La Frecuencia Kirlian (2017) s01e02 Episode Script

Los Amos de la Noche

An Production of the Kirlian's
Institute and Radio Archive
I’m just passing through Kirlian,
on my way to see a friend.
The Kirlian Frequency
We were supposed to travel together,
but we had an argument,
she took off and had an accident
getting back home.
I guess I was lucky and she wasn't
I hate driving at night,
but everything happened so fast after
they told me and I went to see her
The bike appeared a few
meters before the fork,
so suddenly that I had to make
a manoeuvrer to avoid getting killed.
That violent move made
me turn to a different road,
but I didn’t notice it
until it was too late.
One of the guys on the bike,
the one sitting in the back,
looked me right in the eye as they
passed me-they were green and bright.
I thought they were gonna cut me off,
Try to rob me, but they just moved on
The car started to break down
a few kilometres ahead.
I managed to get to a gas station and call
the hospital where they took my friend,
but there was no news.
Hey! Do you need help?
A local girl-who works the station,
I guess, told me that some friends of
her owned an auto shop and she let them
know that I was stuck there.
They explained to me what
was wrong with the car,
and told me that it would
be ready first thing tomorrow.
They gave me a lift down town,
to the inn where I am now,
And don’t even think of
crossing the park at night
Waiting for them so
I can get on my way.
I’m sure you know this inn,
it’s right across from a small park
with a playground very poorly lit.
And I don’t want you
to misunderstand me:
I live in a much bigger
and dangerous city than Kirlian,
and I’m not afraid of walking
alone at night
But there they were, the guys on the bike,
with a gang on the park.
They are still standing
there right now.
That’s how those people live:
sleep all day, party all night.
They think they will never
get old and most of all,
they think they will never die.
They screamed atrocities
at me when I walked by them,
but I kept on walking as if
I hadn’t heard them.
The key is to never show them
you’re afraid.
I left my house in such a hurry that
I didn’t even pack a bag,
so the first thing I did was wash the
suit I was wearing and lay in bed waiting,
but I couldn’t sleep.
I often thought about
going out and hitch hike,
and stop wasting my
time here like an idiot,
but the road was deserted that night
Then I felt that strong and bitter smell
coming from the small patio
where I had hung my clothes,
and I saw the smoke starting
to fill up the room.
You're filling me with
smell the only clothes I have!
Don't you understand what I'm saying?
It’s gotta be on! The smoke
keeps the bugs away!
It came from the patio
of the room next to mine,
so I asked the old man in the best way
I could to put out whatever
the hell that was before
all my clothes got full of smoke.
What bugs?
What are you talking about?
I insisted.
But it was useless.
The mosquitos
I started working when
I was 15 to get away from home,
and I am now ready for a promotion in,
doesn’t matter, a big company
I got to where I am by myself,
because I never let anyone
tell me what I can or have to do,
and specially because
I understand that if
I need something to happen
I have to do it myself.
By midnight there was still no
news from the hospital-
Let’s go back the way you came.
There’s nothing ahead
Please, I haven’t done
anything to you.
I woke up to the sound of screams
and blows coming from the old man’s room.
I’m just a poor old man!
It was his voice, but there were
also other ones,
You? A poor old man?
those of the guys
at the park.
We know you’re the one who
tried to poison the park!
And the smoke and all
the shit on your yard?
I swear that wasn’t me!
They were talking about the smoke
I had put out, and suddenly
Did you forget to light
that up tonight?
the old man’s voice was interrupted and
I thought they were going to jump over
the wall and get in my room,
but I didn’t hear them any more.
Don’t look inside.
His voice wasn’t one of those
I heard before, with the old man
I’m sorry!
Please, don’t hurt me!
- I didn’t mean to
- What are you doing here?
But it was very similar.
I heard a noise and
Not "here" in the hall,
here in Kirlian.
I’m just passing through.
Then get back in your room,
fall asleep,
and get back on the
road tomorrow morning.
And until then, don’t go out again.
It’s dark out and dangerous.
When I came across them
for the first time on the road
Your feets
I thought their eyes were shining
and I assumed it was because
we had almost collided.
Now, when I saw his feet
didn’t touch the ground
I had no doubt what was going on.
After that, I fell asleep again,
almost through all of the night,
until they called me to say
that Carla had died.
Thank you.
At the same time, the guys in the park
started screaming again on the street.
It’s been awhile since
you’ve been around here.
What happened?
You got scared of us?
But now there was also
another voice that I knew.
Let me go, you son
of a bitch!
The girl from the gas station.
A wooden stake?
What do you think we are?
On the bedside table in my room there
was a card with this phone number on it
It says "emergencies",
but this isn’t the police, right?
Cops don’t work at
night in Kirlian.
I want to know how can they think
they won’t grow old, or die,
or that the people they love won’t die
Please, I don’t want to die.
And just how will you do that?
This is The Kirlian Frequency,
all night, every night.
Our next song is
dedicated to our night visitor:
we hope she understands
what’s going on before it’s too late.
Let her go.
I told you to stay inside.
If you let her go,
you can have me.
Or we can just have
the both of you.
You asked me
what am I doing in Kirlian.
I’m here because of you.
You and your fucking bike.
If it wasn’t for you I would have made
it in time to be with Carla.
You owe me.
Get her out of here,
and don’t hurt her.
And why do you
want to die?
I don’t want to die,
I want to be like you.
And never die.
I want to be a vampire,
and never die,
And never think about her
or this pain ever again
I know you can do it,
I’ve seen it on movies.
You just have to bite me,
or have me drink your blood and
Close your eyes.
Please, I don’t want
to die too.
I’m sorry, but you will.
We’re all going to die.
Because this is the real world,
And vampires don’t exist.
Oh my god
You’re stinking
up my clothes…
We received news from our friends
on the road guard about a Citroen 3CV
that has left Kirlian a few moments
ago with an unknown direction.
I wish to whomever is in it to
have a long and happy life,
and that she may never
ever dare return to our city
Evidently, her… "luck",
if that’s what it was,
remains intact.
And to the rest of you, enjoy the
sunshine for as long as you can.
Longer nights are coming
And also trouble.
It’s dawn here in Kirlian and
that means two things:
the first is that you can
put your guard down,
the monsters are ready to disappear.
The second is that tonight’s
Broadcast is coming to an end…
This is your favourite announcer saying:
Good morning, and sweet dreams.
F.B. Cavalcante
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