La Fortuna (2021) s01e06 Episode Script

Episode 6

They backed out too.
Jina, are you sure you're explaining it right when you call them? Of course, Álex, I'm just telling them what we spoke about.
Look, Atlantis is giving us the treasure the day after tomorrow and we still don't have a transport company! This is a disaster! I'm sorry, boss, but all the companies are scared.
I told you, Alex.
No transportion companies are going to accept that merchandise as it is without an armored convoy.
Hire ex-Marines! No, no.
I refuse to turn this into the Fourth of July, it will only attract more attention.
I'll tell you what we're going to do.
We'll lie to them.
What?! We'll tell them they're transporting something else.
Something else? No, that's too risky.
Well, you know The all-or-nothing battles are the only ones worth fighting.
Oh, please! Am I wrong? Yes.
What if? Sorry.
What if we ask the county police for protection? Just a few officers in plain clothes, you know.
You mean ask for help from the State? Yes.
What makes you think the great State of Georgia is going to help a little Spaniard take treasure from these here United States? Home sweet home.
Actually this place brings back good memories for me.
- Does it for you? - Yeah.
Cut off an interstate highway on American soil? Mazas, only for 4 hours.
We have a serious problem with the transport.
We'd need a ton of permits and by the time we got them it would be too late.
Bego! Leave that mess for the next guys.
- Let me talk to the Minister.
- What? To the new Minister, whoever is in charge now, to explain personally The new Minister takes office tomorrow.
Look, Ventura.
They're moving us to a new department and we're slammed.
Stop bugging us with all this highway business.
Hey, hey.
That stays too.
Always the same Lucía? Hi, Alex.
How are you? Hi.
Hi fine.
What a surprise, I wasn't expecting Listen, you're at the hotel about to pick up the treasure, right? Yeah, we start tomorrow.
Right now that's all we know for sure The Ministry told me to supervise the Numismatics team.
What do you think? - Really? - Yeah.
You mean you'd come here? - Of course.
- But you'd have to get a flight right away.
We don't have much time - Look outside.
- I could really use your help - What? - Look outside.
Over here! Hi, altar boy.
At 9 AM they open the doors of the complex for us.
But that doesn't mean the battle is won yet.
What do you mean? We still don't have a transport company.
Really? Yes.
And we can't rule out the possibility that - someone might want to rob us.
- Rob us? - Who?! - Who wouldn't.
The treasure isn't safe until we reach Spanish soil, - right, Jonas? - And I'm worried about Wild.
He might come up with any excuse to delay us.
Orchestrate a protest or something How do I know.
But we have to move quickly.
We are doing it in three days, right, girls? Look, we have everything ready to count and take inventory, but we still don't know what we will find.
Everything will go perfectly, you'll see Look, what are we? What? - No, not here - What are we? Civil servants! Good morning.
Thank you.
After we check you out, park your vehicle by the main entrance.
Good morning.
I'm Álex Ventura.
This is my team.
We're here I'll be honest with you.
Your presence here makes my skin crawl.
Frank Wild is an old friend.
I don't think he deserves Excuse me, sir.
Take us to the treasure.
This is a maximum security center.
You'll only be able to access the areas we indicate.
And one of my men will be with you at all times.
I hope everything is clear.
Holy shit! Damn! I can't believe it.
We got it.
We got it.
The treasure, yes.
I just hope all this small change fits in your pockets.
Good morning.
As you can see, the treasure is perfectly preserved, under ideal conditions.
But I'm very laid back.
I'm not going to charge you for maintenance or for security or anything like that.
However There is one tiny but very important detail that you overlooked.
I have the court order right here.
And there's not a single word in it about buckets.
You cannot expect me to give you all of these buckets.
Where do we get hundreds of buckets like these? And the saline solution? Like I said, I'm very laid back.
That's the court order and also my offer.
What?! Two hundred dollars a bucket.
I could charge you more, but I want to get rid of you as quickly as you want to get rid of me.
Very well.
- What are you going to do? - I'm going to call the D.
Frank here is looking for another lawsuit.
This time it's extortion.
And you are going to get one too for letting his ass in here! - No, no - This is so pathetic! Look.
We already have enough problems.
Let's get the buckets and get this over with.
This is a scam.
He has no right.
He's trying to provoke you, don't you realize? He wants to delay everything and go back to court over one hundred thousand dollars.
It's another trap.
I can't just let him keep on stealing Jonas, stop! We already won.
You won.
All right.
We'll buy the buckets.
Fuck! Goddamn it! Hey, Jina.
Please tell me you have good news for me.
