La Garconne (2020) s01e01 Episode Script

Episode 1

They're targeting the road.
The next one will hit us,
turn around!
We'd be too late. We'll make it.
Hurry, the last ones don't have
much time left.
These two, room 3!
Send him to room 5.
He's dead.
Where's Antoine?
You've forced your way in again.
Send him to room 5.
One of these days
- Did he see the doctor?
- Not yet.
It's a head-wound this time.
He can't bear to go back, doctor.
Sorry, if his wound is healed,
I won't have a choice.
Damn it, of course you have a choice!
He's my brother,
he's all I have left.
I'm sorry.
Fuck, Antoine!
Antoine, stop!
Get off me!
Don't do this!
I beg you, don't do this.
I don't want to go back
to that hell.
I'll jump then.
Louise! Antoine!
It's over!
The war is over!
The war is over!
Did you hear that?
It's over.
Antoine, it's over.
It's over.
You asked to see me?
What's this?
It's not payday.
This is your pay for the week.
Sorry, Lucien came back yesterday,
he's ready to take over your job.
Are you firing me?
- Don't do that.
- Lucien fought for his country.
He has to feed his family.
And what about me?
Your brother can work.
Louise, it's not against you,
but things need to get back on track.
And driving an ambulance
is not a job for a woman.
Can you believe it?
"the war is over, go home girls."
I know, it's disgusting.
There aren't enough jobs.
But I need this job Lydia,
I don't have a house anymore.
Your father's apartment?
We were kicked out when he died,
we couldn't pay the rent.
So, where do you sleep?
Antoine's friend lent him
a workshop at Falguière.
He's happy,
but there's no room for me.
Let's have a drink at La Rotonde.
It's on me.
There aren't any seats.
- Hi.
- Hi, how are you?
Oh, they're leaving.
You'll find something,
it will cheer you up.
What do you want to drink?
- Lemonade.
- Lemonade?
Two lemonades, then.
You know what,
you're going to come live with me.
That's nice.
But what will I live off of?
- The whorehouse?
- Oh no, it would be a waste.
Marry me instead?
A husband or a pimp,
it's the same thing, isn't it?
And she has a way with words.
I love it.
Too bad, because you're annoying me.
Okay, beautiful.
But if you change your mind,
I'm here.
He's dreaming.
You're harsh, he wasn't that bad.
So, call him back.
I don't do that anymore.
Etienne died two years ago.
He wouldn't have wanted that.
You can move on,
you have to live.
- You mean look for another man?
- Hm.
I'm not in that mood.
I have to find a way for us to eat.
Why don't you let Antoine
take care of himself?
He's an adult, he can make a living.
As long as you're stuck together,
you won't make it.
You can't understand.
Inspector Antoine Kerlac
is due to join the Crime Squad,
on June 12
to join the group
of Superintendent Pardieu.
Why didn't you tell me
about this job?
It's a blessing.
The blessing
is to be able to express something
after these years in hell.
It's a miracle Loulou.
You're high.
Stop bothering me, let me work.
I got fired Antoine.
This is my last paycheck,
I don't know how we're gonna eat.
There are potatoes left.
With or without filter tip?
Please, just until we get back
on our feet.
My time has been stolen.
Police academy, war,
I have no time anymore.
- This is my life now.
- Stop that, we're really in trouble.
Too bad.
I'll never be a cop.
I hate those guys.
You're mixing it up.
- It's not because daddy
- You never give up, do you?
Luckily for you.
Of course.
Should I thank you?
Listen to me,
no one will ever tell me
what to do again, Louise.
Especially not you.
- Louise.
- Good to see you.
Good to see you too.
You've changed so much.
And your brother?
I sent him a letter to prepare
his entry into Crime Squad.
I didn't know it was that bad.
He's an artist.
He gets that from mom.
And you take after your father.
Thank you.
I feel bad.
I haven't been much help to you
since he died.
I've had a hard time too.
