La Garconne (2020) s01e05 Episode Script

Episode 5

I told him to come in.
He won't leave the cab
without having spoken.
What's happening, Antoine?
I'm done, Suzanne
I need help.
Good thing you came here.
I'll take care of you. Come.
What about your husband?
What about him?
Last time, he
He asked his driver to beat me up.
It won't happen again,
I promise. Come in.
This person rang ten minutes
before you arrived.
I sent him away.
Can you describe him?
Yes. He was young and very impatient.
The killer must have been
in the winter garden with her.
She wanted to leave,
so he took this pruner,
he caught her
and he hit her.
She didn't defend herself.
She knew or trusted her attacker.
She became dangerous.
He killed her to silence her.
Before we arrived,
a young man asked for Jenny,
on behalf of a man named Serge.
The butler said he seemed lost.
Maybe a painter,
given his stained clothes.
Jenny was busy
so the butler sent him away.
He must have gone around
by the garden.
He's the one
you must have seen escaping.
Wait, there's more.
The guy named Serge,
who recommended the painter,
he's facially disfigured.
Jenny Meyer took him to Cochin
two days ago
to meet with a surgeon.
The driver is positive.
He heard them in the car.
Jenny wanted him
to have surgery on his face.
On the way back,
before dropping him off in Denfert,
she made him promise
to stop photography.
Why would he kill her?
She wanted to give him his face back.
He didn't kill Jenny, Kerlac!
He's an accomplice.
The killer is the painter.
He mentioned Serge
so as to get caught?
It's ridiculous.
Boss, two more bodies
have been dug up on the island.
- Beside Margaux's.
- For God's sake.
We have to search the area.
I'll go, I just need a car.
I'll take her. I also want to see
these bodies in sit
Not a word to the press
regarding these bodies.
The reporters are here.
Let's keep them here
and work in peace.
- Dr. Paul, please!
- Gentlemen!
- Please, out of the way.
- Please!
- Gentlemen
- Please!
- A statement?
- No, thanks.
Where are you going?
- What's happening?
- Nothing at all.
What? You think I'm blind?
I have to see my brother.
- I'll meet you on the island.
- No. Tell me first.
I can't. I'll tell you later, doctor.
Stay here, Louise. I'm serious.
Hey, doc.
You could've told me Jenny Meyer died
while I'm working on your cans story!
I was busy, I'm sorry.
That's how we play it?
- Every man for himself?
- Wait.
I have to see my brother
in Falguière. Take me, please.
I'll tell you later.
Hop on.
- Hello, Lydia.
- Hello.
I'm here for work.
I have to see Prof. Chassagne.
But I was also hoping
we would meet again.
That's nice of you.
And I'd like to take you to dinner.
Why not? When?
Tonight. If you want to.
I'll pick you up at 8:00 p.m.?
You know, Prof. Chassagne isn't here.
Good, I'll have to come back.
When will he be back?
He's gone to Italy for a week,
to show them how he operates.
- What do you want with him?
- I have questions on a patient.
A broken face he'll operate.
I need his name.
If he's a private patient,
I can't help you.
But the reception desk might.
Your brother's tied to the killer,
it doesn't mean he was complicit.
- Maybe he just found her dead.
- I hope so.
If he's caught,
Berger's killers won't spare us.
He should hide
while we look for the real killer.
Wait for me here, please.
It's better if I'm alone.
What are you looking for?
I'm a friend of Valbonne.
We were supposed to meet.
You know where he went?
No. Leave him alone.
How did you get in?
I know where he hides his key.
We fought war together.
You know he hates to be disturbed
when he's not feeling well.
I know, but it's an emergency.
He's in withdrawal?
There's also a birthday
He doesn't like to talk about it.
You know whose it is?
No, not in June.
I thought you were close?
- I was wounded rapidly.
- Modi!
Where are you? Come quick!
Who was he?
An Italian working next door.
Help me get rid of everything
linking Valbonne to Kerlac.