Boss, we have transport! Yes! Yes! Awesome! Her name is Vilma Santos.
She owns a body shop in Douglasville.
And I think she desperately needs the work.
But there's one thing that worries me.
- What? - Her assistants.
I mean I checked their profiles and they look a little suspicious to me.
Look, it's not like we have any choice.
I need them here now.
- At Dream Island? - Yes.
At the hotel.
In two hours.
- Not bad for a first day, huh? - Yeah.
Tomorrow, more and faster.
- 121 - No, 122.
This one.
All right.
Yes? It's - Álex Ventura? - Yeah.
- Please, come in.
- Thank you.
I'm Vilma Santos, nice to meet you.
My pleasure.
- Nice to meet you.
- At your service.
And these are my boys, Diamond, Rico and Mike.
You mean your sons? Well, yes! My sons! Say hello! Nice to meet you.
I imagine Jina told you everything you need to know.
She did.
She told us about the crabs.
The crabs, right? Actually we are not sure of what certain people might be willing to do to steal our our our crabs, or the dangers Don't worry, sir.
My boys and I have everything under control.
Right, boys? Your merchandise is safe.
The little crabbies! And I suppose you have the necessary permits I mean, everything is legal, right? Of course, sir.
All legal.
All legal.
Thank you.
So One problem less, right? I hope it doesn't turn into another problem.
I'm leaving.
Good night.
- NGood night.
- See you tomorrow.
- Get some rest.
- I will.
Alex, can I ask you a question? At this hour? It won't keep me up all night, will it? Why Why were you so boring? Boring? Me? When? I send you a message saying happy birthday and you answer: "Thanks.
" - It blew me away.
- Right.
If you only knew how much I thought about that message But it felt like a normal answer, right? There wasn't much more to say.
I mean, we were honest with each other back in the day and we both went our own way.
It was very hard for me to get over it, Lucía.
Very hard.
I know.
But like you said once, my whole life is ahead of me.
And I'm working on it.
Growing up.
Look, Alex, I Shit! I have to go back to my room, I need to make - a couple of calls, okay? - Okay.
- Get some rest.
- You too.
What is this? Drive, drive, drive Fuck! Wonderful! Thanks to you my company is going to be on every damn news channel in the country.
My customers will love that! It wasn't us.
It was "your friend" Wild, don't you realize? We were trying to be discreet and he's boycotting our strategy.
I don't give a shit who it was.
I want you out of here now.
May I? Sir.
When we reach the vault, we'll split up into two work groups, okay? They'll wait at the loading dock.
Jonas What about the protection you asked for from the county? I haven't heard any answer yet.
No one is going to help us, I already told you that.
Your country is unbelievable.
I'm sorry, Alex, but your country is the one I think who should rise to the circumstance for once and organize some proper transportation.
You know what? None of this would be happening if one of your guys hadn't decided to run off with a treasure worth five hundred million dollars! Would you shut up?! Don't worry about the crabs, gentlemen.
We've done this hundreds of times And all legal.
All legal.
Lord have mercy! Hey.
Listen, I'm sorry I lost it back there.
This place is not bringing out the best in me.
- Yeah.
- I'm sorry.
I'm sorry too.
We're exhausted, that's all.
That's nice, ain't it? What the fuck are we going to do? Okay, this is the only place they can't hear us.
Lucía, please, tell me we are on schedule.
We're fine, Álex.
The pace is good.
We'll finish tomorrow no problem.
Listen, there's a slight change of plan.
This is not good, so we're going to have to keep the press, curious people, and possible thieves all off balance.
What do you mean? What I mean is that we're going to bring this mission forward a day.
- But you mean finish? - Today.
Yes, today.
Vilma, when could we have the trucks here? - This evening around five.
- Perfect.
As soon as they get here we load the merchandise.
And we'll leave tomorrow before dawn.
Hold on a second.
Do you really want us to count everything we were supposed to in two days in only one? That's impossible! We can do it.
No, Alex.
We can't! Wait, wait.
What if instead of counting the coins we weigh them? I mean, without the saline solution.
How do we do that? By straining them, like garbanzo beans.
We count one bucket and calculate the rest by weight.
We could go full speed, right? We calculate the value by weight.
I got that.
Listen, we're wasting time here.
Let's move, okay? Let's go! Natalia, go to a store and buy kitchen strainers.
How do you say it in English? And get big ones.
Alex, are you staying? I'll be right there.
I have to try one last play.
" See how boring you are? Yes? - Hi, buddy.
- Hey, Álex! Oh What What did I do wrong? Nothing, nothing! Listen, I've got another important mission for you.
I want you to contact as many members of the media as you can in name of the Embassy.
