La Garconne (2020) s01e02 Episode Script

Episode 2

What were you doing at Berger's?
Did Kerlac send you?
I don't even know who that is!
Stop that!
You think I'm an idiot?
Kerlac will get
what's coming for him.
Stop that, damn it!
Stop damn it!
Stop it!
Stop it! Stop it!
What's going on?
Talk to me
I killed a man, Lydia
It'll look like an accident.
He stank of rum.
How did he find you?
He didn't come for me.
He came for Antoine Kerlac.
Shit, Lydia
It's me who gave this address
to the Crime Squad.
Nobody knows that Antoine lives here?
They have a spy in the Crime Squad.
He was found half burned in his car.
An accident?
Did he drink
while waiting for Kerlac?
No more than usual
according to Jeannot.
Leon signaled through the window
that everything was fine
Jeannot saw nothing suspicious?
No, just a stranger
who entered the building.
And what about Kerlac?
He seems to be buying the story
about Berger's death.
And his father's.
Keep an eye on him
and keep me updated.
Considering the healing of her gash.
Céleste Dumont
was held for at least four days
before dying.
Could the murderer
have kept her alive longer?
I can't be more specific.
The body spent between three
and four months in the water.
However, the morphine
that I found in her hair
was injected less than 48 hours
before death.
Probably to keep her at his mercy,
but conscious.
Under the soles of the feet.
There's traces of lichen,
ferns, there's a forest nearby.
And yellow clayey sand.
There's some everywhere,
it won't help us.
You're right.
But I'll try
to clarify the nature
of the clay particles.
One last thing,
there was cement
in the water in her lungs.
Next to a cement plant, guys!
Probably, or a construction site.
It's amazing what a body can tell us.
I bow to you, doctor.
And thanks to Mr. Ketoff
for the quality of these pictures.
Don't push it too far though.
it's up to you!
Thanks for joining us, Kerlac!
- We're done.
- Sorry, boss.
Alberti, find the painters for whom
Céleste posed before the Carnival.
René, list the cement factories
upstream from the Seine.
And, Max, I want to know
who took this picture.
I've got a guy in my sights,
in his fifties,
driving a limousine.
Céleste kicked him out
before disappearing.
How will you find him?
Through his driver,
an Annamite named Phuong.
An Annamite?
What's that?
An Indochinese, from Indochina.
How surprising.
Céleste was seeing
an eccentric American.
Did I ask you something, Kerlac?
Sorry, boss.
But it could be
a certain Jenny Meyer.
She throws parties
where painters recruit models.
And where did this tip come from?
A friend of mine ran into her
at a jazz club, the Apollo.
And we found a matchbook
from that club in Céleste's things.
That's true.
So I went there last night.
That's why you're late?
Max will look for your American girl.
And you'll find the Annamite driver.
Go to the Ministry of Colonies.
You'll find information there.
And next time you stay out all night,
even for a good cause,
set your alarm clock.
A friend
in a jazz club.
What does your nurse
think about it?
I'm just kidding.
I'll try to find your American.
I checked, 92 Port Royal Boulevard.
Thanks, Kerlac,
I'll keep you updated.
Oh, Ventura.
So, a colleague burned in his car?
We identified him
by his license plate.
An accident?
He was a heavy drinker,
his car swerved, no witnesses.
But, he was a cop
so we'll double-check.
Did we know him?
Leon Bonnin? I don't think so,
he was attached to the prefecture
for the protection of officials.
So, Inspector Kerlac,
how are things?
And you, Emile, how are you?
Yeah, fine.
Did this file come from archives?
Yes, why?
How can I consult a file?
You just have to ask me.
What do you want?
Shooting in Ciseaux Street
January 18.
That's funny, Ventura asked me
for this one yesterday.
- I'll ask him when he comes back.
- No, I'll do it.
Superintendent Ventura?
I have mail for you.
Do you mind?
Feel free.
You're not hungry, I am.
You haven't touched it
in 15 min.
You're stalking me?
Watching you, it's not the same.
You're not eating,
you're pretending to read papers.
You're completely lost.
I can help you.
No, thanks.
You won't get any information.
Don't say "get", Kerlac,
we're gentlemen.
It's an exchange of goodwill,
it's a win-win conversation.
Especially for you.
Pardieu told you that?
I'm faster than him.
I'm going to go
if I want to catch up with you.