Don't blame yourself.
We trusted each other,
and everything changed since he died.
He left a mess behind.
It's not easy.
Forget it.
Your father would turn in his grave.
Tell me what brings you here.
Well I need to work
and I was wondering if
- Go to the next room.
- What?
And don't move
until I come to get you. Hurry.
Why are you here?
Come on Berger!
You really don't know?
Get out of my house.
That's not very nice.
Damn, someone's there.
Go check.
Fuck. You bitch.
Fucking whore.
Over there.
Let's go to the police.
I can't.
They worked for the prefecture.
Their car had an official
license plate.
- How is it possible?
- I don't know.
But they'll know if I testify,
they'll find me and kill me.
What should I do?
Come to my house.
Evening edition!
A policeman murdered
by a blonde woman in a blue jacket.
Ask for the newspaper
" Le petit Parisien."
A policeman murdered
by a blonde woman in a blue jacket.
My jacket, I forgot it at Berger's.
There are plenty of jackets
like that.
But there's a pawnshop receipt
with my name in it.
- Shit, I'm so dumb.
- Calm down, we'll find a solution.
How about going far away?
- You dreamed about the colonies.
- With Etienne, Lydia.
Leaving like that to hide, no!
Just until the truth comes out.
When you're safe,
we'll tell the police everything.
But they'll come after you.
No, I have to go and explain to him,
he might be in danger.
To my favorite investigator,
I found the culprit on page 91.
It's your turn, Louise. Dad.
It's your turn.
A guy is watching us.
What are you doing?
Who are you?
It's me, Antoine.
And after trying to kill me,
they accused me of murdering Berger.
I have to disappear Antoine.
And the best way is to
take your place in the Crime Squad.
- Are you crazy?
- No, I'm serious.
I learned laws and procedures
with you, for your exam.
I can shoot and drive,
I don't flinch at a corpse.
And they never saw you.
Only Berger knew you.
And he's dead.
It won't work, they'll see
that you're a woman.
Want to bet?
Even you didn't recognize me.
Do you realize
what you're getting into?
You have to go away Loulou.
- Go hide somewhere!
- Like a criminal?
Throw my life away?
No, Antoine.
I must prove my innocence.
And the only way
is to find who killed Berger.
At least there I'll stand a chance.
The truth is,
you're excited about being a cop.
You always envied me.
Not to be you.
But be able to do what you do.
And follow in the footsteps
of your dad?
If you take my name
who'll I be?
That's the name you sign.
They all call you that already.
I like that.
I can't stand Antoine Kerlac.
Anyway, you'll do as you please,
All right, do it.
But I want half your salary,
and don't cry if anything happens.
What did you expect?
Your brother is angry
at the whole world.
He blames your mother for dying,
your father for forcing him
to be a cop.
I know Lydia.
We have three days
to turn me into a man.
This is suicide.
- And the receipt?
- It seems like they didn't find it.
So, will you help me?
Honey, I can house you, feed you,
clothe you, but not that.
You'll do it anyway.
Turn, madam, turn.
Well, sir, I mean.
- It's not too tight?
- No, it's fine.
How is it now?
The walk.
At best you'll look like a fag.
Think of your father.
Put on the shirt.
Raise your head.
Don't be afraid to show up.
The jacket.
I have to work on my voice too.
I never thought I'd see you
dress like a man.
- Admit it, I'm attractive.
- You are.
Am I?
No, that's not credible.
If only you observed men more.
And like this?
This is good.
Hi, Antoine Kerlac.
Hi, Antoine Kerlac.
Hi, Antoine Kerlac.
How's the hat?
It's fine.
Be careful.
Let's go.
Hello, Inspector Kerlac?
Here's the information sheet
to fill out for the administration.
Superintendent Pardieu
is waiting for you in room 215.
This way, second floor on the left.
Okay, thank you.
What do you need?
The office 215,
I'm the inspector Kerlac.
Oh, you're Maurice's son?
