La Garconne (2020) s01e03 Episode Script

Episode 3

How is my baby?
He's thirsty.
He's thirsty too?
Let's continue then.
- I have to talk to you.
- Again? You're always here.
Believe me, I'd rather not come.
I'll be right back.
I saw you at Jenny Meyer's in that
obscene film. I was about to puke.
- Oh, that
- How could you?
Are you going to lecture me?
- I don't meddle with your life.
- You're putting my life at risk.
All Paris will see you fucking
the murdered model. Do you realize?
Why did you lie?
Why didn't you tell me you knew her?
Stop it!
I was drunk,
I didn't remember her name.
If they find you, I'm fucked,
and so are you.
Why do you have to make a drama?
- Nobody can recognize me but you.
- Do you think so?
A whole team at the Crime Squad
is investigating this murder.
- Tell me who did it and where.
- I don't know, it was months ago.
Try harder, Antoine!
I was in a bar, I needed money.
To buy drugs, is that it?
A guy offered me to do a movie.
He took me in his car,
I don't know where.
I got high not to think
of what I was doing.
- Am I supposed to believe you?
- You like playing cops, don't you?
You make me sick
worse than our bastard of a father!
"Our bastard of a father"?
What are you doing?
We're waiting for you, we're thirsty.
Get a round.
Your friend is beautiful. Bring her.
Go on! I'm coming.
Where did you get this money from?
My painting, Louise.
Some people like it,
are you surprised?
People who treat me like an artist,
not like a piece of shit.
Wait! I never thought that!
Leave me alone once and for all!
Valbonne dumped you tonight?
It seems passionate between you two.
I have nothing to tell you.
Why won't you talk to me?
What are you afraid of?
Do you feel guilty about something?
Mrs. Vandel asked me to take you
home, whenever you want.
Not for a while, my friend.
This woman is driving you crazy.
I'm not Vandel's puppet.
I'm talking about the pretty girl
in the corridor.
It's violent between you.
Be careful. This kind of story
can drive you nuts.
It's not what you think.
I raise my glass
to my great friend Valbonne
Calm down.
Where are you going at this hour?
I saw Antoine in a porn movie,
he was screwing the girl
they found in the Seine.
He was probably after money.
That's no reason.
I don't recognize him anymore.
I'll get it.
Mother, it's Antoine.
Can we invite him for lunch
on Sunday?
Delphine, he has a fiancée.
- Exactly, he's not married yet.
- Delphine!
They saw the Minister by chance
at a party.
Pardieu won't like it if you accuse
Rebeyrol without proof.
Except if I find one
by questioning his entourage.
Enough with the little balls!
You're going too far, Louise.
Rebeyrol is a man of power.
He'll probably be our next president.
Céleste was a young mother
with her life in front of her.
I'll be careful, I promise.
I just need his address,
I'm sure you can find it.
- Good morning.
- Good morning, Miss Hortense.
Excuse me, Miss.
I'm Celeste Dumont's brother.
Poor girl. My condolences.
Thank you.
I've just come from the provinces.
Newspapers tell horrible things
and the police won't say anything.
I haven't seen my sister for a while,
I need to meet people who knew her.
She told me
she knew Mr. Rebeyrol so
I understand but I didn't know
your sister for long.
I was hired just before the war.
She was the lady's seamstress.
Thank you.
In July '14, she was fired.
- What happened?
- I don't know.
Excuse me,
but I have to do my shopping.
- Good morning!
- Good morning.
We can meet somewhere else
if you want.
Tomorrow night, I'm off.
I'm going to the Ursulines ball.
Thank you.
All right.
But let me carry your basket.
My sister was a good seamstress.
I can't believe she was fired.
I don't think
it was because of her work.
- Because of what?
- Wait a second.
- Good morning.
- Hello. Some Brie, please.
- Some Brie. Well done?
- Well done.
- Let's say that much?
- Perfect.
- Is that it?
- No, some goat cheese too.
