La Fortuna (2021) s01e04 Episode Script

Episode 4

1 Let's go after the treasure.
- What's going on? - It's okay.
What's going on? - What do you want? - A sleeping pill.
- We're about to land.
- I don't care, I need another one.
Lucía Come on With me.
Now you know why I never came to the U.
Don't say you're coming for a trial.
And keep your political ideas to yourself, this is the deep South.
Don't worry, if they ask, I'll tell them yours.
You two, that line, please.
- Okay.
- Thank you.
Thank you.
- I go through the diplomat entrance.
- Yeah, what nerve.
Lucía! Lucía, what are you doing? Excuse me, Miss.
You can't cut ahead.
Why not? There's nobody in front of me.
Miss, go back to the end of the line.
Sir, sir Excuse me.
I'm so sorry, okay? Sorry.
What bullshit.
- I told you, this isn't Spain.
- Okay.
"Try it!" Unbelievable.
Did you see that? That's what they should be trying to control here, Alex.
Not me stepping out of line.
Do we have to talk about this right now? Why, is it taboo or something? Actually there's more and more debate around that subject these days.
My wife Maggie, she's a staunch supporter of gun control.
Really? I already like her.
Is she into politics? No, she's a computer engineer.
But to be honest I think that prohibiting guns here is a useless exercise.
Why? We've got one at home.
It's not the most elegant hotel in the world, but it's only two blocks away from the courthouse and you can walk there.
Great, that way I can smoke.
You don't hang people for smoking here yet, do you? It's only a matter of time, Lucía.
She's a good judge, but she's also very conservative.
- Can I get you anything else? - No, thanks.
We're fine.
My team and I will make sure the case doesn't become patriotic: America versus Spain, or some nonsense That's what Atlantis will try to do.
That's what I would do.
But we'll keep the case legal.
The law is on our side.
You can't imagine how exciting this is for me, Jonas.
I got my master's in Diplomatic Law in New York Excuse me, could you turn down the air conditioning? I'm freezing.
I'm sorry, ma'am.
I don't know if I can.
I'll talk to the manager.
Well, sometimes it could be like going to the circus.
- What's wrong? - I'm freezing.
I asked them to turn off the air, this isn't summer Jonas, have you ever heard of climate change in this country? - Where are you going? - I need a shower.
And a cigarette.
Jonas - Can you tell me just one thing? - Sure.
How have you guys managed to stay friends all these years? I mean You're such a cool guy, so easy to get along with But she's I don't know Lucía has all the qualities I wanted when I was her age.
She's impulsive, she's idealistic And she's brave.
A real thoroughbred! I know and I love all that But I hate the rest.
You know Maybe you should talk to her about that one day, huh? - I know what you're going to say.
- Then will you please listen? Thank you.
I know a lot of people like you are uncomfortable setting foot in the "American Empire" - Like me? - Yes.
- What do you mean? - You know exactly what I mean.
I think your reproaches are very unnecessary.
It's their culture, do you understand? Perfectly.
We should all just suck America's dick, like half the planet does.
Or like you do.
Lucía, not long ago you said you were afraid of being wrong.
And sometimes you are.
Very wrong.
I'm not sucking anyone's dick.
I'm trying to learn.
And from you, to begin with.
By the way, you should quit smoking.
It's crap.
All rise for the honorable Judge Ellis, presiding.
The case is convened between the Kingdom of Spain and Atlantis Underwater Searching.
You may be seated.
Give them hell, Dad! Show them who's boss! Opposing counsel Mr.
Pierce and his team have had more than seven months to try to prove that the ship found is La Fortuna.
Seven months.
And all they've been able to come up with is a photo which, we assume they will present in court today.
Now, it's a photo of very poor quality that, if genuine, would have been obtained under dubious circumstances, in other words, illegally.
Therefore we're confident that it will be rejected as evidence.
I distribute the weight of merchandise in the hull of airplanes here at Atlanta Airport.
- Cargo planes? - Yes, sir.
Would you explain the usual bureaucracy in your line of work, please? Objection, your honor.