Hi, superintendent Ventura.
You look like him.
Boss! I have a tip for Berger!
It's a girl who got out of jail
Her boyfriend died
on Ciseaux Street.
That's a mobile. Let's go.
Why would she kill him?
We'll give you a report.
I ask for reinforcements
and they send me a rookie.
I served four years under bombs.
I knew your father well, kid.
A hero for many,
a strong head for others.
But you, if you want to stay,
you'll have to prove yourself.
And build some muscles!
I'll try to compensate with my brain.
Insolence will not be enough, Kerlac.
I'm counting on you to train him.
Understood, boss.
You're brave for a scrawny guy.
Maxime Veber.
But everyone calls me Max.
Antoine Kerlac.
Don't overdo it.
And take care,
he hates being messed with.
- Demobilized for a long time?
- Six months.
- And what did you do?
- Rehabilitation. I was injured.
Where do you stay?
I'll fill out my form first.
I was just breaking the ice.
I didn't like how the superintendent
talked about my father.
Don't worry about it.
He misses your dad.
Tell me
They say that Berger
was murdered by a woman,
but the knife
it's not a woman's weapon.
Well, usually.
Some women are willing
to compete with men.
Like during the war.
I didn't see any in the trenches.
Of course.
Where were you?
In the east,
28th RI.
It was hell For you too, I guess?
You live alone?
With my fiancée.
You are engaged?
Beware of recoil, it's surprising.
I know that.
Antoine Kerlac, Jacques Alberti,
the Corsican, the weapons specialist.
He's not very talkative.
But he knows his stuff.
So listen to him!
Hey guys!
The Seine brought in a corpse
on the banks near of Les Moulins.
Ready for the baptism of fire?
Put it behind
if you value your balls.
Ah, Superintendent!
I would like to take pictures.
You're already here.
Who tipped you off?
I was drinking coffee with Dr. Paul.
So, these pictures?
No, Ketoff!
- No corpse in the press.
- We'll make do with you.
First rule Kerlac,
keep the press away!
That's not nice.
We can be useful, even for you!
You're Kerlac?
You're new?
Don't let him impress you.
Who's that?
Roman Ketoff.
An American reporter.
He has no accent.
He was born and raised in France.
He came back to fight in 17
and he stayed.
He works for Le Petit Parisien,
the boss is wary of him
since the Landru affair.
He wrote that we arrested him
because of complaints from neighbors.
It wasn't true?
It was, that's the point.
My men fished it out around 6 a.m.
These algae could have held the body
at the bottom for a while.
Then the current could
have carried it several kilometers.
Yeah. She's in her underwear
She must have lived by the river.
But what's that cut on her cheek?
A boat propeller?
but in any case,
it's an accident or a suicide.
No, I don't think so.
This mark.
I've seen it before
on shackled prisoners.
This girl was chained.
She broke her nails.
Probably by trying to free herself.
Well done, young man!
That's a good recruit superintendent.
We'll see with practice.
Dr Paul, inspector Antoine Kerlac.
I liked your father very much, boy.
We miss him, you know.
my poor girl.
Tell me what happened to you.
This scar is strange.
Who could have done that?
He likes to show off,
especially in front of the boss.
But he's really good, you'll see.
Multiple wounds under the feet.
You ran on sharp rocks.
You must have been really scared
to do that.
You were being chased, right?
And then you panicked,
and you jumped into the Seine
when maybe you couldn't swim.
You write history as it suits you,
The dead don't lie.
I'm just here to speak for them.
Since you're talented,
young Kerlac,
I invite you to the autopsy.
I was planning
to bring him with me.
Great minds.
But, I would like my friend Ketoff
to take some pictures,
it helps me to work.
You don't mind?
Until you get the money
to buy a camera.
Kerlac bring him in.
And get the bobbin back.
You can come,
the doctor needs photos of the body.
I knew I would be needed.
Were you related
to the superintendent?
