La Garconne (2020) s01e06 Episode Script

Episode 6

Raped and killed
under a hail of shells
You think the killer continues
to subject to the same torture
women that look like her?
He's giving them
the same scar as Maria.
How many were buried
in the trench with her?
Only one survived.
He'd gone mad when they found him.
He's been in an asylum since then.
I see
Could the killer have escaped
before the paramedics arrived?
I think he faked a coma
when they pulled him out.
The bodies in the trench
were evacuated
by ambulances
picking up soldiers in the area.
He could have swapped
his dog tag for a dead's one
on his way to the hospital.
He wouldn't be the first.
The guy who has gone insane,
he saw the killer.
You know where he is?
I don't even know his name.
I need you. The general staff
decided to bury the case.
Are you done, sir?
- Are you hungry?
- No, thanks.
I'm expected.
- New friend?
- Not at all.
You're at that age.
Give me the portrait.
September 1917
He drew her from memory
six months after she died.
I say he's the killer.
You tried to find him
and you don't have a clue.
You're doing it on purpose?
Hiding something?
No. I preferred to retrace
the steps of Maria Coutant.
Keep doing that.
Max will take care of the painter.
No! Why?
That's the way it is.
I'll notify the others about this,
but you report only to me.
Okay, boss.
I didn't expect to see you today.
I missed you.
I was told of a bar
to have dinner near your place.
What do you say?
Yeah, sure.
- I heard you've seen Antoine?
- Yes.
How do you know that?
That's my job to know.
You gave him intel
that helped our investigation.
I wish I had them too.
I didn't give him anything.
I don't know what you're looking for.
He came here to see his doctor
so he could check his wounds
and we just talked.
I just felt stupid in front my boss.
He was looking for a nurse
with a scar who died
in the Battle of the Aisne.
I heard a colleague talking about it.
That's okay.
How did she know about that girl?
I have no idea.
Next time, think about me.
I'm always thinking about you.
I heard you brought a young guy.
Do I know him?
He's a cop.
My contact in Homicide.
And you have a connecting door?
You're very close.
His girlfriend dumped him.
So you're consoling him? No kidding!
You don't know me well.
You mean I know you too well!
I'll see you tonight?
No, I'm busy tonight.
Really busy or
Am I interrupting?
No, come in.
Antoine Kerlac, this is Gabrielle,
a reporter colleague.
She just got back
from an Istanbul report.
Fascinating! What's up in Istanbul?
France and England are decimating
the Turkish Empire,
sharing territories
disregarding the locals.
It'll cost us.
And they sent a woman there?
- That's amazing.
- They didn't send me.
I had to fight to go there.
I'd love to hear that.
My pleasure.
Tonight if you want?
No. We've got work to do
with Antoine tonight.
You'll have to leave us.
Well, see you later, Antoine.
See you later.
See you tomorrow.
how many you got in your harem?
A harem? She's a friend.
A very close friend, then.
Not as close as this cop
who's got killers on his tail.
And who's showing the picture
of his lost love!
My love is dead.
It doesn't take up space.
Now, this is serious.
I was followed
coming out of Homicide.
I lost them but I'm scared.
It's me they're after.
They hoped
you'd lead them to me.
Suzanne Vandel called the paper.
She wants to see me.
See you?
What if it's a trap?
I'll take the risk. It's the only way
to find out those bastards' names.
What if they kill you?
I'll leave you my notes
so you can avenge me.
Or else, you'll put my photo
next to Étienne's.
You're funny!
Sorry, sir.
Ketoff didn't come back to his paper,
we don't know where he is.
And his friend, Kerlac?
They spend every second together!
He got away from us too.
You fools!
Ventura's moving fast
on Launay's death.
You've 12 hours to shut them up.
Not one more.
I need a suspect for the prefect.
You will bring us the one
who drew the scarred nurse.
- Kerlac didn't find anything?
- No.
He's on another lead.
I say this guy is the killer.
To draw a portrait of this woman
from memory
six months after she died,
one must be obsessed.
Got informers in Montparnasse?
I'll manage.
Mr. Ketoff,
thank you for answering my call.
You're welcome. What is it about?
I read your articles.
You speak out
against injustice, corruption
So I wanted you to know
It's hard for me, you know.
It affects you directly?