Your brother was careful
to burn his shirt and go hide.
- Did you see your brother?
- No.
He wasn't home.
You thought you could ditch me?
I was about to warn Pardieu.
You'll come with me
and explain everything.
Leave me here, thank you.
So I'm just a taxi?
Where are you going?
Pardieu doesn't want
the press involved.
And I'm the press?
- I'll take care of myself.
- They just reinstated me!
Are you going to spit it out?
Do you think I don't know?
That's your brother you saw
leaving the house, right?
Follow me.
Where does your brother's volatility
come from?
It's because of war
and morphine at the hospital.
It can trigger impulses.
Antoine's my twin. He's part of me.
You know, Louise,
we're often wrong
about our relatives.
Listen, I know
he's not capable of murder.
Taking the place of justice?
Be careful.
Getting arrested will kill him.
Bring me a proof of his innocence.
You have 48 hours.
Who is she?
No idea.
We found her under those trees.
Blonde like the others.
She's been dead a lot longer.
Two years at least.
It rules out all the war soldiers.
Right? Doctor?
Except the ones on furlough.
What is it?
A pea coat's button.
The 33rd was the regiment of my bro
My regiment during war.
What a coincidence!
a regiment consists of 3000 men.
Anyway, you have to show
this button to Pardieu.
Take it easy.
I'll take care of everything.
My pharmacist
gave me some morphine but
then I'll only have opium.
Is it enough to relieve you?
Help me get through this.
I promised you.
Get your strength back.
And your beautiful look.
The one that updates reality.
You can become a great man.
Don't doubt it.
Trust me.
The world will celebrate your talent.
I don't want to. I can't.
- I'd rather hide in the shadows.
- Don't be afraid of the light.
- I don't want to. Not now.
- All right.
We'll talk when you're ready.
There you go.
I heard your dauber is back?
Yes, and he's staying.
Make your peace with that.
You bring your gigolo in my house
and you think
I'm going to accept that?
I'm offering him resources
to paint without contingencies.
As for the rest,
he's offering it to me voluntarily.
- I won't tolerate it, Suzanne!
- Of course you will, Charles.
And you know it.
Don't you ask your driver
to beat him up again.
Antoine will be noticed,
thanks to me.
That's all that matters in Paris.
As for our affair,
it's a bit of happiness and pleasure.
At least he has talent.
Rich American lady murdered!
Bodies of four women
found on her property!
It's in Le Petit Parisien!
Update on the situation in the east!
Who wants a newspaper?
Rich American lady murdered!
Bodies of four women
found on her property!
"A rich American lady murdered."
"Bodies of four women found
on her property on the Île au Bois."
How did he publish that
before I even heard about it?
- Who?
- Your friend Ketoff.
Don't take me for an idiot.
He obviously went there.
You told him about it?
I swear I didn't.
you're one hell of a cop
But either you obey orders
or you're fired for good. Get it?
I didn't tell him anything!
All right.
So, with Céleste,
we've got five victims so far.
He'll be able to compete with Landru.
Well tell me about the last one.
I mean, the one we just found.
When did it happen?
Long before the others.
Two years maybe.
During war?
So, our man was discharged?
Or he was on furlough.
Look what I found in his grave.
33rd infantry regiment.
That was mine.
He was a soldier,
not an officer.
Maybe you knew him.
Ketoff sold me out.
You used him, he used you.
That's fair game.
I told him to keep his mouth shut.
I thought that between us
Between you?
Right, what is it, between you two?
I know him. He won't betray you.
But that corruption story,
that's what he cares about
for his book.
What book?
He wants to expose the corruption
of the ruling classes.
He didn't tell you?
- I don't know who to trust anymore.
- Louise
I'm here.
You can trust me.
As long as you're legit.
Hurry up, Antoine!
Mom made a soufflé.
I'm really sorry, Delphine.
I've already had dinner
and I've work to do.
Can't it wait an hour?
Soufflé is mom's specialty.
Don't push it, Delphine.