But I'm warning you, this time you have to lie big time.
Yes, Mazas.
We're moving everything up 24 hours.
We need the Hercules' at the base in Atlanta tomorrow morning.
Seven point eight.
Six point three.
Is that pounds or kilos? Kilos.
Never mind, just write the number.
Okay, here you go.
- How many blocks left? - Seven.
Eight point three.
Four point three.
Ten point seven.
That's twenty.
- Twenty.
- No, no, no.
This one.
- This one? - That one is gold.
Gold, silver.
Five blocks left.
Girls, keep going.
Copy that.
That makes fifteen.
Is that silver or gold? Gold.
We should be finishing up.
Yeah Lucía.
How many buckets are left? I'll check.
Great, it's open.
What do you guys want for dinner? I'll eat anything.
With all the rushing I haven't eaten all day.
Well, we did it.
Now all we have to do is drive 120 miles to the base and cross the Atlantic! The now famous treasure of La Fortuna, plundered by the treasure-hunting company Atlantis and recently awarded to Spain Listen to what they're saying.
Is so substantial, according to the Spanish Embassy, that their experts will need a whole week just to count it.
After that it will be transported to the Statesboro airbase in one of the biggest security operations Atlanta has ever seen.
Jina did it! When the avalanche of people show up, we'll already be in Spain! Damn, the little scoundrel.
Well, I think you two are the only scoundrels around here.
Give me five, little brother.
There you go.
The kitchen is closed.
- Yeah, I'm sorry.
- Come on! Okay, see you in a few hours.
Enjoy your last cigarette before bed.
I quit smoking, you didn't realize.
That's right.
That's right.
That's not the only thing I quit.
A couple of weeks ago I broke up with Well, let's just say I've stopped worrying so much about my future.
What do you mean by that? That I'd like to I don't know, take a chance.
With whatever comes.
With you.
- You weren't expecting it.
- No.
I mean No.
I have some crackers in my room I don't know, if you want some dinner or - Damn! - You're definitely hungry.
I was playing hard to get.
What do you mean, walk away? Take a year off, maybe.
I've been at the Ministry for a long time, Alex.
I need to do nothing.
You say that now, but you'd get bored in no time.
Like me.
Deep down, we're both pirates.
Good pirates, good pirates.
But pirates.
Hey My father has a boat.
A sailboat.
What if I borrow it and we sail across the Mediterranean? Take our time.
And search for sunken galleons? Yeah, why not? A year of adventure.
Do you still have the Cousteau cap I gave you? Okay, I understand.
So how about you and me, on a sailboat, alone? What do you say? Here we go.
It'll take 15 minutes to reach the freeway.
I'll let you know if there's any problem.
Is that clear? - Okay.
- Let's go.
Where's Lucía? We need to leave right now.
Here! I bought some things for the ride.
Thank you, ma'am.
Miss! That's for when we sail away on your sailboat.
But let me take the helm, you can't even drive.
- Deal.
- Good luck, Calypso.
See you at the base.
Vilma, have you ever heard of the ship the Calypso? No, son.
Jacques Cousteau? I only know about cars and trucks.
Okay, we're all set.
Yes, sir.
This is Calypso 1, about to reach Interstate 275.
The sea is quiet.
This is Calypso 2.
We're pulling out.
Wait for us at the interstate.
Over and out.
We were masters of the world.
That's why it's important for us Masters of the world.
Really? Alex, don't make me puke.
Hey, it's for the ambassador.
How about this: We were masters of the world, coma, until progress left us behind.
Okay really or? Yes, very diplomatic, very you.
Over and out.
Because he doesn't know what to do without you.
And who calls you in the middle of the night to say that he loves you.
I'm that guy.
The guy who leads you firmly on his arm.
And who lets no one step in your way.
No matter what happens, he'll protect you.
The hero every woman hopes for.
And for you he faces danger.
Your best friend.
I'm that guy.
The guy who loves you the way you are.
On whose chest you sleep after making love.
Who strokes your hair and talks to you about love.
About love! Alex, this is too much.
He says other things that make you warm.
Make you warm Please, stop.
You wake up in the morning with a smile and your eyes say I'm that guy.
I'm exactly the guy for you.
Who makes you happy and adores you.
Who dries your tears whenever you cry.
I'm that guy.
I'm that guy.
The guy who always waits with a smile.
Who opens your car door saying he's madly in love with you.
He kisses you and says it again.
That he missed you and needs you.
Because he loves you.
Yeah, I saw it.
It's been behind us too long.
Lord have mercy.
What's wrong? Don't worry, sir.
Everything is under control.
