La Garconne (2020) s01e04 Episode Script

Episode 4

- Lydia, are you here?
- Yes, what's wrong?
I ran into Ketoff.
He saw Etienne's ring,
I'm sure he recognized it.
- Recognized?
- He noticed it yesterday.
We were following a lout.
He thought it was dad's.
You told him about Etienne?
Yes no, I mentioned a dead friend.
Do you think he could denounce you?
He's a journalist. These people
would do anything for a good article.
Coffee, please.
Investigating on a minister
he didn't do things by half.
Yes, but we're losing
a darn good detective.
Kerlac is off the case now?
What did he do?
None of you business.
So he was fired.
He must have hit rock bottom.
With his nurse,
he should make the most of it.
Kerlac is with a nurse
Naked under her uniform, I hope.
Don't talk about Miss Lydia
like this.
She's his fiancée.
She looks after my husband in Cochin.
- She's a nice girl.
- Cochin?
She's second to none
when it comes to helping people.
Hey, don't you have an article
to finish?
Don't you have a killer to arrest?
Cheers, guys.
Always running late on you deadline,
Young Kerlac goes out with the nurse
from Cochin, Louise's girlfriend.
He fooled me, with his pretty face.
Are you sure?
It's like Gisèle, why didn't she
tell me they were close?
- Who's Gisèle?
- Céleste's girlfriend.
The girl they found
in the Seine river.
Gisèle has Kerlac's signet ring
and he tells her everything.
Even the info I give him,
like the Kodak Vest Pocket.
Didn't you question her?
She's always running from me,
as if she was scared of me.
She's right,
you're danger for a woman.
- Is she pretty? Do you like her?
- That's not the question.
- What's her deal with Kerlac?
- What do you think?
She's not Kerlac's type,
there's something else.
- I know who could help me.
- Who?
Valbonne, wake up.
It's Ketoff, open up.
Open up, I know you're here.
Come on, open. I have to talk to you.
Hi, Antoine.
Unless you prefer Louise.
Or Gisèle.
Good Lord!
How did you understand?
The signet ring.
The blue jacket.
The Kodak Vest Pocket.
And your brother, I went to see him.
Did you talk to him?
I couldn't. He wasn't in a fit state.
But I saw the picture
with your father.
You were at Berger's when he died.
The cops killed him.
They saw me
and tried to eliminate me.
And you went into hiding
taking on your brother's identity.
Well done.
It's clever.
In a way, Gisèle
is your own informer.
What are going to do
with all that info?
My life is at stake.
You can't write an article about it.
I don't intend to put you at risk.
I can help you.
Why would you?
Because we're a good team.
I want to be with you
till the end of that story.
You shouldn't have dumped Vandel.
She didn't like it.
Fine! She treats me like a minion.
Forget about that. Move on.
Don't worry about others.
- I want her to respect me.
- She respects your talent.
Trust yourself.
Let your work get known.
It's the only thing people
will remember in the end.
- The end? I don't care about it!
- Listen to me!
You want to reach the top?
Then only think about that!
About your painting.
Vandel has the means to help you.
That's all she wants.
It's your opportunity, use it!
And stop drinking when you feel bad.
I can party a little, damn it!
Yes, you can. But look at me.
I'm 36, I had a lot of fun
and I'm fucked.
I haven't even done half
of what I dreamed of doing.
Believe me, women, passion,
booze, drugs
they restrain you, they shackle you.
Ciao, bello.
Can you help me, please?
Whose signet ring was it, in the end?
He crashed in his plane in early '18.
- I really have to go.
- Wait. Look.
I found this at your brother's.
Hidden in your family album.
It looks like a crime scene.
A suicide.
You found it at my brother's?
These two guys killed Berger.
His name was Léon Bonin.
He was watching me.
He died in a car crash.
Him, I don't know. And we have
to know who this woman is.
Can I keep it?
If we manage to identify
this church in the reflection,
we may learn where she lived.
We're working together.
Max isn't here?
I was at the chief's office.
He gave me an earful.
We need results or we'll end up
on the sideline like Kerlac.
With his obsession on the minister
It's not just that.
Margaux has been missing for a week
and we have made no progress.
Newspapers play on fear
to sell more
and this morning in Congress,
the opposition attacked us
in front of the minister.
I have a list of all disfigured vets
in and around Paris.
The worst ones, with a mask.
They're nearly 3,000!
I asked for backup. If need be,
we'll check them all, got it?
Apart from that, we have three leads.
The first one, Bartoli.
The delivery boy for porn films.
- Max won't be long with that.
- Good, I give him 24 hours.
The second lead
is the photographer's studio.
We're combing the South suburbs
between Ivry and Pont de Sèvres,
in a 3 km radius.
