La Frecuencia Kirlian (2017) s01e01 Episode Script

El País de Abril

An Production of the Kirlian's
Institute and Radio Archive
The Kirlian Frequency
The local police inform the population
that they still haven’t
caught the wild animal
that is causing panic in the city,
and that has already claimed three victims
since last Wednesday night.
Audience is requested to remain safe
until the situation with
"The Creature" has been contained.
You’re listening to
"The Kirlian Frequency",
On 96.6, all night, every night.
Off the air we have received
another call about a supposed
new encounter with the
ghost of little Manuel Ramirez.
Who died in mysterious circumstances,
on this week exactly 20 years ago.
We recommend that you do not attempt
to contact this spirit in any way:
do not look into his eyes or speak to him.
He will try to trick, lie and
blame you for his death.
If you run into him
Return to your homes immediately
And get in touch quickly with
your local delegation.
Of course, ghosts and
such things do not exist
But just in case:
our lines are open to
hear about anything weird
or frightening you may
have experienced tonight.
Where am I?
Why can’t I move?
Sadly, for now, you will have to leave
your messages on the machine.
Tonight, we have prepared
something different.
We have with us a very special guest,
almost a celebrity since arriving
in the city four weeks ago.
The surveyor Cain Eldritch,
also known by the oldest
inhabitants of the city as
"The Outsider"
or "The Adversary",
sent straight to Kirlian by the
suits in the Capital.
It’s you!
How did you get me here?
Say hi to the audience, Cain.
“Don’t try any shenanigans.
I’m trying to help you.”
It’s like they say:
if it happens in Kirlian,
it happens on “The Kirlian Frequency”.
You know, Cain, there
has been a lot of speculation
about what has really
brought you to Kirlian.
No one really knows for sure
what you’re doing or why
But there are many,
theories and rumours going around
There is no mystery.
And I cannot imagine what kind
of theories or rumours could exist
I came here for work
Everybody saw me measuring
the old factory’s abandoned lot.
And that took you a month?
Well, that, and there have been some
setbacks in the past few weeks,
but the job is done,
and I planned going
back home tonight until
My family is expecting
me in the Capital,
if I don’t make it tonight
they will get worried.
I’m sorry, Cain,
maybe I’m not making myself clear,
but what I’m asking you about is what
really brought you to Kirlian.
This. The land.
I work in a state project to
open a series of new factories
in different local areas,
but when the preparations begun
We found what appeared to be
an error in the records
Basically, no one knows
how to get to Kirlian,
all the accesses are hidden,
seemingly, on purpose.
The interior roads are like labyrinths
and the city does not appear on any map
It appears in our maps,
the kids draw them in
class every year.
I mean official maps.
Everybody knows Kirlian,
everybody has a cousin or an
acquaintance who lives in Kirlian.
But no one knows exactly how to get here.
And as I understand, you drew maps with
the accesses and streets and routes
Only for personal.
And please, I have a long trip ahead,
it’s late, it’s raining…
I mean that if anyone is listening
and could maybe come to the radio,
and help me to
Just one more question
and I promise that
I’ll walk you to your car.
Do you believe that something
bad exists or is happening in the city?
Anything worthy
of our attention or panic?
No, there is nothing wrong in Kirlian.
You don’t think there is
something that could justify
your mailing of maps and
instructions to the governor
And I’m not even talking about the mayor,
I mean the actual State Governor
asking for all accesses to be closed
down and for the infantry to come?
If I don’t get in touch with my
family right away,
with my brother, they’ll look for me and
What was that?
Thank you for joining us tonight, Cain,
“Kirlian’s Celebrity of the month”
We wish you a safe trip.
It has stopped raining,
and this has been Cain Eldritch
on "The Kirlian Frequency"
- They know how to get here!
- We’ll be right back
The radio remained silent
almost for an entire minute.
The local police report they have
finally cornered "The Creature".
Our next song is dedicated to them,
and to their bravery.
By the power invested
in me by the local
delegation and the Grand
Council of Shadows
How long have you known?
You were bitten on your first night here,
we’ve known all month.
Speak now, Cain, did you
send another envelope?
I want to go home.
This is your only home now,
and we’re your family
So, answer. Do they know how
to find us in the Capital?
It’s not too late. If you help me
get out of here, I swear
I can stop them, and no one will
ever come looking for you
I don’t trust politicians.
The creature that
caused deadly wounds to
three of our neighbours
on the last two nights,
identified by our veterinary
experts as a mountain lion,
has been rounded up and killed
by local law enforcers.
The hunter is our esteemed Officer Nuñez,
for whom I hope someone will
make a delicious lunch tomorrow
as a reward for his bravery.
Anyway, I recommend you stay in tonight.
- It’s cold, there are ghosts
- You killed me!
Get the hell out of here, Manuel!
I already told you,
this body isn’t yours!
And about the mountain lions, well,
as everybody says
Where there is one, there is probably more.
Only 20 days remain until
the night of the comet,
outside the rain has stopped and
finally the last full moon of April shines.
Coming up next,
strange lights fly over Kirlian
Alien invasion or tourism?
We’ll be right back.
F.B. Cavalcante
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