La Fortuna (2021) s01e05 Episode Script

Episode 5

1 The verdict was appealed unsuccessfully at the court in Atlanta.
Then Atlantis decided to take the case to the 12th Circuit Court of Appeals, where their arguments were once again rejected.
And now the legal battle is headed here, to the Supreme Court.
If predictions are correct, it's very likely the Supreme Court will deny Atlantis' appeal and the treasure will be returned to Spain.
Thank you.
Jonas! What's up, baby? It's time to stop blaming yourself.
What do you mean? Sweetheart, I know that sometimes you look at that old photo in secret, like you're ashamed.
And you shouldn't be, you were just kids.
Trust me, I'm sure Martin is very proud of you right now.
And so am I.
I love you.
I love you too, baby.
I got it.
- Get out of here.
- All right, now.
Look who came to see you.
Thanks, Gino.
I knew you would be in here with your coins.
Like Uncle Scrooge.
I'm just seeing if they can handle the saline solution.
Dad, are you drinking? In here? If you're going to lecture me, you can leave.
I came to apologize.
I'm sorry I've been so distant with you lately.
It's just It really hurt me that you didn't trust me Anyway, cheer up! The battle isn't over.
And if the Supreme Court says no Well, it's not the end of the world, right? You'll find more treasure.
We'll go out and find it together, you and me, Dad, you'll see.
Treasure Do you even know what that means? Could you leave us alone, please? The boss will get angry if I leave my post I'll speak to Gino later.
Just give us a minute, please.
Have you looked at our price on the stock market recently? How do you think we finance Atlantis? The ships, the technology, all of this.
By selling gold coins on eBay? Wake up already.
Why are you talking to me like this, Dad? Besides, you always said that the money didn't The stock is the only thing that matters! The stock! Because when people hear that we have made a new discovery, they hear the word "treasure", and they go crazy! They're that fucking stupid! But there's no such thing as treasure! No such thing! And you have to get that into your head.
If I don't win this last battle, Atlantis' stock plummets and I am ruined.
And you can tell your mother I said that too.
Come in, come in.
Well, it looks like this is almost over, right? How long have we been working on this, - a year and a half? - A year and 8 months.
You've even got gray hair.
And I, well, I'm fatter.
In the end we were lucky.
And it looks like we're going to win, right? And before the elections.
But still, keep in mind what Jonas always says: That Wild will already be thinking about his next move.
Hey, Alex.
I've been thinking What if you're the one who goes to the U.
to supervise the whole return operation? What do you think? It's an honor, sir, but I know nothing about transport.
Don't be silly.
Alex, I need my best man on this.
We're worried about the coins.
We know they're in buckets, bathed in a liquid solution Atlantis hasn't revealed.
Don't worry about that, Natalia.
In Spain we'll produce a similar liquid.
We'll conserve them exactly the same way.
Okay, and what about the count? The only way to be sure they don't cheat us would be to count all the coins one by one.
And there are 567 thousand.
- How long would that take your team? - Our "team" is only us and two more people.
At least five days.
We don't have that long.
- Less is impossible.
- Three days.
I don't trust Frank Wild at all, you got that? Let's talk about transport.
Colonel? Well, we don't know how many buckets or how much each bucket weighs.
So by the looks of it, I'd say one Hercules should be enough.
And if it crashes? Better to spread the load on three Hercules.
Colonel, we have to prepare this as well as they would.
And who are "they"? The Americans.
What you're saying, as a Spaniard, pains my soul.
With all due respect, Colonel that's why I'm saying it.
And? He says the senate is big game.
He said that? That fucker Let's see if he dares to say no to me, giving everything I know.
Okay, Frank Frank, look, you must know we can't take this all the way.
At some point we're going to have to If I want your opinion, I'll ask for it.
Thank you.
Excuse me.
The phone you have called is off or out of range.
Please leave a message.
Lucía I imagine you're asleep, although you like to stay up late.
I know we haven't talked in a while, but Right.
I I'm going to Washington tomorrow.
It looks like this is almost over and the Minister asked me to supervise the operation.
So I'll finally leave the four walls of my office.