It's your husband, isn't it?
He took over my family's factory,
but he made management errors.
To win his money back,
during the war, he
managed to convince a civil servant
to buy expired canned food.
And there were victims
among soldiers.
You know the name
of the civil servant?
First, I need to know my name
won't be mixed up in this.
I can't promise that,
but I have one rule:
I never reveal a source.
I only need you to make sure
I'm off the hook.
Thank you.
Ernest Guichard
signed the order form for the cans.
He was a stewardship manager,
he's now Chief of Staff
of the prefect of police.
How could policemen have been bribed
to kill my father and Berger?
They were already accomplices.
I have to go
to Rameau-Vandel's headquarters.
I need testimonies and proof.
- You think people will talk to you?
- Some will.
I inquired about Vandel's business.
There's been strikes at the factory.
I'm meeting with a unionist
who's been fired.
You move fast.
I better, if we want to stay alive.
Be careful, okay?
Don't go out tonight.
Come on, Alphonse,
for the sake of our friendship,
don't unsubscribe from my list!
It'd be approving these gossips!
I need to talk to you! It's urgent.
our friends turn away from us.
We must do something.
Did you call that reporter?
He needs to write
an article defending me.
Ketoff won't do anything.
You should expect the worst.
The worst?
What do you mean?
It can't be. We have to do something!
There's no "we" anymore.
It's over.
Suzanne! Open the door!
You'll go down with me!
They'll turn their back on you too!
You'll be alone!
I beg you
Does he go out sometimes?
Félix is terrified.
He has no one
to take him in outside.
Did he tell you about
what he's been through?
You haven't heard
what happened to him in his trench?
His file indicates a concussion
during the bombing.
He got stuck under a pile of beams.
When the paramedics rescued him,
he was incoherent.
He's still unable to formulate
his memories in a clear manner.
Those are happy birds.
We'd like to be like them.
Be able to fly.
Leave everything behind.
My name is Antoine.
I'm here to talk about Maria.
Maria Coutant.
Do you remember?
The pretty nurse
who you were with there.
It was raining shells
you were trapped under the earth.
Maria was nice.
Most of your companions died.
But not you, nor her.
Both of you were scared
of being buried alive.
I'm sure Maria tried to comfort you
in the dark.
Maybe she even held your hand?
She had managed to find
candles and water.
She told me
I had to stay calm,
that we were going to make it.
But the other
took her away from me.
The other?
She struggled so he hit her.
She was crying.
She was begging.
She was calling me.
The other thought it was funny
to hurt her.
Félix, who was the other?
Sometimes, he would yell
like an animal for hours
or for days. And I couldn't move!
- Who was the other?
- I couldn't move!
I couldn't help her.
Come in.
Thanks, Émile.
When Kerlac shows up,
tell him to come see me.
Yes, captain.
He's here.
Another survived
in the trench with Félix Mougins.
His name?
He doesn't remember.
He'd just been assigned in the squad.
I just received the list
of the soldiers trapped with Maria.
There he is.
A man was enlisted
the night before the attack.
His name is Marius Evrard.
We just need to find out
under what name he kills.
Well done, Kerlac!
Max is going to identify
whoever drew the nurse.
A model recognized his signature.
He's our guy.
I need you, Doctor.
I need to sneak in to see my brother.
Tell me why.
Max is at Falguière and Pardieu
is convinced Antoine's the killer.
He absolutely needs to remember.
Remember what?
He was there when they took
the victims out of the trench.
He must have seen Maria's killer.
I was starting to miss our getaways.
Antoine, I know I said no visits,
but your sister and Dr. Paul
have to tell you something important.
You know about Louise?
Yes, Dr. Paul told me everything.
Don't worry.
Do you remember me?
You used to come over
with your parents and Louise.
I'm here to help you.
I'll be fine, I'll get through this.
Pardieu is convinced
you killed Maria and the others.
Jenny and the models.
That's crazy.
It wasn't me.
I know, but all signs point to you.
The photographer's your friend,
Maria's portrait,
the button of your regiment
found on the first victim,
you visiting Jenny
We have everything to exonerate you,
but the police hates to be wrong.
While they check everything
They might lock you up.
It'll take time.
What do you want?
Help us identify the killer.
You told me you were there
when they took the bodies out.
