La pasion turca (2024) s01e03 Episode Script

Perder el control

I'd planned a trip to Anatolia.
To Hadrianopolis?
Did you see this?
It could be authentic.
Hey, what are you doing?
That would put Ibrahim's business at risk.
He doesn't know where that came from.
This should be in a museum.
Because you're going to let some tourist
buy that dagger for nothing,
just to use it as a paperweight.
I know how things work here.
That dagger will only lead
to endless problems. Okay?
My boss is furious.
- Good morning.
- Good morning.
Good morning.
You scared me!
Where were you?
Getting breakfast. Hungry?
I called you a million times.
Why didn't you pick up?
My phone died.
One hour without me
and you're already desperate?
I guess you really do love me.
I'd love you even more
if you kept your phone charged.
Have you seen my camera?
What's this?
It's for Bulut's son.
For his birthday. He loves toy soldiers.
I didn't know you were so good with kids.
And what do we celebrate on April 23rd?
You're not going to stop
testing me, are you?
It's National Sovereignty Day,
smarty pants.
And Children's Day.
Atatürk knew that the future
lies in our children's hands.
- Atatürk.
- That's right.
What is it? Why are you stopping?
What are the police doing?
I don't know.
I don't want this trip to end.
Me either.
Let's drive back along the coast.
I know a secret beach
with glassy clear water.
Crystal clear.
Crystal clear.
The most beautiful spot
on the Sea of Marmara.
Want to see it?
I love the ocean.
We have to get going.
I wish we could stay here forever.
Me too.
But it's time to go, really.
You made sure to avoid the checkpoint
Yaman turned, and missed the checkpoint.
It was just a coincidence.
Were you smuggling something?
I don't know.
You don't know?
I've been listening to your lies
for two days straight.
I'm not lying.
You're withholding information.
Even a rookie can see that.
Tomorrow, you'll be released
and sent to prison.
Hopefully, your trial will be held soon.
this was your decision, not mine.
I have no doubt she remembers much more
than she's letting on, Pablo. A lot more.
But with what she's giving me,
there's nothing I can do.
She just needs more time.
We don't have more time, and you know it.
- Fatma, listen to me
- No.
You know how much I want
to see Yaman behind bars,
but this is too much.
The only reason I've come this far
is because Olivia is important to you.
I know her really well.
- Just give me a couple of days
- We're done, Pablo.
I'm sorry.
What do you mean,
there's nothing we can do?
I can't believe you
and that worthless bunch of cops.
The only thing they want is a guilty plea!
If my sister has broken the law,
it's because Yaman tricked her.
Why don't you interrogate him?
The evidence against Yaman
and his associate isn't enough.
These people are
very well-connected, Laura.
We need hard evidence.
What are you saying?
That you have hard evidence
against my sister?
She's accused of selling
a valuable piece in an illegal auction.
- Let me talk to her.
- Laura
What do you have to lose?
You have to know
what you're getting into here.
If you hide anything
your sister says, or
No one wants to see
that bastard in jail more than I do.
Here she comes.
If you don't
It's okay if you don't want to talk to me.
But I need you to listen to me,
and know that I'm here now. I'm so sorry
that I wasn't here for you
when you needed me the most.
On the flight here,
all I could think of was hugging you,
and asking you to explain
how you could have
But not anymore.
Now I just want to make sure
you're all right.
Well, that's good.
Because I couldn't explain it
to you even if I wanted to.
I can't.
I know it hasn't been easy.
That I've meddled too much in your life
and driven you away.
No, Laura.
I created that distance on my own.
That was all me.
And not because I was afraid
of what you'd think.
It was because I was afraid
that you were right.
And it turns out
you were.
There's still time
to put all this behind you,
and heal from it.
No, I don't want to put it behind me.
You don't understand.
I wouldn't change
a single thing I've done.
- Stop talking nonsense.
- Jesus
It's not nonsense.
All right, okay.
I miss Yaman so much.
Just keep calm, all right?
I wish I could just live
inside my memories.
I was so happy, Laura.
I could never have imagined all this.
That all this was coming.
Don't tell me it's not gorgeous.
And there's a ton more
where that came from.
So many beautiful pieces.