You should give up coffee, Charles.
It's not good for you.
I'm delivering a speech for
the National Block this afternoon.
In front of Maurice Barrès.
Really? I forgot.
You forgot? Thanks a lot.
It's very important to me
to get my party's support.
With all the money you gave them,
it would be the last straw.
Wouldn't it?
If I win this election,
our life will change, my dear.
You'll have a role,
you'll be in the public eye.
Let's see this surprise.
What's this horrible thing?
Just my origins
that the artist perceived.
Yes, I have black blood,
through my mother.
As it's not visible,
I never mentioned it.
Is that a problem?
I hope you're not planning
to show this thing
to your relations!
If people knew
Don't worry,
I'll put it in my boudoir.
I wouldn't ruin
your political ambitions.
You should take it more seriously,
if I'm elected.
I have no doubt about that
and I'll know how to play my part.
But don't expect me
to give up my freedom.
What do you mean exactly?
To you art is a merchandise.
But I appreciate
this painter's talent.
I want to help getting him famous.
Tell my driver to go and pick up
Valbonne in Falguière.
And to bring him back this time.
You should go and rehearse
your speech, dear.
What are you doing here?
Are you nuts?
About last night
What I said I didn't think that.
I know, Antoine.
But sometimes, you
It's not the right place for this.
I know, I'm late.
But you won't regret it, you'll see.
Last night, I was given a list
of drivers with their bosses' names.
And I have a suspect that fits
Céleste's janitor's description.
So you have a lead, Kerlac?
Who is the guy?
Rebeyrol, the Minister.
A friend of the great Clémenceau.
You've lost your mind, young man.
A janitor's gossip
won't incriminate a man like him.
I know, Chief.
So I questioned one of his maids.
- Who gave you the authorization?
- Nobody. Kerlac just did his job.
Céleste was a seamstress
for the Rebeyrols.
Summer 1914,
she was fired by Mrs. Rebeyrol
because she had an affair
with the Minister.
So what? Water under the bridge.
Except that after his wife's death
in January this year,
the Minister saw Céleste again.
One night, he brought her back
and was very angry.
Hearsay, again?
The maid heard him shouting at her
and Céleste left crying.
Plus the quarrel
described by the janitor
Slow down, we're talking about
a State Minister,
a future president.
I need a bit more than that.
Céleste had an appointment with
a painter the day she disappeared.
So for now, do a raid in Falguière.
- Why Falguière?
- It's a den full of foreigners,
drunkards and junkies
doing crazy paintings,
with some poor girls who'd do
anything for a bit of money.
Just like Céleste.
Did you hear the chief? Let's go.
The guy we're looking for has money!
In Falguière, they're all broke.
We should concentrate on Rebeyrol.
You should be happy Pardieu
didn't give you a warning. Shut up.
It's been 48 hours, it's not normal.
I want to see a detective!
A girl paid to pose nude!
She stood you up, that's it!
You can't bother a detective
with that. Move!
This person has disappeared.
It's unacceptable!
Your friend is a model, isn't she?
My name is Fujita.
I'm Japanese.
I've been living in Paris
for six years.
Margaux is my favorite model.
She's a bit more than that,
isn't she?
Otherwise you wouldn't be
that worried about her.
I set her up at my studio,
out of discretion. I'm married.
And the painter she was supposed
to pose nude for,
do you know him?
I just know that she met him
at a ball, near the Ursulines.
Did he offer her a lot more
than the usual fee?
Yes. Margaux loves money.
She would have never left
without her savings.
Would you have a portrait
of your friend?
I found this picture with her things.
- Look, the wallpaper looks the same.
- Yes.
Like Céleste's picture.
If the killer chose women
who look alike,
he'll probably give them
the same treatment.
We may find her alive.
Given what Céleste went through,
I wouldn't say that.
I was right, it's the same wallpaper.
Ketoff double-crossed us.
How does he know that?