Atlantis didn't use a cargo plane to transport the treasure from Gibraltar.
It was a passenger plane, Boing 747.
Your honor, a passenger plane with no passengers, laden with gold and silver, is technically a cargo plane.
Isn't that right, Mr.
Wilkins? It would follow the same protocol, - yes.
- Thank you.
Okay, I got it.
Proceed, Mr.
Would you please explain that protocol.
Well, it's very simple.
You have to fill out a cargo manifest for the Customs Authority.
And would you explain to us what that is? Well, that's what it's called, it's really just an inventory of the cargo.
So the manifest and the inventory are one in the same? - Exactly.
- The manifest Would it look something like? Thank you.
Would it be something like this? I know it's a poor photo but you can read it, can't you? Yes.
It looks like a cargo manifest.
Thank you.
Your honor At what point in the proceedings would a document like this be surrendered to the Customs Authorities? Right before the plane takes off.
Could it be handed over later on, let's say, when the plane lands, or months, or even years later? No, sir.
Oh, why not? Well, it's a universal procedure.
Airline security depends on it.
Before you take off, Customs has to know what's on that plane and how it's distributed inside.
So you're saying that no plane in the whole wide world can take off without a document like this? No, sir.
Thank you very much, Mr.
That will be all.
If Ms.
McLean has no questions, you're dismissed.
No, thank you, your honor.
Your honor, I'm afraid that when Miss McLean said that it would take months, if not years, for Atlantis to complete the inventory she was lying.
Objection, your honor! The only thing that has delayed our investigation is your refusal to give my clients a document identical to that one.
And when you finally agreed to give us something this is what we got: a photograph of two 16th century cannons that would never be found on a 19th-century ship.
But what you weren't expecting was this Among the vast amounts of documentation sifted through by the Spanish Navy, we came across this: a letter from the Ministry of the Navy to La Fortuna's fleet, stating, and I will quote the translation, "Bring back obsolete pieces of war to Spain to be melted down and reused.
" Objection, your honor! Those cannons were on that ship for a reason, Miss.
Your little trap backfired.
- Your honor! - Mr.
Pierce, - can I take a look at that letter? - Of course, your honor.
Wow, and it's only the first day.
This is amazing.
I told you, Jonas is the best.
Pierce, you know perfectly well I can't accept this document - this late in the process.
- I know, your honor.
I'm just trying to expose Atlantis for its trickery once and for all.
Objection, your honor, Mr.
Pierce is the one unscrupulously using trickery here today! I will not accept the letter, but I will accept the cargo manifest.
Thank you, your honor.
And I suggest you talk to your client and admit the ship has been identified.
I'll see you all again on Monday.
All rise! I don't get it.
Dad, I mean, why change your defense strategy now? Saying you knew what ship it was is like saying they're right and they're not.
I mean, Susan, since when do you throw in the towel like this? I don't understand.
Amy, could you just give us a minute, please, hon? Don't you have an exam to study for anyway? You're gonna have to tell her at some point, Frank.
Can I see your driver's license? I don't drive.
- Do you have a passport? - Yes.
Oh, shit, I think I left it at the hotel.
But I'm over 21.
I swear.
In fact, today is my birthday and I'm turning 26.
Great, happy birthday.
- Thank you.
- But I can't sell you alcohol without identification.
This ain't South America.
Actually, my country isn't in South America.
And I'm surprised that in your country it's easier to buy a gun than a bottle of champagne.
I don't think it's funny.
What's funny is you standing up to them, Alex.
You're being so undiplomatic lately - for such a saint.
- An altar boy, right? Yeah.
Get off.
What are you doing? Lucía, don't Listen You'll see.
All set.
The perks of being older, kid.
The perks of being a woman and being hot.
You're looking to get slapped.
Look in the bag, go on.
Like the one Cousteau wore.
- Thanks a lot.
- You're welcome.
To wear when we watch the series at your place.
Well? How do I look? Great.
Okay What? When are you going to open the champagne? Come on! Here you are, Miss Vallarta.