I'm his son, did you know him?
I've heard of him.
A great cop.
He used the press
to further his investigations.
A few pictures will be enough.
take one or two shots
of the whole scene
and then the details
that interest us.
Kerlac, you have a sharp eye,
show him the marks and the scars.
I feel that we'll become
a good team.
Your father was my friend,
we have good memories together.
Looks like you impressed the Doctor.
I was trained well.
By the way,
Berger was your father's deputy?
What do you think of his death?
This story is strange, isn't it?
I don't know
I haven't seen him in a while.
Well, are you almost done?
I'm done.
Hi, kids.
I have to talk to you.
did you get Berger's murderer?
The bitch hanged herself!
To think that Berger
was killed by a whore!
But her blue jacket
was covered in blood.
A quick investigation,
well done guys.
The prefect pressured us.
He doesn't like cops being killed.
But why would that girl kill Berger?
I'm smart enough to understand.
Next round is on me!
What's the problem?
He was my godfather,
I want to understand.
Ask Pardieu,
but not in front of everyone.
Berger was killed
because of your father.
What do you mean?
He sometimes took the law
into his own hands.
One day,
he wanted to set up
a flagrante delicto against thugs.
There were deaths,
and among them,
three innocents.
A woman, Nicolina, and two kids.
No I can't believe this
You wanted the truth.
A month later, Nicolina's husband
set a trap for your father
and shot him!
But Berger
He was your father's deputy.
He set up the operation with him
That's why Nicolina's sister
killed him too!
But it's impossible!
It makes no sense!
My father was shot eight months ago,
why would she wait so long?
She was in jail!
She was released
the day Berger died.
Go eat.
It's not pleasant to attend
an autopsy on an empty stomach.
Yes, your father crossed the line.
But we don't judge him.
Sometimes, we even understand him.
This is René, aka Néné.
Are you waiting for someone
to pull out a chair for you?
Excuse me
And for the pretty boy?
Like the others.
Thank you.
Look at that,
Mathilde seems to like you.
I have a fiancée. A nurse.
Are they really naked
under their blouse?
Come on, tell us!
What kind of treats
does she give you?
Linguine and farfalle.
You pig!
With olive oil
It's Italian pasta
Depending on the insects
found on a corpse,
depending on their species,
their reproductive cycle,
we can date the time of death.
Hurry up Kerlac.
And when the body
has been in the water?
Then it biases everything.
So we look for another way.
The gash on the cheek.
Thin blade.
Before the death.
That bastard really wanted
to hurt her!
The middle finger looks shrunken
at the nail.
Did you see that?
What do you think?
A thimble perhaps?
Excuse me, where's the bathroom?
On the left.
A thimble.
He was raised by his mother.
That's the women's bathroom.
Is this your first autopsy?
Well, just puke your guts out.
Take your time.
I'm Colin, Dr. Paul's assistant.
Antoine Kerlac.
It's you!
You impressed the Doctor
this morning.
Excuse me, but the bathroom
Over there.
Thank you.
Looks like you're right
about the thimble.
I found needle marks
on her other fingers.
A professional seamstress?
And a mother.
The state of her uterus
attests that she had given birth.
A blonde seamstress with a kid.
We'll pull all the missing women
reports in the last 12 months.
Dr. Paul
Kerlac, let's go.
Please, come in.
I want to investigate
Berger's murder.
- I've already put Castel on it.
- He sucks.
Berger was Kerlac's deputy,
two cops killed in a suspicious way
in less than a year.
- And you don't like coincidences.
- No.
Any tips?
Not yet,
but I have a new source.
Kerlac's son.
Kerlac's son?
But you're on the drowned girl case.
I can take two cases at once.
You have Berger's case.
But do me a favor.
Not today, come back tomorrow.
He doesn't want my article!
English women get the vote
but nobody cares.
But you're very lucky,
I'm free tonight.
Good news?
Berger's case, the murderer
with the blue jacket found dead.