"The inquiry about Céleste Dumont
is making no headway
as we learn from a reliable source
that she appeared in porn movies
circulating on the black market
in brothels
and some posh Parisian salons."
What's that all about?
Nobody knew here?
Ketoff goes out a lot at night.
He often goes to Le Chabanais.
where porn movies circulate."
That would be it?
OK, then. You'll both go have a look.
Her name is Margaux.
She poses for painters.
She vanished two days ago.
Get moving and check all the missing
women cases of the last two years.
- Do think there might be others?
- I hope I'm wrong.
For once, I have to congratulate
Antoine Kerlac.
Thanks to him, we made a connection
between Céleste and Margaux.
So let's forget Falguière.
We're no longer looking for a painter
nor a rich lover,
but a guy who takes pictures.
Or according to Ketoff,
maybe even movies.
But Chief, the photographer may just
tout for models for a rich man.
Enough, Kerlac. Don't waste our time.
But if Margaux is alive
and Rebeyrol
One word and you're out.
About the American woman,
Jenny Meyer.
She's back from London
and had a party last night.
The upper crust.
We'll question her,
but with her connections,
I'll need a letter of request.
OK get to work.
Because our Bloc National
intends to make Germany pay
so that France may rise again
and become the most powerful nation
in Europe forever!
You have our full support
to run for Congress,
if we win the presidential election
of course.
Thank you.
I didn't thank you.
Thank you, Mr. Vandel.
You'll report without twisting
my words, I hope.
You were eloquent enough,
I won't need to.
Keep an eye on this guy
and what he writes about us.
Very well.
Rebeyrol and his gang
are dangerous and irresponsible.
Profiteers who never have enough!
If we let them strangle Germany,
we're heading for a new war.
Aren't you painting a bleak picture?
Open your eyes!
Some Germans want revenge
and to restore the great Reich.
They just kicked out their Emperor.
The Republic is young.
They're putting down Socialists.
You'll see, if there's a new war,
the same poor lads
will be cannon fodder.
I need your green light
before it goes to print.
- Who's this girl?
- Pretty, huh?
She was with a nurse I know
at La Rotonde.
She has a strong personality
and her name is Louise.
- When did you draw this?
- The date is at the back.
7th June 1919.
That's a police sketch
of the killer of Henri Berger,
who was found murdered at his house.
She hung herself
after confessing her crime.
So what?
So what?
Don't you see a resemblance?
Even the jacket is the same
as the one Raymond drew.
- A blue jacket, witnesses said.
- Louise's jacket was blue too.
The police found the jacket stained
with Berger's blood at her feet.
This girl came out of the jail
the morning of the murder.
- Raymond drew this the day before.
- Shit!
So Louise is Berger's real murderer?
Suicide girl took the rap.
The official version is a fake.
Mm. It confirms your doubts
about Berger's murder.
- It's not a louts' revenge.
- It smells like a set up.
And if the Crime Squad
bought it so easily,
it means they have accomplices
within, or even higher up.
I have to talk to that Louise.
I'll have to find
her nurse friend first.
I hope you like the place
and that it will inspire you to work.
What inspires me
is the subject I choose to paint.
And today, it's you.
I'm glad.
My portrait is beautiful but
I promised my husband not to show it.
Thanks for painting a second one.
I want to get your talent admired.
I'm very grateful for that.
Don't doubt about yourself, Valbonne.
Trust me.
One day you'll be at the top.
It's perfect.
Too perfect.
I won't be able to paint here.
If you work better in chaos,
make yourself at home.
If you make a mess
it doesn't matter at all!
Very well.
Take off this dress.
Cover yourself with this.
Nice to meet you.
Nice to meet you.
We have some questions
about Céleste Dumont.
She used to work for me
and we became friends.
But one day she disappeared
without saying good bye.
I was angry at her.
Poor darling, if only I had known.
- Did you know she was appearing in
- Porn movies?
I read the newspapers.
But no, I didn't know.