I wish you had been there with me during this stage.
And, well, I hope things are going well for you with your girlfriend and call me tomorrow if you want Oh.
Sorry, that always happens to me.
is off or out of range.
Please leave a message.
I'm glad to finally meet in person, Alex.
Yes, me too, Ambassador, sir.
If you need anything, of course you can count on me.
Here I I have a lot of contacts, you know.
A lot.
Even Frank Wild, right? Yes.
Thank you.
I mean that offer Wild made came through you, didn't it? Yes, well, we already knew each other.
Oh, I didn't know that.
From when he started operating in the Strait years ago.
You now, permits, paperwork, stuff like that.
Oh, look.
This is Sorry - Jina.
- Jina, that's right.
We hired her to help you out with everything.
- Nice to meet you.
- Likewise.
It's the other way.
Excuse me? Lincoln Apartment Hotel, right? - Yes.
- It's the other way.
Oh, okay.
Thank you.
Do you need help with your suitcase? No, thanks.
Excuse me, how did you know? So the guy saw you with your suitcase and he figured out where you were going.
What's the big mystery? He had a Spanish accent, okay? And I don't know, I got this feeling like he knew exactly - who I was.
- These are Alex, Alex, listen.
You've been under a lot of pressure lately, okay? You said we can't let our guard down.
Yes, but there's no reason to get so paranoid.
Okay Just call me with any news.
I'll keep working on the transport.
Take care.
I've gathered all the files of the companies the embassy has done exhibitions with.
- There's quite a lot of them.
- So, we'll have to study them one by one.
Okay? - And request an estimate right away.
- Okay, I'll get on it.
Thank you.
Should I print them for you? What? The estimates.
I have them all.
Oh, yeah, sure.
Thank you.
Jina, have you got any plans for lunch today? I'll take you anywhere you want.
Oh Well I think I have to stay for an audit.
Oh, okay.
- I'm sorry, Alex.
- No, never mind.
Never mind.
It's just that today's my birthday and I feel like doing - something special.
- Happy birthday.
I know a good place.
Do you want me to book you a table? Yeah.
Thank you.
We went there for our anniversary.
My boyfriend and I.
It's trendy.
I think the ambassador goes a lot.
You know, big shots.
I don't know if I'll fit in.
I'm definitely not a big shot.
Of course, you are.
You're my boss.
Thank you.
Your table will be ready in a few minutes.
- Would you mind waiting in the bar? - No, of course.
- White wine, please.
- Chardonnay, sir? Great.
Thank you.
- You're welcome.
- Okay.
Follow me, please.
It's this way, sir.
I'm positive! I have a photo of this guy with Wild taken years ago in Gibraltar and now he shows up here, in Washington, eating with Wild's lawyer and I don't know what the hell is going on here.
Hold on, I'm trying to figure this out.
You said the guy's name is Spencer Davies.
And the other one? I don't know, he was wearing a suit Alex? - Alex.
Are you still there? - Wait It does happen, doesn't it? Then are you heading back to the Capitol Building? Yes, I have to pick up some paperwork to prepare the committee tomorrow.
Can I offer you a ride? Oh, no, don't go to the trouble.
I have my driver waiting over there.
It was a pleasure.
My hands are still shaking.
I can't believe it, I'm a spy now! Liz, get in here.
You still there? Yes.
I haven't left yet.
When you get home tonight, I want you to find out all you can about this guy.
He works over at the Capitol Building.
Oh, I know who that is.
That's Senator Moreno.
Senator Moreno? And what is his role in all of this? Jonas, we're late! Yeah, what's up.
Jonas, the car is waiting.
It's Liz.
All right, wait, wait, wait Senate order of the day, okay.
I'm reading it, I'm reading it.
No way! Those bastards played us! All right.
Maggie! I can't go to the movies.
I know.
It's a total catastrophe.
The appeals, the joint lawsuit with Peru It was just a strategy to distract us from what was obvious.
What a fool I was! But Good evening, Maggie.
Hey, sweetie.
Can you please tell me what happened? This morning a group of senators led by Mateo Moreno presented a motion in sub-committee to modify the Sunken Military Craft Act.