Thank you, sir.
Ask for "Le petit Parisien."
All about the Berger's case.
Ask for it Ladies and gentlemen.
That many women
disappear in one year?
They're not all dead.
But with the war,
hard to know what happened to them.
It's for you.
A woman!
Louise! I'm glad to hear you.
How are you?
Everything's fine.
We saw the newspaper, so
I don't know at what time
I'll finish.
Pick me up at 6 o'clock, bye.
She really loves you.
Listen to this.
Céleste Dumont, 28,
blond with blue eyes,
seamstress, single with a child.
Living at 48 Lepic Street,
reported missing almost 4 months ago
by her neighbor and friend,
Valentine Richard.
One day,
she left for an appointment
and she never came back.
With whom?
A painter, she posed for him.
Do you have his name?
No, I don't know.
And when was that?
In February, after Carnival
Can we see her apartment?
No, the landlady rented it out.
But I kept a few things just in case.
Thank you.
What is this?
Céleste made them.
She dreamed of owning a store.
She wanted to give her son
a good education.
Where is this son?
Does he have a father?
Yes, a student who died at the front
before being able to marry Céleste.
She had to put her son
in foster care in Bagneux.
- No other man in her life?
- No, she was very serious.
It's silk.
And this perfume is expensive.
You know a lot about chick stuff.
You'll see when you have a fiancée!
How could she afford all this?
Through a very rich American woman.
She gave her presents,
she invited her everywhere.
What's her name?
I don't know.
Do you know the Apollo?
By name.
It's a jazz club in Montmartre.
Did you see that?
Two one-way tickets to New York
for Céleste and her son.
The boat left Le Havre
a week after she disappeared.
A serious girl?
Céleste wasn't receiving any man.
She wasn't like that.
She never received any visits?
A man came once or twice,
just before she disappeared.
What's his name?
I don't know
Céleste yelled at him,
she didn't want him to come back.
She said: "you'll never have me!"
And can you describe him?
Upper class,
gray hair, well dressed.
With a nice white car
and an Annamite driver.
Are you sure?
Céleste called him Phuong.
She told me that he came
during the Indochina war.
The rich boyfriend.
He took nude pictures of her.
That explains the dresses,
the perfume.
But why would he kidnap
and torture her?
A possessive guy,
she wanted to leave, he punished her.
But she had an appointment
with a painter.
He was maybe waiting for her
after her date.
Thanks to the Annamite driver,
we'll quickly find this man.
Max, this is Lydia.
My fiancée.
Nice to meet you.
The pleasure is all mine.
Go ahead, I'll take care of this.
Pretty ladies shouldn't wait.
What are you doing here?
I warned you
Okay, you got your receipt back,
but they killed an innocent girl
to cover up their crime!
If they find you
They have no reason
to look for Louise Kerlac!
You're scared too.
No, I'm just on my guard.
You should stop that.
Antoine agrees with me.
If you had seen him
I'll go see him.
If you go to Falguière,
there's a shortcut
through the hospital.
Damn it!
I lost Kerlac!
We have to stake out his place
for hours now.
Hey, the pose is not free!
Rose, let me finish, I'm poor.
And you're so beautiful like that.
It doesn't work like that.
Come on, we had a good time, no?
Maybe, but good or not,
my time is precious, darling.
And not free!
Two francs an hour
at Pascin and Foujita's.
Take a look.
Is that me?
The lines of your body.
If you want to do that,
you don't need me.
You're working hard.
Damn you, Louise!
Your bullshit ruined my day!
they found their culprit,
you don't have to hide anymore.
But Antoine Kerlac
can't disappear overnight.
That would be weird and dangerous.
It was just until
they found a culprit.
But I want to understand
for Dad and Berger.
He was killed before my eyes.
And it's not your job to fix it.
They're running rumors about Dad
to cover their asses.
- I can't let that happen.
- I can't believe it.
You want to prove his innocence too?
Well, sorry.