It might be linked to her death,
so if you remember anything
You should ask the journalist
who wrote the article.
Some of your friends may have seen
Céleste at other parties here.
My friends are high-ranking people
who would be very upset to learn
that I'm being disturbed Captain.
He could push her more,
he has a letter of request after all.
- He doesn't, the judge refused.
- He came anyway?
Good bye, Madam.
That will be it
for now.
Stop moving, please.
I'm tired, Valbonne.
I'm going nowhere!
I'm doing shit!
I knew I couldn't paint here!
It will be OK.
You just have to find your bearings.
Get to grips with this place.
Feel free.
Maybe you should rest
for a few hours.
You can't understand.
I think I can.
Kerlac, your fiancée is here for you.
- Good evening.
- Lydia, everything OK?
Yes, everything OK.
I have a new position,
I don't do nights anymore.
I thought we could celebrate
Too bad, I'm working tonight.
It doesn't matter. I'll go.
No way.
Come, we'll celebrate your promotion.
It must be hard to work
with disfigured veterans.
It's hard for them. They lived
through hell in the trenches
and peace sent them to another hell.
Can you imagine horrifying
your loved ones, scaring your kids?
- But they don't scare you.
- It's my job to help them.
Shall we dance?
He hates it.
- Good evening.
- Good evening.
Do you know them?
Yes, her.
She used to come here often.
We haven't seen her for a while.
- When was it?
- Oh well
She loved dancing. With anybody.
Even disfigured war veterans.
And did you notice anyone
in particular that night?
Yes, a war veteran actually.
I've seen him here often,
always sitting at the same place.
That guy over there.
The one who's leaving.
It's been a while I haven't had
such a good time.
And your wedding with Kerlac,
when is that going to happen?
You're talking like my father.
Max! What are you doing?
I had a suspect but he took off.
- Why a suspect?
- He danced with Céleste at Carnival
and when he saw me, he left.
He was scared of you?
- If he knew
- Knew what?
Nothing, she drank too much.
Get your coat, we'll take you home.
Very nice car!
What did you do with Max,
are you crazy?
You're not jealous, are you?
You nearly blew my cover. Don't drink
if you can't control yourself.
For once that I have fun!
You have fun every night
while I'm with broken war veterans.
Did you ask me to play your fiancée?
You didn't.
Sorry for dancing with Lydia.
We were there for work
and she's your fiancée.
You're lucky, she's a great girl.
I know.
We can go to Le Chabanais
without you.
No, certainly not.
The show is over, gentlemen.
My friends!
It's OK, girls and champagne
are waiting for you in the lounge.
It's on the house.
Get the reels,
I'll deal with the boss.
What are you doing, Detective?
Do you want to ruin my reputation?
I'm interested in the movies, Marthe.
Who gave them to you?
I don't know, some kids bring them.
Never the same.
They don't know what it is.
- And who sells them?
- I never saw him.
He phoned me a year ago
and set a price per reel.
- One every few weeks.
- When was the last one?
Last Tuesday.
- I really want to help you.
- You can.
I was thinking of the projector.
Can you lend it to us?
- Hurry, I don't have all night.
- I'm done.
So you like paying for love too?
Marthe rents me a cheap room.
I like this place.
You saw Céleste's movie here.
- Did you like it?
- You're a moralist too?
Marthe used to work for my parents.
They fled pogroms in Russia.
I was nine when we went to New York.
This is my home.
- I didn't ask anything.
- Really?
Can you tell me who supplied
the porn movies?
I can. But first tell me about
the Vietnamese driver's boss.
I have a suspect.
A bigwig.
Pardieu doesn't take me seriously.
It's the first time we see you here.
- I'm on duty.
- So what?
Kerlac, we won't tell your fiancée.
Leave the kid alone! You're a drag.
Guys, let's go!
You seem to be friends with Ketoff.
He told you about the movies,
didn't he?
So you had to show him
Céleste's picture.
Will you tell Pardieu?
Everybody can make mistakes.