Thank you, Mr.
Happy Birthday.
Thank you.
And to the trial, we've got it won.
You sound too optimistic.
I always am.
A dinosaur, but optimistic.
Remember when you asked me why I chose to do this with my life? Yeah, sure.
And I have to say you still haven't answered me.
It's not easy to talk about.
My grandfather was in the militia, he died in the Spanish Civil War.
They tortured and murdered him.
He ended up in a mass grave.
My grandma told me on her deathbed, I was 15 years old.
And it really affected me, because at home we never talked about that.
About the war.
You realize the pain is still there.
I promised her I would find his body.
Well, I promised her and I promised myself.
So I studied History, specialized in Forensic Archaeology and I took part in digging up several mass graves.
And did you find his body? They wouldn't let us.
We had located the site and the local government stopped us.
The judge took their side and stopped the dig.
And you know what comes next.
Life goes on.
I took my exams, passed them and here I am.
Here you are.
Here you are.
What's wrong? Nothing.
All good? All good.
Then you actually like? - Men? - Men.
And women too.
Is there a problem? No.
What I never expected was I'd end up liking an altar boy.
Today I'd like to stop talking about inventory and merchandise for a moment and focus on people.
Now who were the passengers of La Fortuna? And no less important, what was the point of their journey? They were mainly Spanish merchants and artisans.
Many had worked and saved in the colonies for years and were returning home to be reunited with their families.
So you mean to say that a good number of the passengers on that ship were what today we would call civilians.
That's right.
Thank you, professor.
- Mr.
Pierce, any questions? - No, your honor.
Hudson, you're dismissed.
Your honor, as the record indicates Your honor, I know exactly where Miss McLean is going with this I don't, Mr.
Let her finish.
Thank you, your honor.
As the record indicates, according to the Flag of Convenience, any ship on a State mission found in international waters belongs to the country whose flag it flies.
Now: that's the principle being invoked here by the Spanish government, but can we truly consider a ship transporting hundreds of private merchants a State ship? The fleet of La Fortuna was basically a merchant fleet.
It was civilian.
Nice try, Miss McLean but as the papers have shown, any ship back then could transport civilians, clergy, dogs Whatever.
La Fortuna was on a mission in the King's name to bring back as much gold, and I remind you, obsolete pieces of war back to Spain.
No matter how you look at it, that ship was on a State mission.
Your honor, I would like the record to indicate that there are several spectators present today in court that have an invested interest in this matter.
Can you look behind you, please, Mr.
Pierce? We've invited twelve direct descendants of La Fortuna's passengers to come from Spain to attend these proceedings.
Look them in the eye and tell them that their ancestors who died there that day have no relevance whatsoever in this case Because that ship was also carrying their savings.
Their dreams.
Your honor, we would like to show a short video that will be submitted into evidence.
This is more than just a piece of gold.
This is a dream.
Now, imagine the owner, hundreds of years ago.
He's coming home from a colony, with his life savings Finally going to be reunited with his family, finally going to lift them up out of poverty That is what we have brought back to life.
The dream.
And I can hold it in my hands.
That is the real treasure for me.
On a personal note, your honor, I've known I've known Frank Wild for many, many years now.
And yes, his profession has gotten him into trouble at times, he's fearless, maybe even reckless But there is no doubt in my mind that he is a fair man.
He's a generous boss and a model father.
Your honor, he's a good American.
And today, we're filing an offer outlining that he is willing to share his discovery with the legitimate heirs of those who lost their lives there.
To share it with people.
What about your client, Mr.
Pierce? The Kingdom of Spain.
Would it be willing to do the same? It went really well, right? Oh, shit.
Just keep going.
Well played.
- Thank you.
- "A good American.
" You look upset, Jonas.
You should be ashamed of yourselves.
If you really want to share that money, why have you been hiding the identity of that ship for the past few months, huh? Hey, hey! Why don't you stop attacking my father? Amy! Come on.
Let it go.
First of all, he never knew what ship it was, you got that? - Oh, he didn't, did he? - No.