I just hate tourists buying them,
people who don't know anything.
You can tell me all that later,
but first, the juicy stuff.
What's all this about men drenched in oil?
You can't paint Espe a picture like that,
and then just clam up.
It's a local sport.
No, soccer is a sport.
But two oiled-up dudes
tumbling around on the ground?
That's more like a dream.
You're so wrapped up
with your Turkish man, you can't see
that I haven't gotten any
since I don't know when.
I'm climbing the walls here.
Can I call you back later?
Okay, but don't forget.
Tell Yaman I said hi.
Ask if he has a cousin
who'll take me to the beach too,
or up to the mountains, cause I
All right.
Are you okay?
You want to tell me
what this was doing in your shop?
This is the dagger
we saw in Ibrahim's store.
You told me to leave it there,
that it would only bring problems.
Must've been a mistake. I'll call Ibrahim.
And there was more.
There were amulets, weapons, engravings,
and all of them look authentic.
Is that why you're hiding them?
I just put them where there is room.
Don't start making stuff up.
You left me alone in the baths
to keep me out of your business.
Then you disappeared the next morning
and ignored my calls.
And when we saw the checkpoint,
you turned the car around.
- Olivia!
- Stop lying to me!
It's the truth!
It's the truth.
Why don't you trust me?
Why not?
I know.
Olivia, the perfect European
In love with a Turk!
You think I don't trust you
because you're Turkish?
If I don't trust you,
it's only because I don't even know you.
I don't know anything about your life!
Or your family, or your past.
I don't know anything.
So what?
So what?
Accept it.
Accept that there are things
you can't control. Got it?
Ozan told me you were here.
I went out with some friends.
Do you know anything about the dagger?
I was right. It was a mistake.
When are you going to Madrid?
Do you want me to go?
You were planning on going
before our trip.
Yeah, but I don't think
now is the best time.
Well, I do.
I have a lot of work to do.
I won't have time for you.
I'm going to the shop.
I'm sorry Olivia found the boxes.
Don't worry, it's not your fault.
You know what she's like.
She has to know everything.
She's smart.
You like her, don't you?
What's going to happen
when she finds out what we do?
- What do you think?
- I don't know.
But I sure hope nothing changes.
I wouldn't count on it.
You know something?
I've always thought
that without you, I'd be like a cat.
A cat?
Until I met you, I lived on the street.
I ate on the streets,
slept on the streets,
just like a cat.
But you gave me a life.
You said you wanted to unplug, didn't you?
Thank you. This is perfect.
Do you ride?
I wish I did, but
I took a fall when I was little,
and I said I'd never ride again.
Well, promises are made to be broken.
Yeah, but I'm scared.
And fears are for overcoming.
Shall we?
I'll be right there. I'm right behind you.
I thought I could win him over
but I was wrong.
I never thought I'd hear you
talk about a man like that.
He's like
a god to me.
But he tricked you.
He didn't trick me. I let him do it.
But I couldn't control him.
I need you to do something for me.
Sure, whatever you need.
I want you to see Yaman.
I want you to tell him
I don't hold anything against him.
- Please.
- No.
Please, I don't know
if I'll ever see him again.
I'm sorry, but you have to go
back to your room now.
Adem will take you,
and then he'll drive you to the station.
From there, you'll be taken to prison.
From there, you'll be taken to prison.
Do that for me. Please.
Did you get her to tell you anything?
That bastard used their trip
to bring back authentic pieces.
He bought them from a guy called Ibrahim,
but she wasn't in on it.
She found the pieces hidden
in the shop, back in Istanbul.
- Anything else?
- No.
- Are you sure?
- Yes.
Shall I take you back to your hotel?
No, I'd prefer to walk back. Thank you.
Aren't you going to say hello?
I can come back tomorrow,
when the shop is full of clients,
but I thought
you might prefer some privacy.
- What do you want?
- I want you to talk to the police,
and tell them that my sister is innocent.
That you tricked her
and took advantage of her.
Have you seen her? Is she all right?
Oh, now you're worried about her?
Yeah, I can see that.
Did you talk to her?
She told me everything
you put her through,
and that she hopes you rot in jail.
I never meant to hurt her
I tried to keep her away from my work,
but it wasn't easy.