- He was always above everything!
- Not the law.
Yeah, keep seeing him as a hero
if it suits you.
It won't bring him back.
Do you know many models?
Quite a few, why?
Because we found a dead girl
in the Seine, Céleste.
She posed for a painter,
does that ring a bell?
You really act like a cop.
And a rich and eccentric
American woman,
in her fifties, the Apollo.
That could be Jenny Meyer.
I see her sometimes there.
I want to go there.
Take me.
Right now?
I won't show up with a cop.
How about an advance
of your half of my salary?
You're a pain in the ass.
You can't be Louise.
You can't be Antoine with me.
Look at this.
Remember this one?
The one that Mom wore
to the Prefecture's ball.
It still smells of her perfume.
She would like that you wear it.
Let me do it.
It's 20 years old, Antoine,
it's out of fashion.
Trust me, you'll see.
Are you sure?
- Remember when
- Shh
Wait, I'm not done
When we stole their clothes,
they gave us a hard time.
Yeah Especially me!
I still have the mark
of dad's signet ring on my ass.
- Want to see it?
- No, no.
- I'll show you.
- No, stop, Antoine, no.
I'll put this on
It reminds me of mom.
Yes, it was hers
Here we go.
That's it.
And the final touch.
Come and see.
So? Let me introduce you to Gisèle.
It doesn't look like me,
I look like a chicken.
Well, that's the point.
You look great.
Valbonne, my friend, come.
Everyone is here!
You must keep an eye on everyone.
Yes, I do!
Are you looking for a man?
No, a friend,
Céleste, a pretty blonde
Why do you want to see her?
To hear from her.
I haven't seen her in ages.
Don't worry.
She's saying hello to Miss Liberty.
The statue in New York.
She dreamt to go there with her kid.
To Céleste!
that will cost you a cognac.
I have no money.
Poor little kitten with no money.
But I never pay for my drinks.
And I have to earn some money,
Céleste told me that I could pose.
Yeah, maybe.
But it's not for shy people.
I'm not shy!
Come to La Rotonde,
I'll introduce you to some painters!
I heard that Céleste met them
at an American's house.
Jenny Meyer.
Do you know her?
- Hey!
- Hey!
This is my break,
can I offer you a drink Kiki?
You see?
Sydney is a good friend of Jenny.
- What's your name?
- Gisèle.
will you offer her a drink too?
Two beautiful girls
for the price of one?
Of course! Champagne!
Let's move!
Come on, I thought you weren't shy.
Have you seen Pascin's last painting?
It's nothing compared to Soutine
and the power of his portraits.
It's her fault
we don't see you anymore?
Who is she?
A chicken
Okay, Soutine is great,
but he's a savage
who likes to play the cursed artist.
If you knew where he comes from.
A Jewish kid in a miserable ghetto.
We all had to fight.
But not me, I know.
Except against my own demons.
Modi, I'm tired
Okay, let's go home.
I'll introduce you to friends.
They're amateurs for your painting.
I have no paintings to show.
Nada! Zero!
Damn it
At least come
and have a drink!
Our friend Zborowski is full
of praise for your talent, Valbonne.
My wife and I would like
to see your painting.
When I'll be satisfied with them.
Let us judge for ourselves.
Judging me?
No more of that!
I don't allow anyone to judge me!
Valbonne, M.Vandel
is a wise collector.
Forget it, I have nothing to sell.
Especially to collectors
who are just looking for a bargain!
Your arrogance will be your loss,
young man.
Freedom is all I have left!
Get over here.
Who is the pretty lady
you're talking to?
Why did you take me out like that?
You were attracting attention.
You're supposed to be discreet.
Antoine, you're worried about me.
You're my bread and butter.
What do I do if you disappear!
Wait a minute.
You shouldn't be seen
near Lydia's house.
And we shouldn't cross paths.
Don't worry, I'll be fine.
And so will you!
Your purse.
We meet again, beautiful!
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