You'll have a hard time.
Especially if I can't tell you
about Céleste Dumont.
We haven't disclosed her name yet.
I have my sources.
I met a friend of hers yesterday.
A girl named Gisèle,
a real beauty.
And what did this Gisèle say to you?
That she posed for painters.
I already know that.
Yes, but I have a lead
to enter her intimacy.
What about you?
I'm looking into Indochina
because I'm crazy about Asia.
I didn't eat it
because the meat was spoiled.
You don't know anything.
Gisèle came home yesterday
with a painter named Valbonne.
A junkie who parties
in Montparnasse.
He should tell me where to find her
against some drugs.
So I could know more about Céleste.
So, shall we work together
or would you rather read it
in my paper?
We'll see.
I already know.
Is everything Okay?
I'm going to the Indochinese circle.
Did you see the American?
She wasn't in Paris.
But the doorman
recognized Céleste's picture.
I'll question her later.
We'll question her, we're partners.
You think so?
What about your driver?
I'm waiting for the list
of the Annamites, they're thousands.
There are several Phuongs
among them.
They sometimes have nicknames.
He's probably not registered
under that name.
- You have to see them all.
- Sure, boss.
And since ours
is still driving a limo,
I'll start looking
in the nicer neighborhoods.
I'm on it.
What is he looking for?
I don't know.
He's investigating the murder
of the girl in the Seine,
What is it?
- Wait.
- You thought you'd get away with it?
You owe me 800 francs, asshole.
I don't have it, but I promise to
You have 48 hours.
After that, I'll set fire
to it with you inside.
Got it?
Inspector Kerlac!
- Medical check-up.
- Now?
No one told me.
So what?
You're not clean?
Don't worry, it's a formality.
Eyes, lungs, piss in a jar.
No more.
Don't make him wait.
This way.
Good luck.
Thank you.
My little Antoine.
you can start without me.
So, let's get shirtless.
Your father
would have been happy
to see you take over.
Four years of war.
Wounds, but
you're doing fine.
Well, show me that, Kerlac.
Well, then.
Hurry up, take off your shirt,
I'm expected.
I am not Antoine,
I am his sister, Louise.
What are you talking about?
What are you playing at, kid?
It's a matter of life and death.
- Doctor!
- Wait a second!
Let me explain, I beg you.
It's an emergency, I'm sorry.
Just a minute!
Explain then.
I was at Berger's house
when they killed him.
Policemen, they saw me.
Getting into trouble
is a family habit.
I can report it,
you know.
I'll be right there!
Meet me at my place, at 7 p.m.
16 Passy Street.
Valbonne, open the door!
Modi told us you're here.
I'm with Madame Vandel.
She wants to see your paintings!
There's nothing!
Open up, damn it! She insists.
I respect your radicalism.
It's all to your credit.
Is that so?
Your husband didn't think so.
He has his point of view,
I have mine.
Will you let us in?
We'll be more comfortable inside.
Can you paint my portrait?
It's 2000 francs.
Paid in advance.
No refund, even if you don't like
the result.
Have you lost your mind?
Anything else?
I choose the style and the colors.
No constraints.
An advance.
You'll get the rest tomorrow
at Neuilly.
Peuplier Dead-end.
11 a.m?
You can say you have guts.
Like your father.
You know,
I always found his death suspicious.
Falling into an ambush
set up by a thug.
It wasn't like him.
- You also think he was executed?
- Yes.
Yes, and as for Berger,
an innocent man or woman was blamed.
But why?
One evening, just before his death,
a woman came to find him.
We were leaving the brewery,
and he seemed to know her well.
A woman?
middle-aged woman.
She had lost her son in the war.
She had a file
she wanted to show your dad.
He promised to come
to her house to see it.
Do you know where I can find her?
I have no idea.
He had decided to find the truth,
he didn't confide much.
Except to Berger.
He probably took over my father's
case and paid with his life.
Come on in, honey.
Dinner will be ready in 30 minutes.
- Delphine, my eldest.
- Nice to meet you.
Ask your mother to set
an extra place for Antoine,
the son of our friend Kerlac.
She will be delighted to see you.
And you've changed so much
since the last time.
You were very lucky
to save yourself, Louise!
But you shouldn't join the police
instead of your brother.
Are you going to turn me in?
I'd love to, just to see
Pardieu's face!