We have two teams.
And Kodak camera owners?
Kerlac was on it, who took over?
Me. I saw all the owners
of Vest Pocket in Paris.
Two cameras are missing.
One was declared stolen last year.
- The other belongs to Jenny Meyer.
- You don't say.
She said she gave it to a friend who
went to Brazil. Impossible to check.
She's getting on my nerves.
Search her relations.
Sorry, chief. My informer
kept me waiting but it was worth it.
I know where Bartoli lives.
At last! Are you OK?
This way.
I thought you would call in sick.
- I almost did.
- Things will calm down.
Here is your office.
The people waiting outside
were called in
to testify in different cases.
You type up their statement.
Reports, so that you know
what it's about.
And there's some filing to do,
if you have time.
Thanks, Emile.
Good luck!
Who's tun is it?
May I?
Please do. What's the matter?
- Where did you find it?
- In my father's things.
These two guys are Berger's killers.
And the woman is the one
you told me about, isn't she?
She wanted to give my father
a file about her son.
- He seemed to know her well.
- When was it?
Last year, early October.
- I have to go back.
- Wait.
Don't meddle in that story.
I have high up people for that.
- Let me deal with it.
- I'm not alone.
So he knows about you?
- We're learning to know each other.
- That doesn't reassure me.
He's a risk taker
with no sense of danger.
Don't do anything
without telling me.
I need to know why my father died.
So, any news?
We located Bartoli, the delivery boy.
But the killer was first.
Oh shit! What about Margaux?
Still nothing?
It's been a week. She's dead.
What do you know?
He's a madman, he has no limit.
And we're thinking instead of acting!
- Do you imagine her fear? I do!
- Enough, Kerlac!
We're doing our best.
Calm down or I'll report you!
Chief, the killer is in Paris.
Margaux is holding him here.
Please let me look for her.
What a shame not to have you.
You shouldn't even be here.
So do us a favor, lay low. OK?
Talk to Bartoli's relations. They may
have info on the photographer.
- For you.
- I'm coming.
Yes. Dr. Paul confirmed
about the woman.
The photos are from October
last year.
What is it?
Turn round.
You see the reflection
in this window?
It's this church.
Which means the picture
was taken from there.
Stop or I'll kiss you
in front of everybody.
Are you looking for someone?
- Hello.
- Hello.
Yes, we're looking for a woman
who used to live here.
She died in October 1918
in this courtyard.
She had lost her son.
Certainly a lot of people are asking
about this poor Mrs Tissier.
Tissier, you're saying?
Who were these people?
At least three guys came.
Asking what she did,
who she saw.
- Have you seen this man?
- The cop? Yes.
He didn't know she was dead,
he was very upset.
He came back twice
to ask everybody about her.
- What did you say?
- The truth.
This poor Mrs. Tissier
couldn't get over her kid's death.
She asked everywhere
about what happened.
And who were the others?
The last ones were two nasty guys.
These two?
- You know them all.
- They're colleagues in a way.
Let me see that picture.
Mr. Armand took this one.
He lives here, on the third floor.
Just underneath her bedroom.
Thanks a lot for your help.
What happened
to Marguerite Tissier's belongings?
I sent them to her home,
at the Beaumont Castle in Touraine.
A castle?
She was on leave but she used to work
as a housekeeper there.
- She lived there with her sister.
- Thank you.
Beaumont Castle.
I used to go there in the summer
with my parents.
A friend of my mother's
had married an aristocrat.
Every summer,
she invited us to her castle.
Marguerite Tissier
was the housekeeper.
She was already working
with her sister Lucie.
She loved my parents.
She went to your father because
he was the only cop she trusted.
- I'll pay next month.
- We're not here for that.
You say that
and then you take my cameras.
No, we just want to know
if you took these pictures.
Leave me alone,
I don't know anything.
We're friends
of Marguerite Tissier's.
I have nothing to say. I don't know
why I took those pictures.
- You gave them to Chief Kerlac.
- And he was killed too.
Killed like Mrs. Tissier, you mean?
I don't want to have troubles.
You lived below her room.
Did you see or hear anything?
Yes footsteps.
And people talking before and after
she fell off the window.
That's it.
My poor sister lost her only son,
Augustin, in August 1917.
She was shattered.
Months later,
she received his last letter.
It was a terrible letter.
He accused the general staff
of poisoning thousands of them
with rotten meat.
I never heard of that.
They said it was the cholera.
But Augustin had a cook friend
who told him
they delivered spoiled meat
and forced them
to feed it to the soldiers.
Do you know who this cook is?
Of course, Jules Ribot.
He started as a kitchen hand here.
Then he went to Paris
and worked for restaurants.
Now he works there.
- My sister went to see him.
- She wanted some proof?