Now, there were only a third of the senators in the room and none of them had any idea of what was going on.
They managed to pass it.
This time they won for sure.
Darling, don't talk like that.
They haven't won anything.
- That trick won't work.
- Maggie, you know that law was the key to the whole case.
The fact that they considered La Fortuna to be a State ship allowed us to claim any Spanish property from that wreckage.
And now we're screwed.
This laptop is screwed.
Politicians! Scumbags! You want a drink? No.
No, thanks.
I want a drink.
But that means The reform they proposed states that a ship is only considered a State ship when all the people on it are officers.
And La Fortuna had merchants on board.
- That's right.
- Okay.
If they change that law, we lose our legal umbrella.
There has to be something we can do.
It can't be that easy.
Well, actually, the Defense Committee has to ratify it tomorrow, but there's no time to undo what's been done at this hour.
They timed that up right down to the minute.
And the Supreme Court has got to take note of the change and we'll lose the case.
I think I do need a drink now.
Here you go, young man.
You have no idea how much this hurts, Alex.
This case This case meant a lot to me.
I want to beat Wild once and for all.
You will, Jonas.
You'll see.
You always have.
But he always resurfaces like a fucking white wale.
Just once and for all Oh, shit! What? I'll have to inform the Minister.
What am I supposed to say? Here You want some of that? No, thank you.
I've had enough.
A long time ago we wanted to be explorers.
Treasure hunters, you know? Who? My little brother Martin and I, and Frank.
Frank? The three of us were inseparable.
There you go.
I was the oldest.
I should have never let it happen, but Frank always had a way to fill your head with hot air and get your hopes up.
I should never have allowed it.
Allowed what? He had told us about some old abandoned gold mine, and Martin wanted to be the first one in and he caused He caused a cave in.
And what happened? He died.
At age seventeen.
And Frank and I are still alive.
Yes? Minister.
Alex! How are you, kid? Everything okay over there? Fine, fine Well, there is one thing Look, I only need you to tell me one thing.
Promise me that even if we change governments, even if I'm not Minister Promise me you'll come home with everything.
Alex? Yes.
It's just Remember our dead from La Fortuna, son.
We owe it to them.
We owe it to them.
I promise, Minister.
There you go.
You're the only one left I can trust in this, kid.
I have a meeting now.
Pushing up the election has our heads spinning.
Hey, I'm going in.
You take care, okay? Take care.
Lincoln Apartment hotel, right? Who are you? You have a brilliant career ahead of you.
I want to get out! Stop the car! It's the other way.
Let me out! Who is it? It's Jonas, open up! What are you doing? We've been out there knocking for hours.
What's going on? We have to hurry.
But you two haven't gone to bed yet? I haven't, I need some coffee.
Get a coffee cup.
- I have Nescafé here.
What the hell is that? You wanna tell him, huh? All right, all right! Last night, when you and my husband panicked and surrendered to rum and marihuana, I did a little snooping to see if I could find anything about that law change.
Now, this is a chat from six hours ago in the forum at tboard.
com, a social network for lobby groups in Washington.
- Isn't that private? - Not for me.
I hacked them over a year ago.
- Remember I told you that she's? - Yeah, - gun control.
- Guns, taxes, contracting I like knowing what's going on behind the scenes.
Some guys are so stupid that they go around bragging about their success in the forum.
Look what this guy wrote "Wow, guys, today I hit the jackpot.
The Great Latino Hope bought our idea to save the pearl fishers' asses.
And we only had to promise 50 big ones.
" Don't you get it? Pearl fishers! Oh, yeah.
That's an opera by Bizet.
That idiot doesn't know who Bizet is.
He's talking about Atlantis.
It's obvious.
And the Great Latino Hope is obviously Mateo Moreno, the only Latino politician with chances in the next election.
Okay Okay but how do we link that chat to Spencer Davies? That was harder.
I followed the IP of the idiot who made the comment, bongo44, and that took me to Diplomat Service, a relatively unknown but highly successful lobby group.
Then I went into the Congress Registry and checked the list of the fifty biggest clients declared by Diplomat Service last year.
And number three was none other than a defense software company Cyclops Watch.
