La Frecuencia Kirlian (2017) s01e03 Episode Script

Un Nuevo Color

An Production of the Kirlian's
Institute and Radio Archive
The Kirlian Frequency
We are still on the air,
my insomniac friends,
the first quiet
night in a long time.
It’s a good opportunity for you
to go to a window
and appreciate the beautiful starry sky.
It might distract you
for a moment from
whatever it is that’s
disrupting your sleep.
But you and I know that this
quietness won't last.
The lines are open.
You’re on the air on
The Kirlian Frequency.
Hi sweetheart, how’s
the night treating you?
You do know who this is, right?
But if it’s none other than our illustrious
Neighbors's Delegation director.
Call me Adela, sweetie.
To what do I owe this honor?
Listen to me,
I don’t know if you
got to the news yet,
but I wanted to talk about
something strange.
Those pathetic graffitis that
are everywhere nowadays.
This town is getting closer
to the abyss everyday.
Well, teenagers always seek new ways
to express themselves.
I’m sure it’s just a
Those "teenagers" you talk about
painted the square statue.
How can they disrespect
a local hero like that?
They no longer have any respect
for the good ways.
Honestly, those kids scare me
Norma told me they don’t know
how to deal with it at school.
Maybe some color is all
our dear town needs.
Something new for a change.
They put horns on the statue.
Don’t you think it’s a bit much?
We cannot let things like this
getting to Kirlian.
Please tell me you’re going
to take care of this issue.
Isn’t it girls night, tonight?
Girls! Listen to you…
But yes sweetie,
tonight’s game night.
And I should get going,
it’s getting late.
Have a quiet night.
That was Adela Beaumont,
telling us all about the new artistic
expressions that are arriving in our town.
And in other news
The unexplained rodent invasion that
broke out on the 104 elementary school
has not yet been controlled.
We will keep you updated until it's safe
for your little devils
to go back to school.
You’re on the air on
The Kirlian Frequency.
All night, every night.
I don’t know what’s the deal with
that lady, or the graffitis.
Great, we have a
defender of the arts.
So there’s nothing wrong with
vandalizing a statue?
I don’t know, maybe, but I do know there’s
something wrong with traditions…
Some things have never changed
And that’s the cause of all the strange
and horrible things that are happening.
I’m sensing you’re somehow
involved With the graffitis.
Shouldn’t you and your
friends be lying low?
You think we’re
just some kids
But maybe there’s something
that’s been keeping us up too.
Your parents must have taught you
what happens if you play with fire.
We know what we have to do.
We’re gonna give Kirlian a new color.
The voices of the new and older generations
have given their opinions on air
on The Kirlian Frequency.
Will this ancient battle
ever come to an end?
And now, some words
from our sponsors.
Kirlian Home: the best selection
and everything for the home.
Home appliances, furniture, china,
totems and personalized attention.
Open from Mondays to Tuesdays,
all day until the sun goes down.
The firm is not responsible for any accidents that
our clients may suffer after the sunset,
those clients who dare not face the nocturnal
abyss will be forced to leave.
No refunds are given if the package has been opened.
For a future without fear
of any comet,
Doctor Valerga knows what’s
best and he will make it happen.
Next June 1st, vote Doctor
Valerga for the county council,
vote science over supersti
You said you would
take care of this.
You have no idea what
those vandals did to me.
How can this sort of things
happen here?
I cannot imagine who could dare
assault such a distinguished citizen.
I’m stunned, those kids
mock us, you mock us.
After everything we have
done for this town.
The community services
provided by this station
take some time to pay off.
Out of respect for the
customs of this town,
which are very important to us,
we’re gonna leave it to
those who should take charge.
But I’m letting you know that we’re not
gonna take any more disrespect!
Some call it "The hidden power of words".
Ancient ideas said in ancient
words are rocks,
Kirlian is a rock.
However, sometimes a new idea arrives,
and it shakes the earth,
as it has already happened.
And perhaps, that idea,
said with words from the time of fire,
is more power than a person can handle.
That’s why, kids, to play with fire,
you need your parents surveillance.
Sometimes the cage protects the
little bird from the starving cat.
Of course as long as the bird
Isn’t locked in the cage
with that black cat.
We continue to keep you company,
dear listeners.
For the brave ones who
planned on going out,
right now is not the best time.
Hi sweetie.
I have found the little
book missing from the library.
It’s such a coincidence.
You are always contributing..
It seems that some lad forgot
to take it back.
Young people’s minds
are anywhere these days.
But well, I won’t bother you any more.
See you at the next council meeting.
Bye bye.
We are informed by the PTA that the
rodent infestation that has affected
the building these last days
has already been controlled.
The school is safe again
and this night is peaceful anew.
However rodents are
tenacious creatures.
And we all know
the Kirlian nights.
On the horizon we can already
see a new storm brewing.
Coming up next:
Ghostly voices come with the wind.
Messages from the beyond
or pirate stations?
We’ll be right back.
F.B. Cavalcante
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