Want me to end up an old maid?
Go tell your mother!
I'll show you to your room.
Thank you for the dance.
I love to dance.
It's rare to find a partner like you.
I feel like gliding.
Our steps match.
I knew it from the first dance.
But you were with Antoine.
What happened?
It's hard to explain.
I like him, he's a good man,
but we weren't right for each other.
Did it last long?
Not really. We met during the war.
Since then, it wasn't the same.
I see a lot of suffering
in the hospital, so I need someone
who like to have fun like me.
Wasn't it the case?
Not really.
I'd love to be that man, Lydia.
Where have you been?
Why did you say Man Ray was a killer?
You had smoked pot?
I had a few too many.
And a friend of mine told me
the killer was a photographer.
So when I saw Man Ray
take out his camera
- Is he mad at me?
- No.
What a laugh.
- Did he catch you up?
- Who?
He ran after you.
He has a thing for you.
Really? I haven't.
You know Valbonne?
He's a painter who owes me money.
Yes. He's not bad
but I don't like guys shooting up.
You'll find him at the Apollo.
Everybody will be there tonight.
In tribute to Jenny.
Did you see Valbonne, honey?
She's not the only one.
Ketoff is also looking for him.
Do you know why?
Not at all, and I don't care.
To Jenny,
whose loss
brings us together tonight.
To her freedom,
to her taste for avant-garde!
May this party be as crazy
and beautiful as you were.
- To Jenny!
- To Jenny!
What do you want from my brother?
You'd do anything for a good story.
- Did you think of me?
- That's all I do.
I know where your brother is.
Really? Tell me where.
You won't go near him without me.
That's what you think.
Don't be silly. I'll take you.
- Police!
- Ladies and gentlemen!
Identity check. Nobody moves!
Thank you!
Come here,
we have people to interrogate.
How do you know he's here?
He showed up destroyed at her place.
And her driver
went to get opium for him.
You're that close to Mrs. Vandel?
I'm close to her driver.
A Russian ending his nights
in the same cabaret as me.
He took her
and her husband to the opera.
Let's go?
The dogs are chained up.
The servants will be here
in 3 minutes.
You're wanted
for the murder of Jenny Meyer.
Your friends are dumb.
Why would I kill her?
Because you found the models
for the photographer
and Jenny might have talked.
I found nobody.
I only saw Jenny twice.
The last time
she was dead when I arrived.
I got scared, that's all.
I don't want them to arrest you.
You understand?
I'm safe here.
No one will look for me
in this house.
You're not safe here!
You could be convicted of murder
or taken out by dad's killers!
You're exaggerating.
Wake up, Antoine!
I can't get agitated with opium.
Otherwise, I get nauseous.
Leave me alone.
- What did you want from Jenny?
- Money!
The night I met her with Serge,
she offered to help me get off drugs.
You know I can help you.
I can help you!
Who is Serge?
Tell me and I'll leave.
I met him at the hospital,
two years ago.
He just had his face torn out.
He is an artist,
not a killer.
An artist?
His disgusting movies are art to you?
You don't know
what you're talking about.
The war ruined his life.
- He wouldn't hurt a fly.
- Tell me his name!
Tell me his name!
So your friends arrest him?
I'm not a snitch!
He's a monster!
We have to arrest him, Antoine!
- Antoine!
- Let's get out of here!
Come on.
He wanted to borrow money from Jenny
and found her dead.
And the photographer's name?
I couldn't pry it out of him.
That's how you get
your intel, isn't it?
You help out then snitch?
Stop it, Louise.
I wouldn't put you
or your brother in danger.
But this killer's my livelihood.
Yes, I managed to follow you.
- Why didn't you tell me?
- I didn't have time.
What about the book you're writing?
I didn't have time
to tell you either.
You see, that's fair game.
- Wait
- Good night.
I'm not at war with you.
I think I can get your brother
out of here.
But you need to trust me.
Can you do that?
Trust me?
Are you okay?
Are you okay?