Coincidentally their headquarters is in Gibraltar.
And their - is - Spencer Davies What you saw the other day, Alex, was a good old-fashioned bribe.
And with that information and your images, we've got them by the balls.
Maggie, can I get on my knees and kiss your hand? Of course you can! Okay but there's still something I don't understand Why would a company that sells military technology, right?, be saving the ass of another that hunts treasure? There must be something else down there.
- Where? - In the Strait.
Something they haven't told us about yet.
This is good.
What are you saying, kid? That could get me in a lot of trouble! Ambassador, the senator is the one in trouble, big trouble! You said you had contacts.
Why don't you find him and? I'm sorry, Alex, what you're asking me to do is madness.
Sir, I'm sorry to insist Where to, sir? To the Capitol.
What are you talking about? To the Embassy, like every other day.
Sir, there's no time to lose! We have to Hold on a second.
What are you? What are your links to Wild? To Wild? Where is this coming from now? That humiliating offer you brought nearly caused a lot of damage to Spanish interests.
So I'll ask you in another way.
- Which side are you on? - I'm warning you, I don't like what you're insinuating.
You also had someone watching me on the street, right? And I'd bet anything you not only have dealings with Wild but also with a woman who goes by the name Z.
Am I wrong? This is completely unacceptable! Look, kid, before you go on, I remind you that you're addressing a superior.
I'm a government envoy on a State mission.
I'll just call the Minister and we'll get to the bottom of this.
Alex, Alex, please.
All I can tell you is that I have always worked for Spain's interests and I always will.
Make no mistake.
All right, then prove it.
You know exactly what we have to do.
- To the Capitol.
- Yes, sir.
The Senator has a very busy morning, but he made room in his schedule for you.
- Did he? - You know how fond he is of you.
Yeah, me too.
And I'm very grateful.
We won't take much of his time.
My dear Ambassador Arribas.
Forgive us for bothering you so early.
Oh, come in, please.
Make yourself at home.
Thank you.
"My home is your home.
" Thank you.
You have an amazing view, Senator.
There's nothing like Washington in the morning, don't you think? Yeah, absolutely, absolutely.
Please, sit down.
Thank you.
I'm sorry I haven't much time.
I have to attend a Defense Committee vote this morning.
Actually that's what I wanted to talk to you about.
You see, Senator, you know our country is following your brilliant career with great interest and we would love to see a Spanish-speaking President in the White House.
- I'm grateful, Ambassador.
- That's why it would deeply sadden me if your meteoric rise were, how can I say, damaged - What? - Yes, by certain information.
I mean Delicate data Evidence.
Yeah, evidence, evidence that could even Anyway, I don't know how to say this.
Um Tarnish "End.
" Senator Moreno, we've been given information that could be the end of your political career.
What the hell? I don't think you realize Gentlemen, I think you've just gotten yourselves into a lot of trouble.
And who the hell are you? My name is Alex Ventura.
Nice to meet you.
We're not finished here.
Call anybody you want, sir.
We'll make a few calls too.
Relax, Ambassador, we did great.
We did great.
Regarding today's next order of business: Modification of the Sunken Military Craft Act SENATE DEFENSE SUB-COMMITTEE The presenter of the motion, Senator Mateo Moreno has withdrawn the motion for amendment.
There will be no vote.
So now that the Supreme Court has rejected the appeal, all that remains is for the Atlanta court to set a final date I therefore order Atlantis Deep Sea Searching ATLANTA COURTHOUSE to guarantee the representatives of Spain, in a maximum period of five days full access to all of the coins, artifacts and other effects extracted by the company from the wreckage site of La Fortuna in order to allow their return to Spain.
Court is adjourned.
All rise.
Yes! Yes! Frank I've waited a long time for this moment.
Guess you knew that, didn't you? - I'll deal with the press.
- Okay.
Tony told me about the offer from Bradley and Corbyn.
When were you going to tell me? Oh, Frank Jonas' firm.
Wish I could see his face when he finds out.
Well, congratulations.
I hope they made you a good offer.
Can we not talk about this right now? You know, besides, I haven't even decided if I'm going to take it or not, so Why not? You should.