Leave it like that.
Your hair looks great a little messy.
Thank you.
Rough night?
Where's Emir?
He's coming.
We had a little fun
while we were waiting for you.
We haven't seen
your little girlfriend in a while.
Is she coming by after the meeting?
I hope everything is okay
between the two of you.
- Shall we begin?
- Let's go.
I spoke with Simonov.
He thinks you tried to cheat him.
He says the order you turned over
to his man was incomplete.
He's lying.
All the pieces we agreed upon
were in there.
He's a good client.
Not if he's lying like that, he isn't.
I don't care about his contacts,
or his money, or the people he knows.
But when he sends someone
to point a gun at my head
Now that I care about.
All right.
Tomorrow, you can tell him so yourself.
Can you recommend a restaurant
that the Russian will like?
One with a cocktail menu?
Leave it to me.
Yaman, I was thinking.
If Olivia goes with you,
maybe she can help smooth things over.
Simonov loves women.
Olivia's not ready.
And when will she be?
You bring her. She can have a night out,
before the men get down to business.
Olivia doesn't know
how to stay in the background.
That's exactly why I want her on the team.
If she speaks about art
with her usual passion,
she'll fascinate him.
I'd prefer to go alone.
This is an important meeting.
All right. As you wish.
All right.
Yaman, just a moment.
There's one thing
I'm still not clear about.
Who are you trying to protect
by taking Olivia off the job?
The job itself? Or Olivia?
The business.
Simonov is an important client, right?
You've gotten too close
to this Spanish woman.
I thought you were
more professional than that.
Nobody's better at my job than I am.
Don't you worry.
We should be asking Luna about that.
Or have you forgotten what happened?
This is different.
You wish it were.
But you're headed in the same direction.
Why don't you tell Olivia the truth?
And let her decide
whether or not to stay with you?
Are you afraid she'll run away?
Oh, Yaman
It would be so easy for you to forget her.
You can have any woman you want.
I tried to protect her,
even if it meant putting
some distance between us.
You have to tell everything to the police.
That wouldn't save her.
I never made her do anything.
Pablo, I'm in Yaman's shop.
No, listen to me
He admits
that he and his friend are smugglers.
No, no just listen.
They wanted Olivia
to participate in their business.
Tell him.
If you really want
to protect her, tell him.
What are you doing?
What the hell are you doing?
Get out of my shop,
or I'm calling the police.
I had to do something!
We all know that Yaman is guilty!
- Somebody had to
- You've crossed the line,
and put yourself in danger.
And what would you have done?
That man is the reason that my sister
almost took her own life!
The reason she's about to go to jail.
She's my sister.
Did you really think I'd just stand by
without doing anything?
We understand how you feel, Laura.
No, you have no idea how I feel.
When this comes to trial,
you'll be able to testify.
That's it?
Nothing you've told us
gives us anything to go on.
I'm sorry, but your sister
is already at the station.
Tomorrow, she'll be taken to prison.
What about the trip to Anatolia?
What about that merchant?
We haven't found anyone
by the name of Ibrahim
who deals in antiquities in that area.
Yaman mentioned a dinner
with a Russian businessman.
He said he didn't take Olivia,
in order to protect her.
Yuri Simonov. Do you know him?
Think hard.
Sometimes it's tricky to remember.
Take your time.
No, I don't know him.
He visited Istanbul over the summer.
A waiter at the Panoramic identified him.
He identified you too.
Did you have dinner with him?
Let's start over.
Yuri Simonov. Do you know him?
We were together at a dinner.
Why don't you walk me through the details?
I only went because of Yaman.
Our relationship wasn't at its best, and
I would've done anything to save it.
- Hello.
- Hi, good morning.
Did we have a plan?
No, but it's been forever
since I've seen you,
and it's time we fixed that.
- Come on in.
- Thank you.
Where's Yaman?
He's not here.
He's certainly up early.
Would you like some coffee, or tea, or
Just a glass of water, please.
I'm sure he's told you
about the special dinner tonight.
- He probably just forgot.
- I don't think so.
If anything, he's hiding it from you.
Olivia, because of your whole
"independent woman" thing.
He can't invite you
without you feeling like arm candy.