I heard someone had broken in.
I was asleep.
I saw a figure.
I yelled.
It ran away.
Probably a prowler.
My servant mentioned a couple.
Is that so?
He must have dreamed.
Well, I won't bother you anymore.
Get some sleep.
No! Stay!
Stay with me tonight.
All right.
But first,
you have to help me undress.
Can I try it?
I like your cigarettes' smell.
So tell me what you found
in the war archives.
Still interested?
These rotten cans are the reason
my dad and Berger were murdered.
Dr. Paul is threatening
to rat me out to Pardieu.
Yes, I'd like to know who's after me.
I listed the canned food deliveries
within the area
of Marguerite Tissier's son,
and crossed-checked
with the cholera victims.
A massacre.
More than 500 people died.
I get why the culprits
are desperate to protect themselves.
Tomorrow, Launay of the Department
will give me the order forms.
With the guy's name
selling the canned food?
Especially the signature of the guy
who was bribed to buy them.
I think he paid the cops
that killed your dad and Berger.
Here's your Jane Doe.
Her clothes aren't as bad
as her body.
It's usually the case.
The fabric is thick.
I heard there's been a development.
Another victim.
An earlier one. The first.
She's different.
The following ones were wearing
a white nurse's uniform.
Except Céleste
because she drowned before the killer
had completed his ritual.
According to you,
what does this ritual mean?
This guy needs
to take revenge on a nurse,
or rediscover a sick pleasure
he had with her.
Have you got intel
on the photographer?
Yes. His name is Serge Vidovic.
That's him before the war.
Born in 1884 in Paris
to a French mother
and a Croatian father.
He began to be known as a
photographer when the war started.
Since he dressed his victims
in white uniforms,
we'll look into the nurses
who treated his broken face.
We'll localize his relatives,
and keep an eye on them
in case they get in touch.
By the way,
what was his war regiment?
No reason.
- Yes?
- 27th regiment.
Vidovic couldn't have killed
the first victim.
We can't rely completely on a button.
I've got something!
For 18 months,
the American rented
an empty shed in Villejuif
in Babeuf street, here.
And Fort de Bicêtre is there.
- It matches the testimonies.
- Well, this is for us. Let's go!
Smells like death in here.
The same wallpaper as the photos.
And here is Vidovic!
Fuck it!
The bastard is locking all the doors.
You were right. He was an accomplice.
The killer's doing the cleaning.
He's got a head start.
More than 24 hours.
Collect all the documents
and the prints
and talk to the neighbors!
See that?
The scar
the nurse's uniform
Blonde like the others.
Who is she?
Maybe our Jane Doe.
And the one signing "MAK"
could be the killer.
The painter we saw at Jenny's?
What do you think, Kerlac?
The killer would have left
this incriminating drawing?
They all make mistakes.
He's overconfident.
we need to catch this "MAK" anyway.
The lines are particular.
I'll show it to some artists,
they could identify it.
You know artists, Kerlac?
I like hanging around Montparnasse
since I'm single.
I'll bring it back tonight.
I have to go out for the day.
Feel free to ring
if you need anything.
That should make you feel better
and help you work.
what I want is
a treatment in a clinic.
I know. I'll take care of it.
It might take some time.
Don't you like it here?
My brother's in it up to his neck.
- What?
- The photographer's dead.
We found this at his place.
See the scar?
My brother drew this.
And "MAK" stands for
Marc Antoine Kerlac, his real name.
His signature before calling himself
Valbonne after our mother.
It just proves
he saw a nurse with a scar.
Maybe Vidovic asked your brother
to draw that girl for him.
I don't know
Dr. Paul was right. We think we know
our relatives but we don't.
Loulou, listen, look at me.
For now, let's stick to my plan.
We'll think after.
Come on,
we'll take care of your brother.
Get it together.
You know Raymond.
That's Vincent, my actor friend.
I have to tell Mr. and Mrs. Vandel!
You can't enter like that.
Let us pick him up discreetly.