To condemn these murderers.
These pen-pushers
who lined their pockets
while our kids were dying.
Did she find any names?
I don't think so.
In her last letter,
she said she was about to know
who sold the preserves to the army.
But she didn't leave anything.
Marguerite Tissier
was about to reveal a scandal.
The seller of the preserves must have
greased the palm of the Army's buyer.
Several civil servants
must have been corrupted.
And they killed all the people
threatening them.
I may have an idea to identify
whoever signed the purchase order.
What's your idea?
It's better if you don't know.
There are three dead.
Come on! Tell me.
I will use dodgy means.
I'd rather not involve you if I fail.
I was eight years old
the last time I slept in this castle.
The four of us with Mom.
Antoine spent his time
drawing over there with her.
Dad was jealous so he was going
fishing or cycling with me.
I was so proud.
She died shortly after that?
Everything changed after that.
Antoine and I stayed stuck together,
left to our own devices.
Until my father decided to make him
become a man and war started.
Thank you for your contribution
in my research, dear friend.
It's an honor to help you, Professor.
To allow these poor soldiers to live
with dignity is my sole ambition,
my obsession even.
Professor, I have a friend
who was disfigured in Verdun.
Only you could give him a face
and a taste for life.
Of course, I'll see him.
- Good bye.
- Good bye, thanks.
Chassagne agreed to see you.
He works miracles.
You'll get a new face.
I stopped believing in miracles
a while ago.
Trust me.
And no more photos, OK?
The police is on alert.
- They mustn't trace it back to you.
- Or you.
Don't worry.
It won't happen, I have stopped.
Where have you been? I was worried.
At Beaumont castle.
- A romantic getaway?
- No Marguerite Tissier.
The castle's housekeeper. It was her
who went to see my father last year.
I'll tell you, but first,
any news about Margaux?
Nothing. Or next to nothing.
They think she's dead.
The killer is cautious, he stays put.
But I have clues about where
Céleste was held.
- Tell me.
- Traces of Berchères limestone.
A stone often used
in religious buildings.
Céleste ran in a forest near a chapel
or an old monastery.
Great. We just have
to narrow it down a bit.
Mr. Launay, I'll be a minute.
I'd like some info.
I'm bound by professional secrecy,
you know that.
- You'll make an exception for me.
- That's wishful thinking.
What about Mrs. Marthe's house?
Little Inès. See who I mean?
I want to know who supplied
meat preserves to the 13th regiment
in July and August 1917.
What would they say at the Ministry
if they knew you need
a good spanking to get it hard?
Stop moving, you lost the pose!
- I'm wasting my time with you.
- You're getting on my tits.
And it's freezing here. I'm off.
That's right, get lost.
I don't need you.
Stop it! What are you doing?
Stop! You're mad!
Put what's left in my studio,
I'll deal with him.
- Calm down.
- Let me go!
Let me go!
Breathe. Breathe. Calm down.
It's your nerves.
It'll pass. It's just a rough patch.
- I'm just doing shit.
- The shit is in your veins.
You're lucky to be alive.
- Lucky?
- Yes, lucky.
Think of those who had dreams,
ambitions, projects
and are rotting in the ground.
Stop complaining. Work!
I'd like to see Mrs Vandel.
Tell her it's Valbonne.
I just want to see Mrs. Vandel.
- Somebody left this note for you.
- Who?
He didn't say his name,
but he didn't look well.
Thanks, Emile.
- You're crazy to come here.
- Help me.
I need morphine now or I'll die.
How could I find it here?!
Why did you come here, Antoine?
I'm done in. I owe too much money
to the dealers.
You're putting me at risk. Shit!
If you do nothing, I'll die.
If you keep on like this, you'll die.
Stop it! Stop it.
You're all I have left, Louise.
We swore we'd always be there
for each other.
It will be OK.
Shh it will be alright.
So? The castle in Touraine? Ketoff?
How was it?
Antoine is waiting outside,
he has a crisis.
No way. I won't give you
any morphine.
It's important, Lydia.
Otherwise, I wouldn't ask.
I'm risking my job, my life.
Lydia, would you come a second?
Close that cupboard immediately.
We danced till dawn and it was magic.
Stay here.
You seem tense.
- All good with your fiancé?
- Yes.
He's working a lot at the moment,
I don't see him enough.
We'll have to order disinfectant,
there's only one bottle left.
First, tell me everything you know
about the porn movies guy.
Where you met him, which way he took
to his studio, everything.
Answer me or I break them.
I was high, I don't remember.
Give them to me.
I have to find that guy,
we must question him.
I know your shitty police!
This guy didn't do anything.
He has suffered enough!
You know him?
He's a monster, a maniac!
You're pissing me off! Give me that.
Open the door, please.