You must have seen him.
I don't remember, I don't know
I was in bad shape.
There's a solution, Antoine.
I talked it over with Dr. Malkov.
If you agree
Your body is heavy really heavy
so is your head
your eyes are closing
you're sleeping, Antoine.
The shooting stopped
and the navvies start digging
You've been waiting
five days to know
if Maria is alive.
Bodies are pulled out
one after the other
Tell me what you see.
They are long dead
I'm scared for Maria,
I can't see her
They pull out a guy
He's screaming, he's hurt
He's calling Maria
He's crying
I don't get what he's saying
I see her
I mean, I see her hands
on a bloody sheet
I want to see her face,
they won't let me
They tell me she's dead
They're taking her
I'm fighting,
they're holding me back
And then what?
One last stretcher's passing
before me
The man's unconscious
but he's breathing
I want to know
where they're taking him
Do you have his name?
They tell me
his name is Marius Evrard.
I find my way to the hospital
Did you talk to him?
When I get there, they tell me
he died during transport
But did you see his face?
Marius Evrard's face?
Could you recognize him?
No, not his face.
he had a scar on his chest
What did it look like?
The murderer you're looking for,
it's the certainty
of dying buried alive
who triggered his violence
and him acting out.
An old fear
and a great violence resurfaced.
And he took it out
on this poor Maria.
It must have been another woman
he was targeting.
Perhaps his mother.
Why kill the others?
A need to reproduce Maria
in order to relive his fantasy.
- Good luck.
- Thank you, Doctor.
Marius Evrard swapped
his dog tag with a dead man
when he was in the ambulance.
The key is knowing under what name
he was admitted to the hospital.
But first, we need
to find the wounded list.
There were so many!
Thanks to his scar,
we're going to identify him soon.
It's me. Can I come in?
Yes, come in. It's open.
You've got five minutes?
Max will be here soon.
I don't want him to see you here.
I won't be long.
When you were sorting the wounded
in the ambulance bay,
there was always a nurse
writing down their injuries.
- Was it like that everywhere?
- Yes.
We developed the process
and they applied it to all hospitals.
What happened to the notes?
I don't know.
They may have archived them.
Could you look into it?
I can try.
What are you looking for?
The killer's model
took a dead man's identity.
If I'm able to identify the wounded
who came to the hospital that day
If you don't know
his age or how he looks
He has a distinctive sign.
A recent scar on his chest.
It looks like a rose
under his right collarbone.
I'll take a look.
But if I find something,
I'll tell Max about it.
I don't want to fall out with him.
We're serious.
I understand.
I hope to be invited to the wedding!
Of course.
Enjoy your dinner!
Hundreds of soldiers murdered
during the war by an industrialist
and a corrupt civil servant!
Mr. Ketoff left you a message.
He wants to meet you
near the paper for lunch.
Have you seen the paper?
Did you give out Guichard's name?
- How could you?
- I'm protecting myself.
You tarnished
my father's name and business!
I did it for us,
to secure our future!
I knew you were opportunistic
and dishonest,
but not stupid and dangerous.
I don't want to go down with you.
You're going to abuse me
in front of our servants?
Come on, Marcel, they're just rumors!
I've always helped you!
Mail this letter immediately.
- It's urgent.
- Yes, sir.
Give it to me.
Let's go.
Clearly your friend Ketoff
has been snooping around!
Bribery, poisoning of soldiers,
murders of witnesses
Vandel reportedly shot himself.
One less bastard
if we believe Ketoff.
- Are you taking care of Guichard?
- Probably.
Any details?
Not yet, but you should ask
your friend Kerlac.
He must know since the rotten cans
story caused the deaths of his dad
and Berger.
- What?
- I'll tell you later.
I don't know what he's talking about,
I haven't seen Ketoff for days.
I'm not sure I believe you.
Suit yourself.
I'm on Marius Evrard's trail
and I've got a distinctive sign.
Tell me about it.
Mr. Georges is here to see you.
Send him in, Jérôme.
Mr. Minister, from Mr. Guichard.
Vandel's letter involving you.
Where is he?
He's waiting in the car.
He wants to see you.
He wants money and a procedure
to leave the country or
he will turn himself in to Homicide.
It's unfortunate.
He shouldn't react like that.