Hey, a black Hummer is following us.
It's between our trucks, so squeeze him out.
You'll pop out of there like a cockroach, fucker.
Don't let him go.
Sweep him.
Slow down, boss.
He's not passing us.
Here comes another one.
- Another one? - Yeah, on the right.
Here it comes Fuck! Do it.
Hey, hey, hey! Where's that coming from? Gentlemen, that's a gun! Okay, boys, here we go.
Get it all out, eh? Get it all out! - What are you doing? - Don't worry.
Oh, my God! Oh, my God! You have guns and everything! Don't worry, it's just to scare them.
Good, boss.
In plain view.
Check it out, motherfuckers.
Just to scare them, right? Bingo, boss.
They got the message.
I told you, sir.
All legal! STATESBORO AIR BASE Nice couple.
Hello! What have we got here? Ambassador.
Congratulations and thank you for everything.
Come on! Jonas, I worked on your case.
It's a pleasure.
Thank you very much.
Joaquín Arribas.
Ambassador - Thank you.
- Thank you.
Ambassador Ambassador Do you want something? No.
All I want is for you to tell me who you are.
And why you were chasing us this morning.
We weren't chasing you, Alex.
We were escorting you.
Look: the intervention to get Clayden De Alba to testify, the man standing guard outside your apartment It was us all along, helping you.
Like that time you threatened to ruin my career? That was at first, because taking on Atlantis could have harmed our interests, but later on we realized this was a unique opportunity.
" Look.
I know there's something else down there.
In the Strait.
There is.
One of those things that everyone depends on but nobody knows about.
What? A tube of cables this thick across the sea floor.
The world's biggest communications network.
It connects Europe, the Middle East and Africa.
A few years ago, an American military software company Cyclops.
Cyclops, developed a new technology that could intercept and analyze millions of communications simultaneously.
Do you know what that means? - Espionage.
- The world's most precious asset isn't oil, or gold, or silver anymore.
It's data.
But, ironically, we had to do something so simple and common as tap the cables, something Atlantis could do.
The U.
hired their services and promised us a piece of the pie.
That's why we let Wild operate in the Strait.
- And what happened? - Well, it worked for a while, until he realized he had us by the balls and started demanding more money.
But he made a mistake.
La Fortuna.
He wanted to play explorer while getting rich at our expense.
Now his stock has plummeted and he'll have no choice but to accept our terms.
And why are you telling me all of this? This might surprise you, but Why don't you work for us? No.
No, no, no.
Well, think about it.
Take your time.
I think they're calling me.
The ambassador is going to speak.
Down deep, it's comforting to know there are still Don Quixotes like you in the world, Alex.
I don't know how to take that.
Don't take it any way.
Remember, I don't exist.
Well, I guess I'll see you in Of course.
In the history of any country there are great feats and exploits, but also tragedy and suffering In Spain we know this well.
We were masters of the world, until progress left us behind and gave way to another order of forces, other empires.
This is how it's always been, it's the course of history.
That's why it's important for our people to look back, to search our memories and try to understand who we were, and who we wanted to be.
Learn from our achievements but most of all from our failures, from our injuries to face the future with more wisdom and less fear.
Two hundred years ago, four Spanish ships began a long journey which was never completed.
Today, the mission of those men and women will finally mean something.
La Fortuna is going home.
A home that is no longer an empire, but a humble country defending its cultural heritage.
We know that pirates still exist, and always will.
But there will also always be people willing to fight for what's fair, to persevere along the right path, to fix what's wrong and repair the damage.
Good people.
To all of them, I say thank you.
What are you doing in here? What do you think? We're escorting the cargo.
Good morning, I'm Lieutenant Colonel Almenar.
By order of Court Number 2 in Algeciras I hereby take custody of the treasure of La Fortuna until its final destination is determined.
Step down from there, please.
What will you do with the treasure? I can't tell you that.
From now on security is confidential.
Yeah, but we want to go with you, we're the ones who File the necessary request.
Yeah, but we Miss, I'm only following orders.
Then who do we have to talk to? Forget it.
So that's it, it's over.
We busted our asses for two years and they don't even know who we are.
The government changed, what did you expect? And of course the same people as always will take all the credit.
And all men, of course.
Motherfuckers! Bastards! Lucía, please! Lucía, please! Guys, I'm not sure what's happening, but I have to admit Sometimes your country is a mystery to me.
Okay, guys, let's get some breakfast.
Or lunch.
I don't even know what time it is.
And here you can see the beginning of the convoy that will transport the treasure to an undisclosed location, but everything seems to indicate that it will be the Bank of Spain.
Be careful.
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