I won't say anything.
As long as you behave yourself.
But I'm being watched.
- There was a car following me
- So stay discreet.
Don't let them think you suspect
anything about your father or Berger.
To spill so much blood,
it has to be serious, Louise.
So, save yourself and let it go!
At least for now.
No, no, no.
Don't throw the bread away.
Oh my god, it's been so long.
What a handsome young man
you've become.
Thank you for inviting me to dinner.
You're welcome, it's a pleasure.
You're looking at this painting.
Your mother made it.
We used to have dinner
at your parents' sometimes.
Her joy of living was a delight.
After her death
your father was never the same.
And by the way, how is your sister?
She went to live in Algeria.
Really? She's an adventurer.
- But aren't you too lonely in Paris?
- I'm engaged.
- I'll help
- Antoine, put that down.
There are enough women here
to serve you.
Well Let's go to the table.
Here, sit down.
- Here you are.
- Thank you.
My dear, you've done wonders.
You're playing with fire.
Even if it works with your colleagues
and Dr. Paul agreed to cover you.
I must warn Antoine to beware
of Ketoff, the journalist.
And did you tell him
about the killers who followed you?
I'll be all right if I stay discreet.
Does he know you killed one?
No, I couldn't tell him that.
See? You shouldn't go out!
They're not interested in Gisèle.
Still. It scares me.
You like to dress like a fancy chick
and go hang out in bars.
Yes, and you know why?
Because it makes me forget
How are you, beauty?
I got this for you.
- Another letter from Granville.
- Thank you.
Is everything okay?
What are you doing here?
It's nice to see you too!
Don't worry, I'll make it quick.
Do you know Roman Ketoff?
The American journalist?
He hangs out here sometimes.
What do you want from him?
Nothing, but he's looking for me,
I mean Gisèle.
He saw us leaving together
last night.
So he wants to talk to you
to find her.
So, what should I do?
Are you focused?
You say that Gisèle is a girl
that you fucked one night.
Who the hell do you think you are,
you're ignoring me?
You had a great time in my bed
last night.
That's how you talk to a lady?
Stay out of this, buddy.
This lady is with me.
In your dreams!
That was nothing.
Gisèle, I would like to ask you
some questions
I have nothing to say to you.
Roman! Where have you been?
Let's have a drink.
- Gisèle! Come over here.
- Kiki!
Can you give us a moment?
We need to talk.
Order some champagne.
- Did you hear about Céleste?
- Yes.
It's horrible.
I thought she was in America,
poor thing.
She must've met a crazy guy.
- Who was she posing for before
- Plenty of painters.
She needed money.
Why? You think a painter killed her?
I don't know.
To your loves, ladies.
I'll put myself on your list, baby!
Gisèle, this is Man.
We just met
but we're both having a good time.
Oh, look,
Céleste was posing for him
just before she disappeared.
He's weird, sinister,
but he pays well.
What's his name?
He's very popular.
They call him the Prince of Paris.
Everyone's buying his paintings.
Are you free tonight, Kiki?
My model just quit on me.
Because of your bad temper.
- No, she's got a cold.
- I can't tonight, honey!
Mister and I have plans, right?
Oh, yes, absolutely.
We have to go.
Do we?
Well, okay.
Before I forget,
Jenny is having a party
the day after tomorrow.
Her clarinet player friend
will be at the entrance.
- Sydney Bechet, remember?
- Okay.
You pose too?
You might fit, if you're interested.
Yeah, okay.
- Shall we go?
- Great! My car is outside.
Go undress,
I'll take care of the stove.
Leave the shawl
and lie down on the couch.
You're here for that.
How much do you pay?
All the same!
How much more
do I have to pay to fuck you?
I'm not like that.
And what would you do
if I fucked you now?
I would defend myself.
Idiot! I don't give a fuck
about your ass.
Maybe, but my friend Céleste
was killed by a lunatic.
So I'm careful.
Money is what killed your friend.
She wanted too much.
She left me for a guy who paid more.
Well, enough talk.
Get naked or leave.
On the right side, left arm over.
More rounded.
That's it, don't move.
Which guy did she ditch you for?
I don't know and I don't care!
She met him at the Ursuline Ball
at Carnival.
I never saw her again.
Now shut up and let me work.
Where were you yesterday?
I had to go to work,
I was waiting for you!
I was so worried.