Like me earlier at the ball.
I can't sleep.
I don't know what went into me.
Are you angry at me?
No, Lydia!
I'm sorry.
I didn't ask you if you wanted to be
my fiancée.
- Max doesn't suspect anything?
- No.
And I think he likes you.
Go to sleep.
We have a chance to find her alive.
We have to act fast.
Kerlac and Max saw a disfigured vet
last night at the Ursulines ball.
It's a good lead. We have to go back.
Why is Kerlac watching the movies?
We'd like to get an eyeful too.
Because Kerlac won't get distracted.
And in the corridor,
we have all the models we summoned
who'll tell you whom they posed for
and where.
I'm going.
- We're not at your disposal!
- Please be patient.
- Be patient.
- Calm down.
We've been waiting for hours!
- So?
- I've seen about twenty.
Average duration,
six to seven minutes.
Most were shot in the same setting
as Céleste and Margaux's pictures.
Same wallpaper.
Apart from that, I saw two films
with Céleste and four with Margaux.
I can show you.
Apart from these two,
I noticed about 15 girls,
including five blondes.
Here, Amélie Curzon
and Yvonne Dailly.
Two young widowed mothers
posing nude for painters.
They both disappeared in 1918,
one in the spring,
the other one in November.
It rings a bell.
Yes, I have them.
Wait, I'll find them.
Four victims in 16 months.
And the first girl disappeared
during the war.
He was demobilized
before the Armistice.
An injured soldier maybe?
The disfigured vet at the ball.
Or a pen-pusher,
attacking these women while
their men were getting slaughtered.
He might have started earlier.
We'll have to check.
- So, Amélie and Yvonne?
- There.
You see?
I could have killed you last night,
and judges would have supported me.
But you didn't.
Because you would have lost
And you know it.
No need to remind me
that I own nothing here.
Should I mention
that you were nobody in Paris?
A province girl with no manners,
dreaming of meeting artists.
I gave you my name and my position!
What do I get in exchange?
Come on, Charles.
As long as we're married,
and I'm alive,
you're financing
your political ambitions
and you're keeping your whores.
Isn't that enough?
Is that a threat?
Let's call it a booster shot.
I met him at the Ursulines ball.
A disfigured veteran, with a mask.
Very nice. And he paid very well.
- How much?
- 30 francs for two hours.
- He drove me to his studio.
- Where was it?
I don't know.
He drove fast and it was at night.
I think it was in the South suburbs,
near the Fort de Bicêtre.
A kind of warehouse.
I never saw this maniac,
I can't help you.
But I wish I could.
Céleste was a good girl.
And brave.
A good girl, fucking
in front of a camera for money.
Your friend was a slut.
What do you know about that?
What do you know?
About what we have to do to survive.
When you have kids, no man
and no work, what do you do?
I've been working since I was eight.
My mother couldn't feed me,
she had to send me away.
I worked hard for peanuts,
with hits and wandering hands!
So I decided never to depend
on anyone.
And yes, I use men
to be a free woman.
Céleste dreamed of America
and she paid a high price.
So I tell you what's easy:
To trap women nobody cares about.
- Starting with you.
- My advice is be careful.
I'm a tough nut.
I need your address for the report.
I just moved in
with my friend Man Ray.
9 Ambre Street.
Miss! It's serious, you know.
This guy is really vicious.
I know you, don't I?
Kerlac! Telephone.
Let me ask.
There's a leak at home,
Lydia can't handle it.
Go. But tonight,
we have a raid at the Ursulines.
Meet us here at 7 pm.
I'm coming. Thanks, Max.
See you later.
- Did you come alone?
- Yes. Where is he?
- Ivo Bartoli.
- He's the supplier of porn films?
No, he's just a delivery boy.
He may lead us to the photographer.
Than I'll have to tell my colleagues.
No problem. I'll have my scoop.
- It was your father's signet ring?
- No.
A friend
who had bad luck during the war.