He shouldn't, sir.
Hand this over to him for me.
With my thanks.
Take him far away from Paris.
Do what needs to be done.
Look at me.
while the wolf isn't here.
If the wolf was here.
He would eat us!
- Well? Are we going to the park?
- Yes.
What do you want from Ketoff?
Why don't you ask him?
Why did Ventura arrest Ketoff?
He probably wants to know
who he got his story from.
Will it last long?
Until they make him crack.
But it won't happen.
I hope so.
What about you?
Any progress with Marius Evrard?
Waiting for his military file
to get his family's address.
Until then,
I'd like to see my Jane Doe.
See that knife?
It killed Launay
three days ago near Champ-de-Mars.
We found it near the park.
Next to blood, signs of a struggle
and this.
It's yours, isn't it?
Of course,
your fingerprints are on it.
Is it forbidden
to walk around the park?
Not at all.
But you can't refuse to testify
in a criminal case.
Which case?
Jacques Launay's murder.
I don't know him.
Come on!
He's the one
who gave you Guichard's name.
That's why he was killed?
I didn't know him.
Enough, Ketoff.
Guichard's on the run
but I want to bust the others.
I never reveal my sources.
I've done my job, do yours.
You didn't read my report?
I'm starting over.
I've already examined everything.
There's nothing but food stains.
We'll never know who she was.
The fabric,
the wear and tear, the cut
tell a lot of things.
Her environment,
her trade
It's been hand-sewn.
A country girl
who came to work in the city?
Perhaps a housemaid?
Her pockets were empty.
When you're alone and poor,
you keep your treasure on you.
But there's no lining.
Maybe inside the hems?
Here, I'm feeling something.
And the bills aren't the same.
There's one Irish.
- Yes?
- Our Jane Doe
Her name was Fiona,
she was 20 and she was Irish.
It was inside her hems.
A foreigner?
That's why nobody missed her.
Call the Irish consulate.
There is also an Irish church
organized to receive labor force.
- I'll go there now.
- Okay.
We're going to take care of Valbonne!
Max got a hold of one of his friends.
We'll get them to talk.
Well done!
Nice job, Max!
He won't talk,
but I think he knows something.
Don't you?
Guichard was found hanging
from a tree in Bois de Vincennes.
Apparently, someone's cleaning up.
Most likely.
A cigarette?
It's nice of you, captain. Thank you.
Tell me about Antoine Kerlac.
Are you close?
I get intel from him sometimes.
I haven't seen him for a while.
His dad and Berger were killed
for investigating
Marguerite Tissier's death
whom you mentioned.
Did he put you
on the trail of this story?
How did he know?
Ketoff, answer me
and I'll leave you alone!
Fuck you, Ventura.
What part of that
don't you understand?
Okay, fine.
You've had time to think.
I warned you.
Get comfy, I'm almost ready.
Look what I found!
They look delicious! Thanks.
It's starting at 8:00 p.m.
I'm so happy!
I dreamed of seeing Chevalier
at the Palace Theater.
I thought so. I love it too.
You're gorgeous.
Where did you buy them?
At the market, right behind my place.
Where's your place?
I don't even know your address.
I'm renting a room.
Being alone and doing my job,
it's more convenient.
But that might change.
What do you say?
What are you really asking me?
How about you and I
share more than our evenings?
If you wanted
we could
make it official.
Yes, I want to.
I'm sorry.
Quick, take it off!
It'll come out if I clean it now.
- I'm sorry
- It's okay, don't worry.
- I'm a bit clumsy.
- It happens to all of us.
Does my scar bother you?
No It's just you hadn't told me
you were this badly injured.
I forgot.
I guess you've seen worse.
I get emotional
I'll clean that.
How are you?
Fine and you? What happened?
Ventura grilled me.
I'm tired, but I didn't spit it out.
For protecting me.
I must leave France in two days.
They're deporting you?
If I appeal, they'll lock me up
while a judge decides.
Where will you go?
To Russia.
The New York Times wants
me to cover the revolution.
History's happening there.
And I want to know
my parents' country.
Are we breaking up?
You can come with me.
Roman, I can't leave now.
Pardieu is convinced my brother
is the killer, he'll arrest him soon.
I understand.
Kiss Gisèle for me.
I'm sure she'd have come.