I'm sorry, I couldn't warn you,
I thought you were dead.
And I couldn't even go to the cops.
I saw Antoine and I made sure
Ketoff left him alone.
Made sure
You spent the night with him?
Ketoff? No, I posed for a painter
who let me sleep.
- Posed? Do you mean naked?
- Shh!
You have to tell me.
I would never dare to do that.
That's what we think
This is for the house.
Go ahead, I'll explain later.
- I hope so.
- Go ahead.
So Kerlac, you're already working?
Are you progressing?
I saw half a dozen Indochinese,
but there was not a single driver.
I contacted the garages
that have luxury cars.
I've already got some feedback.
Good initiative.
And I went to La Rotonde last night.
A real night owl!
The night before the carnival,
Céleste met the guy she
had an appointment with to pose
at the Bal des Ursulines.
Why would he be
the one we're looking for?
Her neighbor told us
she had disappeared
the day after Carnival, right?
In any case, they have dance parties
twice a week,
on Monday and Friday.
And models like to meet there.
You'll go
the day after tomorrow.
You never know.
He may go there.
Okay, boss.
What does your nurse think
of your nightlife?
She doesn't care,
I go out when she's not home.
She's on duty
two weeks a month.
I see. But I'd like you to stop
working without me.
Hello Valbonne.
Nice to see you.
I hope this material suits you.
I brought my colors and brushes.
I like coffee with two sugars.
Sit here.
Cross your legs.
Raise your face.
Less than that.
Don't move.
Can we still talk?
And shut up.
Your article is too long, Delmas!
It's complicated to type
more than 1000 symbols.
I cut it.
Stop with Berger's death,
the readers have forgotten it.
What about the seamstress?
That's a case that pleases,
especially our female readers!
By the way.
How's the Crime Squad doing?
I spotted one of Céleste's friends.
She knows something.
I'll get her.
So move it!
Three columns tonight.
The life of the drowned woman,
her dreams, her loves. And hurry!
Already done.
You'll have it in an hour.
Are you leaving?
I'm going to Istanbul.
Things are moving over there.
The sultan will be overthrown.
And the allies are in ambush
to share his empire.
I don't want to miss that!
Have a good time.
- Is she your informer?
- Yeah.
She's pretty.
Yeah, she is.
And I'm gonna miss you.
Oh, I don't think so.
He's a policeman.
He drove into a tree
and his car caught fire.
Considering his condition,
it won't be easy to find out why.
He must have been drunk.
He had an empty flask of rum
in his coat pocket, and this watch.
They held up well.
The watch.
It was in his coat?
Yes, why?
Because it's a pocket watch.
Did you examine it?
Did you find any prints?
Not yet.
I'll take care of it.
Hi cousin. Long time no see.
- How's the family?
- Good, good.
So how's it going with Dr. Paul?
You happy?
More than happy.
He's really good, I'm learning a lot.
Thank you, it's thanks to you.
And the new guy, Kerlac. You met him.
How is he doing?
He's pretty good.
Dr. Paul invited him to an autopsy
on the first day.
- Really?
- Yeah.
Tell me all about it.
Let's go to a bistro.
Doc, did you want to see me?
It's your father's, right?
I saw it on your vest.
And I found it in the pocket
of a half-burned cop.
Do you think I'm stupid?
I didn't know how to tell you.
Tell me what?
It was him or me, Doctor!
He was gonna kill me.
you're very courageous.
Can I go back?
I'm sorry.
It's quite tiring.
No, go on.
Later on.
Can I see?
Get out of here!
Right now!
We had a deal. I want my money.
I won't give a penny more
for that!
Get out or I'll have you thrown out!
That, as you call it, is you.
Whether you like it or not!
You look exhausted.
What's the matter?
Dr. Paul found
my father's watch
on the killer's body.
And what happened?
So he was furious.
But then he understood.
The investigation will conclude
that the guy died
of an accident because he was drunk.
And who was this man?
Leon Bonin,
he was a cop
attached to the prefecture.
I swear, it scares me.
Can you help me?
So what are they saying?
It's Ketoff.
Not a word about Gisèle or Valbonne.
He ate up our number last night
with Antoine at La Rotonde.
He's talented.
His portrait of Céleste
makes her really endearing.
This Ketoff seems interesting!
What does he look like?
He has two arms, two legs.
So you're interested in him.