I mean it.
Take it.
It's what you lawyers do, anyway, isn't it? Jump ship Switch sides Take the money.
Even if it comes from your enemy.
You're the pirate.
I'm the pirate? Yup.
So are you for real right now? What did you expect me to say, Susan? After everything I've done for you.
What would you expect? Everything you've done for me? What about everything I've done for you? Everything we all do for you? I'm not doing this with you right now.
You know what, Frank? I have watched you charm people, you use them, when you're finished with them, you chew them up and you spit them out.
But that was never going to be me.
Okay? You taught me too well.
I said there will be no more appeals.
The justice system in this country has decided in favor of the people who did absolutely nothing to recover the treasure.
Will you cooperate with the hand over? Well, the judge has just ordered us to.
We have no choice, we are forced to comply with the verdict.
Is this the end of Atlantis? It's definitely the end of a dream.
Frank Wild built this company out of nothing and managed to make the company viable Hi.
If you're looking to get money out of your old dad, I'm afraid they cleaned me out.
I'm sorry, Dad.
Yeah, I mean, to me, the sooner the better.
If I can't pay for it, I don't want to stay here.
I'll have to liquidate everything.
You know, and let go of the people that are left Pay off my debts.
Change my life Susan is going to be leaving soon.
I'm sorry, Dad.
And the Pioneer? Yeah, there's this Chinese ship owner who's interested.
I'll get a good price out of him.
You know But, anyway.
Enough of my troubles.
Tell me about you.
There's a team of explorers in Puerto Rico, they're looking at shipwrecks off Arecibo - They've offered me a job.
- Okay.
And what about university? I'd have to postpone my scholarship another year.
Mom isn't thrilled about it, but I think it's a once in a lifetime chance for me to keep exploring.
Sweetie, if you still want to follow in my footsteps, after everything that's happened, I would be incredibly proud.
Amy, my little treasure hunter.
But where's your hat? You have to have your hat.
I'll give you my hat No, it's not They return everything they find.
It all ends up in a museum.
All of it? I I wanted to give this back to you.
It belongs to the Spanish government.
- It's okay.
- Thank you.
Thank you.
- Yes? - Congratulations, champ! - You finally did it! - Thank you, Minister.
We're going back to Washington to prepare everything and in five days the treasure will finally be ours.
You don't know how happy I am to hear that.
Hey, when you get back to Spain, I won't be here anymore.
At the Ministry, I mean.
Don't say that Yes, the elections are on Sunday and we don't stand a chance.
Yeah, but you never know.
Yes, we know, Alex, but anyway Let's not talk about that now.
Who cares? Listen to me.
Lately I've been looking at all this like a great Daniel Defoe novel: A frigate left America a long time ago and lost all of its passengers along the way, but it didn't sink.
It kept sailing.
And one day you and I got on and took the helm.
With Lucía, and Mazas, and Jonas And now, splintered but intact, it's finally coming back to Spain and the crew are slowly getting off.
Today I'm getting off.
And don't think I'm happy about it, eh? I was loving the ride.
Now it's you and Jonas at the helm.
Hold your course, Captain.
What you just said was beautiful, Minister.
Of course it was, damn it! I'm a writer! Anyway, Alex.
Goodbye and thank you.
Goodbye, Minister.
Come on, buddy.
Let's go.
Come on.
Jonas! Hey, boss! I don't deserve this! What? None of it! All of it! I know.
Frank Wild is a son of a bitch? - Trying to make me out to be - Frank I am not who he says I am! - I'm not! - Frank! - I'm not! - Lie down Lie down.
All right, all right, all right, all right It was hard for me too.
To this day, I still have nightmares about it.
It was a tragedy.
But it was an accident.
I did not ask Martin to go down into that cave.
He went on his own.
It was his decision.
His alone.
And he liked gold just as much as I do.
And if he were here today, he would have followed me.
He would not have followed his brother.
And that is the reason that Jonas is so pissed off.
That is the real reason.
How much do you think it'll cost? Nothing's broken, boss, don't worry about it.
A box.
How much would you be willing to pay for that box? This is not over yet.

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