? No! Why not? You don't have to give them photos of anything, Dad.
I mean, who do they think they are? It's your discovery.
Yeah, but, honey It doesn't really work that way.
You're being way too nice to those people.
Let me testify, I'll show you.
Let you testify! What's so funny? I was there.
I saw you find the wreckage and you'd never even heard of La Fortuna.
Actually no one had any idea what was down there.
That's true.
I was the one who said they weren't shells, remember? Yes.
Well, there you are.
I'm the one who found the treasure.
Let them sue me if they dare.
I mean, yeah, this is a Spanish coin, but that doesn't prove anything.
Can you put that away, hon? How could that lawyer know more than you? Please put that away.
Look, things are going to get a lot more complicated from now on.
So I don't think it's a good idea for you to go to the trial.
How come? I mean, they already gave me two days off from school.
I know.
But Jonas is going to do everything he can and you'll hear some very unflattering things about me.
Well, that you're selfish, a liar and a cheat.
Mom's been saying the same thing for years, right? They're not stupid, they know we barely have a case without that inventory.
And the problem is the judge bought their bullshit.
What about Gibraltar? The treasure was sent from there.
They might have a record at the airport customs department.
Gibraltar won't cooperate with us on this.
They always take sides with the Americans.
Well, don't you mean "Atlantis"? I'm American too, now.
I'm sorry, Jonas Listen, don't you think that information could be on the Pioneer? You know, it's likely.
That ship is like Wild's home away from home.
Why don't we search it? The Pioneer? ¡No, no! They would never expect something like that, would they? Absolutely not! Can we do that? Guys? Of course we can! It's still docked in Gibraltar, but it has to move some time.
We need to involve the Civil Guard.
Find any excuse to intercept it.
You want them to detain and search an American ship? They've done it before but always too late.
This time we have the element of surprise.
Look, Lucía, we're about to DIEGO THE PES We're beginning an incredibly delicate trial on American territory.
Washington would not like such a move.
Then fuck Washington.
What? That's not how things work.
Oh, that's right.
Not in your world of "international balance.
" Alex, are you a diplomat - or a chickenshit? - Lucía Because from here on that's the point.
Showing balls, or should I say, - ovaries.
- Look.
Right now I prefer to explore other options, all right? Perfect, dude.
You get the inventory your way, I'll get it my way.
Bon appetit.
No balls, she says This lunatic.
And there I go, hitting on her No balls I'll show you.
- Yes? - Horacio, good evening.
Sorry to call so late, it's about your sister Pilar.
Have you got a second? My man! For you, a second or two hours if necessary.
That shows too much.
It's the figurehead on the prow.
Skip it.
How about this one? Two 16th century cannons, not included in La Fortuna's inventory.
It would be the perfect image to contradict Pierce' version.
I've always wondered how those cannons got on my beloved La Fortuna.
It's no wonder they lost that battle.
Remember all that research we did? You know, the sinking of La Fortuna caused a huge conflict.
A war between nations.
What are you thinking, boss? I know what you're thinking.
Another war.
BORDER BETWEEN SPAIN AND GIBRALTAR - Forget it! - Listen to me, Pili! I already said no! I'm asking as your brother! No! Then do it for that nice, clean-cut kid at the Ministry! Do it for Spain! This is a State matter, damn it! Listen closely, Horacio.
I don't give a rat's ass about the State! They just did it again, Captain.
They just crossed the line, gentlemen.
Go after them, Captain! - Go after them.
- Yes, sir, Captain.
Attention, this is the Civil Guard.
You're entering Spanish territorial waters.
Stop your motors.
I repeat, stop your motors.
They're warning us over the loudspeaker, Mr.
Yes, listen, please.
Hold your course, Captain.
Keep crossing the line like I said: go in and out, in and out But they're almost in front of us.
- Go towards them.
- What? You heard me.
Go directly towards them and accelerate.
This is the Civil Guard.
You're in Spanish territorial waters.
Stop your motors.
I repeat, stop your motors.
They're going to ram us.
Watch out, watch out! - Did it work? - Yes, sir.
They got out of the way! Wait Wait a minute.
This is the Civil Guard.
We are boarding your vessel.
For your own safety, do not resist.
It's It's a - Yeah, I hear it.
I hear it.
- A helicopter.
Do not resist.
They're boarding us, sir! Stay calm, Captain.
Stay calm and record everything.