You'll tell her
I will.
Yes? It's me.
I understand. I'm on my way.
It was Sophie's clinic,
my ex-fiancée.
It's the end.
I promised I'd be here
when she leaves.
Max! Untie me!
Max! Don't leave me here!
- Pardieu wants to see you.
- Really?
I have to warn him when you're here.
Don't tell him I stopped by.
I've to go
to the Irish consulate first.
I need to know where Fiona worked.
I can't, Kerlac.
Well, tell him whatever you want.
I'll be right back.
Sophie left us.
The funeral's tomorrow.
Listen, I wanted to say
I was a jerk yesterday.
I've never met someone like you.
You amaze me. You are beautiful
as a man or as a woman.
I don't know how to say that stuff,
I'm not good at it, but
Come with me.
Let's leave together.
We can do great things.
As equals, as partners.
I told you I can't right now!
Wait, don't leave it like this.
- I'm coming!
- Listen.
I'll be at the hotel tonight.
The cops will pick up tomorrow
and take me to the border post.
There'll be a seat
for you in the car.
- See you later.
- Okay.
I need to talk to you.
Pardieu's been looking for you.
- He chewed me out.
- I'm sorry.
I have to tell you something
I found a message for you.
From you friend Lydia.
She called last night.
Lydia? She knows I don't work nights.
She wanted to get
an urgent message to you.
She just said, "Marius is"
and hung up.
Shit, I have to go!
Thanks, Émile!
- Have you seen Kerlac today?
- No.
Any message for him?
A friend called without leaving
a message last night. Why?
I haven't heard from my friend Lydia.
I'm worried.
Maybe Kerlac have?
Ask him.
Any news on Valbonne?
He's not at the Vandel's.
Colleagues arrested him for drugs.
That's all Mrs. Vandel knows.
We should be able to find him then.
What do we do about Kerlac?
He tricked us with Valbonne.
He is convinced
that Valbonne is innocent.
Maybe he's right.
Is he on to something?
It looks promising
Well, I'm off to the prefecture.
No, Lydia didn't check in
this morning.
I haven't heard from her.
Not her style, is it?
No. We sent someone to her place,
the janitor said
she didn't sleep there.
Perhaps she had an accident
I don't know.
Émile, it's Kerlac. Is Pardieu here?
- No, he just left.
- Shit!
When will he be back?
He didn't say.
Tell him I'm scared.
My friend Lydia's missing,
I fear she's in the killer's hands.
I called the Irish consulate,
they gave me Fiona's address.
A guest house in 15 Descartes street,
near the Pantheon.
I'll hurry there.
I'll try to call Pardieu
at the prefecture.
Very good.
- Mrs. Émilienne?
- Yes?
A detective wants to talk to you.
Thank you, Lucie.
Hello, sir.
If you're looking for a room,
we're full.
It's about Fiona Kelly.
Right, little Fiona!
Have you heard from her?
She's been gone for a while.
She worked here for
three months maximum.
When was it?
During fall 1917.
What do you want from her?
She was murdered.
Shortly after she left you.
Oh my God
Why did she leave?
I don't know.
One day I found her room empty.
And you didn't call the police?
Well, she was of age
and she had taken all her stuff,
so we thought she had met someone
and didn't dare telling me.
Who is "we"?
One of my lodgers.
He's a policeman at Homicide.
Mr. Max Weber.
Max? Does he live here?
Show me his room.
I'm sorry but I can't.
Open it
or I'll blow all your doors up!
He's going to be furious.
That sick guy
already killed six women.
He's going to kill another one
if I don't find him.
No, it's impossible. You're wrong.
Max Weber isn't his real name.
He took a dead soldier's identity.
His real name is Marius Evrard.
It's my son
Max, please! Let me go!
So you can tell Kerlac about it?
Ah, Lydia
I warned you.
Why try to leave him a message?
That prick playing the vigilante!
You still love him?
No! I don't care about Antoine!
You don't get it!
There is no Antoine!
Antoine is a woman.
Her name is Louise, she's my friend
and she took her brother's place.
A woman?
I was barely 18 when he was born.
I was alone,
I had to manage by myself.
I wasn't unattractive.
Men hung around me, so I
I lived on what I could offer them
And when I had company
I arranged to hide the kid somewhere.