Mr. Vandel doesn't want to be
involved with drugs during elections.
- He'd have told me.
- No, in fact
Wake up, Antoine!
We're taking you to a clinic.
You wanted
to get through this, right?
You hear me?
Vidovic is dead,
we've got to get out of here!
He's in a coma. Give me a hand!
We're taking him!
Let them do their job.
You'll come back later.
The portrait was left at Vidovic's
to frame Antoine.
I found that on his bed.
- He told you about her?
- No, but she's the cause of all this.
The birthday Modigliani
told me about.
"For you, my sweet love."
Signed Maria.
- Can you give me a ride to Cochin?
- Sure.
You think Lydia can help?
Maria's a nurse.
They might know each other.
I'll drop you off,
then I'm meeting with Launay.
I'll come with you.
No way. I'm going alone.
No one must make the connection
with the Kerlacs!
- Any update?
- None.
No one knows anything
about Valbonne's arrest.
Are you kidding me?
These cops wanted
to protect your reputation.
I assure you, Suzanne.
I don't understand.
You and your ridiculous
political ambitions!
And I'm paying the price,
once more!
As if your opportunism,
your cowardice,
and your mistresses
weren't enough!
Detective Kerlac
how are you?
I wanted to say
that I'm sorry for everything.
I'm not.
Thanks to you I met a wonderful man.
You mean Max?
You met again?
We're always together. We're happy.
He wants a committed relationship.
We haven't slept together,
he wants me to be sure.
- Really?
- Can you believe it?
I didn't think he was that delicate.
I'm happy for you.
What about you?
Your reporter?
- Is it going well?
- Yes, but Antoine isn't well.
He's wanted for the murders.
- He wouldn't
- I know.
Too many things point to him.
I told Dr. Paul everything.
He has agreed to belt up
if I bring him proof.
Remember when Antoine had a fever
last February, with a pneumonia,
and Céleste was abducted?
Yes! I took care of him.
I'll call Dr. Paul.
Thanks, you're a lifesaver!
- Don't exaggerate.
- I swear.
I've another question.
Antoine was in love with a nurse
when he was at the front Maria?
Sounds familiar?
Yes. When he had pneumonia
and he was delirious, many times
he yelled "Maria".
He looked terrified.
You know why?
No, but
I know he always linked that Maria
to the Second Battle of the Aisne.
The form for the canned food.
I tried my best, but
What's that?
What's that stain on the names?
- Are you kidding me?
- It's not my fault.
It was already stained when I got it,
I did what I could!
The ink's fresh.
Did you tell anyone?
The employee
in charge of the archives.
Have you been followed?
I don't think so.
You shouldn't stay here.
Don't worry, I just want to talk.
You're a real chick, aren't you?
Hands up!
Lady cop with the reporter?
They killed Launay.
Let's get out of here!
Want another?
That's not reasonable.
Who wants to be?
You're pulling my hair.
I'm sorry.
In the orphanage I grew up
I wasn't taught to
express my feelings.
That's over now.
You deserve to be happy.
No. I don't want
to rush things with you.
Me neither.
You think I'm an easy lay?
Of course not.
I never thought so.
Nothing serious.
Just a mild concussion.
He just needs to rest.
I forgot to tell you
Jenny Meyer's cook
remembered she brought her
a tray at 11:00 a.m.
Jenny ate what was on the tray
and the analysis of the food intake
confirmed that she died
before 1:00 p.m.
And my brother rang at 2:00 p.m.
Yes, so it's not him.
And Lydia called about the pneumonia.
He couldn't have abducted
Céleste either.
Hey, Louise
it's too risky.
I'd rather you leave the house.
Don't worry, Doctor. I know a place
where they won't find us.
I'll take both of you there.
Get some rest.
Are you okay?
I'm happy for you
and for your brother.
I'm very worried.
I heard obnoxious rumors about us.
You have a new mistress?
It's far more serious.
It's about meat
I delivered during war.
Soldiers would have died.