We have to talk.
Lydia, I'm sorry.
I didn't have a choice.
Open up, please.
You did have a choice.
You could have sent him to detox.
But you chose the easy option.
- It was really urgent.
- Did you think about me?
What am I?
Stupid Lydia, I can ask her anything!
You crossed the line!
I'm fed up, it's over.
Don't even start!
- Hello?
- I'd like to talk to Roman Ketoff.
Yes, who's calling?
Detective Kerlac.
He's out.
Do you know when he'll be back?
No, he had an emergency
with his fiancée.
His fiancée
What's going on?
Maybe she already regrets
kicking you out.
I don't think so. It's over,
and it's for the best.
I'd fight if I were you.
You don't meet a woman like her
- She's free, please do.
- Are you serious?
- Don't play that game with me.
- If I say so.
Hurry, it would be dumb
if someone beat you to it.
You really are a strange guy.
I leave it here.
I heard you sleep at the office now.
What's wrong?
News travel fast.
You know Emile
Lydia kicked me out
because of my brother.
Is that the matter?
It will get better.
Did you know Ketoff had a fiancée?
Ah, that's it.
Seems that you're really smitten.
You know him, he's not the kind
of guy you get your hooks into.
I know, but I just want respect.
If he's engaged, he should tell me.
Explain it to him, he'll understand.
Do you have a place in sight?
You won't sleep at the office.
I'll talk to my wife.
- So? Everything OK?
- Yes. Fake alert.
A cop called for you last night.
What did you say?
That you were with your fiancée.
I shouldn't have?
Sorry, Detective Kerlac
is with some witnesses.
Can you take a message?
Yes, of course.
What is it about?
It's private, I'm a friend.
- It's not what you think.
- It's not what you think.
- I'll be at La Rotonde tonight.
- I'll be at La Rotonde tonight.
- I'll wait for you. Come.
- I'll wait for you. Come.
Thank you.
Very well. I'll pass the message.
One of your friends
left you a message.
I understood, you know.
What I am doesn't bother you,
but I'm not your type.
Emile, it's more complicated
than that.
I'm coming.
Do you understand?
I talked to my wife,
I'm taking you home.
That's really nice of you.
I'll come tomorrow because I have
something to do tonight.
I see.
Thank you.
There you go! Nasdrovia!
Gentlemen, this is Antoine Kerlac.
Sasha, Nikolai, Joseph Kessel,
"Jeff" for friends.
Roman's friends are my friends.
Sit down here.
A drink?
Oh yeah
Slow down a bit.
What? Let him be.
I like your friend.
I had a Jewish nanny
from Lithuania. Asha.
She used to sing it to me
when I was a kid.
Come, I have to talk to you.
And your fiancée, is she OK?
No, she's not.
She's in been a hospital
since the beginning of the war.
She's terminally ill.
I'm sorry for her.
You're cheating on her in her state?
There's been nothing between us
since well before she got sick.
Sophie and I got engaged very young.
Too young.
Two years ago, she was diagnosed.
She only has me, so I decided
to take care of her, until the end.
Last night the doctor called
saying she was very poorly.
Why didn't you tell me?
I sent you a message at Lydia's.
Didn't you get it?
I'll keep on visiting her
from time to time.
It has nothing to do with us.
Come on.
Sorry, gentlemen,
but I'm done playing poker tonight.
Good night and see you soon.
Come on, music!
I was cleaning the windows yesterday.
I live by the Seine,
in front of Boulogne.
Through the window,
I saw two guys fighting with knives
on the building site.
Right opposite. The shortest one
got stabbed in the belly.
He fell in the river and sunk.
The other one took off.
You live opposite the building site?
How could you see a guy fall
in the river? It's very wide there.
I'm in the middle,
on the St Germain island.
The island
An island a building site
No, the St Germain island
is on the West side.
Yes, wait, wait
Emile, can you get me the number
of the Créteil town hall?
Doctor, I just understood.
He's keeping her on an island!
Céleste threw herself in the water
to escape.
It's possible.
- And the cement in her lungs?
- A building site. I just checked.
There was one at the time,
in Créteil.
Now it's finished.
We have to find an island,
with clayey yellow sand.
A forest nearby and a building site.
Of course!
The residue on Céleste's feet.
Yes! I'll look for that near Créteil.
Not alone, it's dangerous.
Rigor mortis, nearly total.
- Death occurred a few hours ago.
- Bastard! We could have got him.
You've made key progress.
You're back on the investigation,
but no initiative, OK?
So who's the owner
of this property?
The abbey was bought three years ago
by a woman who never sets foot here.
Jenny Meyer.
watch the alley behind the house.
- But chief
- Do as I say.
The others, come with me.
Stop! Stop or I'll fire!
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