I was there! Oh, then maybe you can clarify something for me.
How was your father able to fly to Spain, track down those descendants, and bring them all the way over here to get us into the court in just two days? Amy, your father has always known what he's looking for.
He's a pirate.
Hey! Hey! Don't you dare talk to my daughter like that! And stop thinking you're better than everybody and blaming me for your shit! - My shit? - Yeah, your shit! You blame me for what happened to Martin, but I didn't fucking do it! You know exactly what went on! You manipulated him, just like you manipulate everybody else! Frank, Frank! Come on, let's go! Frank! Let's go! Shit! - Fucker! - Yeah! We'll still get you! - Leave me the fuck alone! - Pirate! I'm sorry.
They did exactly what you said.
Spain against America.
What's the plan now? You know.
How do we redirect this back to legal terrain? Jonas Who is Martin? My brother.
I'd rather not talk about him right now.
- I'm sorry.
- Listen, this is not the way to redirect this case.
I was a fool.
How can you say that?! This is about America.
And that's what will win, as usual.
Dad Just answer me one question, and please, just tell me the truth.
Is Jonas Pierce right? What? - Sweetie - Did you know or not? You knew Since when? That means I was the only one on the Pioneer who didn't know? And you were all just pretending in front of me?! And you let it happen?! You're only sixteen - Seventeen, Dad! - Okay.
But you're still a kid.
And I couldn't risk sharing that information with you.
I'm your daughter! I'm the one who's always stood by you, Dad.
Always! But I didn't think you would do that to me.
- Look, sweetie - I'm not like Mom.
The Spanish media has been ignoring us lately.
Who cares about our heritage? Anyway, time for bed.
Do you feel like sleeping together or? I don't know, Alex.
- After such an awful day - Right, yeah.
So you accuse the Spanish government of being careless.
The usual in this country.
Yeah, I'm watching it live.
What the hell are you doing over there? How can the Spanish media be attacking us now? Sir, Atlantis is the best at managing the press.
They take them exploring, they even let them see the treasure.
I don't give a fuck what Atlantis does! What about you two? You think you're on vacation? No, Minister, sir.
Then get off your asses! - Will you sue? - The government? He says that I heard him.
We need to turn the media around.
I'm going to my room to schedule interviews.
Interviews with who? Who do you think? With you.
Okay, Lucía, but you're forgetting I don't know how to speak in public.
It was a long process, but the Spanish government paid damages to all of the families in 1850.
And I have here Yes, but don't you think that the situation's changed now that the treasure has appeared? Don't the descendants have a right to recover what belongs to them? No.
- Well - Perfect.
Thank you.
What a disaster.
I'm only good at languages.
Your cell phone is ringing.
Yes? Alejandro Ventura? Yes, speaking.
I'm one of the descendants of La Fortuna Look, sir.
Frank Wild is using you.
You're all being very naïve if you think that pirate will give you a cut.
Sir, nobody is using me.
And I don't want a cut.
Excuse me? The person you are trying to reach cannot answer your call right now.
Please leave a message after the beep.
Hi, Amy.
It's Dad.
I've tried to call you like three times and I can't I would just like to talk to you, so that I can explain, all right? So don't Don't do this.
Just Just call me.
I love you.
Your honor Mr.
Pierce, you may begin.
Thank you, your honor.
Before I give my closing argument, I would like to invite Mr.
John Clayden, a British citizen, to take the witness stand.
Objection, your honor.
It's totally inadmissible.
Your honor, three days ago we had the opportunity to meet twelve Spanish descendants of passengers from La Fortuna, at the invitation of the defense.
May I invite just one? Sorry, one who isn't even Spanish? I'm not sure where you're going with this, Mr.
Miss McLean, you are perfectly aware of who my witness is.
John Clayden De Alba.
His last name comes from his ancestor Don Diego de Alba y Cifuentes, second commander of the convoy on that fateful day in 1804.
It is my belief that his testimony will be indispensable to understanding this case in its full dimension.
He was trying to avoid confrontation because he new how outmatched they were and what was at stake.