You're so annoying, Lydia.
I hate guys who think
they're irresistible.
Is he?
Not at all.
And he must have two or three
mistresses at the same time.
And a wedding ring?
Oh, you've noticed.
Nice, you're making progress.
Anyway, he won't like me
as Antoine.
the one he likes is Gisèle.
And I'm not Gisèle.
Are you sure about that?
I was told that you were here.
So what?
Did you read my article?
Not a bad portrait.
So, ready to collaborate?
- It'll be a win-win.
- Let's see.
You're going to eat out of my hand.
I want to know who took this picture.
I can't tell you that.
But given the format
and the frame,
I can tell you what camera was used.
I was hoping for more, but okay.
It's a Kodak Vest Pocket.
Flexible film, you can write on it
with a stylus.
Only three or four stores
sell it in Paris.
What does this 0412 mean?
I'm not the cop!
- Your turn, Kerlac.
- We're on familiar terms?
We're partners now.
Okay, as long as
you keep this photo to yourself.
Where did you find it?
In Céleste's things.
And the murderer took it?
Maybe, we'll identify him soon.
A well-to-do man in his fifties
driving a white car
with an Asian driver.
I need the names of the stores
that sell the Kodak camera.
There's Photo-Plait,
Lafayette Street.
Tiranty, which is not far.
Hmm Cipière,
and maybe Vaugirard too.
Your turn.
Where is the driver from?
First, the Kodak stores.
We'll check.
I have the names of all those who
bought one since it was imported.
The only ones missing
are those from the Vaugirard store,
which is closed for liquidation.
I hope to have them tomorrow.
Then I'll cross-reference this list
with the list of white car owners.
Well done, kid.
Still, the guy in the car
has to be the photographer.
And that he's the killer.
Some could have sold their Kodack.
Or had it stolen.
And there are some
who still do as they please!
- Céleste was photographed with
- Thanks I understood.
- Who authorized you to
- Me, sorry I should have warned you.
Tracing the camera model used
is a bold move, Max.
I thought it wouldn't lead
to anything.
he has to be kept busy.
Well, we're moving forward.
We'll interview all these people.
And if one of them sold his device,
or got it stolen,
René, you follow the trail.
It's for you.
This is the last time
I save your ass.
Got it. Thank you.
I don't know what you're doing
with Ketoff, but be careful.
Nothing too confidential.
But he's helping us.
That kind of guy
only works for himself.
If you say so.
How did you know?
You can't tell I have black blood.
I didn't know
It's like you had it in you.
Without it showing.
It's true.
My family comes from the West Indies,
my mother was an Octavon
a granddaughter of a mulatto.
What else do you see in me?
Besides your money?
The painting isn't finished.
I was extremely disturbed yesterday.
My portrait is beautiful, Valbonne!
Settle in here
for as long as it takes.
I won't need much time
to finish it.
Let your talent run free.
I can bring you a lot.
Recognition, success.
And what goes with it.
I don't doubt it.
But I am not a bird
to be put in a cage, Suzanne.
- Yes, we're from
- It's okay Roger.
These ladies are with me.
- Hey Sydney!
- Hey Babe!
- How are you?
- Good.
- Hello.
- Hello.
You came with someone,
and you did well.
Your friend is very pretty.
Welcome to my home, beauty.
Thank you.
Come on, Kiki,
someone is looking for you.
He misses you.
Certainly not without me.
Yes, you come too.
- Hello.
- Care for a dance?
I don't think my boss
would like that.
He won't see you.
Yes, he will.
Here he is.
Too bad.
What or who are you looking for?
Listen, sweetheart.
We come here to party.
And lose our minds!
But when we leave here,
we forget everything
we've seen and done.
You're beautiful.
I like women too.
Did you know that?
My respects, dear Jenny.
Edward! I missed you!
How do you manage
to gather so much beauty around you?
The pleasure of the eyes.
I hope it's not only for the eyes.
Her name is Gisèle.
Who is that guy with Jenny?
I heard he's a minister
who likes fresh meat.
Did he do something to you too?
Why me too?
Jenny went with him at La Rotonde,
Céleste was there
and she got upset.
- So she left.
- Really?
What's his name?
Something like Rebeyrol, I think.
Re what?
- Hey!
- Well, girls.
Don't just stand there, come with me.
Where are they going?
To have some fun.
Do you like it?
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