I know he heard and saw things
he shouldn't have.
Men are violent sometimes, you know.
Then a butcher married me
but he didn't want the kid,
so I sent him to foster care and
I cut ties with him.
At the end of the war,
I was a window
and Marius found me.
He had become a cop.
I was very proud of him.
He had changed his name.
To avoid the slaughter.
He had told me not to tell anyone.
I need to find him.
Does he have a favorite place?
I don't know, he's very secretive.
Please, we're talking about
a woman's life.
What is that?
Champigny, my father's village.
We used to go there
when Marius was a kid.
He liked fishing in the river.
Go away, Max!
If you go now, they won't catch you.
You're right, sweetheart.
And I leave you behind
so you can tell them everything?
Tell them what?
I don't know anything!
How can I believe you?
You've been lying to me all along.
Why didn't you tell me
the truth about him?
I mean, about her?
I had sworn!
What's the point?
I can't help them,
I don't know anything!
I don't want to die
What are you doing?
No, don't do that
You can't do that. Not you
you'll fall asleep.
It won't hurt.
Don't move!
Or I'll shoot you!
She's alive.
Just asleep.
You're lying, bastard!
You killed her like the others!
I couldn't
Not her
I deflected my shot.
Let me go.
You won't get away with this,
you skunk!
Don't fool around, Max!
Are you taking that risk?
Don't touch her.
Don't make me shoot Lydia.
She saved me.
Thanks to her,
things can be different.
Come on
Give me a chance.
What about Maria, Fiona,
Yvonne, Céleste, Margaux
and Amélie?
Did you give them a chance?
And Jenny, Bartoli and Vidovic?
It's your fault, Kerlac!
You moved too fast.
I had no choice.
You fucked me over, you bitch!
I should've shot you.
Come on damn it!
You caught your father's killers.
Let me go,
you'll never hear from me again.
Stop or I'll shoot!
Lydia! Are you okay? It's over.
I'm sorry, Lydia.
It's over
Hello, sir.
When you found Margaux's body
Max was nowhere to be found.
He'd gone to kill Jenny.
I investigated his service records.
I found out that, before he got here,
Max was chasing
pornographic film merchants,
and he was blackmailing Vidovic
to discreetly attend
the shooting of his films.
And he chose the girls he liked.
At first,
the property on the island
was Vidovic's studio
and when he got
the Bicêtre warehouse
Max decided
to lock up his victims there.
He could have killed me many times.
You must have touched him.
Like you touched me.
Louise Kerlac!
I could've sworn
a woman couldn't be a good cop.
You're better than all of us.
Don't worry,
I'll keep my mouth shut.
Like your Dr. Paul
Why are you leaving Homicide, boss?
My son's dead.
Executed to set an example.
I didn't see him live.
I have a daughter left.
This damn war made her a widow
with a little boy.
I don't want to miss them.
Good luck, detective Kerlac!
He knew about you.
He's been having doubts for a while.
He lets me continue,
it's amazing
he's smart.
You are amazing, Louise.
It's been a pleasure being with you.
I wouldn't have made it without you.
Oh without me
and without Ketoff!
Where is he now?
Tomorrow at dawn, he's being taken
to the Russange border post.
Didn't he ask you to come with him?
And you'd rather stay a cop
close to your brother and I,
am I right?
I don't know.
Thank you.
It's a whole new life for me,
you know?
Miss Kerlac wants to see you, sir.
It's urgent.
Sorry to bother you, Mrs. Vandel.
Malkov told me you were here.
This is Louise, my twin sister.
I didn't know Antoine had a sister.
Nice to meet you.
Do you mind?
Louise, I'd be glad
to know you better.
- Are you okay?
- Yes.
I'm okay
It's hard, but I'm holding on.
What about you?
Ketoff is gone, I'm a bit lost.
Why are you still here?
Go find him!
I don't want to leave you
I don't want to
Everything's fine.
It's going to be okay, don't worry.
It's going to be okay.
I promise.
I'm in good hands.
It's all right.
You promise?
Yes, don't worry.
You'll give me news, won't you?
Thank you.
- Hello.
- Hello.
Your papers, please.
Thank you.
Whose car is this?
Antoine gave it to me.
It's the Vandel's.
Are you coming, partner?
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