The lives of over a thousand people.
And what went wrong? Nothing, really.
He barely had time to get up on deck to witness the attack.
The English cannons focused on La Fortuna.
One of them hit the gunpowder deck The prow of the ship exploded and La Fortuna went down in a matter of seconds.
And his family? He lost them all.
Right in front of his eyes.
What happened to him? He was taken to England as a prisoner.
Later he was able to start life over again there.
He started another family My family.
Clayden, why did you agree to come all the way from England to offer your testimony here? You see, when Frank Wild told us all in that meeting: "I'm going to help you get back what's yours" I didn't hesitate.
I rejected the offer.
You rejected the offer? Yes.
- Why? - That gold was to be taken to Spain to be invested in the defense of the kingdom, because war was imminent.
That was my great-grandfather's mission: to protect the gold for the good of his country.
He would never have approved of this this - This circus? - Yes.
He was a man of deep conviction, a man of State.
A good Spaniard.
A good Spaniard A good American What are we talking about here exactly, your honor? Your honor, I would like to show you a video that has been previously entered into the record.
This is what's left of La Fortuna's wreckage.
The Atlantis team tossed and vacuumed the sea floor.
And what they couldn't vacuum, they violently hooked and dragged to the surface.
And that's not the worst of it, the archaeological damage.
The sinking of La Fortuna was a vile act that caused a war between nations and changed the history of Spain and Europe forever.
It was an event as serious then as Pearl Harbor was for us.
What we're talking about here is an underwater cemetery, with the bodies of 237 men, women and children, that the Atlantis team simply and plainly desecrated.
What will happen when Mr.
Wild decides that he's going to desecrate the remains of the ancestors in Pearl Harbor? Will he still be a good American? This trial really isn't about them versus them.
It's about us, it's about this nation.
Who we are.
Or should I say, who do we want to be? Is there nobody here still willing to stand up to people that act with this kind of arrogance and lack of scruples? What happened to concepts like integrity, respect, humility, honesty? Are these just forgotten words from some old schoolbook? Miss McLean, I consider myself as much an American as any of you.
And I believe that because I like to think that my country respects dignity.
And if that is not the case, I would like to at least believe that we respect the dignity of the dead.
I want to believe that.
I'm done.
The case has been adjourned while the judge makes her decision, which should happen in the next few days.
We're very grateful for your help, Mr.
By the way, how did you find me so quickly? What do you mean? Well, you called me right after I gave the interview.
What interview? You saw me on TV, right? No, I'd never seen you before.
Then why did you call me? You were the ones who called me.
We called you? Yes, the Spanish Ministry of Culture.
Some very nice gentlemen explained the situation to me And, well, I told his that I would always be there for Spain.
And they gave me your number.
- Excuse me, sir.
This way.
- Excuse me.
Lucía, before you fall asleep there's something I want to tell you.
I've never told you this, but Do you remember that time when the Minister was about to make a deal with Wild? Somebody threatened me.
One of ours, someone from the government.
But I decided to show some balls, like you always say.
- Ovaries.
- And I blew them off.
Okay? But this time I think someone tried to help us.
It's like there are two factions fighting with each other, pulling the strings.
What is all this about? My eyes are closing.
That couldn't have taken effect so soon.
How many did you take? Three Three pills? You're crazy.
Go on, go to sleep.
Lean on me if you want.
No, no, no.
We have to talk about this.
Talk about what? Us.
Lucía? Lucía.
Okay, I'll be busy working, but Let me know as soon as the sentence comes out.
It should be very soon, you'll see.
Look, there's mine.
Hey, we'll have to celebrate, right? Because we're going to win.
God willing.
You're a believer, pray all you can.
Do you mind if I don't wait for you? I'm exhausted.
No Not at all, go ahead.
Okay, kid.
Talk to you soon.
Excuse me, can you drop me off here, please? Good morning.
More like afternoon.
Looking for someone? No, no, I came to I haven't been in a church for a long time.
Yes, of course.