- It's absurd! In my father's time
- Your father.
He was mismanaging
his finances and staff!
He left me
with hundreds of rotten cans!
I had to sell them off!
You knowingly sold them?
There's always a buyer.
How could you?
You realize
what you've gotten us into?
You'd have preferred
bankruptcy and shame?
With the money,
I improved our finances!
Thanks to me we have this house!
Thanks to the war
who killed my brother.
We're alone, Suzanne.
We must defend ourselves and react.
Roman Ketoff, the reporter,
he's on the case.
You have connections!
You know, with the elections coming
My God, Ketoff
I'll see what I can do.
I need the name of the man you paid.
- Oh, Lucienne!
- Roman!
You're back!
- That's cool!
- How are you?
I'm kicked out of this room
because of you?
It's for my friend, Antoine.
We work together.
- This is Lucienne.
- Nice to meet you.
We had fun with Roman.
Haven't we?
- Let's get a drink sometime?
- Absolutely. See you later.
You like it here?
It's perfect.
I'm not used to such comfort.
The landlady gave me a deal.
I'm not surprised.
- It's not like that.
- I didn't say anything!
I just see that you like
women offering their charm.
You're different, you're my partner.
I have to change.
Where are you going?
I'm going to see my brother.
He hates the cop outfit.
You stay put today?
I don't think so.
I have to make a visit,
and you'll want to come with me.
My husband is dead.
He was hit by a car.
When did it happen?
Last October.
Did he meet Marguerite Tissier
before his accident?
Of course,
I remember Mrs. Tissier well.
She wanted him to write a story
A story about the rotten canned food
that he was forced to serve
to soldiers during war.
Did he write it?
But Jules died three days later,
and she never came back
for the letter!
Did you keep that letter?
"From July 11th to August 5th 1917,
my kitchen colleagues and I noticed
many cans were expired or spoilt."
"Some of us refused
to serve that meat."
"Those who ate it subsequently died,
supposedly of cholera."
"All the cans came from Rameau
in La Clayette in Saône-et-Loire."
Rameau is Suzanne Vandel's
maiden name.
Hello. I'm Doctor Malkov.
I'll be looking after you,
if we can agree.
On what? The money?
If it fixed everything, we'd know.
However, the will to get out
of this addiction is essential.
- If you aren't decided yet
- I hate my addiction.
We will give you morphine
in decreasing doses
and painkillers to ease withdrawal.
But the treatment
is mostly our interviews.
And your word.
What do you mean?
Every day, you'll tell me
about you, your life,
your memories, your fears
Anything that comes to your mind.
I will help you
get a clearer picture.
What if I don't want to see?
That's the question.
By the way, your sister is here.
- Louise. My sister?
- Yes.
She says it's urgent.
Go ahead. Keep it brief.
Thank you, Doctor.
Hello, Antoine.
Sorry, but I've to tell you things
that might shake you.
It's very important.
Where did you get that?
At the Vandel's.
And we found Maria's portrait
at Vidovic's house.
He's dead, Antoine.
The model's murderer killed him.
And they suspect you.
Because of that portrait.
Because all the victims
had a scar similar to that of Maria.
What happened to her
during the Battle of the Aisne?
Maria Coutant
I met her at the hospital
the first time I was wounded.
She gave me the strength to carry on.
How did she get the scar on her face?
A shrapnel hit her in the outpost.
It made her even prettier.
I loved her
and she died because of me.
Because of you?
That day, she came to say goodbye.
She had been transferred.
She was about to head back
when she was told a guy
was suffering in another trench.
She had morphine so she went.
But an enemy offensive broke out.
A hail of shells fell on her trench.
She was buried alive
with 12 soldiers for five days.
That's all.
What happened in that trench?
When they dug them up,
the soldiers were all dead
except one who had gone mad.
He's been committed since then.
What about Maria?
Maria was raped and tortured
for five days to death!
It's got to be one of these soldiers!
How's that?
You've got what you need?
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