We are boarding your vessel.
Do not resist.
The Pioneer was detained by Spanish police this morning They handed it to us on a platter.
I never thought they would be so stupid.
Fuck them.
Sorry, Minister.
The crew was ordered to disembark and arrested by Spanish authorities.
Some were taken away in handcuffs while others protested angrily Just as dumb as I thought.
This is not what you expect from a civilized country.
This is a disgrace.
Spain continues to ignore the Law of the Sea, which was approved by the United Nations in 1982.
That established a new delimitation of territorial waters.
Now we are certain that this action will receive a political response from the United States government.
And, of course, at an international level.
What a bitch! So are you going to tell him or am I? - What? - Nothing.
Not a single document.
And the whole crew was replaced by Eastern European sailors who know nothing about the case.
- But then - It was a trap, sir.
Now we're the pirates.
It's all over the international press.
At least we managed that.
Go ahead.
Who? No shit.
Request the car, yes.
The President.
He wants to see me at the palace.
Right now.
No, you two can stay.
It won't be my office for long anyway.
Lucía I'm sorry, damn it.
Don't cry Only you would have a cloth handkerchief.
What's wrong? You know you can tell me anything.
It's nothing, Alex.
It's just that I fight my way through life, damn it, trying to make things work out Well, work out my way.
And sometimes I think I'm actually screwing up.
I don't understand.
Why screwing up? - You mean this? - I mean everything, Alex.
I mean everything.
Look, I'm not a psychologist.
And your life is yours to live, obviously, but I will say one thing.
Who is infallible here? Look at me, trying to do things my way and I screw up all the time.
Because we're human.
Thanks, Alex, but this is the last thing I need right now.
What is? A guy being condescending with me.
What is your problem? Why are you always so defensive around me? I'm not being condescending, Lucía.
I'm I'm telling you the truth.
You think I got the inventory? Well, I didn't.
In fact, I got jack shit.
Okay, Alex.
That's right, fucking jack shit! Don't talk like that, it doesn't suit you.
What do you expect? I spend all day with you.
Fuck! - Fuck - Fuck! Shit, bitch! Do you feel better now or not? Yeah.
Fuck, this guy again.
I've been avoiding him for months.
Just get rid of him.
No more diplomacy.
- Diego.
- What's up, man? - How are you? - You never called me.
No, I've been really busy.
That's okay.
How about lunch today? Lunch right now? - Yeah, I'm downstairs.
- Say no.
You're downstairs? PRESIDENTIAL PALACE Welcome, Minister.
The President is waiting.
Nice to meet you.
The Ambassador was just telling me how much heappreciates your work.
I have to go, but I'm leaving you two here to talk things over.
I hope you can help him, eh, Enrique? This situation must be resolved.
Please, negotiate with Atlantis, it's only fair.
We can help you put the situation on the right track.
In fact, that's what diplomats are here for, to help.
Please, let us.
Help us help you.
"Help us help you.
" I really admire your language, English.
That ability to play around with words instead of saying what you really mean.
If you say "Minister, fuck you!" I understand you perfectly.
Minister, these are the twenty photos that Atlantis agreed to turn over.
I was asked to deliver them to you personally.
Atlantis must have friends in high places if they're using a man like you, sir, as the mailman.
Minister I wouldn't like to see you sink like that ship And this time that's exactly what I mean.
It was nice meeting you.
But no capers, I can't stand them.
No problem.
And then the pizza diavola, but not spicy.
Without salami and double cheese instead, if you don't mind.
Oh, and a glass of red wine, but a nice one, not the house red.
I'll bring a Rioja.
And two more beers.
These two evaporated.
Diego, I have to get back to the Ministry.
You said you had some gossip about Atlantis Okay This is confidential, okay? I'm telling you because we're friends and because you're involved.
You know I love gossip, but I don't go around Yeah, yeah.
- Tell me.
- Okay.
Did you ever hear about the flights to Majorca after 9-11? They stopped over in the middle of the night and nobody knew from where or where they were going.
- The CIA flights, right? - Exactly.
They were transporting terrorists captured in Pakistan and Afghanistan to Guantanamo.
Straight there, no paperwork.
I read an article about it.
Well, it turns out the guy who arranged the stopovers was an American tour operator living in Gibraltar.
A guy named Spencer Davies, who made a bundle off it.
Diego - Where does Atlantis come in? - Wait.