That's why I'm shocked when I see someone your age come in.
I'm Catholic, eh? I went to Catholic school.
I prayed a lot as a kid.
- And what did you ask for? - Lots of things: a new bike, books, a flute Even a girlfriend.
The girlfriend is a classic.
But I don't know.
I guess at some point I was too ashamed to ask.
And I stopped praying.
Then what are you doing here? Oh, I didn't come to pray.
I came to admire - the dome.
- Admire the dome? Yeah.
I like looking up at ceilings.
It's a fixation I have, especially when I'm nervous.
I'm not exactly sure what I'm looking for up there - But - But my boy, that's praying.
Don't be ashamed and keep asking.
Keep asking, God is generous.
What are you saying? The first thing I got this morning.
What's going on? We won, Mazas! Look, listen.
"granting sovereignty of the wreckage of La Fortuna to the Spanish Government.
This court therefore legitimizes" "the return of all its cargo to the plaintiff, and barring presentation" - "of an appeal" - "by the defendant, urges its immediate repatriation!" Okay, team! A toast to La Fortuna! To La Fortuna! And to the Minister! This whole thing wasn't so complicated after all.
Probably not for you, you didn't do anything, Mazas.
Wow! And to Jonas Pierce, who struck a nerve.
The Pearl Harbor thing was brilliant.
And to John Clayden De Alba and his great grandfather.
Enough already, damn it! Let's drink.
Cheers! Not so much! - Where's the Minister? - He left a while ago.
And Mazas abandoned ship too, so Another reason to toast.
At this rate you'll have to carry me home.
I'd love to.
Good lord, I am wasted.
What? Do you remember? - Remember what? - This scaffolding.
It's been here forever.
We took shelter here that day it started raining.
I invited you over to watch the series, you bailed in a taxi That's right.
I always remember when I walk by here.
Well, I remember you.
Alex No.
And Atlanta? I don't get it.
I'm confused and I don't want to hurt you.
I saw my ex again and - Your ex.
- We're giving it another try.
What's your game? No, tell me.
What are you playing at? You don't understand me.
She and I had built a lot together.
Of course I do.
You were going to get married, have a family Exactly what you said you didn't want.
Alex, I don't know what I want.
I'm scared, damn it.
Lucía, look at me.
Look at me.
Okay, you and I have nothing in common.
But for some reason we get along.
We get along fucking great, even in bed.
Are you aware of how old I am? How old I'll be when you're my age? What the fuck are you talking about? Please, try to understand.
At this point in my life the decisions I make I can't make a mistake.
- You can't make a mistake? - No, I can't.
A mistake with me, right? What about putting me up to a crazy adventure chasing treasure without even knowing whose it was? Or when you say: "Take a chance.
Take a chance.
Even if costs you your job.
" And now you say you're scared and you can't make a mistake.
You're crying? Of course I'm crying! Because I've fallen in love with a woman who's scared.
Now that's a mistake.
Talk about a mistake.
I hope you can understand at some point.
Your life is still ahead of you.
He just came in.
I don't understand.
Peru didn't even exist as a country in 1804.
How can they claim the treasure now? It's a maneuver by Wild, and there will be more.
That's why I want to go to UNESCO.
I want to get as much international support on this matter as I can.
This appeal is nonsense, Jonas.
But it proves that Wild is going ahead with it, no matter the cost, and he'll use anybody he can.
Let him.
We'll beat him appeal after appeal.
Look: throughout my career I have faced a lot of thieves.
And the more they steal, the less they scare me.
Because you can always to stay ahead of a petty mind, you can see it coming.
But Wild It's impossible to know what's lurking behind that beaming smile of his.
Trust me, right now he's thinking about one thing only: his next move.
Well, we are too.
We are thinking, right? By the way, I thought that Lucía was coming with me to Paris.
Yeah, well Right now she's busy with other matters in her department.
And she won't be able to stay involved in the process Or that's what she told me.
- That's what she told you, huh? - Yes.
I still think you two make a nice couple.
- Have a good trip! - I will.
Bye, bye.

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