And you came here
to ask me to go to the dinner?
I love how you don't beat around the bush.
Yes, Olivia, that's why I'm here.
Yaman came by yesterday,
and he seemed really upset.
It's clear the two of you are struggling,
even if he denies it.
And I can see you're not very happy.
We had a fight,
and now he's avoiding me
and saying I should go to Madrid.
So are you going?
I want to be with him.
I want to be with him.
But I don't know
I've never felt anything like this,
and it seems like when I'm in pain,
he avoids me.
He just wants to get rid of me,
and I don't understand it.
Olivia, please, don't fall for that.
Look, if a Turkish man
wants to get rid of you,
he won't have any trouble doing so.
So what does he want?
For you to understand him,
to listen to him, to be by his side.
To tell him he's right,
even if he's sometimes wrong.
It's fine.
Thank you.
Do you like it?
You wanted to see me
to ask what I think about a dress?
I wanted to know
if I should wear it to tonight's dinner.
Lupe told me.
She came to see me and, well
She knows we're having a hard time.
Did she mention anything else?
- No.
- You sure?
Let me finish.
She thinks I should support you.
And I think she's right
Hold on.
I owe you an explanation.
I don't want any explanations.
I want to take the leap.
I want to
let go of all control.
I know there's a lot
I still don't know about you.
But I'd really like to
discover all that together.
What if I'm not the man
you're hoping I am?
I'm convinced you're even better.
- Mr. Simonov.
- Yaman.
I love your country.
I spend half the year
in my beloved Marbella.
Marbella is beautiful.
Too bad the other guests
won't be able to enjoy your presence.
I consider myself a very lucky man.
After you.
- Thank you.
- Excuse me.
May I call you by your first name?
Yes, of course.
It's cozy here, isn't it?
I've traveled the world,
but this city never fails to surprise me.
- Have you been here before?
- No,
but it seems perfect
for a dinner with friends.
It's a pleasure.
Mr. Simonov
What is it? Are you all right?
I can't tell you what's going on,
but it's important.
I thought this dinner was important
Is everything okay?
Olivia, if you ever wanted
to help me, now is the time.
Simonov won't talk business with a woman.
Just talk about Istanbul, about art,
put up with his jokes, and smile.
Why didn't you leave?
You didn't know that man.
Why didn't you leave,
and postpone the dinner?
That's what we wanted to do,
but that man insisted,
and Yaman asked me to stay.
Didn't that seem strange to you?
Yes, but I wanted to trust him.
I wanted to prove to him
that he was important to me,
that he could count on me.
Was that when you took the leap
to go into the business?
No, Yaman was right,
Simonov just wanted company.
We talked about art, history.
Istanbul's many charms.
I tried to be nice.
Well, you were close.
I don't know what strikes me more.
Your culture or your smile.
Well, I hope it's my culture.
I spent many years studying.
No No more for me.
I don't want to stay out too late.
As you wish.
But I can assure you
I don't want the evening to end
without one thing.
I want to enjoy your company.
Why are you surprised?
Isn't that why you're here?
No. Of course not.
Smart, beautiful, and with a backbone.
I'll tell Emir how grateful I am.
I'm sorry, but there's been
a misunderstanding.
I'm not going to lay a hand on you.
I won't even get close.
I just want to look at you
and have you look at me.
have you remember me
as the best client you ever had.
Don't touch me!
He's dead.
I killed him I think I killed him.
It was an accident, Yaman.
It was an accident.
- You lied to me!
- Let me explain!
No, there's nothing to explain!
I'm done with you! I'm done!
She said there was no business talk
at dinner with the Russian.
Do you believe her?
What the hell are you doing in Madrid?
- I'm so scared, Espe.
- Oli, what is it?
Yaman Deniz?
I don't know if he tricked me.
You should be grateful.
No, what I should be doing
is calling the police.
That man attacked me.
All I did was defend myself.
I don't know if Yaman knew.
Ever since I showed her that man's photo
she's been very agitated.
Olivia, I know you're angry,
but you have to be smart.
Look at the kind of life you could have!
Rosario, I need you to do me a favor.
I might know half of Istanbul,
but I don't like doing favors.
This is the last time you ask me
for something like this.
I'm pregnant.
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