I have a friend in Gibraltar who two summers ago went to one of his barbecues.
Nice time, eh? Swimming pool, plenty of beer Then some guys from a ship who you could tell had been there many times start bragging about some "secret" job they had worked on.
- Worked on for who? - Right, my friend listened in, because of the Guantanamo thing, but that's all they said.
Tomatoes and the Greek salad.
Thank you.
The thing is, they took a photo.
And take a look.
There they are: - Spencer Davies - And Wild! With his crew, the ones who were bragging.
Do you know who this woman is? No idea.
Hey, I ordered no capers! Please! Horacio! What a mess, worse every day.
Hey, I'm not! Horacio? Horacio.
Horacio Horacio.
Horacio, who did this? What happened? - I knew it.
- Knew what? State matter.
I think they're all involved, sir: our intelligence services, the CIA Everyone.
That explains why the Ambassador dared to talk to me that way.
This is big.
Don't jump the gun, sir.
For now, you still have your job Okay, but from now on, information, at a minimum.
And this time I'm serious, even between us.
By the way, where are we going? I have nothing scheduled this morning.
What did I just say? Information? - At a minimum.
- Good.
Sit in front.
Relax, eh? You'll like it.
All good? - Huh? - Everything okay? I've never been on a helicopter.
Have you been on a plane? - Yes.
- Okay, then.
This is nothing like it! Minister, welcome.
The Commander is waiting.
Our ROV is the latest generation.
It has three terminals.
And what does that mean? If there's anything down there, we'll find it.
I bet you Atlantis never expected us to do it.
A submarine expedition and with the Navy! Here we go.
Send down Triton.
Yes, sir, Commander.
Commencing Triton descent.
200 meters.
400 meters.
850 meters.
I don't see anything.
- Patience.
- 930.
We've almost touched bottom.
Turn 45 degrees west.
We should be right above the wreckage.
- Initiate multi-tracking.
- Yes, sir, Commander.
Activating Triton 2 and Triton 3.
They didn't leave anything.
- What do you mean? - Not a single coin.
Then how will we identify La Fortuna? I can't believe it.
They tricked us again! What's that white thing there? That.
Correct 1.
Yes, sir, Commander.
A skull.
Those are our dead.
Our dead.
You're sending them to her, aren't you? - To who? - Lucía.
Bad idea.
You heard the Minister, no leaks.
She would have liked to be here.
Even if it wasn't much help.
I have a feeling this was our last chance.
Anyway We think we're smarter than them.
Hey, one thing.
Have you two hooked up or something? - What are you saying? - I didn't think so.
You and her You mean what would I be doing with? I didn't want to say it, but she's at least 15 years older than you.
For her, you're just a kid.
The age difference.
It hadn't occurred to me.
We're ready, let's go.
Come on or he'll leave us here.
But that's why I keep telling them they should report to us first, you see.
Otherwise my staff will never know how to deal with the problem.
Hold on - Still here, Pilar? - I'm almost finished.
- I'm leaving.
- See you tomorrow.
No, I'm off tomorrow.
See you on Wednesday, after the holiday.
Have a nice time with your family.
- "Happy Christmas!" - "Happy Christmas", Tim.
- Thanks.
- Bye.
Goodbye! "Everything, everything.
Take photos of everything.
" We compared it to the inventory of La Fortuna and it's a perfect match.
Then this time we've got them! Right? Jonas and his team say that with this we're ready for trial.
Now we can win this thing, damn it! I know what I said about confidentiality between us, but Can I ask you how you got this? No.
All the information, dates, seals, signatures! This is really going to really piss off the judge when she sees it, Frank.
I mean, really piss her off.
Okay, take it easy.
Jonas is just using all his weapons and we are going to use all of ours.
So, what do we have left? TV? Frank, we can't use your daughter again.
Shhh Don't.
Susan Do you trust me? What? Are you kidding? Of course.
Frank, you know I would follow you to the end of the world, but this is Then wait and see.
All right.
All right.
Hey, where are you? There's a There's a delay Frank? Frank? - Welcome, Mr.
- Thank you.
- Everyone is waiting.
- Great.
Thank you.
Some people call me a pirate, other people call me a dreamer.
I suppose What I really am, at the end, just an old pothead.
But all of you are nothing less than the direct descendants of the people who gave up their lives on La Fortuna And I'm here to help you get back what's yours.
Thank you.

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