Any news about Rebeyrol?
He was abroad
when Céleste went missing.
It doesn't prove anything.
He's rich, he can pay cronies.
No, I don't like him
but that doesn't make him a murderer.
Let's go.
- Are you okay?
- Yeah.
Shit, we lost him.
Yeah, we lost him.
- Thank you, I could have been killed.
- No worries.
I'm on duty, I have to go.
Let's keep in touch.
- What about the leak?
- What?
- Yeah, it's OK.
- Hey, wake up. Let's go.
What are you up to? I never see you.
Coco, good evening.
I'm working, darling, like you.
Let me introduce you to my friends,
Mrs. Suzanne Vandel
and Valbonne, her protégé.
A very promising painter.
You are so right to help artists.
Valbonne is very talented,
you'll soon hear about him.
I have no doubts
about your expertise, my dear.
See you later, then.
In fact this Coco Chanel
is just a kept woman who made
a name for herself in clothes.
Suzanne, having a name in Paris
is all that matters.
It doesn't matter how,
people soon forget where you're from.
Be a darling, Valbonne, I'm famished.
Tell Suzanne I'm not her puppet.
- I don't like the way she flaunts me.
- She wants to build your reputation.
Hi Valbonne,
how is the lady's lapdog?
Soutine, stop!
She appreciates his talent.
If she was interested in you,
you'd sit pretty.
Never! I don't want to lose my soul.
But I already lost it,
in the trenches.
Who are you?
What what do you want?
Please, don't hurt me!
I won't say anything, I swear!
What will you do to me?
What will you do to me?
What's happening?
The police chief wants to see us.
What did you do?
Let's go.
Pardieu, the Minister discovered
that Kerlac was investigating him
using unspeakable methods.
You harassed one of his employees
pretending you were
the late Céleste Dumont's father.
Céleste Dumont didn't have an affair
with me, but with my son.
A romantic,
who promised to marry her.
He was killed in action
as soon as fall 1914.
My wife never recovered
and died brokenhearted.
I met Céleste again by chance,
I knew she had a child
who was in foster care.
I went to see him.
The spitting image of my son.
I wanted to adopt him,
but Céleste refused.
Then I saw her in a porn film
and I pressured her.
A few days later, she vanished.
I took the child, my eldest daughter
helps me raise him.
I never hurt Céleste and I have
nothing to do with her death.
Please see Detective Kerlac out.
M. Minister, I'm deeply sorry
for the inconvenience.
Rest assured that I don't support
Detective Kerlac's initiatives.
- But I wonder
- No harm done.
M. Kerlac has no place
in the police force. He's a hotspur.
Like his father.
Hello, do you remember me?
The cartoonist.
I'm looking for your friend Louise.
Ah she went to live
in the colonies three weeks ago.
What do you want with her?
I would have liked to see her again.
Sorry to bother you.
No worries.
Of course. If the girl killed Berger,
she must have run away.
Maybe. But did you see her face?
She was scared.
Insubordination, fake reports,
witness tampering
and so on.
No more field work for you.
You'll learn life and think
of your future at the office.
Go home and tomorrow,
Émile will give you your assignment.
Kerlac, this is from a photo shop
in Vaugirard.
I've just learnt what happened.
I'm sorry for you.
If I can be of help
List of persons who bought
a Kodak Vest Pocket
Man Ray.
I'm here for you.
You're welcome.
Where is Kiki? Kiki!
- Kiki?
- What's wrong?
- Come, it's not safe here.
- What?
Trust me, he's dangerous.
Who, Man?
- He wouldn't hurt a fly!
- That's what Céleste thought.
The killer is a photographer,
Man Ray has the same camera.
A Kodak Vest Pocket.
Do you hear that? You're a killer
because you have a Kodak Vest
I sold it last year, I needed cash.
Who told you about
the Kodak Vest Pocket?
I'm sorry
Who told you to be wary
of photographers?
I'm talking to you! Who
Excuse me.
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