La Frecuencia Kirlian (2017) s01e04 Episode Script

El Rey de la Navidad

An Production of the Kirlian's
Institute and Radio Archive
The Kirlian Frequency
Third consecutive night
raining in Kirlian,
and it doesn't seem to
be clearing out anytime soon.
In other news,
since this morning
every calendar in our town has got
eight months less than they should.
Since this morning they all end
on the night of the next April the 30th.
Incomplete, unfinished, severed.
The expert astrologers from
Kirlian's Planetary and Esoteric Center
have confirmed that on
the night of April the 30th
the comet named CC82517
will cross the Urban skies,
on an event that the local newspapers
have not yet decided whether to call
"The night of the comet" or
"The absolute end
of the world and all things".
Coincidence, my friends?
Honestly, I don't think so.
And that's why
I have decided today
We'll do something different.
No horror stories, bitterness
or despair tonight, no sir.
Today we'll celebrate "Christmas".
"The Kirlian Frequency presents:
The King of Christmas"
Christmas in April, because we
probably won't make it to May.
Tonight we'll put
good news on the air,
to remind the universe that in Kirlian
there's also kindness,
warmth and you know what I mean.
You can find the number to
reach us in the city phone book.
Handwritten, on the last page,
under the words.
"The end is near".
And don't be distracted by the
sounds of rattling furniture,
the rotting grimoires,
or the flesh unraveling from the bones:
We have a bit of a humidity
problem on the radio
nothing to worry about for
the next two weeks.
Our first caller this night.
You're on the air!
I need help
Oh no, no sir, good news only.
It's Christmas, a time of peace
and hope in the hearts of men.
Only call us if you have
something good to share,
I can wait here all night.
Well, then, do you need help
celebrating your birthday?
Choosing a present for your best friend?
Or deciding what's your favourite
ice-cream flavour?
I can't sleep, my neighbours
are too noisy.
And do your parents know you're
up at this hour?
My mom is gone, and my dad told
me to hide here until he comes back.
Ok, well, let's see, what's
the deal with your neighbours?
Is their TV too loud?
Are they celebrating a graduation?
Are they moving out after hours?
My neighbor's kids are a couple
of years older than me,
and one of them died a few days ago.
But right now, he's floating outside
his old bedroom window,
asking his brother to let him in.
You almost had me,
but I saw that movie
on channel 6 last week.
This isn't "the lot", it's Kirlian,
and vampires don't exist.
Next caller, and remember:
"good news only"!
You're on the air on The Kirlian Frequency.
A school teacher had an
accident a few years ago.
He was in a coma, and now he
says something terrible is coming.
Next caller, and I'm warning you
I'm getting tired of this
whole literary joke.
The high school just burst into flames,
and this redhead girl
It is not a normal flu
There are kids hiding
in the corn fields
This is Christmas night,
not "Dark Night of the Scarecrow"
No more pranks.
Just this one time.
A normal night in Kirlian.
Those guys are outside,
right now and I'm starting to
feel that strange heat again
Open up!
We know you're in there!
Please, help me.
I think it's time for a reminder
Out there, it's never Christmas,
because this is Kirlian.
Don't go outside,
don't look out the windows,
this isn't a drill
or another phone prank
things will get worse before they finish,
and something tells me
this could be a very bad night.
We'll be right back.
Rtehn is obli'hon
ghist jeo'thy
Give me that. Now.
"A phenomenon called Stephen King"
by Elvio E. Gandolfo
Carrie, 1947. Salem's Lot, 1975.
Nigth Shift, 1978. The Shining, 1977
The Stand, 1978. The Death Zone, 1980.
Firestarter, 1980
I just wanted one night
without your…
One single normal night.
But I guess it’s too much to ask
that not everything will revolve
around you all the time.
Fhtagn wgah'nagl jsahn,
pilgh'm is.
I don’t get it… all of this "fiction",
is it about something special?
Are you lonely?
Mglw'nafh ph'nglui.
There is no forest
in Kirlian…
Zn'heidi geh'h nagli iw,
Diahs'mom thul?
Old Beaumont has taken care
of the kids, I’m not lying.
Sdgel, khew'finn rwat.
Eldritch is dead,
I took care of it
and the others don’t know
how to get here either.
I have his plans and the letters
he wrote locked away
in a security box.
We’re safe.
I have to go back upstairs.
I can stay for a little while
if you’re really lonely,
it’s a long song.
Or we can bring someone to stay
with you at all times and
Ven'drhamin sahrt rawl,
i'hak med Kirlian.
Do you know something you haven’t told
me about the night of the comet?
The sun's coming up, Kirlian,
or whoever is listening-out there,
beyond the city limits.
Maybe you're listening
from your car's radios,
passing through,
without even knowing we exist,
and with no way of finding
us if you wanted to.
And I'm sure some of you are recording this
I can feel my words magnetizing
in the air right now.
I guess under
different circumstances
I should find you,
get rid of all evidence,
and burn your houses
to the ground,
but something tells
me that those tapes may
be the only thing
left of us pretty soon.
More problems are coming,
and if things should get solved,
they will get a lot worse first.
But for now,
if you're listening
even though we're half way through April,
I wish you a merry Chri
F.B. Cavalcante
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